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    A New Beginning

    ((this is my return to RP. I hope you enjoy the story and the interactions it brings. This is a continuation of a story I started 3 years ago, with a twist. This is the next generation of the Markarian family. The original story is here.))
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    1 September 29477

    "We have done it. We have created a life.", exclaimed a scientist at the Research Facility in the floating city of Jobe
    "It will take three years, and then you will be ready my child", he said as he looked at the newborn child.
    It would take that long in the age acceleration process to determine what breed will win the genetic battle. "Hopefully, the
    right breed wins out in the end" said a mysterious looking nanomage. "My master would have wanted it that way."

    "Alex, you better go. I'll handle the rest from here" said the scientist.
    "Good point, Doc Hyland is probably about ready to send a search party after me.", Alexander replied. "I have a few loose
    ends to tie up before I proceed with that plan. Could you give these items to the child when you feel she is ready??"

    "Sure thing" said the scientist.

    Over the next three years, the child grew at the accelerated rate set by the scientist at the Jobe Research Facility. There were few complications over the acceleration period. Once the acceleration was done, it was clear that the superior breed emerged.

    Three years later...

    1 September 29480

    "I told you there would come a time where you would be set free.", said the scientist "Well, Augustina, your time is now."

    "But I don't want to be set free, Father! I like it here. Where would I go?", she replied.

    "Now is the time for advancing knowledge. Over the past 3 years, I've given you basic knowledge at an accelerated rate. A rate that would normally take 18 years to complete naturally." said the scientist.

    "You are a very special young woman. I look to you as I would my own daughter. Child, you have the knowledge and looks of an adult, but lack the experience. You must build your experience to match your appearance."

    "Go forth in the Shadowlands. Start in the training area by talking to Drake Rodriguez. He will get you started on your journey."

    Augustina reluctantly stood up and walked towards the door, uncertain of what lies beyond.

    "One last thing..", the scientist with a whisper "When you reach clearance level 43, return to me for guidance. There are things you need to know."

    5 September 29480 - 13 October 29480

    Augustina was not sure what path she would take in the Shadowlands so she tried both. After much pain and suffering with one, she decided to go the other route and devoted her life to being a Keeper. She passed all of Drake Rodriguez's tests and continued exploring Nascence in the Shadowlands. Her experience continued to rise and it was time to return to the Jobe Laboratory. She finally reached clearance level 43. "Phew, I never thought I would make it.", she exclaimed.

    13 October 29480 - 1 November 29480

    "Welcome Back, Augustina!", said the scientist in an excited tone. "It is so good to see you, I did not expect to see you so soon."

    Augustina smiles.

    "There is much I need to tell you. Where should I start?" said the scientist.

    "How about the beginning Father?", Augustina replied.

    "Fine." he said.

    "This may come as a shock but I am NOT your Father. In the truest sense of the word. There is no part of me, that was used to create you. Except maybe the incubator in my lab."

    Augustina cannot believe what she is hearing. She shakes her head but remains silent as the scientist continues.

    "Three years ago, a Nanomage named Alexander 'MadTif' Markarian wanted to preserve the memory of his master by creating a child with his master's DNA so that child could carry on the legacy of a great life that was cut short by NDS."

    "NDS?", Augustina asked quizically.

    "Notum Deprivation Syndrome", said the scientist. "It's a mysterious illness that effects nanomages. Nanomages only survive on this planet because its abundance of notum. Without Notum, nanomages will die."

    "So am I a nanomage?", Augustina asked.

    "Not exactly. On the surface you are an Opifex. A very agile breed, but deep down you share many characteristics with the nanomage breed. The most important being, your heavy reliance on Notum. Luckily there is plenty to go around in the Shadowlands and on the planet's surface."

    "Planet?", she asked.

    "Here in the floating city of Jobe we are high above the planet Rubi-Ka.", responded the scientist.

