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    Agrestus leaned back on his chair in his apartment. He took a deep breath and simply stared at the stack of paperwork before him. Something was missing, but what? He stood up and paced up and down, trying to jog his memory. Picking up a small piece of paper from his apartment he looks at it fondly, thinking to himself.
    "Why on Earth... Why on 'Ka would someone break in and steal a sketch, only to return it with a note to forget?"
    His head hurt as he tried to grasp something out of the void in his memory, a void which was once filled by something very close to him.

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    *just before sunrise*


    "OFF!", she yelled loudly at the darkness and hopped out of bed, ready for a new day and the start of a potentially different life.

    Lights began flickering on around the home and before long, the wonderful scent of potent coffee worked its way to her room.

    Instinctively, she walked to the closet where her body armor was stored and opened it and began strapping on armor when she stopped...

    "What am I doing?", she asked out loud.

    Her security system interrupted her thoughts by signaling a group of solitus males had entered the perimeter. All of them were armed. Turning to face the monitor and recognizing the images of the people it showed, she smiled. It was her crew.

    "Damn they're here early" she thought to herself. Slipping out of the armor, she hastily dressed in the work clothing she'd meant to put on originally, strapped her guns to her sides just in case, and stepped outside to meet the sunrise.

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    Alice sat in the room she shared with her brother, looking over old holo-images; thinking about the memories she shared with him

    Images of Alex teaching the basic body movements of hand to had combat... what was she then 10 maybe 12 and he only 19. This was all before their father placed him on Rubi-Ka to learn responsibility and prep him to some day take over for him, they where so free back then the world so perfect. Now Alex learned responsibility alright and it's putting in a place where reclaim can't save him.

    "If there's a God out there somewhere", says Alice to the room, " please watch over my brother and bring him back safe."
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    Gun leaned back in his chair and rubbed his eyes. Sighing, he looked again at the potential contract on the screen. Perfect, just the thing hes was looking for. No "wetwork", but difficult enough to be a decent test. Infiltrate a certain office in Tir, and retrieve a data disc stored there. Nodding, he sent the file and all info to an Email that he had been given. Now, just have to wait and see how well this new unit does. Gun grinned as he thought of the meeting today. A unit calling themselves "Red Dawn", had approached him with an offer to sub-contract work. Nothing unusual about this...except this was a Clan unit. And on top of that, an all female unit, which as rather rare. Coincidently, Gun had a thing for Opi chicks, (and red heads), and had decided to give them a chance. If they worked out, this would be a valuable asset to the Pathfinders. They looked pretty professional, for the most part. Altho the Shade did give him the willies.

    Gunfytr stood up and stretched. Done, and done. There was a week time limit on completion of this mission, but he doubted they would need that long. The creds wouldnt be the best, but he was giving them the whole amount, not withholding any handling fees this time. They know the money will get better with the difficulty of the mission. Having an allied Clan unit, if kept as secret as Gun planned, could be a important surprise to a foe at some future date. Yes, Gun planned on keeping THIS one very close.

    Turning off his comp and closing the door to his office, Gun strolls outside. He gazes at the Moons visible on the horizon. The Pathfinders were aquiring quite a retinue here. OTAF Reservists, Clan covert units, not to mention the contacts spread out across all three factions on RK.

    And none of them have the faintest clue.

    ((Just in case the Red Dawn crew want to add their own stories in here, Ive included this on MoRK))
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    Eyes down at the beer mug, small tear in her eye, Ciyanid lifts her head up and eyes the room where she was. Her thoughts ran as wild Grey wolfs, making her feel bad. Ciy took her helmet, that was placed on the table facing her, and left the Cup.
    As the warm winds touched her, she felt better. Her pale face enjoyed the warm wind, the warmth of the moons. She closed her eyes and smiled. This feeling was new, as she took a deep breath, making it seem like she was breathing the moons energy. Her eyes shined bright, making the Vanguard Watcher slow down close to her. With a grin on her red lips, Ciy took few steps forward and jumped away from the Vanguard.
    With simple leaps, she was adventuring the rooftops of West Athen, trying to find a good place to sit. As she found one, she looked a Squibber that was tight in her hand, and tears came to her eyes. She dropped the bloody Squibber on the roof and covered her face with her hands.
    "I regret every bad word i said to you.. I am so, so, sorry.." She whispered to the pale moons that listened for her every word. Silently sitting on the roof, Ciy took her time calming herself. With shaking hands she took the Squibber back with her own sword and wiped the tears away.
    She took something small, green and glowing from her pocket, and pressed it on her chest, whispering something, and slowly taking a wolf form. She shaked her head, got up, looking at the moons, letting out a suffering howl, making everyone in the near areas know that she was feeling miserable. By long leaps, she left towards to Newland, Meeting her associate, and new member of their little business. It was gonna be fun...

