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Thread: Athen once again belongs to Omni-Tek.

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    Question Hmmm ......

    <ooc> You know I cant work out if Shakkles started this post IC and then just fell into OOC or has a problem drawing the line between the real and make believe world.

    On the IC side it looks like his guild have taken it upon themselves to expand and continue the operations originally designated to them by OT-RK to try and resolve the allegedly Clan funded / supported DB by removing land / freedom of movement from the control of the "Clan" supporters, fine if that is how the guild wants to make its mark then best of luck to you, however you can not expect to go against the direct orders of you "commander in chief" by acting above and beyond the original scope of the operation and not be punished.

    The OOC side of it revealed (in my opinion) a firm "give me phat uber leet loot” player who is now throwing his toys out of the pram because FC is not making his guild the most important in all of RK1/2. This “If its not based around me it must be shat” attitude of “Phat Leet” as I shall now call Shakkles is exactly the wrong one for any RPer who wants to influence the FC storyline.


    Unfortunately it appears that some of the OT employees on this planet are not here to try and improve the living conditions for all the populace, but to make a mark in the history books as one side of a conflict that need not have happened.
    Any war between OT and the Clans will result in blood being shed by all factions and all class levels on this planet.

    I urge not only the Clans but also the command structure of OT-RK to try and resolve the current misunderstandings in a peaceful and competent way before we all suffer the undesirable consequences.
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    Do we need to get the straight jacket out now Shak or wait till you start foaming at the mouth??

    What did you expect. Agame that the goal is to have the mega power oppress the little people? I dont know what version of Rubi-ka you play on, but the one I play in I hardley ever see the clans actually do anythign worthwhile other than bicker and argue amonst each other. Any kind of "Clan attacks" are made by a singular guild who got bored. Look at our forums. Look and watch some of these "clan meetings". All we do is argue. Hell look at the farce that is goign on with eh COuncil of Un-truth and this "council of Ares" BS. There fighting over whos goign to lead the sinking ship.

    And as for "when the Dust Brigade attacks well attack you back" crap. Hey dingo...We aint the Dust brigade!!. If we were, wed sure be using them better. Your just using them as an excuse to randomly attack cities. 1 DB guy shows up, you send 30 to Athen to slaughter people. Ever notice how many peopel in neutral and even Clan teritories who were slaughtered by them?? Ever seen a Dustbrigade actually standing in Omni 1?

    Its tiresome. Very. There will be no end to this "war". As for the ICC, I for one belive they are here to smack down everyone OMni and clan, so dont get on your high horse and complain that they will stifle Omni. If anything I can see them stepping on the more active Clan Terrorists that are romaing around creating Havok.

    Yes Im clan. If I had a choice, I'd probablly be Neutral and go herd Brontos.

    Bah I should know beter than to respond to a Shakkles Post, I should expect the very long winded name calling that will come after.

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    *hands Shak a tranq and a bottle of Sake*

    ummmm...hmmmm...yes...whole truckloads of these little pills found their way into our hands when you dumped that garbage called Diamondcut on our doorstep. New form of warfare? Toss your criminals over the fence to us?

    You sure are messy soldiers...for looking for a few treaty-breaking Clanners you seem to manage a lot of collateral damage. Maybe need more gun range practice?

    *smiles, gives Shak a big virtual-hug and hands him a whole pack of tranqs*

    Heck we already have 'drug-induced diplomacy' with supression gas...everyone grab a martini and a handful of tranqs and we'll all just sit out the next 24 years of Omni 'rule' at Reets drinking, dancing and... *grins at her wife*

    Originally posted by Shakkles

    Alright first of all.

    Who the hell are you... sir.

    And don't pull that "I'm a newbie that has 2 posts" crap, maybe you did register this month but you're obviously somebody i do know.
    It was a clever trick trying to mispell Meister and Kithrak's names to throw off any su****ion of your newness, but I know how to spot subterfuge.
    I don't know whether to thank you for the kind observations or put a gun to your head and make you spill the beans about what you know and how you know it.

    I don't mind the ill-comments about my "soldier" wit, that's okay i pay people to think up well-sounding speeches, but i don't like nameless snoops.
    given, they've been flashing the info about the ICC military coming down for a while now on the rubi-ka headline service, but how many first month newbies know about Meister and Omni-Pol falling apart?