    "I know this must be a very confusing time, but I felt it best that you gained your experience in the Shadowlands. Sending you to Rubi-Ka too early would have been a mistake. Rubi-Ka is a planet torn by war with many opposing sides. The main conflict is between the Omni-Tek corporation and the Clans. There are pockets of communities that are Neutral to the Omni-Tek/Clan conflict. But these groups constantly fight in small battles with both Clan and Omni-Tek forces. There is also an Alien threat. But that is too much too soon. So I will leave that for you to discover on your own."

    "Omni-Tek... Clan... Neutral? Aliens?? Wha? What?" Augustina muttered.

    "I may have said too much. But you need to know. You need to know, everything.", the scientist replied.

    "Tell me more... father.." she said.

    "I'VE TOLD YOU BEFORE. I AM NOT YOUR FATHER!", the scientist shouted angrily.

    "My name is Polanco. I am a Nano Techician. I am an agent of the rebellion."

    Augustina looks on in shock.

    "I thought you were a pacifist? That is what you taught me to be!", she cried.

    "I am opposed to this war. Bloodshed solves nothing, but I believe in freedom. Therefore I am clan." Polanco explained.

    Over the next few weeks Polanco continued to explain HIS philosophy of the Clans to Augustina. He also explained the need for a nickname on the war torn planet Rubi-ka. Most citizens are informally referred to by this name rather then their more traceable given name. Augustina Markarian was given the nickname Tifanyx. The nickname of her deceased father. The subject eventually turned to Augustina's father and Polanco sat her down for another lengthy explanation.

    "Your Father was a member of the Clans at the time of his death. He belonged to the detachment known as Whisper`s Edge under the leadership of Cathern "Vixentrox" Flowers. Your father's name was Augustus Markarian and his nickname was also Tifanyx.

    He began life as a neutral and part of the radical Nanomage Liberation Front until he reached clearance level 43. He was confused and it was at that time he made the right choice and came home to the Clans."

    Polanco smiles softly at Augustina.

    "This is why I wanted you to come back at that level. I wanted you to follow in your Father's footsteps and join the Clans"

    Polanco hands Augustina a QL 50 Clan Application form.

    "Go ahead Tifanyx. Fill it out."

    "No!", she replied.

    Now it was Polanco's turn to look shocked. In all his years a recruiter for the Clan cause, he has never failed on the first attempt to convert a Neutral to the Clan side. He's lost a few to Omni-Tek after they abandoned their Neutral status, but never failed converting a Neutral. Until now.

    "I'm just not ready to make that choice.", she said.

    Polanco was furious.

    "After all I've done for you! Now you reject me?", he said.

    Tifanyx explained that during her time exploring the Shadowlands she encountered some people who called themselves true Neutrals. They told her that her decision to choose a side was irreversable and she should be certain about the decision.

    "The decision is not irreversable!", Polanco shouted. "You can be join Omni-Tek for all I care, I just want you to have a chance".

    Polanco has a severe distrust of Neutrals. The origin of this distrust is unknown.

    "Don't be a Fence Sitter! Pick a side." Polanco said "In order for true freedom to be realized EVERYONE must work together. Neutrals only care about their own interests. Please just sign the form."

    "I can't!", she replied. "Something in the pit of my stomach is telling me to stop."

    Polanco breaks down into tears.

    "Dammit. You have the instincts of your father and are slightly more stubborn." he cried.

    Polanco retreats to his office and returns with a briefcase and gives it to Tifanyx.

    "Here. Take it, child.", he said "The items in this briefcase belonged to your father. This is all I know about him. Go to Borealis. That was your father's home on Rubi-ka for the majority of his life. I can tell you want to know more about him. That is the best place to start."

    Polanco started collecting his belongings. He muttered something about finally being motivated to attain the two clearance levels needed for the "Dawn" merit. After the realization that he was going away on a trip, Tifanyx thanked him for all he had done for her. She had a feeling that she may never see him again. As they were both headed separate ways. Polanco vowed never to set foot on Rubi-ka again and thats exactly where she was going. With her head held high and the briefcase in hand she walked out of the research facility.

