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Thread: ARK/Player RP Meeting Log December 2006

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    ARK/Player RP Meeting Log December 2006

    Morning! Apologies for the late posting of this. The log of the RP Meeting log in December 2006. Due to the forums only allowing 15,000 words per post I've had to fragment it, but it's all still here. Enjoy!

    : Devdas: Alright then, lets start....
    : Devdas: I believe most of you are already playing for a while and dont need an introduction of ARK and its Event team?
    : Bubbacrush: nods
    : Hyperion5182: Nope.
    : Feyde: Correct.
    : Devdas: Then let me just do a short introduction of the 3 weirdos witht the colored names.
    : Nulion: What they said.
    : Sabreclaws: You hand out free stuff, right?
    : Ammarone: ARK? Events? What the hell is this? I was goign to Bronto Burger!
    : Keldros: something like that
    : Sabreclaws: Nah - I am familiar with ARK
    : Devdas: Coordinator Dernial.
    : Devdas: He is responsible for Coordinating productions, keeping an eye on the balance of dimensions and type of events.
    : Devdas: That we have enough people to act. and many more things.
    : Devdas: Adv.... wow Coordinator by now Conator is still responsible for writing Articles, editing ASS submissions you have done and ma .... nothing else.
    : Conator: wtf?
    : Conator:
    : Devdas: I m Assistant Director Devdas, I tell people what to do.
    : Feyde: chuckles.
    : Sabreclaws: grins
    : Bubbacrush: heh
    : Nulion: wishes he could do that without getting slapped in the face
    : Nulion:
    : Devdas: Administrative duties, doing this meeting, talking to players, trying to help them out. Running events and just generally keeping stuff running... walking... limbing...
    : Devdas: ah, an latecomer, just a second.
    : Hyperion5182: So is the late arrival an omlet or fence sitter? Or is it a crazy little clam?
    : Hyperion5182: smirks
    : Bubbacrush: =P
    : Bubbacrush: you ahter
    : Bubbacrush: hater*
    : Devdas: smiles
    : Devdas: Clan
    : Foosball33: mmmmm Clams
    : Sabreclaws: I read that as eater... Clam and omellet, anyone?
    : Bubbacrush: i like mine with hot sauce
    : Ammarone: No, no...
    : Ammarone: it's oysters, pancakes, and god.
    : Nulion: ....I like cookies!
    : Devdas: The meeting will have two mainparts.
    : Bubbacrush: here here i second the cookiesz
    : Devdas: Part one questions.
    : Devdas: Part two questions
    : Sabreclaws: First part - distributing booze.
    : Keldros: clams, omelets, ant nuts
    : Sabreclaws: Second part - drinking the booze.
    : Sabreclaws: will be silent now
    : Devdas: First questions will be us, the later by you.
    : Devdas: To keep things in order I would like to do this moderated.
    : Devdas: if you have a question hit ? for a comment ! and wait until you are called.
    : Bubbacrush: sounds easy enough
    : Devdas: What I would like to know of you. What was in your view the very best event since the last of these meetings?
    : Hyperion5182: !
    : Devdas: Go ahead
    : Hyperion5182: Flat out i dont know if its due to my RL stuff or just not finding them but there really hasnt been a good one since the last meeting in my opinion.
    : Ammarone: !
    : Bubbacrush: !
    : Hyperion5182: If someone wants to counter that please do so. I havent been able to be in character anywhere near as much as i would like.
    : Devdas: May I ask for your general ingame presence Hyperion?
    : Hyperion5182: I typically will hang around OA but some leveling. I havent been able to be on like i would like though due to RL stuff.
    : Foosball33: !
    : Devdas: Ok, thank you. Amarone please.
    : Sabreclaws: ?
    : Ammarone: whoops
    : Ammarone: Um
    : Ammarone: When WAS the ast meeting?
    : Berinda: !
    : Ammarone: *last
    : Devdas: Spring... I think....
    : Ammarone: Oh. Then MICEE 5, totally. Until OT took him away.
    : Hyperion5182: Ahh i knew i forgot something. That was very good. Too many memories to scan.
    : Hyperion5182: shakes his head
    : Devdas: Ah, yes. MICEE
    : Devdas: grins
    : Devdas: Bubba?
    : Keldros: !
    : Keldros: and ?
    : Bubbacrush: actually... i have a two parter
    : Bubbacrush: first one question.. second comment
    : Bubbacrush: first... is this meeting being recorded and posted?
    : Bubbacrush: and second
    : Bubbacrush: i havent been in many events, maybe 4 in the past few months... i truly like the epic involved in the storyline.. the last encounter in OA was alot of fun, but hugely laggy
    : Bubbacrush: the epicness of the entire thing definitely has me
    : Bubbacrush: thats since springe, btw
    : Devdas: *check* yes I m logging.
    : Bigbadsimbad: Thanks.
    : Devdas: And thank, we also enjoy watching claners and omni killing each other
    : Bubbacrush: hehe
    : Bubbacrush: well... its entertainment for both of us, i hope to think
    : Devdas: Foosball33
    : Foosball33: well for the most part I haven't like most of the events
    : Foosball33: it usually has been legion for me, which if you're not a tl7 there's no point in even going
    : Keldros: !
    : Foosball33: I was intrestead with the Eric Milanier (sp?) stroy but it just droped out of nowhere
    : Ammarone: who?
    : Devdas: looks through some notes
    : Ammarone: sorry.
    : Foosball33: the last salliesue event seemed cool, but by that point in time I was so unintrestead, and distrustfull in ARK events
    : Foosball33: that I didn't bother
    : Foosball33: there's nothing fun in being killed in 5 secs
    : Devdas: nods
    : Foosball33: and the Zora speech, was just bad
    : Foosball33: and I think I'm done
    : Dernial: Bad How/
    : Feyde: !
    : Keldros: !!!!
    : Ammarone: !!!!!!!shift+one!
    : Foosball33: I thought it was poorly writen, and the whole lets kill everyone was kind of a shock to most I know here on RK@
    : Foosball33: *RK2
    : Hyperion5182: It was nothing more than a PVP rallying cry with massive RP effects. Which i plan on discussing in part two of this.
    : Foosball33: and it was timed bad as well
    : Bubbacrush: !
    : Foosball33: I have to agreee with Hyperion, but I would also say what I most disliked was waiting an hour for an ad for LE
    : Devdas: Ok, we will make that speech an extra point for later on. I take Feyde, Keldros and Ammarone wanted to comment on that?
    : Feyde: Correct.
    : Keldros: Yes
    : Devdas: Ok. Next one is Sabreclaws then
    : Keldros: I guess we'll answer in the order you mentioned our names
    : Sabreclaws: My question was already answered - when was the last meeting.
    : Devdas: Berinda then.
    : Berinda: Well, this is my first meeting. But I've always wanted to do RP stuff since I was a froob a couple years back.
    : Devdas: smiles
    : Berinda: But the problem is I can't seem to find events when they happen.
    : Berinda: The only RP thing I've ever been apart of was the defense of OA, but that kind of found me.
    : Berinda: Is there some kind of RP promo system that I'm not aware of?
    : Foosball33: !
    : Devdas: If that is in regards to Berinda, please go ahead Foosball
    : Foosball33: well a friend and I are working on a bot that work like neutnet
    : Foosball33: players will sign up for it, and can send out info on events and stuff
    : Devdas: Nice.
    : Berinda: Sounds pretty slick.
    : Hyperion5182: Finally an RP infonet.
    : Feyde: ! (to answer Berinda)
    : Bubbacrush: that would be sweet
    : Devdas: Go ahead feyde
    : Feyde: Currently, it's just a matter of staying up with what's going on with the RP forums and Editor News forums. Kind of a do-it-yourself system of locating the events.
    : Keldros: ! (response to feyde)
    : Devdas: smiles
    : Ammarone: oh!
    : Ammarone: !
    : Devdas: Excellent, means I wont have to after all are through. Go ahead Keldros
    : Keldros: It also helps to watch ooc channels for a few hundred people spamming "GMs at whompah!!!!"
    : Keldros:
    : Devdas: haha
    : Berinda: lol
    : Bubbacrush: ditto on keldros
    : Feyde: chuckles.
    : Berinda: I read the forums all the time, and they give me the sense something's going on. But I don't find much useful information on how to get involved there.
    : Ammarone: ?
    : Devdas: Sometimes it is more tricky to spot, if you just see an odd remark in an ooc channel you cant figure out what it mean, chances are good that it is a player response to blue names.
    : Ammarone: ? (2, actually)
    : Devdas: Ok, go ahead
    : Ammarone: .
    : Devdas: 1) its broken again
    : Hyperion5182: I know it broadcasts on D1 But it doesnt on D2.
    : Devdas: 2) I dont like green.
    : Devdas: It shouldnt on d1, well actually it does on both, but only old stuff
    : Hyperion5182: remembers to wear a set of green force to the next meeting.))
    : Dernial: We started using blue names to distinguish between events characters and ARKs
    : Berinda: ?
    : Ammarone: ....ah....
    : Devdas: The blue names were used to fit with the blue names on story/quest relevant NPCs and to distinguish between normal ARKs/GMs and RP
    : Conator: We still get the same questions thou "why ya name blue?" "j00 G3? u g3?"
    : Conator:
    : Ammarone: I remember patch notes saying blue was now for static NPCs
    : Ammarone: like Ofoz.
    : Ammarone: Okay, thanks
    : Bubbacrush: !
    : Devdas: Before I forget, in regards to promoting our locations for events.
    : Devdas: We dont dont do that.
    : Ammarone: !
    : Dagget: maybe you should have blue names for unattackable RP chars and green for attackable ones, like Dust Brigade
    : Devdas: Our events have to be shaped generally in a way that everyone can attent by accident.
    : Devdas: What you can do, is using the rp chat bot... nrpb for rk2 I believe.
    : Devdas: Add certain names to your friends list, like mine, dernials and such.
    : Devdas: If you see us online chances are good that there will be some event shortly.
    : Berinda: Cool.
    : Conator: or they need activity
    : Devdas: Events usually start at rather same places
    : Dernial: Also it wouldn't be fair... if we announced things it would be something like: "Oh, at 1800GMT on Dim2, we will be loosing a leet pet! so show up and help find it" It just doesn't make sense to announce them
    : Ammarone: I did that with Nev... =P
    : Devdas: The largert citsy. OA, NLC, BOR, Rome
    : Ammarone: (the friends list thing)
    : Devdas: Also, announcing them on a wide area, uhm well it might attract a player clientel we bluntly spoken dont cater to.
    : Kintaii: Whenever possible, too, add in the names of various characters to your friends list. If you see a blue-name out and about that you're interested in speaking to some more, just toss them in. We do respond to tells while in-character, and... frankly, most of us could use the interaction. *grin*
    : Devdas: Also, remembering the names your see in this room, and chatting with them. Doing your own events with them will be a great way to get more rp too.
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    : Devdas: But now back to the list of !...
    : Devdas: Keldros I believe.
