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Thread: Roadmap to Jujumail v2. ( and occ discussion about it's future)

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    Roadmap to Jujumail v2. ( and occ discussion about it's future)

    Hello Jujumail users. I just wanted to let you know what's new and exciting with the little pet project that i've started.

    Since the very beginnings, people have been asking me for the possibility of sending multiple messages at once, thru the jujumail system. While implementing this function might have required a big effort, i do believe i've found a possible solution/improvement to this problem.

    Indeed, Da juju is hard at work working on a grid-interface for allowing guilds and special interests group ( and willing individual users) to be contacted, thru a gridform, and to receive the message via jujumail.

    The Management will keep you updated about all developments on this new and exciting turn.

    If you didn't get this glibberish, pretty much i've found a way to go around the multi-send restrictions, and to create a new and exciting way of getting your messages delivered.

    Indeed, the system would allow people to go to a webpage, and select the user or special group ( ex : jujumail admins, Cot mailling list, orgs, opted-in users) and write a message in one of those little online messages thing on the internet. you press send, the message gets sent to the user/user's mailboxes, and the people automatically get a notificaiton of having a new message the next time they login.

    Because this would be an automated script, it would be theorically possible for orgs to do special signups of their orgs, in order to distribute guild and organisational messages in a very effective matter, without having to retype/repaste everything ten thousand times for each announcement. ( EX : there was interest from CoT staffers to be able to send the order of the day to all members for their monthly meetings. )

    Of course, special restrictions could be put in place via website controls so only specific people could actually send messages to the entire CoT, but anyhow, you get the drift.

    Now, This is gonna sound strange and all, but i've got a legetimate question to ask before I go all nuts on this thing : Would people use it ? already i've noticed a significant drop in jujumail usage and i'm not sure if it's because the "shiny" is gone from the service, or because people spread the word that I spy on the messages being sent.

    There are solutions to everything, but i would really like to know if i'm doing this all for nothing.
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    Damn cool. Not so sure what I could use it for, but I can see Orgs using it. My only issue would be spam, but seems you have that covered also. Brillient idea, and although I haven't as said a use yet, fantastic project Keep up the good work Juju.
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    Great Idea I would use it for non spamm purposes of announcements and coordinations.

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    I promise to send "MAKE UR LEETS BIGGER" spam only to orgs that will appreciate it. Or to orgs that deserve it. (Do I even *know* anybody who "deserves" leet-spam?

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