    Destination: Borealis.
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    --- Personal log, Augustina "Tifanyx" Markarian, 11 November 29480 ---

    It has been a week since settling in to my new apartment in Borealis, Back Yard 4. The items (clothes, journals, etc) my father left for me are amazing. He was a very strong willed man and deeply believed in the plight of his people. The thing that I don't understand is why he joined the clans? From what I read it makes absolutely NO sense. He was recruited into the Nanomage Liberation Front by a General Kemari. He was very loyal to Queen Fleshreaper, General Ramiyana & General Aazamon. Why would he turn his back on them???

    On a lighter note, my bruises have healed up quite nicely. I still don't think I've fully recovered from my experience with a "Whoompa". I wish Polanco would have warned me. The old codger probably didn't tell me on purpose. I'll learn to brace myself for future trips.
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    --- Personal log, Augustina "Tifanyx" Markarian, 13 November 29480 ---

    I was able to get out of the apartment yesterday and noticed my father had incredible fashion sense. A few nanomages in the area were wearing the EXACT same outfit. I was tired of reading about the history of the NLF, the BORPACT and the manifesto, so I needed a break. Walking thru the streets of Borealis, I noticed a few things. There are recruiters for both Omni-Tek & the Clans trying actively to recruit Neutrals to their side.

    Also, its a bit of a party town as I have seen quite a few females in skimpy clothing dancing in the streets. People were shouting "GSP", whatever that is..

    I spoke with both recruiters just to see what they had to say. They both dislike Neutrals alot. If they dislike us, why try recruiting us? That doesn't make sense to me.

    I also learned that the mysterious woman who stared me down is called "Nuser" and she is the current leader of the NLF. I think I will try to speak with her soon and discuss the possibility of joining the NLF. After all, I do have nanomage blood...

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    --- Personal log, Augustina "Tifanyx" Markarian, 19 November 29480 ---

    It's been an interesting week. I received a strange communication from Polanco saying he was in a new area of the Shadowlands called Elysium and I should try to join him there.

    I finally met Nuser, the leader of the NLF. We had a very interesting conversation and I took alot of her words to heart. So much so, that I am now on a quest to find Polanco to determine if we can remove the opifex (as Dokurochan calls it) DNA from me. So I can become a pure breed nanomage and join my bretheren in the FRONT.

    That reminds me, I must send Nuser a thank you note. Also, out of respect for the NLF I will stop wearing their colors until I become a full nanomage. If thats possible. I hope it is.

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    19 November 29480 - 21 November 29480

    Augustina stepped out of her apartment and decided to go shopping in the Borealis town square. After a few hours of shopping she returned to Backyard 4 and as luck would have it, she finally met Carly "Nuser" Kawarau of the Nanomage Liberation Front. The two had an interesting conversation and were joined by Dokuro "Dokurochan" Tenshi, also of the NLF. It was this discussion that may have changed Augustina's destiny. She was born as a Opifex-Nanomage mix, but after meeting Nuser, she wanted to remove the traces of Opifex DNA. In order to do that she must first find her creator. But would he be willing to help?

    "You've got to be kidding me!?!? Do you know how long that could take?", Tifanyx screamed.

    "Yes I do. But you are out of options. If this is what you truly want, you will do as I say" replied Polanco.

    Tifanyx stormed off angrily..

    "Well, it looks like my dream of joining the NLF and finding out about my father just got a bit long."

    Tifanyx sighs

    "I need to tell Nuser"

    Tifanyx opens her datapad and types a message.



    I have found Polanco in the Shadowlands. It turns out he was not in Elysium, but Nascence. In the Garden of Aban. These people around here don't like me all that much and I can tell Polanco was not happy to see me. I wanted to tell you that I appreciated the conversation we had a couple days ago and I really want to help your cause. As a nanomage. Polanco agreed to help me, but first I need to pay my respects to Aban or something like that. Polanco says the Redeemed dislike me right now and he would only help me if I am liked by them. So I must prove to them that I am worthy. Unfortunately, they really really dislike me and it may take some time to change their mind. I will be in touch. Hopefully the next time you see me I will be a pure nanomage..

    - Tifanyx


    Tifanyx hits send on her datapad.