    : Keldros: Yes, getting back to favorite events....
    : Devdas: The main topic is still best event since spring
    : Bubbacrush: heh tangenting ftw
    : Bubbacrush: this is good PR work, thanks for having this btw
    : Dagget: Speaking of griefers, how about a locking mechanism for the CoT bldg so that only expected attendees can come...Omni get warped to theri meeting so no griefers possible but any jerk can run into the CoT bldg
    : Bubbacrush: kudos to you arks
    : Conator: remeber we have moderation on
    : Keldros: After Micee5, I would say the Borealis elections were interesting before they were brought to an end. Still, I figured we would see more of Felkios, considering his military background...Whatever happened to him?
    : Dagget: Micee5 best, Salliesue rescue close 2nd
    : Sabreclaws: (could someone paste me the log since devdas made the comment about adding him on he buddy list, to anticipate events? )
    : Keldros: Last I saw, felkios was moving to jobe
    : Dagget: that usually means theya re getting mothballed
    : Devdas: Two of the candidates are stillaround occasionally. Felkios and Vrej, there are actually some quite interesting stories behind them. Unfortunatly they are a bit on the secondary track due to other things.
    : Keldros: yeah, but the one LTC with a military background getting mothballed before LE?
    : Devdas: Nah.
    : Sabreclaws: ( Someone? Just a /tell, please. I ld-ed. )
    : Devdas: If you are done, next one is ...Bubba
    : Keldros: And I wanted to make another couple of comments regarding the Dust Brigade
    : Devdas: ok
    : Bubbacrush: my comment was already mentioned... but i know hyperion had it before me, i think hes chomping at the bit to get something out
    : Bubbacrush: i jsut mentioned it in orgchat
    : Bubbacrush: about the RP/PVP thing going on
    : Keldros: I remember the old days when they would show up at someone's apartment and torture they just walk through cities and no one touches them. Literally.
    : Keldros: Last i saw them was in Omni-1, where they resisted 99% of my nukes and were flat-out immune to roots, calms, blinds and even DOTs.
    : Devdas: That is actually an interesting topic.
    : Keldros: at which point I realized they're not really interacting with players at all
    : Devdas: See, the problem is that it is incredibly tricky to tinker out suitable stats for PvP characters.
    : Devdas: We are not able to see before hand if we will fight 30 lvl 220 enforcers or 3 lvl 20 nebs
    : Keldros: well, from my end--if I had actually landed two nukes I would hae died from reflect damage without taking then down half a bubble, and I only landed one in about 15 minutes
    : Bubbacrush: chuckles @ nebs
    : Keldros: and they were not countering, but actually immune to everything else I had
    : Devdas: So we have to make them either realy uber using some bad ass defenses, risk that the event is over in 2 seconds or just dont use any sort of fights
    : Berinda: ? (question about PvP characters)
    : Keldros: I got the distinct impression that if I yelled "power overwhelming" they would have all logged to play starcraft that instant
    : Ammarone: giggles.
    : Dagget: ? (Q about scaling LTC's lvl to event)
    : Kintaii: There are points, from our end, where it's important that a character or an event *not* be destroyable, sometimes due to the fact that it's important to an upcoming storyline. You've all heard the tale of, back in the day, when Henri Radiman got ganked at an event--We strive not to let this sort of thing happen because... well, it causes a lot of paperwork for us, and we hate paperwork. Like Devdas said, sometimes characters are overpowered because we don't know when they'll be attacked or how. And believe me, we've been surprised on that front before--We've had characters we thought were invincible that you guys have ground into little piles of mush.
    : Devdas: that 99% shields are actually something of a last resort to make sure our chars survive atleast until our message has been delivered.
    : Keldros: For maelfas, sure, but jow random duster?
    : Conator: How long does it take to take down tara? seconds
    : Conator: we cant deliver a message that fast
    : Hyperion5182: Minute minute and half depending on activity and fighting.
    : Devdas: Yes, the Dustbrigade is supposed to be realy tough, but we have for severl month tried to not use theses 99% reflects
    : Keldros: And the message you were delivering was "let's afk and wnder back and forth between the grid and whompah?"
    : Dagget: Dusters are a good example of ones who should have a consistent combat profile
    : Foosball33: !
    : Kintaii: It is, often times, the message behind the event, not the event itself. If you see a group of blue-names tearing through an area, don't ask "Why couldn't I kill them?"--Ask "Why were they there?"
    : Conator: of cause, if they were there to kill you, better run for cover
    : Keldros: I WAS asking that question...they wandered to the grid, stood around a few minutes, and wndered back to the whompahs, then zoned from trade to ent, and walked to the other whompahs, and zoned.
    : Devdas: Ok, were are going bit on the sidetrack again.
    : Keldros: I think two of them actually shot back at their attackers

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    : Devdas: Sounds like an odd event.
    : Devdas: That is usually not how we do it.
    : Bubbacrush: doh >.
    : Bubbacrush: is back after a bad network crash
    : Devdas: I have noted down Dagget for CoT and level and berinda for pvp. we will come back to that later on.
    : Devdas: Foosball?
    : Foosball33: I wanted to say I've seen better in lvl of ARK vs players since the change of gurad if you will
    : Foosball33: I remebember having to face delta19, no way I could do anything
    : Foosball33: however
    : Foosball33: when Sotto got taken away by omni med, if we wanted to we could have fought back and stood a chance
    : Devdas: ponders
    : Devdas: Yeah, if you could have fought those you would have won.
    : Devdas: Single left handed probably
    : Foosball33: laughs
    : Feyde: chuckles.
    : Dernial: With a pillow
    : Foosball33: but when Cylie got arrested by delta19, we had no choice but to say "ok"
    : Foosball33: delta19 would have killed us both in 2 seconds,
    : Devdas: Delta19... ah yes, that hunterdroid.... Alright, that was my first question. Now the second: What was the single worst event since spring you encountered.
    : Hyperion5182: !
    : Feyde: !
    : Ammarone: !
    : Dagget: !
    : Keldros: !
    : Foosball33: !
    : Devdas: And everyone that will say something else than "There has never been anything less then briliant will leave the meeting" *gins*
    : Devdas: Go ahead Hyperion
    : Berinda: !
    : You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Hera' has reached enlightenment.
    : Hyperion5182: The OA attack just a few days ago. that should of been delayed till next week in my opinion. The timing was bad. You should of either stuck with the original timing (which Drdoma blurted out on a public node) or at least waited till LE was in full swing so it could of been a real kaboom fest rather than the lag hell it turned out to be.
    : Hyperion5182: The lag in that event rivaled Tarasque somehow.
    : Devdas: Interesting: Best event oa attack, worst oa attack. *nods slowly* I will have a look into it, but I believe it was something like the usual problem with getting different people on the same timetable.
    : Hyperion5182: As far as i knew doma switched it around because it got to the clans tthat we knew they were coming. Not because of timetables. And doma was the first to leak it publicly.
    : Hyperion5182: I am speaking mainly from a mechanics and what i could do standpoint rather than end results.
    : Hyperion5182: The lag was so bad i could do next to nothing. zoned three different times. It didnt help Crashed twice The entire OA sector ended up crashing.
    : Devdas: There just is not much we can do in regards of lag when it comes to these types of rather large attacks.
    : Devdas: They kinda naturally attract large amount of people. And many people equals bad.
    : Hyperion5182: The other problem i had with that event it was using a lot of OOC info in the reschedule
    : Devdas: Ok,that is not so good.
    : Hyperion5182: I am certain that Drdoma deliberately plotted that while APF Beast adn Tarasque were on to weaken OA
    : Devdas: ponders
    : Hyperion5182: while ic this is good tactics this is typically something we dont pull on time schedules PVM and events like this shouldnt have to collide. Vash through broadcasts made it rather clear OA could of been lost that day for the clans.
    : Hyperion5182: This wasnt like the one legion attack where you nailed us at the end of Zodiacs and i could pull the entire raid force down on their heads.
    : Devdas: nods
    : Devdas: I understand and we will see to put a closer look to these aspects in the future.
    : Devdas: But now I ll have to cut you a bit short, so that the others can say something too.
    : Hyperion5182: was done anyway.
    : Devdas: Next up Feyde
    : Bigbadsimbad: ! (Leaving, does that door go outside?)
    : Devdas: nope
    : Devdas: I ll have to kick you out myself.
    : Bigbadsimbad: Please do, and thanks for having me.
    : Bigbadsimbad: I'll try to make it to more events
    : Devdas: ciao
    : Nulion: plays Katamari Damacy on his comm, ignoring all else that exists
    : Feyde: I haven't been in the RP world that long, begining only a few months ago... so I don't have much to compare to for best/worst events. However...
    : Feyde: ...The Zora speech seemed to play havoc with alot of existing rp from at least omni/neut factions, if not clan too. My forum rp was altered only slightly, but other people... if I may use the example... Cylie (omni) and Foos (neut) got married not long ago, and now zora says she's not supposed to speak to him unless she's taking hinm to reform or putting a bullet in him?
    : Feyde: A little "heads-up" would've been nice.
    : Bubbacrush: !
    : Bubbacrush: (comment to feyde)
    : Devdas: Alright since you insist I will move the topic 'ross speech' here instead.
    : Ammarone: Ross?
    : Devdas: There has been a 'heads up' op approximatly 5 years.
    : Devdas: zora.
    : Devdas: Omni-Tek is supposed to be the 'sort of bad guys'
    : Devdas: Zora is a military figure. That much was obvious from the day he got appointed.
    : Keldros: !
    : Foosball33: !
    : Devdas: The situation on Rubi-Ka has been unstable and wardriven since the days of the Xan.
    : Devdas: That you are caught inbetween, I 'm afraid but that is the story behind the whole deal.
    : Nulion: ? (Comment on that)
    : Devdas: Bubbacrush?
    : Feyde: May I ask a question concerning that?
    : Bubbacrush: well
    : Bubbacrush: on second thought, the comment i had may just incite flame
    : Hyperion5182: ! + ?
    : Bubbacrush: im kinda here for something else
    : Devdas: The whole speech is a flame, so go ahead
    : Bubbacrush: well to feyde
    : Bubbacrush: considering hte zora speech is a tragedy
    : Bubbacrush: that is what makes the RP portion of their marriage even more fun if played out in a dramatic fashion
    : Bubbacrush: anything could happen
    : Bubbacrush: its up to them to play that out
    : Dagget: nods
    : Bubbacrush: star crossed lovers a big sellers in theatre
    : Devdas: I prefer Sci-Fi Action, but yeah.
    : Devdas: Keldros?
    : Bubbacrush: well.. its all on how you take it
    : Cyberspy: thinks of Romeo and Juliet
    : Bubbacrush: precisely
    : Keldros: Bubbacrush called Zora's speech a tragedy, but I think it's a comedy. I can't take it seriously until Borealis starts looking like unicorn HQ.
