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Thread: A suggestion regarding the future of the Animated Series (Devs please read!)

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    The Maintance Bots! The Maintance Bots! I can hear them! I can't turn the corner, but I must. Nooooo. Bang. Bang. Clank clank. Scanning Area. Clank Clank.

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    Re: Re: A suggestion regarding the future of the Animated Series (Devs please read!)

    Originally posted by Ragnar
    But we'd also need to prove that this was something the players wanted, and not just a fun gimmick.
    Oh trust me Ragnar! Most people love a good story. And if "radio-shows" or something like it will make the story more believable I'm all for it.

    As You know the story part of the game doesn't have the best reputation right now. So this might help You change that a little bit faster too. Might even get You some of Your old customers back

    Now that I'm adressing You directly Ragnar: Prophet without Honor is GREAT! I really hope that's not the last book we see from You!!!

    And to the other writers of this thread:
    *sarcasm on*
    Thanks for going WAY of topic. It's really the way to get attention!
    *sarcasm off*

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    I know. I should have started a new thread. MAYBE I WILL!

    However, I still say that top priority should be given to putting the story into the game, not making it seprate.

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    My bad. (although System Shock 2 is a good game)

    Still, I think the point is well taken. The overwhelming majority on the poll is for this idea, and I get the feeling the dissenters are just trying to spoil the fun.

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    I am no fun spoiler! I want MORE fun!

    In an ideal world I would want both in-game story content and a radio show.

    Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world; I prefer more in-game stuff like news reports and being able to see leader debates. A radio show should be a neat frill, not the meat and taters.

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    The SS2 references weren't that far off topic in that they were brought up to point out how much sound can impact one's immersion in a virtual world.

    The fact that I have Radiman's voice in the back of my head right now goes to prove that the animated series wasn't a waste.

    Downloading a recording of the meeting between Ross and Radiman regarding the two CoT members that Omni-Pol wants is not a bad thing.

    But, to get to my point. All I really need is a 15 second 'sound bite' from each after the meeting to help augment the immersion. Written statements would suffice for general consumption.

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    because of this thread, I checked out I'd heard of them before, but never tuned in. Man, I can't imagine playing now without it! Very cool. I imagine that my character is going through his missions, doing his hunting, or whatever all while wearing a walkman. Very very cool.

    Anyway, last night I was listening to their show and they were reading off the lastest AO news articles and disscussing them, all while in character. I thought that was a blast. I'm not saying that there is no need for FC to put out some sort of audio component.... to the contrary I'm saying that it would fit in very nicely with the fanbase audio. I'd bet that if FC released a clip of a meeting with Radiman and Ross, gridstream would air that and discuss it as well. That would help the audio reach even more people, as I believe a lot of people know about and listen to gridstream.

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