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    --- Personal log, Augustina "Tifanyx" Markarian, 27 November 29480 ---

    Why are they so demanding? Why do they not like me? What must I do to get the Redeemed to accept and like me? They say I'm close but yet, I'm not. What is the commitment to Aban they are referring to? Why hasn't Nuser responded yet? I have so many questions, yet so few answers. I don't know what to do...

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    A few days ago...

    Carly was sleeping peacefully in their bed. How nice it was no longer having to sleep in Borealis with all the noise and gunfire.

    Her rest was interrupted by a continuesly beeping..

    "Angel..turn of your clock will ya?" A sleepy male voice begged.

    Carly turned around and slamed her fist against her clock. But the beeping continued

    "....Who would call someone in the middle of the night?" Carly groaned
    "hmm?" The male voice questioned
    "It wasn't my was that girl" Carly answered
    "What girl?"
    "Some girl claiming to be half nanomage half opifex.."
    "Nutcase" the male chuckled
    "Not only that...she wanted to join the front as well" Carly grinned
    "...So I told her to get rid of her opifex gene. *IF* she is what she claims, she will become pure nanomage..if not..well one less opifex. No loss"

    The male noded and turned around going back to sleep

    "I'm sure you'll take care of it.." the male yawned

    Carly quietly moved to the livingroom and turned on the light to take a closer look at the message

    "Poor kid" she muttered while opening the fridge to grab a cappa berry
    "How could someone do this to her. She had been better off beeing created as pure nanomage"

    Carly sat down on the couch and typed a message into her datapad

    Greetings Tifanyx

    It troubles me to hear they are threating you badly. What else can you expect of a solitus...
    I would not be surprised if he will not turn you into a pure nanomage. That would mean that you would finally be able to reunite with mother ka and her choosen children like your father.
    If he knew your father or of his background this Polanco also knows of the front. He would not risk you joining us and fighting for what is right. He is affraid that you will become independant and he was no longer use you as his personal assistant.
    You should stop seeking his adwise kid. He is not good for you. He does not wish for what is best for you. He only has his own interests at heart. He will never remove the opifex gene that runs through your veins.
    Let the medical staff of the front help you. Let us remove the impurity..your flaw. Only then can you join the same cause as your father. And only as a pure nanomage will we recognise you as a choosen child of mother-ka

    Best regards

    Carly hit sent on her datapad, walked back to the bedroom, snuggled close up to the other person and went back to sleep
    "Sincerity is an openness of heart that is found in very few people. What we usually see is only an artful disguise people put on to win the confidence of others." ~François de La Rochefoucauld

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    22 November 29480 - 21 December 29480

    Augustina leaves Polanco on her mission to be accepted by the Redeemed. She learns that certain actions within the Shadowlands are seen as favorable to the Redeemed, while others are not. She spends the next few weeks gaining the trust of the Redeemed. Finally it seems she is ready and she returns to Polanco.

    "Welcome back, Augustina..", Polanco says with a sly smile.

    Augustina is taken aback by this welcome. A few weeks ago, he was cold and mean. Now he is warm and welcoming? Something isn't right.

    "I don't get it.", Augustina replied, "Why are you being so nice??"

    "It's about Carly Kawarau.. She's gotten to you, hasn't she??" Polanco replied in a concerned tone.

    "Who?", Augustina asked?

    "Carly Kawarau! You know.. Oh.. wait.. You probably only know her as Nuser...

    Just as you, Tifanyx, have the given name Augustina Markarian, Nuser's given name is Carly Kawarau" Polanco explained.

    "Oh okay. That explains it." Augustina replied "How come you don't have one Polanco?".

    "It was erased, for my own protection.. but no matter... thats not the point of this." Polanco said.

    Polanco delves into the long sordid history of Carly "Nuser" Kawarau. A story that takes days to tell. When he is finally done Augustina has a better understanding of what she must do.

    "Sign the FORM!!!" Polanco screams, "That is the ONLY way I will help you!"

    Augustina relents and signs the form.

    She is officially clan.

    "Good! That wasn't so hard now was it?", Polanco said with a smile. "Now that you are clan, let me tell you about the advantages of being aligned with us. First, and foremost, you will never EVER be accepted by the NLF. In fact, I'm sure they HATE you at this point. Or they will once they see you are one of us."

