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Thread: 16.4.3 Update Notes

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    16.4.3 Update Notes

    We will be releasing a new update at 1200 CET today. This update will require doentime on the dimensions. The downtime will last for approximately five hours.

    This update will include more fixes to the graphical performance issues some people have experienced since 16.4, and a fix for the pet pathing issues. I'll post full update notes before the dimensions come back up.

    We don't usually release updates on a Friday due to the risk of interupting weekend play, but we considered the performance issues sufficiently game effecting that we would rather release the update today so that people who have suffered from these issues can enjoy the weekend a little more.
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    Version 16.4.3

    - Fixed several graphical effects that were causing performance slow down for some users

    - Resolved an issue with pets and npcs 'rubberbanding'

    - Resolved issue where character would appear to be skating when sidestepping in sneak mode.
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    Live dimensions should be back up shortly, the server team didnt need as long as they originaly thought to deploy the update.
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