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Thread: A Path Forgotten

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    Chapter Five: Thought You Should Know

    Executive Conference Room
    Omni-Pol HQ, Northern Hemisphere
    Omni-Prime, 29468.

    "...Sol Banking Retreats. Constanople named as Omni-Tek's Primary planetary offensive weapon." Newly promoted Omni-Pol Director Mikkelsen dropped the holopad down on the table. "Thanks goes to the Omni-Comm spin doctors for wrangling that one," he looked down the table at Admiral Cookson, "What the hell did you expect to happen when you fired on a planet with a core as weak as that?!"

    Admiral Cookson went to open his mouth, but was duly interrupted by Mikkelsen "Don't tell me, you were there to quell the rebel threat? Because of that cocky manoeuvre we've lost seven hundred billion credits and share prices have dropped 0.2%. How I'm going to explain this to the CEO I don't know." He pushed the holopad down the table towards the Admiral. "The good news is, that the press are seeing it as an iron fist against rebellion, because believe me, if it weren't, I'd have your guts n nuts on this table as a trophy to your failure." Mikkelsen was known for his harsher stance when it came to failure, and his unwavering uncaring attitude when it came to success, as long as he got richer and more powerful that was all that mattered.

    "Another thing, you're being put on transport assignment for the next year. Hollai-Septai Six has some parts that we require for a project." Mikkelsen waved another small holopad. "We need some parts for a new experimental soldier that we're working on in conjunction with Omni-R&D."

    Cookson caught the pad after watching Mikkelsen slide it down the table. "You're kidding me, you want us to transport the complete unit to Rubi-Ka once it's constructed? That's going to take years."

    "Quite, at your maximum capable speed, ten years." Mikkelsen smiled "The Constanople is to remain in the area as well, the uprising there is getting more and more out of hand. Phillip Ross may require some additional firepower beyond the standard soldiers."

    "Beyond standard soldiers? The specifications on this unit are more advanced than the Constanop-....The Ares project?!" Cookson almost dropped the pad, "that worked?"

    Mikkelsen nodded solemnly, "First in a thousand tries, but yes. We managed to integrate it into this single unit."

    Cookson chuckled, "Nice Acronym. Biologically Assisted Hydraulic-Integrated Robotic Aggressive Entity. Bahir-...She's the soldier?!"

    "Quite, impressive isn't she? The first successful and almost un-noticeable cyborg."

    Cookson shook his head slightly, "I still can't believe you managed to get the Ares project to work on such a small scale, you couldn't even upload that AI into the Constanople's Mainframe and yet you managed to do it in something"

    Director Mikkelsen moved around the table towards the Admiral, "the thing is with the Ares Project, like the Old Earth Greek god, she has every battle ever fought and recorded in her head like it was her own experience. The ultimate soldier and we only require one."

    "If you could mass produce these..."

    "We've tried" Mikkelsen interrupted, "We've yet to find a subject as resilient as the one we first tested it on. She has a burning hatred for all those who oppose her, and that's what keeps her alive. Above all else we need her on Rubi-Ka, the...resistance there is forming a government called 'The Council of Truth' lead by some upstart denizen called Radiman, the more organisation they get, the higher chance they have of getting notum exportations going and that planet is rightfully ours."

    Admiral Cookson nodded, "Permission to brief the senior staff on the Ares Project and what we're transporting?"

    "Denied, Bahirae once fully operational is to be seen as a normal soldier of Omni-Pol, nothing more." Mikkelsen pursed his lips for a moment, "You're dismissed when you're ready to leave Admiral."


    Omni-Pol HQ, Research and Development.
    Southern Hemisphere.

    "Kaleb Chase, Progress log on the Bahirae Unit...repairs have almost been completed from the electrostatic damage, I've successfully managed to integrate a nanite poly-composite armour to the sub dermal layer which means she's extra resilient when it comes to projectile and fragmentation damage, while slightly painful it means the skin is less likely to be perforated, torn or broken because of the underpinnings. Still no progress on consciousness and self-awareness, I have however sent an order for some parts from one of the outlying systems for a dynamic power core, hopefully enough to support the uni-" Kaleb paused the log as the door went. Turning on his heels quickly.

    Kaleb looked around to the closing door, no one in sight. "Sorry!" Came the apology, "Dropped my walking stick" Sierra rose up off the floor and into view.

    "Sorry Sir, but you're not permitted to be in here, if you want to stay I'm going to have to see some ID." Kaleb moved across the room to him,

    "Sure, I have nothing to hide," He reached into his pockets, "Actually, can you hold that while I find it?" Thrusting the cane forward.

    Cocking his head slightly, Kaleb shrugged and took it. "Need a clearance level of at least eight to be in here Mr Watson. Last time I checked, you don't come under that list of twelve people."

    "Do you mind me just saying hello to her? She still is a great friend of mine." Sierra pulled out his ID badge and sure enough, it had an access level of four, insufficient for the room. Kaleb sighed, "Go on then, just a few minutes, no more."

    Sierra snatched his cane back, thanked him and moved over to the bed. He ran a slow hand over her head; the hair seemed almost fake, like old earth nylon. "What have you done to her hair? The crescent thing is...a bad touch."

    "It's a transmitter dish, allows her to interface with technology around her. Be it anything from a supercomputer to a standard firearm or a communications device." Kaleb moved back to his console and began typing his log instead of speaking through it.

    "Any idea when she's going to be back up and running?" Sierra asked, getting a simple shrug from Kaleb "No idea, we've ordered parts for her, but they've got a while before they come, and that's if they even work."