    : Keldros: instead of the lowbie guards that won't attack anyone
    : Devdas: nods
    : Keldros: The "kill even neutrals" speech doesn't mesh with "don't even attack clanners" guards
    : Ammarone: !
    : Devdas: Go ahead Foosball
    : Foosball33: well, no I don't think we've have had a 5 year head ups to, "Omni is planing on taking out all the neutrals"
    : Foosball33: to the contray, in anything there have been more things to show good relations between neuts and omni
    : Foosball33: like JAME for example
    : Keldros: !
    : Dagget: !
    : Keldros: (to Foos)
    : Sabreclaws: ! to foos
    : Devdas: I dont get that example.
    : Foosball33: not to mention at his last big speech, zora had some ok things to say to neutrals, the "kill of the nuets" comment was out of left field
    : Devdas: JAME are ex omni employees that split of and arenow making money with giving omni access to sl.
    : Foosball33: according to the storyline, Omni gives nuets tolderence do to JAME being neutral and not wanting to lose the conection to the shadowlands
    : Keldros: Ross was big on good relations with neutrals, zora's a Unicorn looking to solve everything by force
    : Devdas: nods
    : Devdas: The speech is perfectly fine by a storyline point of view.
    : Devdas: As a player I like it also, it finally gives us a reason to get rid of omnis
    : Devdas: and claners while we are at it,
    : Foosball33: honestly the general feeling among neuts in game was just there to well "piss us off" to put it as I"ve been told by others
    : Keldros: (like I said, I'm OK with the speech iteself, just a severe lack of follow-through on omni's part)
    : Devdas: Dagget, you had also a comment to foos?
    : Dagget: not to Foos, but to the best/worst Q
    : Ammarone: (so did I...)
    : Devdas: ok,then nulion in regards to the zora speech I believe
    : Nulion:
    : Bubbacrush: gah
    : Foosball33: one last note the Zora speech was as much of a shock to patching into unicorn in borelias
    : Bubbacrush: kicks his network router
    : Nulion: Okay, I had just wanted to add, from waay back earlier, about the whole speech...We can't look at it as basically an assault on the way we roleplay, only a new part of it; war in itself is drama, and it completely sucks. That's just the nature of it. I don't think for one moment that anybody's trying to shove Neuts around and tell them they have no place, as I've been hearing since that speech. Just live with it, and keep in mind there's still no real black and white, just like it always has been.
    : Nulion: That's all I wanted to say A bit late, but that was it.
    : Devdas: Feyde, you had something about the speech?
    : Feyde: I was just going to add...
    : Feyde: ... that it was my understanding that Omni was indifferent to neuts, and I have structured my rp accordingly. This anti-neut speech mentality just threw a monkey-wrench in things for a lot of people... 'cause it seems like a new direction to most.
    : Feyde: Some prefere befriending neuts and some don't, but I understood it to be up to us as individuals until the corp view changed.
    : Feyde: (I'm done)
    : Sabreclaws: ! to that, together with my ! to foosball
    : Devdas: Yes, Omni-Tek changed there view slightly.
    : Devdas: Now they actually see that neutrals exist *chuckles*
    : Devdas: Go ahead sabre
    : Bubbacrush: laughs
    : Hyperion5182: ! + ? (reminder)
    : Bubbacrush: ?
    : Sabreclaws: I'm not up-to-date to all the details of what happened lately... But I've been playing since release, and was very involed as neutral in the roleplay... Regarding the notion that the Zora speech and the hostile attitude towards neutrals by Omni-Tek was inconsistent with the storyline...
    : Ammarone: true
    : Ammarone: [[mt]]
    : Keldros: ponders whether he's LDing
    : Ammarone: [he said there was more]
    : Bubbacrush: i think they are discussing it
    : Bubbacrush: telepathically
    : Bubbacrush: Oooo....oooOOO...
    : Dagget: giggles
    : Bubbacrush: =)
    : You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Darkebeacon' has reached enlightenment.
    : Dernial: Please remember moderation.
    : Bubbacrush: sorry lol =)
    : Sabreclaws: Sorry about that
    : Sabreclaws: Can I finish up?
    : Devdas: sure
    : Sabreclaws: l/d-ed
    : Devdas: we are all just waiting for you *smile*
    : Sabreclaws: Ah, I appriciate that
    : Sabreclaws: What I was getting at - there's a difference between political rhetoric (what omni-tek says) and actual policy. As a neutral, I always knew Omni-Tek was only tolerating neutral factions, because it was the most suitable for them. Remember, Omni-Tek is after profit, it is not after being nice just to be nice. If you ever though Omni-Tek had any loyalty to their 'friendship' (tolerance) of neutrals... Then you, sir, have been fooled by a very clever bit of roleplay and storyline
    : Sabreclaws: No offense meant. Done =) I hope I made myself understandable
    : Devdas: Yes, you have.
    : Devdas: Now, Hyperion, then Bubba before we get backto question number 2
    : Hyperion5182: First off this is long so sorry in advance for incoming spam. Also if you want to hold off answering most of the questions till part two go for it.
    : Hyperion5182: First off. There is a massive difference between War-Footing and shifting an offical public Stance that has been since the game was created. Zora in one speech made OT identical to the sentinels This has been unaddressed by the ICC who is supposed to be watching the backs of the neutrals. Now for my questions. First off will ICC be making a move? If not how will FC take to the clans bringing in another Hypercorp? (i already have plans to do this) And will this mean the ICC is being removed to a degree or switched to the omni faction? Also will the Game mechanics reflect the RP dynamic in the near future to any degree?
    : Keldros: ! (regarding the ICC)
    : Keldros: (and other hypercorps)
    : Devdas: The ICC has nothing to do with the neutrals.
    : Bubbacrush: gut laughs
    : Devdas: There is something in the works for the icc but it will most likely take a while.
    : Hyperion5182: I was under the rather distinct impression that the ICC and Neutrals had some kind of agreement. (especially after what was said on editor forums)
    : Devdas: what was said?
    : Hyperion5182: Give me a second
    : Devdas: *nods* In the meantime, go ahead Keldros

  4. #4
    : Hyperion5182: From Nyddach on boards: And the ICC. Where are they now? they made a promise to the neutral population to "defend neutral citizens and property from Clan and Omni-Tek aggression". Zora has just declared war on the neutral populace. He has taken Borealis. What more does it take for you fools to understand what aggression is? You made a promise or don't you remember? I bloody well do as I was there when you made it to us. Now get off you backsides and do what you promised or as this leet on this hill here is my witness, you will pay as heavily as Omni-Tek will for breaking your promise. We might not have an army like the Clans, or even military forces of any kind. But don't ever oppress us as just like a monarch rollerrat cornered, we will always go out fighting if necessary!
    : Hyperion5182: Several other statements like this and others suggest the possiblity of ICC being in OT's pocket.
    : Keldros: The official storyline does hae a precedent for ICC invoking the Emergency Powers lists some conditions where the Act may be applied...there is some discussion within the NLC council, although I have no idea where it's headed, if anywhere.
    : Keldros: ...and it is technically *legal* to slip SL and alien tech to offworld corps without Omni approval
    : Keldros: ...since that stuff doesn't come from RK
    : Devdas: Well, I can't say too much here without giving out spoilers. But except that the ICC should have made a statement by now (it is still in translation) everything is fine.
    : Hyperion5182: blinks
    : Hyperion5182: wow...
    : Hyperion5182: Well thats going to shake things up.
    : Sabreclaws: ?
    : Devdas: Maybe I shall throw in that correcting your misconceptions of the story is also a spoiler.
    : Devdas: Sabre, then bubba.
    : Hyperion5182: Mmm.
    : Sabreclaws: Just asking for a quick heads-up. I always understood that the neutrals as a faction are not an actual faction at all - rather a bunch of individual groups that are neither clan nor ot... Such as departments of off-planet companies, individuals, criminals, etc. They have a common identity because they live in the same places such as newland city etc... Does this still hld up? Or has this drastically changed?
    : Devdas: nope. Neutrals are still a nonfaction
    : Dagget: thinks of a huge can of 'faction' worms
    : Sabreclaws: Ok, thanks
    : Devdas: Bubba.
    : Bubbacrush: my comment first of all
    : Bubbacrush: ive heard alot of things involving how things are perceived, so im gunna throw a lil positive into the mix
    : Bubbacrush: i know its hard to cater to everyone, and i think youre doing a good job for the effort you put into it
    : Bubbacrush: my question is
    : Bubbacrush: with the onset of these events, did you hope to usher in a way to get the PVP community to be involved with the RP community? was this by design?
    : Devdas: hmm...
    : Ammarone: ! (please god, I hope not.)
    : Devdas: actually no
    : Bubbacrush: in part, from my experience it has in some small parts
    : Devdas: Though if some pvper start to take interest in rp, that is rather nice
    : Bubbacrush: im just wondering if i should help that
    : Devdas: That is absolutly up to you
    : Bubbacrush: kk, that was my question
    : Bubbacrush: =)
    : Bubbacrush: the other part of it was internal debate
    : Devdas: If you believe both sides will benefit from it.
    : Sabreclaws: r r0|3p|4y1n6
    : Bubbacrush: i plan on both myself in the long run
    : Devdas: looks at Sabreclaws: "I 've killed people for smaller failings"
    : Bubbacrush: hehe
    : Feyde: chuckles.
    : Bubbacrush:
    : Devdas: coughs
    : Devdas: Alright then. Back to the question number 2
    : Devdas: Amma, the worst event since spring
    : Keldros: counts 1,2...3,2...4,2...5,2!
    : Sabreclaws: grins
    : Foosball33: wonders if Ammarone is going LD, again
    : Dagget: thinks if he lees everyone, that will reduce lag, err...LDing
    : Devdas: hmm...ok dagget then first
    : Dagget: worst - attck on Bow Point, because:
    : Dagget: not scaled to the level/size of the clan attack force
    : Devdas: bow point?
    : Dagget: I like the idea of mid lvl RP combat but
    : Dagget: where we attacked the transport
    : Dagget: with the lvl 200 guards
    : Dagget: in Upper Stret
    : Devdas: ah, yes.
    : Dagget: the person gathering an attack force was emphasising the need for a strong force
    : Dagget: and we gathered up a large group of lvl 200+ ppl
    : Dagget: when, in reality, I could have soloed the guards and transport butt naked
    : Dagget: the subsequent attacks we did were well scaled to the attacking force, though
    : Conator: That can be arranged
    : Conator: That event was indeed rather messed up
    : Conator: Thats again a sign that we can not always anticipate how man plyers we get, and what level
    : Bubbacrush: ]
    : Dagget: If an event is going to involve NPC's of a mid lvl, please try to convey the needed requirements to us
    : Conator: If i had known they would ahve been so strong, then our characters would also have been stronger
    : Conator: The script used would ahve killed the players 3 years ago
    : Dagget: anyway, would be nice to try to impress with the needed force
    : Conator: but today, the player characters have become so strong that its hard for us to make the scripts as planned
    : Dagget: perhaps have her say 'we need some lower profile/lesser known clanners for this attack, for example
    : Conator: We cant do that Dagget, not when the event is planned for 190+
    : Dagget: that would be a 'keyword' to let us know to bring TL5/6 chars
    : Conator: Of cause, if the "enemy" is weak, then we will ahve to upgrad our scripts
    : Dagget: done then
    : Conator: Very well
    : Conator: Dev
    : Devdas: Ammarone, you back again?