    "What?!?!?", Augustina shouted, "I wanted to know about my FATHER, but now that is not possible. HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME???"

    "It was for your own good", Polanco replied.

    "My OWN good?? You BASTARD!!" Augustina screamed.

    "Now if that isn't the pot calling the kettle.." Polanco laughed.

    "I'm glad you think this is funny." Augustina cried.

    Polanco started laughing uncontrollably and knocked a pile of papers from his desk. One in particular caught Augustina's eye. It was addressed from Carly "Nuser" Kawarau to Augustina "Tifanyx" Markarian and it was dated one day AFTER Augustina sent Nuser a message..

    "What in the HELL is this?!?!?!?" Augustina screamed..

    "Oh, its nothing." Polanco replied in a nervous tone.

    "What do you mean nothing? I thought Nuser NEVER replied, but all this time she did and I never got it. Come to think of it, I never get anything."

    Augustina rifled thru the stack of papers and saw replies from people she sent messages to but never got a response. It was clear now more than ever that Polanco has been intercepting her communications..

    "You've gotten my replies from Andokun, Maztif, Jekyl, and a whole list of people I've met"

    "WHY?", Augustina asked..

    "To protect you." was Polanco's only reply.

    Augustina began to read the letter from Nuser..

    Greetings Tifanyx

    It troubles me to hear they are threating you badly. What else can you expect of a solitus...
    I would not be surprised if he will not turn you into a pure nanomage. That would mean that you would finally be able to reunite with mother ka and her choosen children like your father.
    If he knew your father or of his background this Polanco also knows of the front. He would not risk you joining us and fighting for what is right. He is affraid that you will become independant and he was no longer use you as his personal assistant.
    You should stop seeking his adwise kid. He is not good for you. He does not wish for what is best for you. He only has his own interests at heart. He will never remove the opifex gene that runs through your veins.
    Let the medical staff of the front help you. Let us remove the impurity..your flaw. Only then can you join the same cause as your father. And only as a pure nanomage will we recognise you as a choosen child of mother-ka

    Best regards

    Augustina begins to sob uncontrollably. The tears eventually build up into a rage. Augustina looks over at Polanco and unsheathes her Frost Scythe.
    Polanco starts to look very nervous and tries to get Augustina to think rationally. But she won't have any of it. She is very angry. He fell to his knees and began to beg.

    "Please, Augustina, put the scythe away." Polanco cried. "My insurance is not paid, and that scoundrel fixer Andokun erased it to ensure that I pay it, but I still haven't. So if you kill me, I will be gone forever and not be able to help you learn about your father..."

    "After what you have done to me. I could care less if I never see your face again. I may never learn all about my father but at least I'll have the comfort in knowing that I rid this world of an untrustworthy scum." Augustina said with confidence.

    For the next ten minutes Augustina allowed Polanco to beg for his life. She got some sick satisfaction in watching him squirm. She made him promise that he would never deceive anyone again.

    "I promise! I promise!" just please don't kill me!" he cried.

    "Okay. I won't." Augustina replied..

    Polanco was relieved. Augustina helped him up, and then began to walk away. He was about to speak just as Augustina spun around. All he saw was the blade of the scythe a split second before it reached his neck.

    "That's how it feels to be LIED too." Augustina said with satisfaction.

    Augustina walked out of Polanco's lab satisfied that that solitus scum would never hurt anyone again...
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    21 December 29480 - 15 January 29481

    Life as a clanner has been rough on Augustina. Everywhere she turns there is an Omni-Tek employee harassing and threatening her. This is definitely not what she wanted. If she had only recieved the transmission from Nuser in time, everything would have turned out fine.

    "Andokun! I need your help!" Augustina screamed.

    Andokun was a member of the clans. Tifanyx & Andokun became friends when they trained under Drake Rodriguez in Jobe. He was the only clan member that she trusts. But having been burned by Polanco, she is a bit skeptical.

    "You said if I ever needed your help, you would be there for me." she replied, "Is that still true??"

    "Of course it is, Augustina!" Andokun replied. "I myself never trusted Polanco, so when I got the message that you killed him I did not care."

