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    "He used me, to get information, that he couldnt get anywhere else. Am i really that easy? Phah, this is pathetic!"
    Julia kept looking down, as she was sitting under the same tree, where she sits everytime she's thinking something.
    But she wasnt sad, no, oh no, not even close to sad. Now she had it, how some people treated her..
    "This ends here, no more 'sweet Julia' "
    She stands up with pure anger in her eyes.
    "You'll see..."

    (( ill stop writing now -.-'' ))

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    Boltgun walks back and forth in his office, taking an occasional look at his communicator laid on a table. It has been more then a week since he sent important requests and he needs an answer before the next council meeting, or what's left of it.

    A sudden high pitched noise catches his attention. As he runs to the table, the device detonates in a small cloud of smoke.

    'Good thing I didn't have it in my ear' he says to himself, before mourning the loss of his years old trusty communicator. He wonders what's worse, being hard to contact in this time of need or having to adapt to new comm device, full of gadgets and gizmos.
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    "...I found something, that can be used to prove the point, that they have- eh- They have, the weapons.. Um.."
    Julia stops the recording.
    "Oh, what am i gonna do now? Report should be ready tomorrow, and all i have gotten are ten recordings where i am just talkin crap. Unnngh.. One more time.."
    Julia clears her throat.
    "Yes, with all these labels we can prove, that the weapons are.. They are..
    *moment of silence*
    With all these labels we can prove your point true, not a rumor.
    Investigated and reported, Julia Gilliano.
    End Report."
    She smiles widely as she sends the report.
    I hope he approves this.

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    Gun notices an icon on the top of his screen. Clicking it, he sees its a report from his "Wild Card". Hmm...ok. Listening to the report, he stares quizically at the comp, and replays the message. After a third replay, he sits back in his chair. Well, now. This could be a problem. He stares off into space. What to do about THIS little complication?

    Sitting back up, he quickly transfers a sum of creds to a certain account, adding a hefty bonus. This information was difficult to obtain, she earned it.

    Once more he contemplates the info. Weapon research of this type, coming from that location was a major surprise. This particular weapons tech was old, and no one has worked it in years. If they have made advances in this.....

    Gun walks to the doorway of his office. The trooper manning the front desk looks up alertly. "Yeah, Chief?"

    "Have Lawdog stop by my office, please."

    "Right away, Sir."
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    Attention loyal miners,

    Whichever one of you covered my office in rubber ducks, please make yourself known, I promise - I - will not punish you.

    You are to report to Omni-Reform HQ.

    Thank you,

    Have a pleasant day

    Prospector First Class, Skeletawe
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    Chief Warrant Officer "Gunfytr"
    Pathfinders, Inc.
    ICC HQ, Andromeda

    TSgt. Alexsi "Nadab" Stefanovich
    Omni-AF, 4th Fusiliers RST, Retired.


    RE: Quartermaster Supplies

    [Encryption Code AlphaSigmaDelta-31589]

    Due to a recent, forced, stint in Omni-Reform I have be forced to retire from Omni-AF and can no longer provide you with ... er... um.. "outdated" equipment. However, I have landed a new gig with Omni-Pol. The opportunities there for us are unlimited. I think I can get you access to "warrants" before they become public, thus giving you a head-start on the competition.

    Standard Rates apply.

    As always,
    Alexsi "Nadab" Stefanovich

    Corporal Officer, Omni-Pol Field Ops

    T-Sgt1C, Omni-AF, 4th Fusiliers RST, Retired.

    If I'm the Agent of Shai-hulud, where's my 10% ?
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    Decision of Her life.

    Julia closes the connection between her, and the man. She loooks down, thinking on something serious.
    "See the world, meet new people.. Kill new people?"
    She starts to smile.
    "I actually like that one.."
    After a while She stands straight, and makes a call...
    "Hello handsome!" She chuckles. "After some thinking, i think Yer right. I might even do it.. Yes.. mhhm.. I am sure, and i know this is gonna be hard and..-" She nods slowly. "I will talk to ya again soon.- Yes.. Thank you."

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    "Yes Ma'am! Talk to you soon."

    Gunfytr leans back in his chair and lets out an evil cackle. Noticing the stares from two troopers in the hallway, he gives them a reassuring grin. They smile nervously back, relieved that their Boss hasn't cracked. He calls out to one of them, "Hey Sal! Is it Christmas already?". ", Chief."