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    He looked at the sleeping girl lying in the ferns and couldn't believe his luck. How easy can it get? he thought to himself. Except for a pair of shining daggers, she didn't have anything. She wasn't even wearing clothes. He could see she was covered from head to foot in strange, other-worldly tattoos.

    The little savage likes knives, he thought and with a wicked grin he drew out his long, curved blade. He checked it and satisfied with the edge, he turned again to look at where the girl had been lying. She was gone.

    He stood up and looked about him. Whisper quiet, he heard her blades strike home. "What the h...", was all he managed to say before he fell to the ground. Stunned, his eyes followed her. She looked intently at his face with a hungry, predatory expression as he felt something within him tear free. Her eyes shone with a light of their own as he felt part of his being consumed. As darkness overtook him, he wasn't sure his next site would be a reclaim terminal after all.
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    For weeks Chainsword have been meditating in Adonis, gathering strength to be able to understand The Word of Ocra. For him, being able to speak the language of the Xan will allow humans to say the words that will free them.

    Suddenly, inspiration. He quickly note symbols on his datapad and starts to assemble them in logical patterns.

    One hour later he admires his work sweating, puts the datapad on the ground and read out loud the result :

    Toto va chez sa grand-mère et elle lui demande d'aller chercher de la confiture. Toto y va et rencontre son ami Mondoigt. Il va chercher la confiture et fait le tour de la ville de Moncuq, il retourne chez lui et sa grand-mère lui dit....
    Blinded with rage, Chainsword stabs repeatedly his datapad with his sword.
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    toto va chez sa grand-mère et elle lui demande d'aller chercher de la confiture. Toto y va et rencontre son ami mondoigt. Il va chercher la confiture et fait le tour de la ville de moncuq, il retourne chez lui et sa grand-mère lui dit....
    (( lol :d ))

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    Usually, she would sigh at the mess. Not now. Toys were scattered throughout the living room. Spots of juice and small bits of food that didn't quite make into the mouth of the kids were decorating the kitchen table in their unique way. Tools and parts that she couldn't really identify were sitting on the the sideboard of the bed.

    Kieran, Sai and Kotras' mess was a signature of their presence in the house, after being away on Mars for about 8 months. As it turned out, it wasn't safer there. Maybe Mars is not at war, but there's no insurance reclaim or nanoprograms either.

    "And I was too far to kick their arses in orbit around Mars", she thought, remembering the attack on her father-in-law. They broke the unwritten rule when they threatened the rest of the family. Unfortunately, Kotts had already put the "case" to rest, permanently, so there was nothing left for her to do about this.

    "Mmm?" she answered her husband who was calling out from the living room.
    "There's something I thought about... Can we talk about it when the kids are gone to bed?"
    "Uh, sure, I'm not going anywhere tonight."

    She raised an eyebrow. "Ruh hoh..." she whispered to herself.

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    Lises com buzzed.
    -Hi dear, I'm almost finished with my shoping round, but I saw this amazing Yalm and my birthday is comming up soon.
    - Hmm.. What is the pricetag?
    Lise nodded as the voice said the price.
    -Sounds alittle expencive, but since it is your birthday, I think it's ok this time.
    - Ooooh, you are a sweetie! You wont regret it. I'll make something special to you when I get home. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Lise put down her com and smiled
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boltgun
    Toto va chez sa grand-mère et elle lui demande d'aller chercher de la confiture. Toto y va et rencontre son ami Mondoigt. Il va chercher la confiture et fait le tour de la ville de Moncuq, il retourne chez lui et sa grand-mère lui dit....
    ((when thrown into babelfish comes back as

    Louse goes in his/her grandmother and she asks him d' to go to seek jam. Louse there goes and meets his/her friend Mondoigt. It will seek jam and makes it tower of the town of Moncuq, it turns over at his place and his/her grandmother says to him….))
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    Ciyanid slaps the pencil on the table and sighs.
    " I hate paperwork. I so hate this "
    She gets up and stretches. All the papers scattered all over the table, her backpack somewhere under them, Ciy starts to get the papers in right order. After a while she had gotten the papers in her backpack and is ready to leave The Cup.

    In her mind thoughts ran like crazy. Everything from Red Dawn to last night, especially that kiss stayed in her mind. She smiles to herself and starts to make her way to the grid.

