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Thread: ARK/RPer OOC Meeting on 17th December 2006

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    ARK/RPer OOC Meeting on 17th December 2006

    Evening Atlanteans!

    We're getting back into the swing of the ARK/RPer OOC Meetings, and I propose to hold some on the weekend of the 16th/17th December 2006.

    The Atlantean one will take place on Sunday the 17th December at 18:00 GMT.

    Signing up for it, for those that have done this before, will work similarly to the last one. For those that haven't, simply reply to this thread after reading the following.

    * Two people from each roleplay org may attend.
    * Roleplayers who are not part of an organization are also welcome to attend but we may have to limit the number of individuals we allow.
    * If you want to attend, reply to this thread with your in-game name and the organization you are a part of.
    * If you are on a free play account (and only if you are on a free play account) you can e-mail to sign up.

    If there are any questions, send them our way:

    There will be an opportunity during said meetings for you to ask questions to the ARK Events Team Members present.

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    I'd like to attend

    Astera - The Black Company
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    Sign Dabblez up for RUR.
    Dabblez - Rubi-Ka Universal Robots (RUR)
    We put the Art into Artificial Intelligence!

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    We will send two representatives. I will edit this post when we have fought over who should come *grins*

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    My sister will attend.

    Mariyenne, unrepresented
    Phanna Shadowblade, 32 Night Elf Rogue
    Teresa "Cinder" Toume, 8 Opifex Fixer Under Construction
    Teresa Koren, Level 14 Twi'Lek Commando
    Emrys "Llenlleawg" Wyddfa, retired 19 Solitus Engineer

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    Sirnegs - Exalted
    "If you say 'plz' because it's shorter than 'please', I'll say 'no' because it's shorter than 'yes'."

    SirNegs - Neutral Keeper
    Negs - Neutral MP
    Lode - Neutral Doctor

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    The Nanomage Liberation Front will send two representatives. I will announce the names here once we have decided who will come along.

    EDIT: Akhilleus and myself will attend
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    I will likely be able to attend to represent those people who RP in Wolf Brigade, I may bring Grimzone with me if I can find him...

    I'll keep you posted.

    Edit: I am coming
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    I'd very much like to attend


    Not part of an organization.
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    Not without me ok ?

    Organization : The Kindred

    Server first !!! Neutral Solitus Male Soldier named Boltgun to wear a short with pink spots on RK1 !!!
    N E U T R A L I Z E R S

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    The IR will send a pair of representatives, no idea who since we'll have to see who's sober after our birthday bash, but am sure someone might be
    Will let you know here who later on.

    Further stuff:
    Well, looks like everyone else is still suffering so I'll be on my own for it.
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    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
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    I would love to attend, time to get some more RP into the game!
    -No Orginization-

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    Omni-Mining [IC]'s representatives for the meeting are Keanne and Vincentprice.

    Adding up Ifris as our third and/or backup representative, as it's entirely possible that either of the abovementioned might miss the meeting...
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    I will be coming to the meeting as the NLCC trade minister. Add Jujuwalker to the meeting.
    The nootie's infamous black joker, Jujuwalker :
    RP profile :

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirNegs View Post
    Sirnegs - Exalted
    I've been ousted as pres ((hostile takeovers ftl hahaha))

    Tambrey the new Pres of Exalted will be attending
    "If you say 'plz' because it's shorter than 'please', I'll say 'no' because it's shorter than 'yes'."

    SirNegs - Neutral Keeper
    Negs - Neutral MP
    Lode - Neutral Doctor

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    Fayelure - 3305 Local
    President of 3305 Local.

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    Either as Windguaerd or Windkeeper, if I can, depending if I'm not being dragged somewhere at the time.
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    The Society of Salvation will be present. I'll announce names once I know who's available this evening.

    EDIT: I will be representing the Society of Salvation tonight.
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    I would like to see.
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