    Augustina explained the situation. She wanted her Opifex DNA removed so she could become a pure Nanomage, like her father was.

    "Are you sure? You know your father died of NDS." Andokun replied.

    "I am aware, thank you. But I'd rather die with NDS than live this life!" Tifanyx cried.

    Orbital platforms had been brought to Rubi-Ka recently to help deal with the alien threat but all it really did was escalate the Omni-Tek vs Clan conflict. This was something Augustina clearly did not want any part of.

    "Okay, Augustina. I can help, but first give me ALL your possessions." Andokun said.

    "WHY?", Augustina asked..

    "When, uh er, I mean IF you die I can give your equipment away to those in need." Andokun said su****iously.

    Augustina thought about the proposal, and made her decision

    "Okay. Here is all my stuff. I need a week to get my "affairs" in order, so meet me in the Borealis Backyard 4 Junkyard on 21 January, and I will submit to the procedure."

    Little did Andokun know, but Augustina had a DIFFERENT plan in mind.

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    21 January 29481

    Augustina had secretly been in contact with the Nanomage Liberation Front. She learned that Nuser was still interested in helping her and contacted Dr. Karine "Iovermau" Depaolo of Blue Cross to perform the procedure.

    "I'm looking for Iovermau. Have you seen her?" Augustina asked a group of NLF members standing in front of the BY4 entrance.

    "Have you tried her personal comms?" said Dokurochan.

    "Not yet, I was hoping she was here already." Augustina replied.

    "She will be here shortly, just wait here", Nuser said.

    Nuser and a few other NLF members left to help a brother in need. After a short wait Karine "Iovermau" Depaolo arrived.

    "Follow me to my office.", Iovermau stated.

    Augustina walked into Iovermau's spacious office and was amazed at all the equipment. Iovermau left to go find Nuser. After a short wait they both returned

    "Why is it that you want this done? You seem very happy!" Iovermau asked.

    Augustina was not happy at all.

    "I am not happy. Sure I look great, but looks do not make one happy. I hate my life. I want to start over. I want to be pure." Augustina reasoned.

    "Alright. Please stand up against the wall and DO NOT MOVE!", Iovermau said.

    Iovermau presses a few keys on her lab computer and then walks over to Nuser

    They begin to have a very quiet discussion. So quiet that Augustina moves and gets a little shock.

    "I TOLD YOU NOT TO MOVE!", Iovermau shouts.

    Iovermau returns to her lab device and recalibrates a few things.

    "Now that you heard, what do you think?", Iovermau asked.

    "If I have to die for this to work, then kill me.."Augustina replied.

    "There is an 85% chance of survival, but no margin for error." Iovermau mentioned.

    "Are you ready?" she said.

    "Ready!", Augustina replied.

    While Augustina was waiting for the killing blow, Iovermau & Nuser have a discussion on who delivers the fatal wound.

    "I am a DOCTOR. I restore life, I do not take it away." Iovermau shouted.

    Nuser stood in silence.

    "I can't believe you are making me do this..", Iovermau said solemnly.

    Iovermau pulls out a pistol and unloads one round in Augustina

    "Wait!, Nuser exclaimed, "I'll do it."

    Augustina falls over dead.

    Iovermau works furiously to resequence the DNA. There is only a few minutes before the body comes out of reclaim. A few minutes pass and there finally is word.

    "YOU DID IT!! I AM A NANOMAGE!! I'VE RECLAIMED IN JOBE AS A NANOMAGE." Tifanyx screamed with joy over her personal communicator.

    "I'm glad. Please contact Nuser and let her know you are alive." Iovermau responded.

    Tifanyx contacted Nuser about the success. Nuser seemed happy, but as Prime Minister her thoughts quickly moved to another important issue. Tifanyx used this time to meet up with an old friend.

    "Surprise!" Tifanyx shouted.

    Andokun looks on in shock.

    "Augustina?!?" Andokun replied.

    "Yes and No", Tifanyx replied.

    "I am no longer use my given name. Just call me Tifanyx from now on." she said.

    "But weren't you an Opifex the other day?" Andokun asked.