    She finds her way to Tir, as it reads on the paper in her hand. Walking between the buildings, she notices Knifetooth walking before her. Ciy jumps silently in from a door and thumps on her back when the door opens.
    " What the... that hurted!"
    She gets up and glances around. She spots a sign, 'BACKYARD XX'. She smiles to herself as she have found what she was looking for, and turns to the apartments.
    " Apartment number 3 says the paper- Let's have a try "
    Ciy carefully walks to the door and turns to face it. She pulls her helmet down and checks that no one can see her. She picks a apartment key out from her sleeve and opens the door. Inside the apartment the smell was horrible, mixture of wet leet and alcohol. Ciy shakes her head and walks to the main room. As no one seems to be home, she shrugs and walks to a table, seemingly it is someone's working table full of paper and pencils. She opens all of the drawers and shrugs.
    " If i was a guy like this, where would i put my moneyworth items..."
    Ciy spots a huge painting on the wall and smiles to herself. " I found it ", She thinks. She throws the painting on the wall, and notices a small hole in the wall. She grabs her axe and smashes the small area from the wall. Ciy smirks to herself and takes a bag full of pearls from the wall.

    Calmly Ciy steps on the painting and out from the apartment. She smiles behind her helmet as the owner of the apartment walks to her at the exit of the backyard. She starts to run to the wompahs, still smiling because of the success in the mission their contact gave them.
    Again at the same spot she notices Knifetooth and hides. The Sentinel walks infront of Ciy, but dont see her.
    Ciy finally gets to the wompahs and takes a deep breath, behind her she hears Knifetooth talking to someone, and smiles with a small grin.

    "Mission accomplished!" She whispers to herself and steps to the wompah.

    (( uu, it is long ))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexanderw View Post
    ((when thrown into babelfish comes back as

    Louse goes in his/her grandmother and she asks him d' to go to seek jam. Louse there goes and meets his/her friend Mondoigt. It will seek jam and makes it tower of the town of Moncuq, it turns over at his place and his/her grandmother says to him….))
    (( try: Toto goes to her grandmother and she asks her to go get some jam. Toto goes and meets her friend Mondoigt. He goes look for the jam and does the tour of the town of Moncuq, he returns to his home and his grandmother tells him... (not sure on rencontre, french isn't that good anymore ) ))

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    ((yeah never learned to read french can speak and listen de to the Canadian education system but never learned to read))
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    The morning breeze make Eline creep near the entrance of the Temple of Three Winds... Low in training Eline had to go there to accomplish some quests she got from her trainer Mr. Arien...

    She entered the temple for the first time in her life and saw the big hall with no lights and with many many cultists around looking at her in a non-that-friendly-way... She knew she had to kill them. As she raised her sword to attack the first of them she noticed a panick soldier running out with dozens of 'em behind him shouting


    Then a huge enforcer appeared and started shouting

    I TANK... YOU'RE SAFE!!!
    I TANK... YOU'RE SAFE!!!
    I TANK... YOU'RE SAFE!!!
    I TANK... YOU'RE SAFE!!!
    I TANK... YOU'RE SAFE!!!

    But then something happened as the Huge enforcer seemed to be ready to die of their hits and he started shouting this time

    GO OUT!!! I TANK BUT I DIE!!!!
    GO OUT!!! I TANK BUT I DIE!!!!
    GO OUT!!! I TANK BUT I DIE!!!!
    GO OUT!!! I TANK BUT I DIE!!!!
    GO OUT!!! I TANK BUT I DIE!!!!

    And then a Medic appeared and started shouting too


    And then around 5-10 people started helping that poor atrox killing the cultists he was tanking

    Eline left this massacre behind went to Mr.Arien and told him she's not ready for the Temple trials yet and she'd choose to enter that non-sense area a bit later in her training

    ((This actually...really happened and is one of my first memories in Anarchy Online... How to live the game after that? By the way I did not edit anything from what really happened))
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    The skyline of Jobe was always so serine. Cher was right about Krish, He’s not the same shy engineer he once knew. He has his drive still, but his optimism, and energy was unbelievably refreshing. Kotts looks down at his bottle of whiskey, and lifts it taking a sip. His grin grew slowly. He wondered about the others, where they were what kind of fate fell on them in the last year. The suns dropped slowly over the horizon. Rubi-ka is home. It always was. It was never more clear then this moment. It’s worth fighting for. He nodded to himself.

    “Well Clay, time to do some homework” he kicks the bottle back and takes a long swig, and caps it moving back up the ramp to the bedroom. He sets the bottle on the self next to the grid feed, and begins typing, stopping and deleting swearing under his breath.

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    The man in the white smock entered the exquisitely decorated Jobe apartment. Before he had a chance to remove his lab coat, his comm link flashed. He sighed. He knew who it would be and he knew the caller wasn't going to like what he had to say.