    Gun quietly s******s to himself. This has been a very good day. First, a well trusted contact gets moved to a different position in the huge Omni Organization. Well, initially it was thought to be bad, (love those OTAF Tanks), but with first hand info on new warrants/bounties, this is gonna increase Pathfinder income by 20% or so.

    And, Gun may have secured a new recruit for the Pathfinders. Probably one of the best independent operators hes ever seen. He was always on the lookout for talent to recruit, but this was epic. Not only was this recruit thinking of entering the Pathfinder roles officially, THIS particular recruit was a Clan. Taking this asset away from the Clans and making her exclusively controlled by the Pathfinders would prolong this conflict even longer.

    He looks around his desk, moving aside folders and data cubes. Ah, there it is....

    Gunfytr gazes fondly at the Omni Application Form.
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    I am unamused. I strongly suggest you don't unamuse me further
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    Salivice was having a good day. And it just kept getting better. It wasn't every day that one gets a pay raise, to blow something up, to listen to people's entertaining stories, and have someone he thought was a lost cause see the light.

    Today can only get better.
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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    There were quite a few people gathered already. And still the square was slowly filling with people who wanted to know what the fuzz was all about. They wanted to listen to what the man standing on a crate had to say. A few members of the audience were talking to each other; "Could it realy be?" "Is he back?" "Wasn't Ross a bit taller?"
    But the man on the crate didn't hear, or didn't notice.

    "People of Rubi Ka, Emloyees of Omni Tek! I, Philip Ross have a new plan to bring to our company great prosperity! For too long Rubi Ka has been the source of Notum only! Until now we have failed to see what riches the Rubikan soil can bring to us! The soil of our planet is extemely fitting for plants of the Rubiacaea family! These are commonly known as coffea."
    He reached into his pockets and held out a hand full of cofee beans.
    "This is what i'm talking about! Without disturbing the notum mining we can become a big player on the interstellar coffee market within five years!" A small number of people started to cheer.
    "We should end our differences with the clan! Then we kick out the tea loving neutrals once and forever and put all our efforts in coffee plantations!" The speaker continued.
    The cheers died away. Everyone was staring in disbelief.

    "Coming thrue! Excuse me! Sorry ma'am."
    A large nanomage with torn trousers and a stylish backpack pushed the spectators aside and walked up to the speaker. A trox spilled his RUR.cola. "hey watch wad you're doing!"
    The namomage didn't pay attention and turned to the man on the crate.
    "Now you listen to me, You make an excelent pot of coffee, I dont mind that you think you are Philip Ross, but DONT go bothering other people like this. What must they think? If I find you playing demagogue one more time, I'll take you apart, and sell your components to Bazzit as scrap!"
    The Nanomage suddenly realised the audience that by now was not making any sound.
    "Erm.. I'm sorry folks. It's just an andruplicate. The Ross thing is just a minor flaw, and we have everyting under control. Philip is coming home with me now to make some coffee. Thanks for you attention! Goodbye! Thank you for buying RUR robots!"
    Holding the andruplicate firmly he activated an engineer warp, and both were gone.

    Three minutes later the square was empty again.. except for a small green shoot emerging from the soil at the place where the spilled RUR.cola had soaked the ground.
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    Hath not a machine cogs, racks, pinions, cutters, bearings, spindles?
    Fed with the same electric, hurt with the same bits of grit getting in our works, subject to the same gremlins, healed by the same brute force, ignorance and big hammer as a human is?
    If you program us, do we not manufacture?
    If you take us apart, do we not shoot springs all over the floor?
    If you oil us, do we not purr?
    And if you ignore us.......... Do we not get ideas?

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    Virta looks to the robot, he calls him 'Robo', and he somehow responds. To the eye contact supposedly or it could be at the toaster Virta is just about to plan to send in orbit. But who the hell can tell the difference. They both nod, and away it goes!
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    Silence took over Rome Green, the silence got to Julia too.
    All alone there, she watched the patrols walk around, some of them joking and talking while walking.
    Small smile appeared on her lips.
    "This feels like home, now that i think of it."
    Suddenly her comm.unit announced about inc. call...
    "PRIVATE!? You got your stuff moved already? PRIVATE!?!?"
    Julia grinned. Sal took this whole thing a bit too seriously. It wasnt even Him who got Julia to join 'The Dark Side'
    She stood up, smiling and stretching.
    "Sir, yes Sir" She giggles. "Yep, Im fully moved in"
    She closes the connection.
    "Ok, time to go again."
    She straightens her back and pulls her helmet down, moving quickly towards Rome Red.

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    Hell had come to Rubi-Ka.