    "I still can't believe she's a...well..." Sierra spoke, but was cut off by Kaleb.

    "...more advanced version of what we did with you?" Kaleb looked up, smiling, "She's still like you Sierra, we haven't managed to perfect an entire body layer of skin, but we have managed to integrate more successful armours. From the head up, like you, she seems human but we all know skin deep what you're made of"

    "Do you think they'd ever allow an all out match between me and her, to see who's the best?" Sierra put his hand on Bahirae's arm.

    "Chalk and Cheese Sierra, you're two different styles of combatants, it wouldn't work." Kaleb looked up, pausing the log entry once more. "Plus you're far too valuable to just start bashing into each other, you're designed so that the average bullet or sword can't kill you, but if you tried, you could certainly do a lot of damage to each other."

    Sierra chuckled, "Couldn't we just..." he said, looking over the unconscious body of Bahirae. "Couldn't we just."
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    Senior Team Briefing Room,
    The Constanople.

    "Alright listen up, as I'm sure some of you are already aware, we're currently heading to a supply planet to pick up a few items for return to Omni-Prime as part of a project that R and D are working on, the part I haven't told you about involves us heading for an outlying system on Omni-Tek Territory afterwards." Admiral Cookson pushed a few holopads down the table towards the senior staff. "Hollai-Septai Six, Then back here, then to Rubi-Ka."

    "Rubi-Ka?" Chief Engineering Officer Rob McLeish looked up, eyes open wide. "That's at the edge of Omni-Tek Territory, a decade from here at maximum hyperspace capabilities."

    "Correct Lieutenant, when we dock with Rubi-Ka we'll be picking up supplies and a few Omni-Pol squadrons and load up the cargo bays with as much technology and weaponry as we can. Then heading to Rubi-Ka to even the odds against the resistance present on that planet." Admiral Cookson responded.

    Chief of Security Lee Wilson flicked through the holopad, "Both Mikkelsen and Brannigan approved these orders, why so much approval if we're just on a supply run?"

    Admiral Cookson sighed, "I'm afraid I can't comment on that, but suffice it to say we're going to be stationed around there for a long while, looking after Omni-Tek interests in the area."

    McLeish looked up, "We're heading through Sol-Terticus, that's why we're packing heavily" He said, tapping the holopad. "The third biggest Sol Banking Outpost, one of the strongest military points and you expect what? Them to submit?" McLeish locked eyes with Cookson, "The Ion Cannon alone won't be enough to take out the fleet they have stationed there, even so..."

    Cookson interrupted "Even so, we've already been authorised by the ICC to pass through that sector, with a confirmation of cease fire from Sol Banking."

    Wilson, "Still, I recommend shields up for at least the whole sector, I don't want a breach of the cease fire to leave us dead in the water."

    There were several nods down the table and an agreement from Cookson, "Alright, lets get loaded up and move out, you have two hours to say your goodbyes before we begin this journey."

    * * *

    12 hours later...

    Omni-Pol HQ
    Director Mikkelsen's Office.
    Omni-Prime, 29468

    "Sir?" Mikkelsen's Secretary, Anita Lothborough poked her head through the opening door, "Sir, comm call on internal line one."

    "Patch it through, thank you Anita." Mikkelsen turned away from his window, overlooking the city beneath. The Director's office stood at the very precipice of the Omni-Pol HQ Building, allowing him to look far, towards what felt like the very edge of the world. The building was high enough that it could scratch at the clouds, giving a very disorientated feeling to anyone who cared to look out on a cloudy day.

    "Director Mikkelsen? This is OTSB-416, The Constanople has just left the system,"

    "Thank you Starbase Four One Six. Let me know when they reach their destination." Mikkelsen closed the channel shortly afterwards and looked at the screen on his computer. "How does it feel?" He asked,

    "It doesn't," came the reply, "It's like I'm here, but I'm not, if that makes sense."

    He nodded in reply at the woman on the screen, "Mister Chase was lucky to find enough room to upload your brain as it were into the system, it's just a case of now finding a way to download you apparently."

    "He already briefed me on it, apparently the upgrades on my new...body as it were require too much power for me and my mind to be in there, so he's ordered a dynamic power core for me." Bahirae replied,

    "You do realise there's only been seven dynamic power cores made on the scale that you're having one put into you?"

    Bahirae smiled, "Oh yes, I've been given an estimated price tag by Kaleb, which was...nice of him to say the least."

    Mikkelsen picked up a pad and briefly flashed the contents at the screen. "Coroners and CI have been investigating your murder, trying to turn up the cause of it. So far there's been no leads as to the construction or purchasing of old earth weaponry that could of lead to the attack on you."

    "I have a fairly good idea as to who did it,"

    "You know someone who carries a sword and a gun?" Came the reply from Mikkelsen,

    "No, but I know someone who carries a sword and has the precision to reflect bullets with it." Bahirae looked off at a different angle, towards the view out of the window.

    "Sierra Watson?" Mikkelsen sat down at his desk and pulled his chair close. "You suspect that he's behind the assassinations and your..."

    "...murder?" Bahirae finished the sentence.

    "Sorry, it just sounds weird still talking to you when you're, well...dead."

    Bahirae nodded solemnly, "He's the only person I know that's agile enough to get close to me, if it is him, we need to keep him on a tight leash, but not give the game away that we suspect something."

    "Thankfully, he wasn't informed that you were uploaded onto here, he's had a vested interest in your body, and has logged a large amount of time in your office." Mikkelsen turned his chair and moved to another screen. "Infact..."