    Come clean. you don't have to do it here and I can't force you but...
    I hate the idea somebody's spying on me and I can't have somebody spying them :/

    My thoughts thus far are that you're one of two people.
    or Dr*krt*r

    Get back to me ingame, this is going to bug me...

    Oh and one thing for Luxxan.
    YES, Omni-Tek is hated among the ICC corporations, but why worry... All ego aside, statistically we don't need them. We're jsut kind of humoring them to keep them off of our asses.
    YES, we do take orders from the company and yada yada yada.
    But that was typed when we used to get orders unfortunately.
    You see, up until a couple weeks ago, the other 2 components of ours, OP and Red Tape and ourselves routinely got orders from the parent company given by our story counterparts such an Major Kiaela for AF and Ivan for OP.

    "Omni-Pol, See to this prison transfer. Red Tape, convince Opposing Force that we aim to put aside the past and seek peaceful coexistence. Omni-AF, send a couple squads out to the wilderness to trap and capture one of these "Deep Spiders" dead or alive."

    It was fun.

    The reason for our recent militant actions is mostly in part to... it needs to be done.
    But I'll admit, since our sources started coming up missing (no doubt just quit working for FC) we feal like an old whore tossed aside by the pimp for the new hotness.
    As would you.
    And after about 50 rings you start to realize the person just isn't home anymore.
    So when FC started pouring their resources into the clans and their crappy DB-based story, we decided HEY, no WAY are we going to be unwilling pawns in your little mock-massacres to appease the flea-ridden masses. And started fighting back using the law of the land and our training to our advantage.
    A word of advice to those individuals.
    When you plan on using your old friends for target practice, be sure to fill any loop-holes in your plan prior to meeting up with them in battle.

    Now Cz is trying to get a concrete storyorg system down pat, and we've agreed to cooperate completely provided old statures are returned and supported.
    And yes.
    We will always follow the orders of the company without question to the bitter end.

    -Theodore Shakkles Ganes

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    OOC: so what do you WANT, Shak?

    I'm gonna keep this OOC.

    I like your stuff Shakkles. I have to admit you are extremely entertaining (when I can read my computer screen through the pot smoke, that

    It does seem that you are supporting the FC drive to get the Clans going. I suspect that FC will dissolve the COT (and the Tir Accord?) soon. Maybe not soon enough to save any pretention of a storyline. But, as you said in at least one earlier forum post: "We are the story." So, lets get down to business.

    What do you want the Clans to do? Do you want us to form a force of 50-100 high level players and meet you somewhere? You know that FC will never make the cities gas free, so we can't really fight over them. And, can you wait for the unproven land-control scheme?

    Further, do you believe that AO has the tech muscle to handle large scale PvP battles? I think not: AO crashes under normal circumstances too often, and MISSIONS become so laggy a person can barely move. So, OOC, what do you want? At least, WHAT DO YOU WANT THAT IS CURRENTLY POSSIBLE?

    I like the way you bait the Clans, but what is the purpose? Have you tried contacting Clan org leaders and developing some stories with them? I have become a leader in my org, and I would love to work with you (at least during the times I have run out of crack ROFLMAO). I assume you have tried this, but I could be wrong.

    So, keep up the wonderfully comic baiting, but I also hope you are doing something constructive to keep you and your org entertained. Insults and humor ain't gonna keep the home troops happy! I know. I have tried to get my org souped up with propaganda, but the few that bother to read anything at all don't go anywhere with it. All the semi-interesting ideas die on the vine. If you have anything truly engaging to offer as an alternative, please share. I would love to play with you. Just don't hurt me...

    If you are interested, respond to this post. Then I will contact you ingame. I prefer not to post my player name on these forums. I assume you will keep it confidential even though you are a villanous, arrogant, dim-witted automaton who mindlessly supports an oppressively greedy, short-sighted corporation. (Just had to slip a bit of in-character BS into this post as a finale...hehe)


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    Please go to DMoK1

    What if there was an ooc panel of players of clan and omni who got together and DMed together for the entertainment of their guilds?

    I'm not an idea person but I'm a great organizor and would happy to help outline a course of events that would put cohesion to events. (We did this in Norrath, Dungeon Masters of Norrath ...aka DMoNs)

    Maybe I better continue this in Roleplay thread.....
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    fna Sun "Snyyper" Botos
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    Well I'll go OOC for this post I guess.