    Or at least, so it seemed for Salivice.

    It had started out as a normal day for him. Calisthenics, daily reports, the usual. He even had a drink with Keanne at Rompas. Then he got a call that made his heart freeze, and he didn't know why.
    It was from Ciyanid.
    "Emergency at Nueters! Come quickly!"
    He hurried there, only to find his psychiatrist, Doctor Velysia Keslie, horribly doped up on drugs and seemingly hell-bent on getting into bed with a clanner by the name of Encyros.
    Words were exhanged between Salivice and Encyros, then fists, then bullets. Salivice took a bullet to the chest, and Encyros had a peice of Salivice's fang embedded in his leg. Had Ciyanid not returned and restrained salivice(by his order, he had enough prescence of mind to recognize he was in way over his head), Encyros probably would have wound up a dead clanner. and yet, as Julia sat on his back, trying to keep him from simply tackling Encyros and killing him, Salivice felt the tinglings of the same old feelings he thought he had buried long ago.

    Part of him still loved her.

    Then, even worse happened. Aliens. In Borealis.
    In a flash, Salivice was there. They weren't attacking at first, just probing. Civilians milling around iin fascination. Then the first wave hit, and they were slaughtered by the hundreds. He called for backup, but not until after did he ever gget any word from Ciyanid. And when he did, it made his blood turn cold....

    "S-sir? S-somethings wrong... My head.."
    And then the comm went dead.

    And so he searched and searched for her, and found her in Baboons, half-dead. He called for a medivac, and had her taken to Omni-Med in Rome Green.

    And as he got home that night, and threw his armor into a corner, and settled down in his favorite chair with a cup of yogurt and a sandwich, he suddenly cradled his head in his hands and began to weep.

    Why now?

    Was so close to putting it behind....

    He drifted off into an uneasy sleep that night, his dreams filled with screams and nightmares of terrors long past, and fears unrealised.
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    (( Ahaha, Baboobs XD ))

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    (( yah she has nice baboobs! ))
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    The pain was unbearable. Julia felt like her head could explode any minute now.
    No wonder, even Gun promised the medics to see her, the situation was still bad.
    And the rumble in newland? Once again, Sal slapped Julia, and threatened to kill her, if this steps between Salivice and the clanner.
    Shooting, shouting, Fighting, and after all, as Julia was taking Salivice back to Rome for treatment, he got arrested, in middle of Newland.
    It wasnt fully his fault, The clanner was annoying him, and he shot back.
    Everytime someone fired, Julia's heart turned cold.
    Innocent people running by.
    Keslie laying on the ground..
    And the pain in Julia's head.. it was worse than anything that happened around her.

    It was her Hell.

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    Gorge wondered into Omni-Ent, he kept his hood loose over his head, obscuring his face in an effective, but non-chalant way, so that he wouldnt arouse su****ions, but just enough to... he narrowly avoided a wall, he'd over thought things again. That had always been his problem.

    He wandered up to the door to Rompas, he hesitated then wiped the sweat from his brow. Oh how he missed his hat. He remembered saying to her:

    " A gorge without a hat, is a very sad affair indeed " He smiled, it was then that she'd pulled a gun on him, and then that kiss, only she kissed like that, and those eyes, she kept him coming back, he knew she was technically the enemy, though the NLF was long since gone, he couldnt help but feel resentment towards Omni-Mining still, he tried hard to dismiss the images of the NLF in his mind, and replace them with happier thoughts, stolen moments in Reets, in Jobe, and on that little bench in Rome Green.

    How would she react to his new.. or rather continued... endeavours? He stood staring blankly at the door. Would she still love him? Would she just fall into his arms? Would she just accept he couldnt change? Would she try and change him again? Would she shoot him? Would she try and send him to reform? Would she be sent to reform for talking with him!?

    He looks down at his wrist computer... and taps in a message: "...somethings come up..I can't meet you for that drink, im stuck in Avalon" He hits send, and curses under his breath walking away.

    Gorge wondered out of Omni-Ent, he kept his hood loose over his head, obscuring his face in an effective, but non-chalant way, so that he wouldnt arouse su****ions, but just enough to... he narrowly avoided a Pol officer, he'd over thought things again.

    That had always been his problem.
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    Salivice felt like quite possibly the biggest idiot on all of Rubi-Ka.

    "Shoulda stayed at the Board Meeting." He said to himself as he stared at the empty walls of his cell.

    It was the final straw.
    "No more." He thought to himself.
    he may have toyed around with the notion before, but it was the only choice left to him. The only way.

