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Thread: Gorges personal log.

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    Gorges personal log.

    Gorge looked out at the twin suns overhead, he smiled quietly and shut his eyes. Nothing. Silence. Peace. Whatever you call it. Well, the engine was humming slowly, which was comforting, a bit of technology reminding him he was not a nomad. He peered out the window of the Truck at the dust swirling around, no life forms. Not even a rollerrat stirred out there. He pulled out a small data pad and began to tap in some commands

    Personal log, George Gorgefodder Parsil, date unknown, location...uknown.. No wait wait! Location. Rubi-Ka. Blood alcohol level...Um...Next to zero. ~cough~ I've been driving due north for a while now, I've not encountered much since I left, I found an abandoned waystation early on, but it had been abandoned for a while. It seemed Omni-Tek in design I think it might have been a listening post, but I just stopped off and removed anything remotely edible.

    I found a tin of salted Leet jerky. Which was nice, bit tough but hey? Who's gonna argue when it's leet meat.

    He looked down at the empty tin and smiled knowing that if he told Amelie he'd probably be shot

    My mind has been a little sharper lately. I've been able to focus more on worldly matters, people I care about... Things I care about. Not dreaming up impossible dreams of overthrowing Omni-Tek or the Clans single handedly.

    I've been thinking alot about my...hmmm... cavalier attitude to women. In short I realise I've been an idiot and a jerk. Which is why. I've decided I probably wont be returning for a while, the shame has hit me. Oh oh! I did manage to reach Keanne not long ago. I miss her much. Anyway! To the matter at hand! Status report!

    Supplies are good. I've enough fuel for at least another 8 months travel, oxygen's not gonna run out soon. Beer...may run out soon. I'll have to procure some more from the Independent Rubi-Kan's stash when I get back, although... I think Nyadach is on to me. He's a smart old man. I should have talked more with him. Meh. I'll here a load of his stories when or if I get back.

    I haven't encountered much life out here. I found a small pocket of air underground. I have no idea how. But. It had a small nest of Rollerrats in it. It's amazing, you find them EVERYWHERE!

    I'm really enjoying this experience. My only regret is not being able to pester people ~grin~

    Ok. This is Gorge signing off.

    There is a 5 second burst of static

    Oh! Oh! Additional: I'm running low on poppadoms and curry.
    GorgeFodder3 - Deceased
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    Till All Are Free?

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    Emergency, send a distress signal. The shield has failed. It wasn't strong enough, Badpacket was right. Mayday, mayday.

    This is Gorgefodder, calling anyone in my vicinity. I'm in a whole lot of trouble, radiation levels are spiking. Please, send help!

    ....tell Keanne...tell Keanne I love her!

    ~transmission terminated~

    (( Dead. Deceased, do a whois on Gorgefodder ))
    GorgeFodder3 - Deceased
    NotumFodder - New and improved with 80% more loyalty to Omni

    Till All Are Free?

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    *cough* What do you mean by overthrowing Omni-Tek and the Clans on your own? And anyhow, theres a group in need of you and your "experience" with demolition charges also...but enough about that on open comms.

    (( So what do you mean by dead? are we talking deceased as in outta body experience and reclaim screw up...or we're talking gone and not coming back? If its the latter you better bloody not be, since your doing the IR birthday remember? ))
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    (( Dead. Not gonna reclaim. Dead. He's dead Dave. They're all dead Dave. Deceased, defunct, pushing up posies, gone to the great Pub in the sky. Gorgefodder is dead. And wont be coming back. ))
    GorgeFodder3 - Deceased
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    Till All Are Free?

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    Oi Des...get Marv over here will ya? I'm sure if we attach a few jump cables to his nipples and nuts we can shock it back to life

    (( So does this mean I need to find someone else to do the music for the party? If so you'll wish you were dead! ))
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
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    (( Me and Nya have this thing, I do as he says, he gives me beer. It's a win win situation. I *should* be able to

    I killed Gorge off because I've annoyed a lot of people IC and OOC with Gorge. So. I'm trying to have a fresh start. ))
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    Till All Are Free?

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    Well, urmm yeah...he has done "some" work for me in the past...but honestly, its only cleaning out the hut and stuff...nothing urmm...dodgy...really

    (( hehe, just hoping someone will make it since I'll be in the US for the next few weeks and will unfortunatly miss the party...although I have hatched up a scheme to run AO from over there for "testing" the network *cough* if you get my gist so I am trying my damnedest to make the IR way or another hehe. Was hoping that you would be still able to provide some music though in one form or another dunno if the new char whomever that maybe though is as nutty as the original Gorge that way or not Heres to hoping. ))
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
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    ((Can you spell "necromancy"?))
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    (( haw haw Keanne,

    after a year and a half and a new home in Hull (nice city on the eastern coast of England) Gorge is back =) just for giggles and to kick some RP into the system. ))
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    *looks at her "GorgeFodder: The action figure" and "Gueve sidekick doll"*
    Those were happy days
    *squeezes the GorgeFodder: The action figure, making it say "TILL ALL ARE FREE"*

    *hugs the GorgeFodder: The action figure*

    (( welcome back ))

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