    "I heard there was a disturbance at the lab. What happened?" said the woman's cool voice over the link.

    "We have a problem," he answered. "One of our test subjects escaped and hasn't returned. I've put a trace on the subject's bracer, but nothing has come back yet. If she comes within 100 kilometers of Jobe, we'll have a lock on her."

    "How many dead?" she asked without emotion, as someone simply filling in a form without a care for the lives those numbers represented.

    "Seventeen sent to reclaim back at Omni-Tek. Of which, three failed to reclaim properly and were lost."

    "And the other shades, any issues with them?"

    "No, Ma'am. All of the other subjects seem to be behaving as expected. The recent genetic changes we've tried have turned out as expected. They've passed through the Jobe Training Facility without detection. Only this one raised an eyebrow."

    "Oh?" It was the first sign of any form of emotion from the woman's voice. He couldn't tell if it was curiosity or caution.

    "Yes, one of the scientists stationed at the Jobe Research facility felt this subject was more bloodthirsty than other shades he had seen in the past. Bloodthirsty enough that he recommended euthanasia."

    "Ah," was all she said. It held a note of finality and he had the impression the conversation was over. "Did you want me to send you the file on this subject?" he asked.

    "That won't be necessary. I already know it's Simoom. Clean up your lab. We will take it from here." The comm link snapped off.
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    Ciyanid takes a deep breath and falls on her knees.
    Her heart's beating like crazy, her blades shaking in her hands, but her mind still wants to go on with the fight.

    Three wild Greywolfs before her, ready to attack any second.
    "Why on earth these keep attacking me..?" Ciyanid bares her fangs, as a warning to the young wolves, but they seem to ignore her.
    The moon was shining so bright that Ciy's eyes hurt. Suddenly she feels unbearable pain in her back, as one of the young wolves had sneaked behind her, and attacked, hitting it's deadly fangs in Ciy's back.

    She falls down on to the ground, screaming blind in pain.
    "No.. way.. i.. wont.. let.. you.. do.. it.. to.. ME!!"
    In a second she was back again, covered in blood and dirt. Blinded by pain and anger, her green eyes glowing brighter than ever, she holds her blades steady, and smiles. She eyes the young wolves standing before her and smiles wider.

    "You young ones.. think that.. you can take.. me down so.. easily?" Ciyanid laughs and prepares herself to attack. Like a wind she rushes towards the wolves, cutting the throat of the smallest one, then her mind goes black. "I am killing my fellow creatures... What am i doing?" She stops and takes a deep breath.

    She sighs. "No other way.. kill or be killed!"

    As the fight was over, Ciyanid glances around. Blood all over, wolf corpses around her feet, blood dropping from her blades.. She smiles widely. "Thy will so love me after i get home, looking like this."

    The morning is still young and cold, as Ciyanid jumps on her hooverbike and drives home.

    "Stupid young ones..." Was the only thought in her head at that moment.

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    Meanwhile, in Old Athens, near Appartment Complex 3 in the backyard, Hadharani wakes up. The lights were off, it was dark, he had to get up to turn them on. Hadharani then realised he had found himself with no shirt on and with a sour taste in his mouth and a sore throat. He had slept all the night on the harsh floor, a cold would be imminent for a human but he was tough enough not to catch one.

    "What happened?" was his first thought. He got up and went to the bathroom. to look in the mirror. He saw a faint lipstick mark on his cheek. He wiped it off. He didn't remember anything from the previous day. The last thing he remembered was that he went to "The Cup" in Old Athens, where he drank a bit too much.

    He then took a shower, only to find sand in his undwerwear. Where in the Rubia Ka did that come from? He didn't know. It was still early. He changed clothes and got into bed because he was tired.
    "One strange night that's been" he then said.
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    Julia licks her fangs and lets out a growling sigh.
    She rolls her eyes and glances around.
    When rolling on her back she feels something cut her gum deeply. She groans at the penetrating pain in her mouth, jumping suddenly up. All she could see are dead, bloody leets lying around the backyard. Julia frowns and lets the blood drip from her mouth. She sits down and changes her shape back to human.
    "Somewhere here..."
    She starts to rummage through the backpack on the ground and finds a mirror after a while.
    "Nothing seems to be wrong here..." Julia wonders.
    But then she sees it. The edge of her fangs... Blood red, almost black. Julia drops the mirror on the grass. Her heart starts to beat heavily, and she panics. Knowing exactly what caused her fangs to grow, and the edges to change color, she stumbles up and rushes to the gate, having only one thought in her mind.
    "I gotta find him soon..."

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