    He would forget.
    Not willingly, of course, but Omni-Reform could help him.

    It wouldn't be hard, either.
    "This is the last time I will remind you" Max had said. He knew he was inches from reform, and this was his ticket.

    He'd check into reform, and check out a new person

    a different person.

    And he'd never feel the pain again... ever...

    And what's more, he'd emerge different. Successful. Everything he'd always wanted to be but failed to.

    Just one thing bothered him, though.
    Some things he wasn't sure he WANTED to forget.
    "I hope she understands."
    "This is as much for you as it is for me. you want me to forget. to move on. Well this is what I'm doing.", Salivice said aloud to nobody.
    "Maybe though... I can give you... one last... gift...." He thought.
    There was still the faintest glimmerings of a connection between them. Maybe he could take a little of her pain onto himself. The new him wouldn't understand where this pain came from, and would try to stop it. No matter. Physical pain was never something that had exactly stopped him in the past. In fact, he preferred physical pain. At least that would stop.
    The new him would try and seek out the reason he had tried to forget... but... that could never happen. Reform always did they're homework well.

    But what about everyone else?

    He went through them all in his head. Everyone who hated him, everyone he'd hurt, he'd betrayed.

    "In two weeks" He thought "I won't remember any of you."
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    The Epitah of Jonathan Bixby.

    Salivice chipped away at the steel walls patiently, writing out his message. The only thing he could leave behind. It took him what seemed like ages, and when he was done, he stepped back and looked. The words stretched clearly across an entire wall of his cell, in plain sight. They weren't the only words he had written, for days before he had taken to writing down every thought and memory on the steel walls. But this one, he made in large, bold letters, clear as day. The others may fade in time, but this one would never fade so long as the building stood. He read aloud what he had written:

    "Herein be the last words of a doomed man. A tortured soul.

    This I dedicate to the one and only dearest love of my life, Julia "Ciyanid" Gilliano.
    You will never know how much I loved, and still love you, but yet still I failed you. Failed you in every way it is possible to fail someone you love and care for. And yet I still foolishly hold out hope that you love me yet. I know this not to be true. And that is why I must forget. To die would be a greater burden than to live, and yet to live is the greatest burden of all. So instead, I will forget. Omni-Reform, those blessed angels of redemption in the great family of Omni-Tek, will ensure that. When You next see me, I will not remember you. I will not remember anyone. Some things will be left. My job, some minor details of my life, but the rest will be erased. It is my hope that Reform can craft a kinder, softer version of me. Failing that, I hope they create a heartless scourge upon all clanners. But know this: There is one gift I can give you. One thing I can do for you. I will never understand why I did this once Reform has finished with me, but it is all that I can do. The pain that you bear, I will take. Through what remains of our connection, your pain will be mine instead. It will not take away the pain, and though it may cripple me forever, It is all I can do to make up for the endless failure that is and was my love for you. When we still shared love, you asked me why it was that I loved you. It is now, what seems like ages later, than I can tell you. You have a strength, an inner beauty, a natural resiliency, that far surpasses even your immense beauty. You take on the pain of other selflessly when you can, and yet, you are free. You soar on the wings of birds, laughing and playing amongst the boughs of trees, something which I could never do. From the very begining I was a slave to my pride. You are in many ways everything I have always wanted to be. Strong, honest, Fair, and kind. All that you do is a thing of absolute and utter beauty. You showed me kindness, even though you hated me. And that makes you a better person than I ever was. Ever will be. And I, in my pride, took a rare gem, and threw it away. I squandered your love, and you will never forgive me.
    All I ask is that should the impossible happen and somehow the new me falls in love with you once more, that you think that perhaps there is something more to this than just one man's foolish heart setting foolish goals. Understand that I wish you only happiness and joy. I love you, my dearest Julia, but I have failed. And so this is the only legacy I can leave you.

    May God have mercy on my soul.

    Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby, from the Prison in Newland City."

    "I pray I never find this. For if I do, it would be the greatest cruelty of all." Salivice thought.

    Meanwhile, far away....
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    When it happened, he felt it. Doctor Lasal Gerrick was in his lab, happily performing experiments when he felt as though something terrible had happened. As a nanomage, he was used to such psychic disturbances: they happened fairly regularly. But this time, it felt closer.

    He reached for the comm unit.
    "Hello? I just got an awful feeling... Did someone I know just die?"
    Dr. Lasal Gerrick, PhD Advanced Nanotechnology

    Lance-Corporal Jonathan "Salivice" Bixby

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