    "What?" Bahirae looked at Mikkelsen with an element of curiosity, "Am I reading what you're reading too?"

    "Yes, he stopped logging entry twenty four hours ago." Mikkelsen shoved his chair up and away and moved towards the comm unit in his desk drawer.

    "Don't bother, I can scan the entire planet thanks to this," Bahirae closed her eyes and began siphoning through every security camera, every log, every building and room. She flickered slightly, "Okay, now see *that* hurts. But, he's not on the planet."

    "Then where is he?"

    * * *


    Main Engineering
    The Constanople.

    "Chief, what are you doing down here?" McLeish asked,

    Wilson turned around, taking his hands off the console, "Oh, nothing, just looking around for possible security team routes, best access points and such."

    McLeish, the Constanople's chief engineer nodded and went to walk off, "Oh, if you need anything, you know where to find me."

    "Oh, course." Wilson turned back to the console, took a brief look around and then paced out of the secondary exit to engineering. He headed down a few dimly lit corridors, the power mostly transferred to the hyperdrive to ensure a fast as possible journey to Hollai-Septai Six. He reached a single door marked 'Lee Wilson, Chief of Security's Quarters.' Keying in his access code the door hissed open and he stepped into darkness.

    He wandered the room for a few moments in the darkness, checking the area. "Computer, lights, maximum level." The room burst into life to reveal a room, tidy and kept, a bookcase in the corner next to a sofa, a half drunk cup of cold coffee and a corpse impaled on the wall with a sword through it's chest. "Oh, I'm so sorry Lee, I completely forgot about you." Lee said coldly, moving over and placing his hand on the sword. Giving it a sharp tug, it came free and the body collapsed to the floor.

    Lee shook his head, the tight black hair lengthening out and turning blonde as the holographic disguise dissipated, slowly the Omni-Tek Space Uniform shifted to that of a black suited and booted individual known to many as Sierra Watson.

    He took a moment to reattach the sword to his belt. "Right, lets get you into bed shall we?" Sierra grabbed a leg and dragged the body across the floor, a quick shift and a tug and he threw the body across the floor and it tumbled under the bed. "Sleep well Mister Wilson," Sierra turned and swung his head back in a similar motion to one performed earlier, in so doing his hair retracted and resumed a darker colour as his wear began to assume the appearance of an Omni-Tek Space Uniform once more.

    To Be Continued...
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    ((Better late than never, I suppose))

    Deep Space
    Enroute to Hollai-Septai-Six

    "Admiral Cookson's personal log, March Fourth Two-Nine-Four-Seven-Three. Five years, one month at maximum hyperspace speed, Non-essential systems are offline, the Ares project unit is still no further closer to being alive than before, Hollai-Septai-Six came into transmission range last week thanks to the Feyn Relays in this sector." He took a moment, while intent to continue, drawing breath and all, he was interrupted by an opening comm channel.

    ::Admiral, sorry to disturb you, but we're picking up a tranmission from Hollai-Septai-Six::

    "Patch it through." He tapped at the console before him, pausing his personal log and watching as the image cleared through from the distant planet.

    "Hello Admiral," A strange black haired woman with mascara-darkened eyes greeted the Admiral with perhaps the coldest greeting he'd ever had. She broke not a single facial expression in her first impression.

    "Hello? I don't believe we've met" Cookson replied.

    "Janet Westerly, Omni-Reform. I'm now in command of this planet. State your authorisation code."

    "Cookson-Beta-Three-Nine" He met her with a stern response.

    She tapped it into the console infront of her. "Access level confirmed. I'll continue...There was an unacceptable revolution from above. I have assumed command during this transitionary period."

    "Nice to meet you Ms Westerly, good to know Reform's reach is ne'er faltering. You are aware of my mission?"

    She turned to someone offscreen and shook her head, "Yes, Admiral, yes I am. But I have mixed news for you."

    "Hollai's offlimits?" He didn't even need a confirmation, he knew the protocol.

    "We're expecting a seven year transitionary period, consequently the technology you're after has been loaded into an automated hyperdrive unit and is enroute to you at it's maximum speed. We're expecting another two years before it's enroute."

    "That's good news Ms, should cut a few years off our long range journey. I sense there's a catch however."

    She broke a small smile, the first he'd seen during this communication. "No catch, Admiral. The technology is on it's way to you, we've encrypted it using Omni-Pol Frequency Four."

    "Ms Westerly, Thank you. Cookson out." The Admiral closed the channel and headed for the bridge.

    "Commander, packet that transmission I just received and as soon as we reach the nearest starbase I want it bounced back to Omni-Prime. Inform them that Hollai-Septai-Six is under Omni-Reform's Control."

    The Lieutenant pushed her ginger hair back behind her ear and set to work on the console, gathering up the audio and video logs from the transmission. "Doing it now sir."

    "Commander Haraldson, erm..."

    "You're on edge, Admiral." Haraldson replied.

    "You're damn right I am, but I'm not sure why. Something's a miss here." He seemed momentarily pensive before heading for a console and calling up Omni-Tek personnel logs. "Well, she's a match. Janet Westerly, Omni-Reform CEO on Hollai-Septai-Six. Visual match. So it's not her that's putting me off."

    "What is then?" Haraldson walked over the length of the bridge and joined him at the console.

    "We've just had two and a half years sliced off our journey in the blink of an eye thanks to a Reform CEO who's pretty much shot this highly-valuable technology off her planet on an intercept course for us."

    Haraldson took hand to chin for a moment, "When you put it that way, that why you're relaying the message to Omni-Prime?"

