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Thread: 16.3.4 Update Notes

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    16.3.4 Update Notes

    What is the downtime for?
    The downtime today is for server maintainence and the 16.3.3 client update

    16.3.4 Client Update

    - Added some new items that will be availble when Uncle Pumpkinhead arrives this Halloween!

    Please Note: These items will not be available in game until the Halloween events start

    When is the downtime?
    The downtime will start at 1100 CEST (find out when that is in your timezone here) and is scheduled to last approximately six hours.
    Craig 'Silirrion' Morrison
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    Todays downtime will be extended by 30 minutes. We will keep you posted if this should change.

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    We are comming back up.

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