    : Foosball33: I dont' think she is, but I have here comment
    : Devdas: ah excellent. lets hear it
    : Foosball33: I have it in a tell, I didn't see it earlier
    : Foosball33: [Ammarone]: afk momentarily, if they get to my comment, I wanted to say that I hated Omni invading Bor and then never actually going through with their justification, the Legion suddenly becoming RK1's NLF, and of course, the speech. And on an unrelated note, I'm pissed that they "fixed" Viral compilers. Oh, and that the NLC council needs a new minister or two since Grey isn't around anymore, and it's ludicrous to wait on him.
    : Conator: emm, tell funcom about everything cept the last one id say
    : Devdas: yes, *sigh*, not my job and will be fixed soon hopefully.
    : Ammarone: bacck
    : Ammarone: sorry.
    : Devdas: hehe, interesting timing.
    : Foosball33: laughs
    : Devdas: your 4 points should be covered.
    : Ammarone: Omni in Bor: they're supposedly here to help prevent the aliens form attacking the dish?
    : Ammarone: Well, we know that's BS... but OT COULd try and pretend that's their real objective... maybe have guards attack aliens?
    : Devdas: the ot guards dont assist players against mobs?
    : Ammarone: Not that I know of...
    : Devdas: Interesting. That would be a bugreport then.
    : Devdas: The storyarc about the legionaires....
    : Devdas: we are (still) working to resolve it and give it a proper ending.
    : Nulion: is glad to hear that
    : Devdas: It should be done with in this year....
    : Dagget: glances at Nuli
    : Devdas: looks at Nulion
    : Bubbacrush: snickers
    : Devdas: oh .... right.....
    : Cyberspy: breaks wind
    : Nulion:
    : Dagget: cues music from 'The Twilight Zone'
    : Devdas: The Viral compilers would be a mail to
    : Ammarone: Well, the whole suddenly turnong into the NLF was weird
    : Hyperion5182: smiles. Honestly after what nuli did in OA if anyone has a question about nuli's loyalty they need to come over here and turn around so i can hit them in the back of the head.
    : Devdas: And the nlc council. if he doesnt show up next time, it is time to open up for new applicants again.
    : Keldros: Hit me first, I missed the event
    : Devdas: Yes, Keldros, you are up next
    : Ammarone: Thanks.
    : Keldros: Besides several unbalanced PVP events, I have to bring up the NDI being dead before it was born...
    : Ammarone: does the Neutral Power Salute
    : Devdas: Ah yes. quite unfortunate
    : Keldros: With only toog and one other in favor, it was decided that the NDI should use diplomatic methods only.
    : Devdas: The NDI was the idea to bring some consistency betwen rk1 and 2 player actions
    : Ammarone: !
    : Devdas: The idea was if neutrals on both dims work at the same goal I could use more pressure on Funcom to get some things through.
    : Keldros: I ronic that the decision to use discussion as a means to end the problem was reached by ignoring 85% of the people present, who had other ideas...
    : Devdas: Go ahead Ammarone
    : Ammarone: ...did it succeed on RK1?
    : Devdas: they are debating....
    : Ammarone: =\
    : Keldros: RK1 voted to insatall guards, didn't it?
    : Devdas: uh, well they had some ideas. some plans were even put in motion.
    : Devdas: But in the they are not realy any further than here
    : Keldros: RK2 had some ideas, but they were vetoed without consideration
    : Keldros: and it's kind of hard to get more people on board when 85% of the participants already think they're being ignored
    : Foosball33: !
    : Devdas: The ndi should be something that is run only by players. so I dont realy wanna comment on it.
    : Devdas: Foosball?
    : Foosball33: no comment on the NDI, if you dont' want to talk about it
    : Foosball33: I'm cool, I just wait for my worst event comment, as you'll all be shocked
    : Devdas: you are up for it anyways if keldros is finished.
    : Keldros: done
    : Foosball33: I'm going to have to say, the Atrox stim heads kidding napping the doctor in boreilas kind of a pointless battle, and a wast of time really, or the whole Darian Malinesar (that's his name) he came on start up some stuff and disapeered
    : Keldros: !
    : Ammarone: !
    : Foosball33: granted I think I may have insluted Darian Malinesar IC wise, but it was all in good RP fun
    : Hyperion5182: Insulted or insluted ? :P
    : Devdas: Go ahead Keldros
    : Foosball33: I would have said omni in bore, but I think that's more FC then ark events
    : Devdas: nods
    : Keldros: Don't write those "one-off" events so fast. IIRC, Volcatius was a lowbie character asking people strange questions 2-3 years ago.
    : Hyperion5182: ....
    : Hyperion5182: What side out of curioisty?
    : Keldros: don't recall...actually I'm not even sure that's the name, but I remember some guy with nanomage supremacist ideas asking Falikos questions at a party a few years back
    : Devdas: Hmmm are you talking about a "Candarian" instead of Darian maybe?
    : Devdas: Felkios was not introduced before this year.
    : Keldros: like I say, i don't remember the's just it seems like the legionaries follow a "grown up" version of the same guy.
    : Keldros: and I'm not talking about felkios.../tell helpbot aunobio falikos
    : Devdas: interesting.... could actually be, dont know if that was intendet or just coincidence
    : Devdas: ah
    : Devdas: Ok, now... Ammarone
    : Ammarone: uhhh.
    : Ammarone: damn
    : Ammarone: Forgot. >
    : Devdas: hehe
    : Devdas: Ok, then Berinda, your worst evebt?
    : Ammarone: (oh, worst events? Well, I already mentioned those... Or foos saiid them for me, rather. =| )
    : Berinda: Well, I liked the story content of the OA fight, but the technical issues with lag and whatnot almost ruined it.
    : Berinda: But we already had that discussion
    : Devdas: nods
    : Devdas: Ok, last comment to the worst event Dagget
    : Devdas: ...
    : Devdas: that one we already had.
    : Devdas: yay! question 2 is answered
    : Feyde: cheers.
    : Dagget: I'm done
    : Devdas: Then a quick one, your all time favourite event or LTC?
    : Hyperion5182: !
    : Dagget: Micee5, then the Salliesue rescue
    : Keldros: getting warr out of NLC!
    : Devdas: looks at Hyperion
    : Devdas: you have a macro for that right?
    : Hyperion5182: Nah
    : Devdas: go ahead anyways
    : Foosball33: don't have one as of yet :/
    : Hyperion5182: Lightswift.
    : Chrisax: hello all
    : Keldros: Hi
    : Bubbacrush: heya chrisax
    : Devdas: ah the good old days
    : Foosball33: needs to afk
    : Clementine: Therno, fav LTC, talked to me so many times... I miss him
    : Devdas: awe
    : Devdas: he is still around actually. just so busy....
    : Keldros: favorite LTC---hmm, either Lightswift or Felkios
    : Devdas: Ok, then what sort/type of event to you prefer? short one timers, eon long complicated plots. simple ltcs. high battle action, social, find the leet. help the girl. kill the omni/clan/monster. running around and carry stuff from a to b and back to a?
    : Dagget: !
    : Berinda: !
    : Keldros: !
    : Feyde: !

  5. #5
    : Devdas: looks at hyperion
    : Devdas: you ld'ed?
    : Devdas: go ahead Dagget
    : Dagget: a mix, although the 'long term' plots are vulnerable to events personnel turnover
    : Devdas: yes
    : Devdas: indeed
    : Nulion: coughs - Legionnaires
    : Dagget: lost sheep type good for 1-shot events
    : Devdas: Berinda?
    : Dagget: still like to see regular LTC's who don't tie to any plots
    : Dagget: whoever had the speep that ate trousers trousers
    : Dagget: sheep*
    : Dagget: oddball stuff like that
    : Dagget: but periodic rescue and attacks good
    : Devdas: oddbal....ok... *looks at kintaii* get on to it.
    : Berinda: I agree with dagget that random LTCs would be fun. And I think fights with a point - like blow up the transport, assassinate that dude, and whatnot are cool.
    : Dagget: plenty of current NPC's who might briefly turn into LTC's
    : Nulion: !
    : Berinda: But I also have 9 backpacks of social armor I never get to wear
    : Dagget: (I'm done)
    : Kintaii: whistles innocently.
    : Hyperion5182: ! (on berinda)
    : Berinda: And that's it from me.
    : Devdas: get of her, this is a public meeting
    : Berinda: lol
    : Hyperion5182: laughs
    : Foosball33: back and !
    : Hyperion5182: ?
    : Feyde: Somebody has the floor?
    : Hyperion5182: I dont think so
    : Devdas: hyperion has
    : Hyperion5182: oh!
    : Keldros: dev is LD?
    : Hyperion5182: Sorry about that
    : Hyperion5182: Ber thats something more for FC than ARK as thats Game mechanics. (current mechanics mean screwing armor for social wear which bites)
    : Hyperion5182: Several suggestions have already been made its anyone's guess thoguh if any of them will happen.
    : Devdas: you mean like orange with green boots
    : Bubbacrush: !
    : Dagget: snickers
    : Hyperion5182: Better armor than the inferno boots.
    : Sabreclaws: ... and a purple lining
    : Bubbacrush: no, thats a fashion disaster
    : Berinda: Well, I can get my gimp armor back on no problem, so I guess it's not really not an issue for me.
    : Devdas: Keldros, your turn.
    : Nulion: pokes Keldros
    : Keldros: I tend to favor long complicated plots--however, random events can be a nice break, and also can be worked into the plot sometimes in the case of personnel turnover. I mean, at least a dozen named NLC guards kicked Warr out, any one of those names could sere as a replacement for hekkat, for instance.
    : Keldros: done
    : Hyperion5182: I am sorry but RL issues are keeping me from staying further. If possible could you send me back so i could log off?
    : Devdas: Thank you. Feyde?
    : Devdas: of course
    : Devdas: ciao
    : Feyde: I prefer action-involved events, as opposed to social get-togethers. Potential for area acquisitions is always a plus, even if it's places like 4Holes etc. Unfortunately, I was unavailable for the OA event recently. (I'm done.)
    : Devdas: nods
    : Devdas: Nulion?
    : Nulion: Sure Okay, I'm on the subject more of what kinds of events I liked to see, the kind I preferred...
    : Keldros: pokes nulion
    : Nulion: Now, I had always loved the events linked to get-togethers, such as the Council of Truth....There was always something fun about being attacked by the Brigade, maybe, while having a session. It can be disruptive, but it keeps the meetings from being boring, and it also encourages all who attend them to keep attending them, as they never know what might happen next. I'd love to see more things like that in the coming months.