    The Admiral nodded.

    Omni-Pol HQ, Research and Development
    Southern Hemisphere.

    "Kaleb Chase, Progress log on the Bahirae Unit, All known reparations to the project have been made. Musculature modifications have reached maximum possible levels alongside all cybernetic and chemical enhancements. Pending the arrival and return of the OTS Constanople the Bahirae Unit is hereby put on standby pending return. Her neural interface with the Planetary Computer will still remain in effect and active. I am hoping once we get the neural resequencer and synaptic augmentor from Hollai-Septai-Six we can begin rebuilding her neural net. Whether or not she'll be who she is after is another story."
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    OTS Constanople

    This nightshift was a particularly quiet one, no random sensor problems or issues came the way of Lieutenant Morris who had the bridge this night. Overnight the Constanople went down to minimum manning between 2300 and 0600, senior officers were tucked up in bed and those who wanted a shot at the illustrious Admirals chair were given a chance, if only for seven hours.

    "lieutenant, I've got an interesting reading just come into range on sensors" Ensign Hougham look up from his readings, redirecting it to a corner of the view screen "low yield ion radiation, intermittent multiphase pulses,"

    The Lieutenant lifted the one deadleg off the other that he'd gained from being sat like that for just over an hour and leant forward with a growing curiosity. "Is it on our course?"

    Charlie Hougham took a moment to re-check his scans. "It wasn't, but it is now"

    Lieutenant Morris turned head to the opposing side of the bridge, "How far are we away from Sol Banking Space?"

    "Another month yet but we are coming up on their trading lanes" The Ensign at the weapons station replied.

    "Ensign Hougham," the lieutenant turned back, "run it through the database, what emits those readings"

    Barely a few seconds passed before the Ensign responded "Sir! we've got a problem"

    The Lieutenant left his chair and headed for Ensign Hougham, as he did so he heard the hiss of a door behind him, he turned briefly, "Aah, Commander Wilson, so glad of you to join us."

    "What seems to be the problem?" Wilson asked, walking onto the bridge with a cane in hand.

    Ensign Hougham piped up "A standardised Sol Banking Hyperdrive Disruption Field. Cross referencing....we're coming up on one of their customs checkpoints along this route."

    "Check the alternative Hyperspace Conduits, can we take a detour?" Wilson queried.

    Hougham checked the routes on his screen, remapping temporarily. "There's a four year detour via Dauton-Centauri, but we'd miss the probe."

    "Good point. Computer, wake the senior officers, summon to the bridge. Tactical alert." Lieutenant Morris nodded, heading back to the command chair,

    The computer took Morris' command without hesitation and beeped a few times. Lee moved closer to the view screen, almost squinting to get a better look at what was in the distance. "Distance to contact?"

    "Two hours, however we will likely have already tripped their proximity sensors by now, there'll be ships on the way. " Hougham began running a long range scan. "Confirmed, seven engine signatures are heading for the checkpoint, if their sensors are anything like ours they'll be reading a massive singular signature moving up the hyperspace route."

    Commander Wilson poked the view screen, his finger passed clean through the hologram, "Are they asking for shipping codes?"

    "shipping codes?" Hougham scratched his head, "no sir, there's no signals across any known frequency"

    Wilson sighed, taking hand to chin, "Then they already know we aren't one of theirs. Which leaves us with one alternative." He headed for an unmanned console at the edge of the bridge.

    "Admiral on the bridge!" Lieutenant Morris rose up out of the chair, a little disappointed he had to give it up and headed forwards for the helm.

    "Lieutenant, Report." The admiral coughed, puffy eyed from waking up and heading up to the command deck, he straightened his jacket, looked for a moment at the vacated chair but instead stood in the near centre of the bridge.

    "Sol Banking Hyperdrive Disruption Field. Seven potential hostile signatures enroute to engage."

    The Admiral turned as Captain Palthos and Commander Bradley entered the bridge. He gave the two a brief nod, "Better late than never you two, we have a tactical situation on our hands."

    Palthos and Bradley took to separate consoles and began assessing the situation, "What's the lowest hyperdrive speed we can engage without destabilising the core?"

    Commander Wilson just stared blankly at the console, resting on his cane.

    "Commander?" Palthos repeated himself, "I asked you a question,"

    "Oh, I er..." Wilson furiously called up the engine schematics trying to find the answer,

    "Lee, you helped build these engines, what's the matter?" The Admiral closed the distance between them.

    "You're right, I don't feel well, I need to leave. Permission to be relieved." Wilson pressed a hand to his head, "I think, " he read the screen before him , "lowest speed is just shy of three million metres per second."

    "Commander, you're relieved, report to the Medbay." The Admiral for a moment let a look of concern spread over his face.

    "Sir that won-" The Admiral interjected, interrupting "Wilson that's an order, Captain, escort him."

    Palthos and Wilson entered the corridor, "Honestly Captain this isn't necessary. I will walk myself to the Medbay."

    The pair entered a lift and the doors whirred shut, the Captain made an intentional choice to stand with his back to the control panel and pressed the button for Medbay level from memory. "The Admiral insisted, honestly you've been acting quite weird since we started this journey. In fact."

    The Captain paused the lift. "How's the wife?" He asked.

    Wilson snorted, "You know, same old same old."

    The Captain reached for his comm unit "funny thing that, Commander Wilson has a husb-" The Captain hit the floor unconscious, Wilson spun the cane back behind him and knelt down next to Palthos. "I'm sorry, but this has to happen." he rubbed his hand slowly through the Captain's hair.

