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Thread: 16.3.2 Update Notes

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    16.3.2 Update Notes

    What is the downtime for?
    The downtime today is for the 16.3.2 client update

    16.3.2 Client Update

    - Made the mouse wheel zoom feature optional.

    - Added more Eremites to the Inferno Eremite camp.

    - Increased spawnrate on 'Smoldering Shadow' and 'Guardian of Dissent'

    - Full auto skill description no longer refer to bows

    - Peter Lee should again drop his loot

    - Some Inferno monsters are no longer dropping credits.

    - Your client no longer freezes when in the vicinity of Eel’s Towers.

    - Fixed the reseting of skill view GUI position when the minimized view is on the right side of the screen.

    - Grey out zoom in and zoom out buttons in planetmap when the corresponding operation can not be performed.

    When is the downtime?
    The downtime will start at 1100 CEST (find out when that is in your timezone here) and is scheduled to last approximately six hours
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