    : Nulion: I have heard about things happening like that often on RK1, but not here, actually....But it can always be attended to. Done
    : You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Chicungugna' has reached enlightenment.
    : Devdas: mumbles: "when will people learn to keep there wishes to themselfs...."
    : Devdas: grins
    : Bubbacrush: lol
    : Devdas: Foosball last one about event types
    : Nulion: doesn't keep his wishes to himself, he puts them in a basket and leaves it outside the front door
    : Foosball33: I would like to see more events where players are the hero's or at least can have a moment to shine, not just cannon fodder.. sorry but that's all I've really seen since I've been RPing (although I've been told I've just had bad experinces)... also I would like to see more ARK supported player stories. I do understand that ARK is totally volentray, and I do applued that, but ARK stops by once a month, but the players RP everyday
    : Foosball33: and excuse my bad spelling
    : Devdas: We generally try to acutally avoid interfeering with playerstories.
    : Devdas: Since it has lead to rater bad endings in the past.
    : Foosball33: well I mean players that want ark envoled in someway, and request it
    : Berinda: !(comment)
    : Devdas: But if the player event is planed in a way that it is open to 'all players' we make sometimes exceptions, or if it is in direct response to one of our plots/LTCs
    : Dernial: One of the goals of late starting with Nevarstiyeh being director and I believe Lornavash is trying to continue it, is to try and do more with the players, as Dev said we do like to try to do things that all players will be involved with, so we won't do something just for one player.
    : Dernial: But we are always watching the events-feedback email address. If you or anyone else has any ideas for events we would love to hear them and will work with you on them.
    : Kintaii: One thing about player events is that while we do "support" them in the sense that we encourage you guys to do your own thing, a lot of times it may conflict with the official storyline of AO as we know it, or otherwise involve things that we simply can't do. We love to see players creating their own events and stories, and will actually read/research/incoroprate what we can (I myself make it a habit to study up on the background of most RPers that I can find, as to better facilitate my own RPing as an ARK). But there are some things that just conflict with our own abilities that we can't do, so often it's best to leave you guys to craft your own stories and ideas.
    : Foosball33: no I understand that, and that makes sence to me
    : Devdas: If you need some background info or a new idea for location feel free to ask us, maybe we have a suitable inspiration.
    : Devdas: Berinda, you had a comment?
    : Sabreclaws: ? to that
    : Berinda: I was going to say, given the limited resources of ARK and the fact that it's a volunteer organization, that the people are better served by an ARK answering petitions and the like than by an ARK directing a private RP event.
    : Devdas: That is also a point, yes.
    : Devdas: Sabreclaws?
    : Sabreclaws: What is an appropiate way to contact you? Being a returning player and new to Rimor, your offer is very atractive
    : Devdas:
    : Sabreclaws: Thank you.
    : Foosball33: ? and ! (to events-feedback)
    : Devdas: oh, we are getting closer to the end of part one...
    : Devdas: go ahead Foosball
    : Foosball33: I was just wondering if you guys plan on setting up a system for player ideas and such, last I read there really was no such thing, and that ARK could ignore the player if they wanted to
    : Devdas: player ideas in what respect?
    : Foosball33: well lets say a player comes up with an RP event idea/storyline that they wanted some kind of ark support, because the idea was for it to be open to the public
    : Foosball33: and would have lots of different dealings
    : Devdas: Then you send a mail to
    : Foosball33: ok and is ark stance still that if the idea is bad, or conflicts with the overall storyline they will be ignored?
    : Berinda: ! (comment)
    : Devdas: You will get a response from us
    : Dernial: To my knoledge no one has ever been ignored, if it's something we can't do we will tell you that
    : Devdas: Depening on what it is, it might take a while though
    : Berinda: (nvm !)
    : Foosball33: ok, keep in mind I'm only going on what Devdas and Vash have posted on the one OT fourm
    : Devdas: not sure what we said there.
    : Foosball33: well during the, I'll call it the "Trousers Incidnet", Vash ark could and would ignore players... if my idea isn't good or won't work that fine but I would at least like to know
    : Foosball33: *Vash said
    : Devdas: I doubt he said that.
    : Foosball33: well I paraphrased, but yes it was along those lines, I wouldn't lie to you
    : Devdas: What I can say is that everything coming through should be read and commented
    : Foosball33: well then that's great
    : Devdas: If you contact us via lets say a board pm on the oam forums, it can get overseen, should not though.
    : Devdas: Should you contact an omni director via a board pm, it will be considered IC and might be ignored by the director.
    : Devdas: Depening on the content
    : Devdas: smiles
    : Devdas: ok *looks through his notes*
    : Devdas: Great, next point.
    : Devdas: ASS
    : Bubbacrush: :O where?!
    : Devdas: Do you like ASS?
    : Feyde: o.O
    : Sabreclaws: ASS?
    : Bubbacrush: dies laffin
    : Keldros: It's a myth. I've never seen it.
    : Devdas: Article Submission System.
    : Sabreclaws: ... Ohhh.
    : Devdas: IRRK Freelancers.
    : Cyberspy: rotf
    : Berinda: !
    : Foosball33: I think ASS is a great idea, I would honestly submit something, and have been told too... however I"m too busy and lazy
    : Devdas: Does it work out? Is is useable. Are the articles good? the editors worth there creds?
    : Devdas: Go ahead Berinda
    : Berinda: I don't know if it's reliable or how well it works, but I'm apprehensive about submitting to it because of how skewed IRRK is to Omni-Tek.
    : Berinda: I'm pretty sure it's meant to be as part of the game.
    : Devdas: I 'm unsure what you mean.
    : Berinda: For instance, Omni-Tek launched that full scale invasion against OA. But OT getting their ass handed to them in Old Athen is not a story that's been reported.
    : Devdas: hmm ... no it wasnt
    : Berinda: Or the riot the clanners had in Rome in retalliation.
    : Dernial: That there is what IRRK Freelance is about. If a side isn't being reported right, then report it yourself. Sign up and get a reporter to add your own perspective to the news.
    : Devdas: nods
    : Devdas: That is what the ass is about.
    : Berinda: Thanks for clarifying.
    : Berinda: I'm a noob with this stuff
    : Devdas: you are the reporters for the ass
    : Devdas: No problem.
    : Sabreclaws: pinches Berinda
    : Devdas: If you go through the ooc post in the editor news you should find the manual and ways how to sign up for it.
    : Devdas: any other comments about butts?
    : Bubbacrush: snickers
    : Dernial: !
    : Bubbacrush: im going to hell
    : Bubbacrush: =)
    : Bubbacrush: but no
    : Devdas: no one?
    : Devdas: oh, Dernial
    : Devdas: Go ahead
    : Bubbacrush: LOL
    : Dernial: Er. I can probably talk without moderation. I would like to see if anyone that has used it has found any bugs or problems in the system.
    : Devdas: well, he is standing behind am I supposed to see his !?
    : Sabreclaws: f8, mate.
    : Dernial: And if not, I would like to mention that if you do, you can send it to events-feedback@ so I can fix it.

  6. #6
    : Dernial: Done
    : Devdas: Ok, 3 more (hopefully) short questions before we come to the general part.
    : Devdas: Best and worst bits on the ao(fc)/ark storyline and suggestions for it.
    : Devdas: lines*
    : Bubbacrush: !
    : Bubbacrush: nvm
    : Berinda: !
    : Foosball33: !
    : Bubbacrush: not a question
    : Devdas: Ga ahead Bubbacrush
    : Sabreclaws: !
    : Devdas: Look who I found!
    : Bubbacrush: well suggestion i guess
    : Devdas: points at Ana
    : Anamelle: smiles
    : Anamelle: hi everyone
    : Sabreclaws: Hello.
    : Dagget: smiles at Ana
    : Nulion: telepokes Anamelle
    : Kintaii: waves
    : Bubbacrush: to keep the events rolling
    : Bubbacrush: ive been told by a few, that events seem to peak around critical times
    : Bubbacrush: like expansions
    : Bubbacrush: and i know its alot like that, for good reason
    : Bubbacrush: im hoping for it to continue
    : Bubbacrush: i dont want this current storyarc to die
    : Bubbacrush: because i think its a hyper critical point in the timeline
    : Devdas: nods and points to Dernial
    : Dernial: We are working on that. It's one of the things that was planned when Lornavash became director, We are currently reorginizing the department to get some good people in that are passionate about running events. So we hope to be able to keep this level of events going for sometime in the future
    : Bubbacrush: excellent
    : Bubbacrush: thanks
    : Devdas: Berinda?
    : Berinda: My thing is, the events on RK kind of seem like they're happening in a vaccuum.
    : Berinda: What other hypercorps are out there? What planets? What about Earth?
    : Devdas: ah
    : Keldros: I still need a /juggle emote
    : Devdas: That would be a spoiler *grins*
    : Nulion: pouts
    : Devdas: Well, there are lots of coporations
    : Devdas: If you take a regular look at item descriptions
    : Sabreclaws: thinks of weapon and item descriptions...
    : Sabreclaws: heh
    : Devdas: you will find remarks about other corporations and planets
    : Kintaii: I'd like to say, on that front, to keep your eyes peeled over the next several months. We may have something that, while not specifically addressing your questions, will help out a bit.
    : Keldros: yes, but some of us hae been poking hypercorps with sticks for years, always to be told "funcom won't allow it. it's not even an option to think about"
    : Devdas: Not as many planets as one would like but enough to use as inspiration for some neat stories
    : Sabreclaws: will ld in a moment
    : Devdas: Bye Sabre
    : Berinda: I think RK and SL also feel a little dead, despite all the real people in it.
    : Sabreclaws: Not leaving, just ld-ing
    : Sabreclaws: Will be back, connectivity issues
    : Foosball33: !(to Berinda)
    : Berinda: It's more of a world interactivity issue.
    : Berinda: Yeah, I can shoot the monster while it's standing around and minding it's own business.
    : Keldros: !
    : Devdas: You have to read the long texts of the npc on rk and sl not just click through them for the reward *grins*
    : Berinda: But what is it's business?
    : Devdas: Go ahead Foosball
    : Berinda: No, the NPC stuff is fine. I'm talking more like mobs.
    : Devdas: You are talking about a better NPC ai like lets say in conan or oblivion?
    : Berinda: I don't know about either of those.
    : Foosball33: I was going to say as far as offworld stuff a lot of players just kind of make there own stuff up and others go alone with it, most do use bits and pieces of what FC has put out, but still other world stuff is usualy in player hands
    : Foosball33: or as far as I've seen
    : Devdas: nods to Foosball.
    : Keldros: !
    : Devdas: Yes, you can make up a lot of stuff, just dont come up with any big guys that own half the galaxy
    : Devdas: Keldros?
    : Keldros: In relation to that last question, I have two:
    : Keldros: 1) A few years back we got guidelines to Omni departments and legacy clans. Will those be updated soon with respect to major storyline changes?
    : Keldros: 2) once we're past the time where spoilers are a concern, will we get a similar guide for offworld organizations?