    Meanwhile back on the Bridge.

    "Confirmed," Bradley broke the silence, rechecking the ships schematics. "We can travel at a minimum; just above the speed of light"

    "Fantastic, calculate distance between us and the field at that speed" The Admiral moved towards the tactical console.

    "Eight days" Lieutenant Morris ran the calculation, "that's awfully slow way to travel though sir."

    "It's going to be our only way, Lieutenant Morris on my command I want all non essential systems taken offline, disengage internal whompah system, reduce our power signature on all but the hyperdrive and all tactical systems" The Admiral directed a bony finger at Morris.


    "You heard the captain!" Commander Bradley moved over to assist the Lieutenant.

    Admiral Cookson watched the screen for a moment, "helm, on my command I want all-stop, full reverse thrusters, zero movement all directions"

    Morris' eyes lit up. He didn't really expect to be using the helm much, but slowly rechecked each button press. "Er, yes sir. Let me know"

    "Commander Bradley, I need you to reroute the power that Morris is prepping for a point zero five open aperture ion blast, Im prepping a full spread of beam weapons to follow suit" The Admiral seemed at home on the tactical console, his fingers moving with experience over the ne'er changing console layout.

    "Captain on the bridge!" Morris bellowed, saluting as Palthos rejoined them. Palthos looked around and headed for one of the rear access ports on the bridge.

    Commander Bradley rechecked his screen and took in a slow breath. "Modifications ready sir."

    Palthos moved slower than usual, going through the ships command code system he scrolled for his own, the only one that wasn't classified when he looked at the screen with his access code. With two hand swipes across the screen it was gone and he slowly entered a new one.

    "Okay, let's do this. Bradley, prep the ion cannon firing sequence, Computer, authorisation Cookson-"

    The dazzling brightness of the hyperspace conduit fell from sight as the OTS Constanople slowed to a halt thanks to a wall of thrusters on its front. The cold looking black hull glistened in the blue light of the nearby sun, the only break from its unanimous colour was the occasional porthole, several Omni-Tek symbols and the ships name embossed down the side.

    Raising external coolant fins and the innards out shining the nearby star the Constanople rocked backwards as a beam of brilliance burst forth from the front of the ship. A split second later the forward beam banks fired several waves before the rear of the ship began throwing out a blue afterburner trail as the sublight engines brought it to the speed within seconds of where it's hull bristled with a shimmering blue, the stars around it seemed to dim and in flash, the ship was gone.

    The hyperspace conduit was a little shaky this time, travelling at this low a speed on such a powerful engine was like putting a Yalmaha in its highest gear, then trying to do a walking pace in it, it was possible, but not without a few shakes of turbulence.

    "Yep, confirmed. We are three kilometres from the wake, ion and beam spread seem stable." Bradley checked his readings twice. "You definitely want us this close?"

    The Admiral nodded, "with any luck, the Sol Banking ships will think the ion signature is us, with us being in low power mode and riding behind it, they'll power up the field to maximum and all those ships will be taken offline by the ion wave, then given a bit of a rough time from the beam volleys and we'll just sail on through"
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    Omni-Pol HQ, Research and Development
    Southern Hemisphere.

    "Kaleb? Kaleb are you there?" The voice stretched across the intercom, it was searching for him, through corridor and hallway, eating rooms and laboratories.

    "Ah, there you are." She materialized beside him, a white partial partition separating them both at waist level. The blue hue of her holographic self smiled which was only met with a slightly startled, mostly scared look on Kaleb's face.


    She paused, looked down, then to her left. Urinals. "Oh. I'll wait outside." She covered her brow with her hand and forced her gaze downwards, walking out the restroom.

    A few minutes passed before he came out, looking no less shocked than when she first found him in there. "You know, it's nothing I haven't seen before." She smiled again.

    "What are you doing active at this hour? It's 0500." Kaleb pulled his jacket closed, pretty much overlapping the edges to the point he seemed almost defensive, rather than cold. "Shouldn't you be focusing on something else?"

    "See, that's the thing!" She bounced up the corridor slightly, turning in air and stopping him in his tracks. "I've got so much energy, so much life, I don't tire, I don't wear out and for one I don't sleep. I'm really enjoying this!"

    "Good." He stifled a yawn, sidestepping her and continuing his walk. "Perhaps you can let some of us get back to what we're meant to be doing?"

    "I've found out something of my own." Bahirae reached for him, but missed as he quickened his pace. "Director Mikkelsen would want to know this."

    Kaleb Chase stopped in his tracks and turned back slightly. "Is it about me?"

    "No! Heavens no, It's about Sierra Watson."

    "Oh." Kaleb played slightly dumb, knowing full well he probably knew more of Sierra than Bahirae ever would.

    "Mikkelsen asked me who might possibly have been capable of my attempted murder." She clasped her hands together. "I investigated an assault on the Constanople when they were in tech-interface range. I have reason to believe Sierra Watson is onboard and using a holographic disguise."

    "What brings you to that conclusion?"

    "Of every crew member onboard the Constanople, I have studied their backgrounds, personalities, psychological profiles, even the way they speak and walk. On Feb 27th, Lee Wilson, their Chief of Security started walking differently, normally he favours right left foot movement, he changed to left right foot movement."

    "Maybe he just wanted a change of pace?" Kaleb unintentionally made a joke in his half asleep state. Bahirae just glared.

    "Anywho, he's also changed hands and handwriting. I watched him use his left hand to enter command codes and sign off against things, yet prior to this date he was right handed."

    "Have you informed the Director?"

    "I've left him a message for when he wakes up."