    Everything I'm about to say, you probably already knew.

    Yes, I do realize that they aren't going to drop the gas.

    Yes I've dealt with clan leaders (Utildai of Opposing Force) in an attempt to help things along.

    Yes, I do realize that the servers eat @$$ and can't handle the load of players that they promise, which I admit is both bogus and sad, given my own cpu hosts lan parties of games like "Battlefield 1942" with 64 players at once.

    Yes I realize everything sucks, from a players standpoint and I'll level with you.
    You've quoted me as saying things in the past, and one quote I believe i can do myself is "They want us to WATCH a story, not partake in it."

    Let's face it.

    They've already proven, the only way a regular person can get in the story, is if they crash a meeting with green names, jump up on the table, drop trow and /ymca (Cayll, Methlon, and Rukus).

    To be fair, yes Cz says he's in the process of working in story orgs, but to be fair to players, we've been hearing that for quite some time, and guys like myself are losing members daily because of FCs broken promises.

    I think the major problem that yes I am aware of, is that FC doesn't take things seriously.
    They don't seam to understand... that when swg hits.. they're going to lose about 66% of their player accounts, JUST because there's an alternative. the only ones who're going to stay are the total newbs, the clinging pathetic losers (myself) and the GMs to be the sheriffs in the ghost towns.
    I picture the Dev team passing around the company memo about "Projected loss of 66% player accounts in the next 3 months!" and watching their eyes roll as they laugh in norwegian.

    We'll see.

    Why do we do things like sack clan towns, kill the "innocent" and make waves? It's about the only way of making the few virgin players here believe they're worth something, is to know they can make some small, if pointless, impact on something.

    Will they disband the CoT, the CoA or whatever?

    It doesn't matter.

    It doesn't matter because those things are just masturbation. Let's face it, who have they affected? Nobody. They sit around and talk because they know that's all they can do. "Urge" and "Push" and "talk". all day and night.
    "We should...", "We MUST!" "For freedom, for glory, for our neighbors cat!" None of it matters and people are beginning to say screw you to the ideas.

    EVEN IF the CoA rose to some facsimile of power and decided to attack Omni, the worst part is they know they can't.
    Just like I can't set a bomb at the CoT Headquarters in Tir. Just like I can't lay one finger on anybody for any reason in anything more than a mayhem zone.

    It's rediculous and exhausting.

    But one thing I've found...
    Is that FC doesn't like it when they have to break up fights...
    So what do I do? I cause fights.
    I push and shove anywhere and everywhere I can.
    We do all the di****able things that evil corporations do. We gank in the clan arena and we killsteal the Hardened Bully spawn at Majestic Bridge.
    Everything we can do to hurt the clans. And it royally pisses them off when they have to log on their GMs to discipline us.
    That's the last great act of defiance I guess, and about all you can do.
    Harass. I proudly got my second warning on my account this week from FC about language and harassment or something or other. In Omni society you're constantly bombarded with "Kill a clanner today...", but if you tell them to get their ass out of Rompa NOW, and harass them till they leave willingly, you're sanctioned for harassment.
    My response.
    Let me blow their heads off you morons...

    That's why I'm a loud voice now for Omni... I'm practically the ONLY voice.
    The company doesn't speak, it doesn't work, and it's appointed heads of department sit around smoking pot and playing chess all day like Ross.

    So now we know the truth.
    We could own every clan town 24 hours a day for a week and they still wouldn't give a rats ass, beause nothing that players do... will affect THEIR story.
    But we aren't going to let them cover it up easily.

    I remember...
    A "Jail break" that was supposed to occur over Omni prisoners a little while back...
    All the good orgs were there. Omni-Pol, Omni-AF, Red Tape, we were all there to keep the prisoners from escaping.
    With a force big enough to crash the servers we waited by teh prisoners in their cells.

    Then my heart broke.

