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Thread: NEW CLAN FORMING - main purpose is to attack OMNI

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    Exclamation NEW CLAN FORMING - main purpose is to attack OMNI

    I played AO at its launch over a year ago - I got to a lvl 73 OMNI Agent - got bored because being in a guild org w/ OMNI was not like being Clan.

    The best experience I had in AO at that time was when dozens upon dozens of Clan members attacked an OMNI outpost I happened to have saved at. It was thrilling to engage in combat to the death w/ these attacking Clans!

    Now that I have returned to AO - I wish to start a Clan thats main emphasis is attacking OMNI (while at the same time having a freakin good time helping eachother out).

    Most clans dont seem to really and truly offer this - those that I joined dont really get involved in the story of AO and Clan vs OMNI.

    WE WANT TO TRACK, STALK and ATTACK OMNI. And have a blast doing it. This will be an RPG type Organisation, though you will not have to "be in character" 100% of the time.

    The website has been launched by our Web Admin (BishopDredd) as I type this out - you will eventually notice it is a "geocities" addy - this is mainly because we do not want to spend funds on our site that could be put to better use w/in the ORG and especially w/in AO and out fight against OMNI.

    We have a message board as well. ALL types, sexes, breeds, classes and lvls welcome - WE WANT the DEDICATED!

    We are called the Apostles for Fear.

    IF interested - email me at

    entitle it - AO GUILD

    SEE you in the Killin Fields!

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