    "Wait a minute, so you'll happily come bust in and scare me half to deaf when I'm...well, urinating. But you'll leave a message for the Director for when he wakes up?"

    She nodded three times rapidly. "Thanks Kaleb!" She disappeared.

    Meanwhile on the OTS Constanople

    "How long we got?" Admiral Cookson clenched the armrests of his chair tightly.

    "One minute sir," Commander Bradley and Captain Palthos watched from their stations with anticipation. "We're holding steady, I can't wait to get back to normal speeds sir."

    "Hold that thought for the moment Commander, we're not out of it yet."

    The Sol Banking ships were no less than 100,000 miles from the hyperspace disruption field. Incredibly and albeit dangerously close, but with every intention, the intruding ship would drop out engines disabled, right into their lap. The edge of space roared as the disruption field allowed them to see into the conduit. A white wall of light was approaching...

    Captain Palthos ran his hands in an unfamiliar way over his console. "Sir, the Sol Banking Ships are increasing their scans."

    No sooner had the contingent of ships been scanning for what was approaching them did they take the full brunt of the blast as it smoothly ran across their ships and carried on into the distance. The disruption field burst, the edges of it's machination coming apart at the seams. What energy beam blasts didn't impact the field generator annihilated the now dormant and sparking Sol Banking ships that were left spinning their proverbial wheels in space as a result of the devastating ion blast.

    "Commander?" Admiral Cookson piped up.

    "Yes Admiral?"

    "Resume course, maximum speed." He nodded.
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    Omni-Pol Border Patrol,
    Rome Watch, just outside Galway Castle.

    "The peace appears to be holding," Lt. Damien Rowse flicked the table, browsing the articles of the day. "I still don't believe we pulled out of what is rightfully our territory."

    His seating companion was busy cleaning her gun, pulling the barrel from the end and peering down it at him like a scope. "In some respects, we have it lucky Damien. Hot and cold running filtered water, dental plans, up to date weaponry." She clicked the barrel back into place and pulled the firing pin sideways, gazing down into the inner workings. "That's odd."

    She began disassembling the gun at an inhuman speed, placing out the items in a precise, tidy, orderly way on the table.

    "Do you mind?" Damien commented, pushing the stock off the article he was reading, only to have her straighten it up once more but on a different part of the table.

    "No actually I don't." She picked up one of the internal components and blew a sharp cold breath of air at it. She smiled over it, "I prefer cleaning my gun this way."

    "You do know we have nanoprograms to do that? Hell, I swear there's probably even a shop you could take it to and have it cleaned." Lt Rowse swiped his hand across the table and came across some heavily classified clan articles. "Heh."

    "Heh what?"

    "Omni-Tek always feel it fitting to classify the hell out of the clan propaganda, as if it's going to be a bit of paper that'll turn people." He shook his head in a small amount of disappointment.

    "It usually takes bullets." She replied, cocking her already reassembled rifle. "Which is why we prevent them."

    "Qui, Damo, you're up!" Lt. Rem poked his head round the corner, a fatigued look on him that could only come from working the night shift.

    "Suns are up already?" Qui rolled her eyes in disbelief and necked her half cup of cold coffee that she'd neglected for most of their morning meeting.

    The short walk up the stairs to the observation deck was brief, Qui popped her gun in one of the racks and paced the room, looking out of every window. Damien sat himself at the desk in the middle, interfacing with the probes that were already out scouting the Omni-Tek territory.

    "Full biological scans?" Qui questioned,

    "Rem ran them just before he finished, results should be coming in soon."

    Qui pressed her nose against the glass, gazing off at one of the small settlements between her and Rome. "Curious."

    "What?" Damien stood up and tried to see what she saw.

    "It's nothing, I think." She grabbed the scope from her rifle, disconnected it and placed it against her eye. The autofocus picked up what she was trying to look at, zoomed in, focused and began identifying the targets. She watched as no more than two small figures, quite possibly children were raiding a small food supply crate from the back of one of the houses. "Animals."

    "What, more Chirops?"

    "Yes. Chirops, just curious at a shiny box. Nothing more." She lowered her scope and reattached it to her rifle, letting the children escape over the hill with the food.

    "Right, scans complete." Damien looked up at Qui with a raised eyebrow.


    He turned his head back down, "Those Chirops are giving off an awfully...unique signature."

    "Anything else?"

    He shook his head, "all clear for now. I'm expecting quite a quiet day."

    "and now you've cursed us." Qui put her hands behind her back and looked towards Galway Castle. "What I'd give to spend a day in that place rather than up here."

    Damien returned his eyes to the desk, tapping the climate control to adjust the temperature automatically as the suns rose higher over Rubi-Ka.
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    Admiral Cookson's Personal Quarters
    OTS Constanople

    "Admiral Cookson, this is Janet Westerly, come in."

    The Admiral closed his datapad down and rolled his head back over his shoulders, his facial expression seemed to almost pray for a moment of peace.

    "Ms Westerly, to what do I owe the pleasure?" He spun his chair round and slapped the console embedded in his desk, a holographic image appearing on his desk of the woman.

    "Business, not pleasure Admiral. Just checking you've received the technology."

    The Admiral raised an eyebrow, taking a closed fist to his mouth, supported at the elbow by his other hand. "Curious, Ms Westerly, you seem overly concerned for it getting to it's destination yet were so keen to fire it off into space."

    "It's a valuable piece of technology, but I cannot risk outside influence affecting the work in the Hollai-Septai system." Janet folded her arms.