    : Devdas: The list at are still up to date.
    : Devdas: the list on ... I 'm not sure about due to the changes with gaia and pilgrims
    : Dagget: shakes his head
    : Anamelle: !
    : Nulion: ...We'd have trouble updating that one, with all the website problems there.
    : Devdas: the thread somewhere deeply burried at the forums includes the same description.
    : Sabreclaws: ? (reminder, since I ld-ed)
    : Keldros: and the second qestion?
    : Dagget: remembers to stop talking about Sabre now that he's back
    : Devdas: 2) since there are no realy complete informations about of world coorporations. At this point there is nothign like that planed
    : Keldros: :/
    : Devdas: Anamelle, then Sabre.
    : Sabreclaws: hears all
    : Nulion: !
    : Anamelle: I'm not sure this has already been asked. Will any more info about the neutral organisations available?
    : Anamelle: I mean ICC, JAME...
    : Anamelle: the supposed neutral government
    : Keldros: basically what I just asked
    : Keldros: except for the neutral government
    : Anamelle: well, I meant the RK organisations, specifically
    : Devdas: there is no neutral government. the icc is as neutral as any neutral, since they are neither clan nor omni. jame.... maybe, it is an option.
    : Anamelle: thanks for clearing the government thing. It was mentioned somewhere and I wasn't sure if it was official
    : Ammarone: !
    : Devdas: Currently it is more on a uh local base, like the nlc mayor, or lets say some guys in ld decide something needs to be done, then they do it.
    : Devdas: ok, next up was ... sabre?
    : Dagget: !
    : Sabreclaws: nods
    : Sabreclaws: Getting back to your question for us, on the storyline issues... I loved the concept behind NW and AI, hate the way we now have towers and cities littering the Rubi-Kan landscape... This is more of a funcom thing, but it would be nice if we could turn of towers and cities in the graphical menu, making them invisible. I miss the old Rubi-Kan cyberpunk/wilderness atmosphere
    : Devdas: smiles
    : Sabreclaws: That's all, heh.
    : Dagget: *coughs* game mechanics *coughs*
    : Devdas: But unfortunatly this is the wrong place to say this
    : Devdas: I believe everyone present thinkgs the same
    : Bubbacrush: =)
    : Sabreclaws: Maybe, you have more sway to FC then I though
    : Ammarone: I don't, but only because I enjoy being contrary
    : Devdas: alas it has to go to
    : Devdas: Not in the long run.
    : Devdas: Nulion's turn it is.
    : Nulion: Okay, I'd been hoping to make a suggestion both to you guys, and to everyone else here...
    : Feyde: waits for the "Surrender! All your base are belong to us!" rant. ;p
    : Sabreclaws: set us on the bomb! Oh noes.
    : Foosball33: listens to Nulion closely, because he is smart and will make us go
    : Nulion: What it seems to me that we need, is a Roleplayer Reference Guide of sorts. We've gotta maybe look into creating ne, or contacting AO Universe and trying to get a section there, so we can take what we know and actually put it somewhere. And then when we've done that, we can poke and prod Funcom for actually adding to it, and giving us the OOC resources we really should know. It makes very little sense that anybody here, in an IC sense, would know so little about anything outside of Rubi Ka.
    : Sabreclaws: !
    : Bubbacrush: good suggestion
    : Kintaii: Again, there may or may not be something in the works that will at least help with that sort of thing in the upcoming months. No promises, as always, but there is a possibility.
    : Chrisax: ((we'd gladly offer the hosting of such a thing))
    : Nulion: That's really good to hear. I hope that if we were to come up with at least the initiative, then we could push to get it expanded upon by FC itself, since we need more background info.
    : Devdas: "All on and offworld communication is handled by Omni-Com" *smile* and suddenly it makes sense. Though I like the idea. If someone would start with it, maybe we can contribute to some extent, but that is a big maybe.

  7. #7
    : Kintaii: Just keep watch--You'll know it if/when you see it. *grin*
    : Keldros: !
    : Nulion: Ehh....Alright then
    : Nulion: I'm done, hehe
    : Keldros: (comment)
    : Devdas: go ahead then
    : Sabreclaws: ...
    : Nulion: (I apologize for this, but I have to get going)
    : Anamelle: awww
    : Keldros: Gotta wonder if those big guns Sol put on the ICC platforms have any tricky hardware/software instelled
    : Nulion: squeeks
    : Anamelle: waves bye to Nulion
    : Nulion: Nice talking to you all
    : Keldros: later
    : Bubbacrush: later nulion
    : Foosball33: bye Nulion
    : Devdas: throws out Nulion
    : Nulion: eeps!
    : Devdas: That information is classified.
    : Anamelle: looks threateningly at Devdas
    : Anamelle:
    : Devdas: cant see it since her hat is in the way
    : Anamelle: hahaha
    : Devdas: Nextup ..... Berinda
    : Ammarone: bloody Ld...
    : Berinda: I don't remember !ing.
    : Berinda: lol
    : Berinda: Next person.
    : Dagget: me?
    : Devdas: you wanted to say something some time ago
    : Devdas: about ark/fc storylines
    : Berinda: Oh
    : Berinda: It was more on the mobs.
    : Berinda: It just gets me that they just stand around and die.
    : Berinda: Doesn't feel dynamic.
    : Keldros: !
    : Berinda: I mean, I know it's what they're there for.
    : Berinda: But they don't interact with each or sleep or eat.
    : Berinda: *each other
    : Devdas: ah, ok. we had that already. nothing we can realy change. and noone will change it most likey, remember this game is over 5 years old
    : Devdas: Foosball is next...Ihope i still have the right order.
    : Sabreclaws: adds, 'First sci-fi mmorpg'. wtb AO2!
    : Foosball33: well I as far as the storyline, I would like to see it not so much the good vs evil plot lines
    : Foosball33: I'ed like to see more grey instead of black and white
    : Devdas: nods
    : Ammarone: I'd like to see purple and plaid, myself.
    : Devdas: You actually should see a bit more of it quite soon ... Ammarone, your turn.
    : Ammarone: I had something more important, but...
    : Ammarone: iI forgot
    : Ammarone: So instead
    : Ammarone: I wanted to ask if it's "The Legion", "Legionnaires", or "Legionaries"
    : Devdas: doh'
    : Devdas: Dagget then.
    : Dagget: 2 items
    : Ammarone: I don't think Legionaries is even a word. =P
    : Ammarone: done.
    : Dagget: 1) a few Chars, notably Simon Silverstone, should be available on a more regular basis, especially considering the increased combative nature of current events
    : Dagget: he used to be around all the time and now almost never
    : Devdas: to ammarone: That is classified. (read: no idea)
    : Devdas: Ah yes.
    : Dagget: he is a lymchpin char in the RP world and needs a solid base
    : Dagget: lynchpin*
    : Foosball33: thinks ugh have to afk again
    : Devdas: That is an old topic. One we steadily try to solve but fail one time after the other.
    : Devdas: But I assure you, we have not given up to bring out legacy leader more often.
    : Dagget: there may be Omni chars in the same poor position but I'm not sure about them
    : Bubbacrush: !
    : Dagget: 2) how about having meeting such as these in the Arrival hall?
    : Dagget: since the place is now orphaned
    : Devdas: It is just that for these to be around we have to be somewhat prepared. Wich often result in not lettign them out, since we are occupied with other stuff.
    : Devdas: But it will happen... uh atleast we keep trying
    : Dagget: it is a nice place 9compared to here) and would be a safe place for you to warp ppl to for these meetings
    : Devdas: hmm... the arrival hall.... that would need probably some changes to it to allow us to use it. the gates are still there and using them has side effects.
    : Dagget: just a thought
    : Berinda: ?
    : Dagget: done
    : Sabreclaws: thinks of fat nanomages wearing thongs, doing /tango on the table in front of you
    : Ammarone: vomits
    : Sabreclaws: shivers
    : Bubbacrush: doesnt know these people
    : Devdas: Go ahead Bubba
    : Bubbacrush: i filled out a memo, i need a beamout
    : Bubbacrush: considering i think all my questions and concerns were handled
    : Bubbacrush: =)
    : Devdas: ok, ciao, thanks for beeing here
    : Bubbacrush: you didnt answer.. so i appointed
    : Bubbacrush: hey np
    : Bubbacrush: good luck all
    : Ammarone: ooh....
    : Ammarone: ?
    : Devdas: Berinda. you are up
    : Berinda: Out of curiosity... what's the side effect of an established toon using an arrival hall gate?
    : Anamelle: wonders if they'd go neutral...
    : Devdas: uh...dunno, what happend the last time you went through? I believe faction change, item spawns, setting level to 1, stuff like that, its part of the character creation process
    : Devdas: Go ahead Ammarone
    : Ammarone: Was the sudden shift in Legionnaire philosophy (wiping out solitus and opifex) intentional, or a scripting accident on the part of the ARKs? It just seems to me to be really weird, as their two most prominent player agents in the RP scene --Tipha and Nulion-- are solitus, and opifex, respectively...
    : Ammarone: And that's a damn horrible way to find out you've been fired.
    : Ammarone: "Yep, sorry, we declared genocide on you and yours. Sorry! ^_^"
    : Ammarone: Not asking why... just if it was intentional.
    : Dernial: The Legionares have always been anti-solitus and opifex, that's their entire MO.
    : Ammarone: First I've heard of it.
    : Dernial: Well ever since they've been done they have always gone around spitting on solitus and telling their kind to get out of the way.
    : Ammarone: Last I checked, they were a bunch of spooky nanomage MPs, but they never had anything SPECIFIC against any breed...
    : Foosball33: they were at first
    : Foosball33: then kind of changed, then went back
    : Ammarone: so how can they justify having Tipha and Nulion as agents?
    : Dernial: Well... you can still dislike people, but use them to further your own goals.
    : Dernial: Which is what the Imperitor did
    : Ammarone: Ah...
    : Ammarone: okay, thanks. =)
    : Devdas: Next question then. woot
    : Devdas: How did you perceive the change in the Directorship of the Events department. Did you notice any bad or good sideeffect (except the discontinuity of the legion plot).
    : Ammarone: !
    : Devdas: Go ahead
    : Foosball33: !
    : Ammarone: Yes. Frequency of events seemed to taper off pretty quick...
    : Ammarone: as well as depth/involvement.
    : Ammarone: I think.
    : Ammarone: ditto with NPCs showing up on NRPB, but that was probably because Nev liked to frequent it himself.
    : Devdas: There is actually no change in regards to npcs in nrpb.
    : You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Rozmetal' has reached enlightenment.
    : You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Taishasdoc' has reached enlightenment.
    : Devdas: Go ahead Foosball
    : Foosball33: honestly for the most part I've liked the change, the events I've seen have been more player friendly, not so much "we are evil and you will all die muhahahahaha"
    : Ammarone: nods.
    : Foosball33: with a few exceptions I'm looking foward to what events has planed
    : Devdas: any other comments to that regard?
