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Thread: Need some help putting on Alphas

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    Need some help putting on Alphas

    Hi guys. I'm currently helping my gf put some alphas on her enfo, and i really need some help off y'all. I'm currently into twinking the Psychic requiring ones.
    So this is the deal. We're omni on RK2, so towers/high contracts isn't gonna be a possibility ... She hasn't got the HI specs, and we really don't want to (boring **** :-p).

    All the calcs say it should be enough.
    Compare these two posts : (this guy gets +380 treat and says its enough) (her equip from which she gets +409 treat, but still lacks about 44 treatment skill ... )

    What huge have we missed? What am i doing wrong ?
    EDIT : With that setup, she lands at about 1279 Psychic with buffs and cookie. Not much to sacrifice
    EDIT2 : Yes, all perks are set to "twink mode", and all her research is finished.
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    Hmm I was a few points over in psychic so you should be able to do it without HI specs. My old setup is below. The second time I did it I was over by a few more points but but didn't save an auno equip :\ (used 2 +12 sleeves second time I think but +11 sleeves should work also). You can also ignore the ability mem as I didn't end up needing it for this step - I did switch some things around though. - This old setup gives you.

    1278 psychic
    2084 treat

    You can switch some stuff around since you don't have HI specs but it should be doable. Above stats are without any contracts.

    Also upgrading buffing imps to 300 will help a little with trickle. 118 trickle in the above setup.

    edit: Use better pistols too - more psychic
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