    "How is that going by the way?" The Admiral swung from left to right in his chair, entertaining idle conversation.

    "Well within parameters, it's not my first day Admiral. But then again, you know that." She grinned. "It's awfully rude to check someone's personnel file."

    "It's awfully rude to commandeer a planet. But." The Admiral shrugged. "What's an Admiral to do?"

    Silence befell the two for a moment, an almost awkward moment as the two seemed to struggle to say something.

    "So, tell me Admiral, have you snuck a peek at the Ares project? Linked it into your systems?"

    "No Ms Westerly I have not. It is secure in a cargo area of the ship under an isolation field and security detail. I have no intentions of leaving it unguarded, in space or otherwise." He sniped.

    "Well, that pretty much puts an end to that then." Ms Westerly pursed her lips and almost seemed to huff. "There's a reason I shot it off this planet as soon as I could Admiral, in the wrong hands it's an incredibly dangerous weapon. All the knowledge of all the wars and all the battles of all of time?"

    Admiral Cookson grinned, "It would seem you like the word 'all'. But in all seriousness Janet, we need this project, Omni-Tek, Rubi-ka and otherwise."
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    Omni-Pol Training Facility

    Lieutenants Damien Rowse and Qui Proudmoore stood tall, holding onto the observation railing as they looked down at the recruits who were completing their final training phases before being let out into the big wide world. The line was impeccably straight, the uniforms clean and pristine, as if freshly made. A brief head turn and a visored gaze met Qui's. She released a solitary finger from the railing and pointed forwards, directing the head to turn back.

    "Friend of yours?" Damien shoulder-bumped her. He too keeping his gaze forwards and watching the presiding General. A sea of recruit-issue ivory armour separated the General from the observation balconies of the training facility. Usually this area would be reserved for secondary inspectors, psychologists, doctors but on a day like today it was full of family members, future squad leaders and friends.

    "Hard to tell, possibly, I do have a few friends in this batch." Qui paid little to no attention to the sea of uniforms of varying shapes and sizes, offering little favour to the breeds and genders contained within. It was in her mind a wholly unflattering, albeit functional uniform.

    A roar of applause spread across the audience like a craze as the General went silent and the squads saluted, they marched off towards one of the edges of the training facility and broke formation, heading through different doors to meet with family members in a congregational area.

    Qui and Damien joined the back of the queue, following the keen family members and friends down. There was much chatter going on in the crowd down to the open area, talks that Qui tried hard to listen to, only to have her attention drawn away by her comm unit firing up.

    "Qui Proudmoore, come in. Qui, this is Lieutenant Rem" She held her finger down on the wrist interface of her comm unit, muting the audio but still fully aware of the video feed coming from her inner wrist. She walked up the balcony, away from the crowd. "Rem, come in, this is Qui. What is it?"

    "I have a transmission for you, someone's routing it through this outpost." Rem could be heard tapping away at a console. "I'm not getting a true point of origin, but it looks like it's coming from one of our Research Facilities....anyone you know?"

    "I'm not sure" She took her finger off the comm unit and looked at Damien who shrugged, "Did you get a name?"

    Lt. Rem shook his head, "Want me to patch it through?"

    "Go for it,"

    Qui tapped away at the controls on her wrist and routed the audio through to her inner ear implant.

    "No, that was not what we agreed." She seemed to change her facial expression, somewhat frustrated.

    Damien moved towards her with a degree of concern and she held a hand up to ask him to stay away.

    "No. I didn't say white, I said da-..." She paused, looked at Damien and turned her back to him, whispering "of course I meant chocolate, what else did you think I meant?!"

    She sighed, "dark chocolate, quad layer, thirty six candles."

    "Thirty Six!" she said louder, Damien beaming with a grin as a result.

    "No, that'll be it. You know where I want it."

    "Qui out." She pretty much slapped the channel shut and turned on her heels to meet Damien with a facial expression beaming from ear to ear.

    "You remembered!" He smirked. "I half expected a bullet wrapped in paper and a bow."

    "Sod off." She huffed, annoyed that the surprise had essentially been spoilt.

    "It's a nice gesture," He shrugged.

    "You haven't seen it yet, it could be rubbish." She and Damien rejoined the group heading for the congregational area, the crowd now shrunk to a small handful as most had already made their way through.

    "I'm tempted to recommend you're put through reform so you'll forget." Qui grinned. Passing through the doorway into the congregational area with Damien.
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    Omni-Pol Secret Outpost
    Tir County

    "Border secure, no-one coming in or out. Taking the guns down." Commander Lui tapped at the console by his side, the guns hidden in the rocks around the outpost powering down, sliding back into their housing and the rocks closing up to look almost like rocks should. well, as normal as plasteel made weapon holders could be.

    "Amy?" Lui turned on his chair and stood up, "Have we heard from the south recently?"

    He looked around the outpost, "Amy?"

    "Network, locate Amy." He piped up.

    "Amy Sanders is not in the outpost." Came the cold reply.

    "Network, gimme silver." The system oblidged and unlocked a cabinet on the far wall, a huge and somewhat overcompensating silver rifle revealed. He clasped at it with both hands and headed for the door.

    "Network, Notify OTHQ. Scan the surrounding area."

    "Commander Lui. I have located Amy." Network replied.

    "Where is she?" He loaded the gun, pausing for a moment as he rested the barrel against the floor.

    "Amy Sanders is ontop of the outpost."

    "Ontop?!" He ran up the stairs towards the exit of the outpost, a shimmering breeze whistled past him. The rock hologram wobbling as he passed through it and turned around. The sight made him almost drop his gun. It's obscene weight tugging at his index and middle finger to the point it was beyond uncomfortable.

