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Thread: Really thinking about returning...

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    Really thinking about returning...

    I was really considering returning to this game, since I have not found anything remotely similar to its experience anywhere else. The temptation grew even more when I learned I could still log into this account, but now the biggest question is if I return will all my characters on this account still be here?

    I remember back when I quit it was like a 6 month thing and after that the characters were deleted.

    Also, I had suscribed to SL, but no long have the CDs for it. Would I have to buy another? I was level 200+ so I think it would be a problem reviving my account and not having access to SL.

    Thanks for any help you all can provide.
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    Funcom guarantees your characters will remain for 3 months after you cancel. But since they've never done any active deleting of inactive chars (except a few times where they delete low level chars), yours should still be there.
    If you remember their names, you can look them up here:

    And you can download the large client here:
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    You are my new hero. If I still have money from that GA MKIV I sold 3 years ago, look me up =P

    Hope to see you all in game soon!
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