    : Devdas: two seems a bit few
    : Anamelle: !
    : Devdas: just tell your mind, as long as it aint getting too personal.
    : Devdas: go ahead anamelle
    : Anamelle: I didn't know Nevarstiyeh and I don't know Lornavash well. I can only observe the events team, which, I think, is the same as before
    : Anamelle: as for events
    : Anamelle: I disliked the Legionaries storyline, just not my kind of thing, so I didn't like the pvp-style events
    : Ammarone: !
    : Anamelle: I did like the ones like Salliesue event though
    : Anamelle: but, like I said, from my point of view the team is the same, I can't see more
    : Devdas: nods
    : Anamelle: done
    : Devdas: Ammarone?
    : Ammarone: Two things... First, I'm not sure if it's events, or FC, or some other department, but I really like that someone thought to bring back the old halloween stuff. I like my pumpkin shoulder lamp. =)
    : Devdas: Funcom.Not Ark.
    : Ammarone: Ah, okay..
    like Salliesue:
    : Ammarone: Not too many more, mind you. >P
    : Devdas: nods
    : Ammarone: *against my
    : Ammarone: sorry if this wasn't the time to say that, but... done.
    : Devdas: ok
    : Devdas: Last question from us: Lost Eden? Roleplaying Opportunities?
    : Keldros: Aliens vs. Cyborgs--which would win, and which would have the creepiest use for parts farmed off the other?
    : Dagget: !
    : Devdas: ok... that was pretty random *looks at Keldros*
    : Devdas: Go ahead Dagget
    : Foosball33: !
    : Ammarone: !
    : Dagget: I see littel RP potential othe than the fact that LE migrates a lot of the PvP crowd off RK
    : Sabreclaws: thinks it was teh funny. In regars to Keldros. Still random =P
    : Dagget: which is good for RP here
    : Sabreclaws: !
    : Dagget: done
    : Devdas: hehe
    : Devdas: Go ahead foosball
    : Foosball33: honestly I have to say too early to tell... I am a little let down, but I think I was hoping for my choas with LE
    : Foosball33: I mean it's most of the same just dressed up with mechs and battlestations
    : Anamelle: !
    : Sabreclaws: might ld again soon
    : Foosball33: *no my there
    : Devdas: Ok, then its your turn sabre
    : Devdas: hmm.. guess not. Ammarone then
    : Ammarone: 2 things, both of which are on topic, for a change! =O or their background. Although:

  8. #8
    : Ammarone: gah, spam, sorry....
    : Keldros: !
    : Sabreclaws: ... Cheers, there I went
    : Sabreclaws: sighs
    : Devdas: Cyborgs, yeah there was something about those.
    : Devdas: Go ahead Keldros
    : Keldros: back ages ago before SL, I remember events like dropships full of cyborgs landing on places...then about 3 years ago we had a campaign against cyborgs and they were never seen again.
    : Devdas: 3 years .... enough time to regather resources? who knows.....
    : Keldros: no one knows what they're up to these days...
    : Keldros: done
    : Devdas: Ok, Ammarone, part 2)
    : Keldros: (like alien parts? )
    : Ammarone: um... nah, it was an FC thing... just wanted to see more RP in quests, like in sided shoulderpads, part 1
    : Devdas: ah, ok
    : Ammarone: when you put each piece together, it gave detailed feedback
    : Devdas: Then next up is Sabre, if he is back then Anamelle
    : Ammarone: Kinda liked that.
    : Ammarone: sorry.
    : Sabreclaws: I'm back
    : Kintaii: If I can say, real quick, on the topic of RP in quests--Check out the Shadowlands quests. I think those might make you happy.
    : Ammarone: I'm too froobalicious for SL...
    : Ammarone: ......for now.
    : Kintaii: Well, if/when you ever get the chance.
    : Keldros: Yes, they're a vast improvement over the old "tourist" feel of SL
    : Ammarone: I'll wear a tacky hawaiian shirt, and get my picture taken with Ergo!
    : Sabreclaws: LE seems to signal that Rubi-Ka is entering total war. It has always been a warzone, but with LE wee seem to have a whole new grade of intensity... So what I would like to see, is more stuff such as the battle of OA. Big manouvers, strategy, massacres, pillaging, etc. The things that define total war. Make it nasty...!
    : Sabreclaws: and bloody
    : Sabreclaws: wants to see destruction
    : Keldros: !
    : Devdas: Yes Keldros?
    : Sabreclaws: Depopulate an entire city of NPc's, stuff like that
    : Foosball33: !
    : Sabreclaws: ... Done
    : Anamelle: would hate Last Ditch depopulated :P
    : Keldros: like a small-scale PVP event I've been thinking of...use one of the 25% playfields like SWB or SEB for a game of "capture the flag" where the "flag" is a spy with omni info...
    : Anamelle: ((kidding))
    : Devdas: nice
    : Devdas: Foosball, in response to Sabre?
    : Ammarone: !
    : Foosball33: yes I would like to see byond that, I would like to see a break down in the clans and omni in fighting begin to happen... mass hystaira, dogs and cats sleeping together stuff like that
    : Sabreclaws: Yeah
    : Sabreclaws: chaos
    : Sabreclaws: leet humping rollerrats
    : Anamelle: O.o
    : Sabreclaws: coughs, did I just say that?
    : Devdas: ewwwww
    : Sabreclaws:
    : Devdas: Anamelle., your turn
    : Foosball33: doesnt' know about anyone else but I'm really starting to like Saberclaws here
    : Anamelle: I was hoping neutrals would end up being mercenaries fighting for one side or the other, as it is gameplay-wise. But Zora's speech made that impossible
    : Anamelle: I mean, I was hoping for the gameplay to transfer to the RP-storyline. It doesn't matter now anyway.
    : Cyberspy: thinks, nice idea
    : Sabreclaws: ! to that
    : Anamelle: as for other things, some aspects of LE in NLC council meetings maybe
    : Devdas: then go ahead sabre
    : Sabreclaws: Zora's speech didn't make it impossible. If Ot hires neutral, technically they would side with OT. It happened all the time in history - Romans hated the gauls guts for burning rome, yet they still hired lots of gaulish riders when invading gaul
    : Anamelle: why would neutrals help out though?
    : Keldros: money
    : Sabreclaws: So maybe zora's speech made it more possible - finally they are recognised by ot, right?
    : Anamelle: help and then get their houses burned to the ground?
    : Sabreclaws: or blackmail
    : Sabreclaws: Taking of hostages, etc.
    : Anamelle: neuts were called "citizens" during the first Zora's speech
    : Sabreclaws: Besides, the speech said if neutrals didn't side with ot, then they would be destroyed. So...
    : Anamelle: Zora appointed an ambassador to NLC council
    : Anamelle: that last speech was a step back from all that
    : Devdas: No zora did not
    : Anamelle: no, if neuts don't join omni
    : Sabreclaws: is done
    : Devdas: The Board actually decided it would be handy to have some in nlc that takes all the complaints so they are no bothered by it anymore.
    : Keldros: ( We get to blame it all on Trousers!!! )
    : Devdas: Ok, last comment on this from Amarone
    : Ammarone: Almost the opposite of Sabre's first comment: I'd like to see a few more of tose empty little towns in th middle of nowehere be vaguely populated, or have an NPC or two telling you about that place, like Harry does, or that guy in pleasant meadows... I'd like to know more about the little places, like Versailles (PM), or Sabulum (PW), or Terra (Andromeda), and so on... maybe they're hiding out there, or it's a quest thing, or a contact point, or something. I'd just like to see more of these tiny ghost towns become active. FC wouldn't even have to populate them.
    : Ammarone: and more spam. -_-
    : Ammarone: That's about it.
    : Devdas: 1st FC issue. 2nd check out safe haven town in upper stret east bank
    : You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Jarea' has reached enlightenment.
    : You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Pewpewsolja' has reached enlightenment.
    : Ammarone: bugger. okay, thanks.
    : Devdas: smiles
    : Devdas: Ok, now I wanted to get some feedback about the oam. but since we have only one omni present. I ll skip it.
    : Devdas: Instead. oh right Dagget.
    : Devdas: I seem to recall that we ages ago, locked up the council tower between meetings. right?
    : Dagget: I have never seen it locked
    : Dagget: would like to see that happen
    : Dagget: during meetings
    : Devdas: hmm... ok I ll dig around and see what I can find.
    : Chrisax: in the past there was a kind of lock
    : Dagget: give us griefer-freee environment similar to Omnis get here
    : Chrisax: lolng long ago
    : Devdas: Ok, then now it is time for soem free for all. If you have any questions or topics you would like to discuss if it hasnt already been discussed now is the time.
    : Dagget: Ideal woudl be keys handed out to CoT members to allow access
    : Devdas: nods
    : Devdas: Doubtful that will happen, but we will look into the manual locking part
    : Devdas: So who has a general question?
    : Devdas: ?
    : Feyde: ?
    : Sabreclaws: ! Would be nice if we had these kinds of meetings for RP-ers only. To dicuss RP ooc-wise. To coordinate stuff
    : Anamelle: I have a question
    : Devdas: Go ahead Devdas
    : Devdas: How do you like the blue names?
    : Dagget: disconcerting
    : Keldros: It will take some getting used to, but it makes sense
    : Dagget: but we can get used to them
    : Sabreclaws: How could one tell a npc from a playec character?
    : Dagget: need still another color for RP chars that are attackable
    : Chrisax: blue names for NPC you cant talk to and get something from is good
    : Devdas: we walk around
    : Sabreclaws: Since some NPC's have blue names
    : Sabreclaws: Ah, right, heh
    : Kintaii: And we won't give you a quest if you right-click on us. *grin*
    : Devdas: We are considering to use green names for some different sort of event. something like what I would call ooc events. basically nonsense stuff that has nothing to do with the story, not even with rp.
    : Dagget: how are we coming with some recurring regular chars who aren't part of some immediate story arc?
    : Keldros: testing...
    : Devdas: But we havent decided anything, just toying around with ideas.
    : You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Nazzul' has reached enlightenment.
    : Foosball33: doesn't know how much more shifting my core can take
    : Devdas: would you think something like realy random monster spawns, or finding a lost greeter, or save a gm from the players is fun?

  9. #9
    : Chrisax: IMHO, yes
    : Sabreclaws: Hell yes. Clueless greeters FTW.
    : Foosball33: Yeah that sounds cool
    : Berinda: Works for me.
    : Sabreclaws: 'how do I run?' 'Can I have some c please?'
    : Keldros: I think I suggested that at the last meeting...newbie ark eents
    : Chrisax: anything short enough so it doesn't mess with the stuff you can't easily drop (raids etc) is good
    : Keldros: "the zix carried away my toy!"
    : Anamelle: the trousers eating bronto was fun...
    : Sabreclaws: "the sabretooth are clogging my grid tubes!"