    He let the gun go as it caught in the sand and he scurried across the floor towards her. "Amy." He clasped at the body, pulling it up into his arms.

    "Warning. Clan deserter. You are in violation of Omni-Tek territory." Network fired up. The guns rising up out of their former homes and systematically facing Commander Lui.

    "You have ten seconds to leave the area." Network added. Lui's jaw almost dropped as he clambered to his feet, trying to get back to the door. In his panic, all the rocks looked the same, the door was nowhere to be seen. "Network, powerdown, authorisation Lui-Six-One-four."

    "Error. Authorisation denied. It is a crime to falsely impersonate an Omni-Tek employee. Penalty. Is permadeath."

    The guns roared to life and Commander Lui made a break for the edge of the area, clambering for his rifle in the process. Peppering the sand with bullets the guns caught up with him, he took a shot to the foot and fell flat down on his face. The guns roared into fully automatic mode, the sound of the sheer roaring weaponry drowned out any scream that may have come forth and ended his life.
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    Rome Blue
    Apartment Complex 1

    "He's coming, get ready." A solitary flame flickered in the centre of the outpost, offering little in the way of revealing light to the rest of the darkness plunged room.

    "System, set lights to maximum." Lieutenant Damien Rowse nervously poked his head into the darkness as his apartment ignored his commands, simply not responding.

    He tapped his foot with little patience, "One credit says this ends with me at reclaim."

    They counted, three, two, one.

    "Happy birthday!!" The lights sprung up as the Border Patrol staff roared to life in unanimous cheer. Damien panicked and stumbled back, tripping over his shoe rack and landing square on his back.

    Qui and Rem hopped up and ran to him, helping him back up to his feet. "Seriously, we wish you happy birthday and you throw yourself on the floor?" Qui offered out a hand, helping him rise back to his feet.

    "I didn't exactly plan this,"

    "Oh" Rem smiled, "We kinda did."

    Qui slapped Rem on the shoulder as the three rejoined the rest of the Border team in the main room of Damien's apartment. "Cake?" Max Covey raised both a question and a gaze towards the birthday cake in the middle.

    "I nearly forgot all about it, after being scared half to death." Damien smiled, heading for the centre of the room and pausing for a moment, gazing at it before blowing out the solitary candle.

    "Just the one?" He asked,

    Max smiled, "Qui said anymore and we'd be breaking fire regulations."

    Damien laughed, "Am I that old?"

    Rem shrugged, "Well you're not getting any younger."

    "You're older than me!" Damien interjected.

    The discussion continued as the cake was cut, and pieces shared out. A beeping, flashing object lit up in the corner of the room as the chatter went on. It caught Rem's eye as he peered at it for a moment, realising what it was. "Qui, your comm unit." He pointed at it.

    "Ah. Thank you!" She smiled, "Excuse me a moment." She broke from the conversation and headed for the edge of the room, tapping the comm and clicking it into her arm. "Yes, this is her."

    "No, really?" She looked at the other occupants of the room. "Yeah, we're all here."

    "Did I really forget it?" She paused the comm. "Rem, I left my purse at the bar. I'll be right back."

    He smiled and nodded, "That's fine, see you soon."

    She headed out the room at a fast pace, letting the door click behind her as she took to the fast-moving lift to take her down to the ground floor. A hand stopped the door at the last minute, "I'll join you!" Lieutenant Damien Rowse let the door slide open as he stepped inside. It was a mere second before it shut behind him and the escalator plumetted. "Really? But it's your party?" She gazed out of the window as the city rose up around them. "You really should be there."

    "Why do you say that?" Damien asked, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I know you put alot of effort into tonight."

    "You're right, and alot of it, is yet to co-."

    The building rocked hard as the door to the lift shattered open, Damien and Qui fell out from half a floor above the ground, instinct kicked in as Qui somersaulted to her feet. The luck was short lived as Damien landed on her and knocked her to the ground once more. She huffed, clasping at him as she rolled over the edge of the outcropping, dragging him down to the street level.

    Boulders of the building began toppling down, slamming themselves into the ground below. "Run Damien!" She grabbed his hand and made for the edge of the city.

    "What caused that?!"

    "I don't know! I didn't see!"
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    OTPC: Cloaked missile rocks Rome Blue. Orphanage destroyed.
    18th March, 29474

    This is a breaking news story coming to you live from Rome Blue. As you can see the devastation here is immense, the Omni-Orphanage and Omni-Med Children's care ward are completely destroyed.

    We arrived on scene shortly after the explosion and Omni-Pol have cordoned off the area, classifying it as a class two incursion into Omni-Tek Territory.

    I'm here with Bradley Vilcu, resident warfare expert here at OTPC. Bradley, What do we have here?

    Anna, the explosion is comparible to an Omni-CT130 Site to Site Missile, except the perimeter defenses detected nothing in the way of incoming ballistics.

    So you're saying potentially the weapon could have been cloaked?

    Yes, both it's exhaust trails and metallurgical signatures have been masked, it was fully intended to fly without interruption.

    The rebel clans being what they are, do you believe they're responsible?

    It's highly possible, they are getting more and more brazen in their attacks, I wouldn't be surprised if their attack on the Orphanage and Care-Wards were intended, as a way of wiping out future employees.

    Just to confirm...yes, I can confirm that no Omni-Tek employees were killed or injured in the blast. Only the children and teenagers in those buildings. I'm Anna Zobeki, reporting live for Omni-Tek Press Corp.
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