    "Indeed I was, but I've been cured by a wonderful doctor." she replied

    Tifanyx explained what she remembered of the procedure. Andokun was amazed, he didn't think it could be done. But it was and Tifanyx was living proof.

    "I guess you want your stuff back." Andokun said.

    "Yes, it is quite cold I need my jacket." Tifanyx retorted.

    Andokun returned her belongings

    "Thank you Andokun, I must return to my new life. Good luck in your war. " Tifanyx said as she walked away.

    Tifanyx received a personal communication from Nuser and was asked to meet her in BY4. During the meeting Nuser administered the nanomage oath and welcomed Tifanyx as an applicant to the NLF.

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    Another New Beginning

    6 months later....

    "Doctor!! DOCTOR!!", a nurse screamed as the female patient under her care had finally awaken.

    The patient had been under her care since shortly after arriving for treatment on 1 July 29481 at the Jobe Medical Facility. The results of a battery of tests seemed to indicate that the patient was an Omni-Tek medical experiment gone horribly wrong. She was not given the proper amount of time to grow. Her growth was accelerated at a rate of 6 to 1. Her appearance & intelligence is that of a 22 year old, but in reality she is just over 3 years from the womb. Tests also confirm that she was a half-breed. Half Nanomage and the other half Opifex.

    "Hello, my young patient.", the doctor said. "You've been in a coma for quite a long time. We were starting to wonder if you would ever come out of it"

    The patient tried to speak, but could not. She was able to move her arms and legs, but just could not use her voice.

    "Just rest, for now.", the nurse said softly.

    The doctor and nurse left her to rest. The next morning, the patients voice returned.

    "Who am I?", she asked the nurse.

    "Tifanyx, Unit Member of the Nanomage Liberation Front", the nurse replied.

    The name Tifanyx and Nanomage Liberation Front seemed to be the key to unlocking some crucial memories for the patient.

    "Oh my, you must send word to my Queen that I am alive!", Tifanyx shouted, "Her name is Carly 'Nuser' Kawarau!"

    A look of concern appeared on the face of the nurse. Without another word she hurried out of the room. After a few minutes she returned with a few grid feeds detailing some rather tragic events.

    "I'm afraid the Nanomage Liberation Front is.. is... no more", she struggled to say.

    She found a passage on the grid feed and read it to Tifanyx:

    "Due to the position of the charges, the plasma was fired into the air by the notum cannons. The resulting shots hit a ship passing overhead, which in a case of serious bad luck, crashed near where the NLF leaders were standing. The subsequent explosion resulting from the crash and the explosive charges devastated the hill on which the NLF made its speech, instantly killing all four leaders on the spot."

    Tifanyx began to weep for her fallen fellow nanomages. Not aware of the fact that she was no longer a nanomage.

    "I must return to Borealis, my brothers and sisters need me!!", Tifanyx exclaimed.

    "Wait!", yelled the Doctor as he ran in from another room. "There is something you should know."

    Tifanyx sat stunned as she learned what was already very visible. The Opifex gene was not removed as she was led to believe. It was only suppressed. The doctor explained that it couldn't be removed because Opifex was the dominant gene in her system.

    "You became violently ill when the Opifex gene began to wrestle for control of your body", the Doctor explained.

    "We medically induced a coma to allow your body to heal. By heal, we mean, letting the dominate gene reassert control. As a result, you are now an Opifex with ZERO chance of ever becoming nanomage again."

    Tifanyx was devastated. She has nowhere to turn. She will no doubt be shunned by the remants of the NLF, if she is even recognized. She is not sure what to do. It was at this point the Doctor gave her an offer she couldn't refuse.

    "Since you are basically starting over, I will erase your memories and send you to Drake to begin your new life. You will have no recollection of your prior life in the NLF or that you were once half Nanomage. You will only know that you were born in Jobe Research. I will write one letter to be given to you by Drake after you complete his tests. This letter will help guide you in your new life."

    Tifanyx asks for part of the grid feed about the demise of the NLF and for a recommendation to seek out the Third Faction to be included in the letter.

    And so it was done...

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