    : Anamelle: giggles
    : Kintaii: For Dagget's question: There's actually been a very large push lately within the Events team to create and support more LTCs. It's not always redily apparent, just because non-storyline LTCs tend to have a rather low visibility factor. However, there are things that you guys can do to help spread information about that sort of thing among each other--Create lists of recurring blue-name characters on the public forums, for example.
    : Anamelle: yeah, that's what I was going to ask
    : Anamelle: how can we help?
    : Anamelle: make your life easier, so to say?
    : Kintaii: Communication.
    : Kintaii: This has and will always be the main, number one thing you guys can do to help us spread the word and get our storylines/LTCs better supported.
    : Chrisax: what is the best place to communicate about RP suggestions.proposals?
    : Kintaii: Make posts on the public forums, talk about it in-game, just spread the word as much as you can.
    : Chrisax: suggestions forum?
    : Keldros: Advertising events doesn't go over well on LOR
    : Anamelle: we'll do our best
    : Kintaii: Chrisax: That'd really be the feedback email address we posted earlier, if you're talking about suggestions directly for the Events team.
    : Devdas: RP suggestions? you mean stuff one would send to
    : Foosball33: still want to know what happened to Darian Malinesar
    : Chrisax: sending email is ok, but taht's not a discussion
    : Anamelle: I think we can start with informing our respective orgs about LTCs/events, etc
    : Kintaii: I cannot stress the importance of the public forums enough, either. It helps spread the word to people who arn't always in the loop with the bigger RPing groups, and also serves to inform newcomers to RPing in AO.
    : Anamelle: nods
    : Foosball33: I have a question in reguards to Zora's speech real quick
    : Kintaii: Plus, it's also not always easy for us to keep track of things happening among the various org websites and such (and we do look, trust me *grin*). The public forums work well in helping us keep track of individual storylines and backgrounds, to further enhance our interaction.
    : Devdas: Ok, back to the row. Feyde, Sabre, Anamelle (was answered already?)
    : Feyde: Um... no, don't think so.
    : Anamelle: I kinda spoke out of turn hehe
    : Devdas: I believe we covered that topic already, so please make it short Foosball.
    : Foosball33: Well Saberclaws brings up and intresting point for me, what is the ruling on Omni and Neuts RP wise... is it neuts that dont' side with Omni, or neuts that dont' join omni will be killed?
    : Foosball33: as Im' kind of screwed rp wise here
    : Devdas: Neuts that work with clans will be shot on sight like clans, most obviously. Neuts that work with omni are good, Neuts that dont do anything can be ignored or used for target practice, that is to be decided at a case by case basis
    : Sabreclaws: I think it was mostly rhetorics. The blattantly anti-omni neutrals will be hunted, the neutral neutrals won't be bothered with I think. Can't see how they would profit from it
    : Devdas: That is how I would do it as a player
    : Foosball33: thank you
    : Sabreclaws: ponders on his choice of words... 'Neutral neutrals?'
    : Anamelle: well, Zora said "speak to omni recruiter or die" or something to that effect
    : Anamelle: nvm
    : Sabreclaws: Well, let's speak to him then. Ask him about the weather, or something.
    : Sabreclaws:
    : Keldros: I think telling him to get lost counts
    : Devdas: Ok, any other questions?
    : Sabreclaws: Probably.
    : Foosball33: I have another one
    : Feyde: This may not relate to what others are doing, but I gotta ask about that oam you mentioned. I'm not familiar with what that is.
    : Devdas: Omni-Tek Affiliate meeting.
    : Devdas:
    : Devdas: CoT but for Omnis
    : Devdas: Go ahead Foosball
    : Feyde: k, I'll look into that. ty.
    : Foosball33: just to clear something up, as I get confliting stories from RPers, but can players that check the event box be in someway be perma-killed by arks request?
    : Devdas: nope
    : Kintaii: Not at all.
    : Keldros: only robbed and kidnapped afaik
    : Foosball33: I didn't think so, I just wanted to make sure
    : Devdas: Nor will we ask such a thing
    : Foosball33: thank you again
    : Devdas: That is a decision that lays with the player and him alone
    : Devdas: ok, nothing else?
    : Sabreclaws:
    : Kintaii: We have not, nor will we ever 'perma-kill' a player. Threaten, maim, torture, kidnap, spawn camp, chain kill, and dismember? Sure. But not permadeath.
    : Devdas: THat would mean we are done after .... 6:30
    : Anamelle: hehe
    : Berinda: Oh, i have a quick question.
    : Berinda: Insurance, as part of the official story.
    : Berinda: Does that mean people can't really die on RK regardless of storylines?
    : Berinda: Permanently, I mean.
    : Dagget: LTC's die
    : Devdas: Well then, I ll mingle around at the door and kick people out that want out. If you want a quick run through the area now is the time *smile*
    : Sabreclaws: really needs to kill something by now. 6:30 hours in AO, without one exp point earned. Blasphemy!
    : Anamelle: Can I say something? before we go
    : Devdas: People can die permanently on rk
    : Devdas: story wise
    : Dagget: I'm ready to get ot of this omni building
    : Kintaii: Death is always a possibility. There are mentions of permadeath, and reclaim itself is not a 100% fail-proof option.
    : Devdas: there are certain limits to the technology+
    : Keldros: records can be the storyline for the original dust brigade attack on omni military forces
    : Kintaii: And it only works between certain age limits as well.
    : Devdas: you can only be betwenn age 18 and 70
    : Devdas: you have to update the scan ever 2-3 weeks
    : Berinda: Thanks for clearing that up.
    : Devdas: you have to be on rk not somewhere else
    : Foosball33: and there are perma-death weapons too, and you can even roll them as missions
    : Berinda: And another stupid question, then I promise I'm done.
    : Devdas: uh permadeath wepons used for executions by omni-tek
    : Sabreclaws: Would like a tour, actually. You never know when knowledge of the lay-out of an Omni HQ comes in handy...
    : Devdas: but noone has access to those
    : Berinda: Are the AO animated series and AO book on the website official story?
    : Kintaii: Yes.
    : Devdas: yes
    : Keldros: If you read the descriptions perma-death weapons are tuned to an individual target's dna
    : Devdas: go ahead foosball
    : Kintaii: They're official canon of the AO storyline. Also, anything in-game is official, from item descriptions to NPC chatter.
    : Foosball33: ture, but there are hit mission were you have to perma-kill the target using a krys knife
    : Kintaii: Right, and those items are DNA-locked to only cause permadeath on the target they're attuned to.
    : Keldros: read the krys-knife description
    : Berinda: I only have had one once.
    : Foosball33: I'm not sure if I had anyother questions, did I say I did?
    : Dagget: I'm ready to go
    : Anamelle: I had something to say
    : Foosball33: oh if you're handy with scripting you can always do stuff like this
    : Foosball33: Layered Ritual Krys Knife
    : Devdas: you said you did.
    : Devdas: but if you dont ana will ask for you instead
    : Foosball33: I'm good
    : Sabreclaws: Can I have a look around the building?
    : Kintaii: Foos: I know this guy named Korbensen who'd be *really* interested in getting ahold of that knife...

  10. #10
    : Devdas: sure sabre
    : Sabreclaws: Cheers
    : Devdas: looks at Anamelle
    : Anamelle: I just wanted to say: thank you
    : Cyberspy: yes, thank you
    : Feyde: Thanks for being this thorough on answering questions.
    : Anamelle: I know this job isn't easy and you don't get many thanks if any at all
    : Devdas: It can speak! *points at Cyberspy*
    : Anamelle: well, I imagine so anyway
    : Devdas: *cough* sorry *cough*
    : Ammarone: Um.... what about froobs? we can't post on the almighty forums... (that's profiling, that is!)
    : Anamelle: so, know there are people who appreciate your work
    : Devdas: I do my best.
    : Foosball33: yes thank you, this was very informative and helpful
    : Cyberspy: as a 1st timer i thought it was best to listen and learn
    : Anamelle: smiles
    : Kintaii: It's our pleasure. We do this because we love it, and because we get personal satisfaction from helping shape the storyline... but thank you for your appreciation. That's always a bright spot.
    : Devdas: best is to ask stuff. *smile*
    : Anamelle: well, that's all from me
    : Devdas: Yes, this events can be a tough one, wich is the reason why so many things aint running as I want. but that is something we dont have time to discuss since the meeting is already over
    : Devdas: But thank you for beein such a good audience for our weird ideas
    : Kintaii: Aye, thanks for putting up with our crap. *grin*
    : Sabreclaws: grins
    : Anamelle: hehe
    : Keldros: one idea about "the froob issue"
    : Foosball33: oh I would just like to add something real quick while people are still here
    : Devdas: sure
    : Chrisax: anyhow thanks for that meeting and I hope it will be the starting point for new events and a new events policy in which we'll all want to help
    : Foosball33: oh and I would just like to add, Rpnet should be going live for test in the next few weeks so anyone that wants to help test it out let me know
    : Keldros: there's a wesite--I think ""--maybe have sticky threads on both forums connecting their RP threads to Rimor buzz
    : Devdas: oh, if anyone wants to try it out:
    : Sabreclaws: Only if I get to have your job, Devdas
    : Devdas: Believe me, you don't want it.
    : Kintaii: He looks the part, though.
    : Sabreclaws: I just need to grow another meter or so
    : Devdas: get some good looking glasses.
    : Foosball33: I'ed only what Devdas' job if I could get my own lizard
    : Devdas: some bad ass looking tats.
    : Feyde: I'm ready to beam back. Thanks again.
    : Dagget: ready to go also
    : Sabreclaws: wonders where that Minibronto came from
    : Sabreclaws: Snack?
    : Anamelle: looks at bronto and thinks "hamburger"
    : Devdas: ok, please step up to me if you wanna leave
    : Sabreclaws: Heh
    : Sabreclaws: I've seen the place, can't I move in here? WTB appartment.
    : Berinda: Is it okay to look at the building real quick?
    : Devdas: nope,no free apartment for you
    : Sabreclaws: sighs
    : Devdas: sure run around Berinfa
    : Devdas: f->d
    : Sabreclaws: I better go then. Thanks for having me, expect a mail.
    : Devdas: nods
    : Devdas: you four sticking around for the afterparty? *smile*
    : Keldros: so, aliens and cyborgs. And Dust Brigade.
    : Cyberspy: pats the minbronto on the head
    : Devdas: If you want a private word send me a tell
    : Keldros: All in the outzones, they have to scrap occasionally
    : Cyberspy: ready to beam down sir
    : Devdas: ciao
    : Chrisax: warp when you want
    : Keldros: and you know occasionally they all go after PCs as well
    : Kintaii: Keldros, Dante sends his reguards.
    : Keldros: Hi Dante
    : Kintaii: I'll pass the message along.
    : Keldros: ready to beam back
    : Devdas: ciao Keldros
    : Kintaii: That everyone?
    : Devdas: Ammarone there
    : You feel the core of your being shift, as the source makes room for a divine presence. 'Drluva' has reached enlightenment.
    : Devdas: meeting is over, time to get home *smile* I m glad you could come.
    : Devdas: bye

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