    They walked out of their cells, walked out the front door, and teleported.
    There was absolutely nothing we could do. We couldn't even handcuff the bastards. I listened to over a half dozen leaders proclaim their disgust and swear their resignation that day.
    *rubs his temples*

    It's getting late and I've long since lost the point i started off with so i'm out for now. If you want to chat w/ me ingame you know how. I'll be haunting around as usual, polishing my armor or something. Awaiting the call. *sighs*

    pres. Ted Shakkles Ganes

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    Love your post, Shakkles. I will stay because I'm a newb. When I'm not a newb I will NOT go to SW, and you know why?....

    It's run by the same people that run Everquest. The programing will be touchy as hell and will only run on elite computers. I played there for three years. The tech support is crap (like every online game), however the LIST of people in line is HUGE compared to this board's. And the graphic here are just as good. The only thing missin is the ability to change eye colors and hair styles to the different faces at character creation and the our characters here don't emote facial expressons.

    I upgraded to better than their requirments and got all their recommendeds. That worked great until July. There are still people (including me) that get dropped at member log-in ever since the patch in July and they can't figure out why. And that patch was just to put in the new user interface that is a knock-off of the one we have here.

    You pay them to to basically be beta testers. Oh they say you don't have to use that UI, and we all turned it off, but we still cant get in game. They've had us turn off our sound cards, do this, try that, get into our friggin bios and tweek it for THEIR game so our other games play like crap.

    Anything run by the Sony or Verant teams I will stay clear of.

    As for the FUNCOM storyline...they will do the same, Verant/Sony did..... so make your own. Let them play out their headline stories and write your own stories to be played out among the guilds in the game. Use what Funcom, DAoC, or Neverwinter Nights, or what ever game you are playing as your background dungeon and master your OWN stories. You do it in AD&D, you take the modules, you refer to their gods and heros, but you write your own stories.

    Anyone who finds me in any of the online games can count on me to be a part of that.....except anything run by Sony/Verant. Some of their top people left/are leaving for a reason. Like I said, I played there three plus years. Their programming and support will keep me playing elsewhere.
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    I played EQ as well ma'am.

    And yes I know that Verant sucks after sitting through downloads every damn time i went to log on (with a 56K), and daring to face the jungles of 2 fps "NEW AREAS" on the moon with my Vah Shir char. Not to mention that i've already stated I have a hackers dream (elite as you called it) and STILL got crappy framerate even with their sub-standard textures and NO SHADOWS because of their damnable 4-year-old engine.
    Yes i was disgusted that with teh highly anticipated release of Luclin, the expansion that was going to save EQ, they didn't enclude a new engine, just pasted some new paper on the old falling apart walls.

    No ones debating whether or not they suck. They do.

    but my hope is that it's either
    a) It's a different team of people working on swg than eq or
    b) they've been neglecting eq and cutting corners to work on swg.

    I mean let's face it.
    Even if all you could do in swg was make a character any way you like him/her to look, hang out in bars and talk, people would STILL play that over ao in my opinion.

    I mean cmon, the majority of people in ao do just that anyways. It's either that road or sit though hundreds apon hundreds of missions, just to raise your level and get a PvP title, and once you've done that you realize that it doesn't ammount to squat outside of the 2 Mayhem zones in the world. (Freshman Shakkles)

    I'm not going to be some end of days "THE END IS COMING" seer, i'm just pointing out that at this point, i have a pretty good idea how people feal about things, i have to listen to them whine and moan about it everytime i log on, just like other leaders do i'm sure, and unless they get the concrete org/story structure ready SOON...

    Theodore "Shakkles" Ganes
    pres. Ted Shakkles Ganes

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    SWG? AO? Story? Not-story?

    (entirely OOC post)

    First off, any game will have people hanging out in bars chatting. They did it on the really early MUDS I used to play, and they do it in the latest greatest MMORPGs.

    SWG will pull a lot of people because of it's license. It's Star Wars. People will go for that. I won't, for much the same reasons as already given.

    So why AO?

    In a lot of cases, people just stick with what they play. There is always the crowd that just jump to whatever is newest, and in most cases there is nothing anyone can do to prevent those losses. I suspect AO has had a fair number of those kinds of people for a while.

    AO's story is a fantastic backdrop. I find it so much easier to write stories and role-play in AO than I ever did in EQ, or many other environments. My biggest concern is for people like Shakkles and Meister who have taken it upon themselves to take 'big' roles in the story. Omni-Pol and Omni-AF are both big roles.

    What Shakkles is asking for in a way to 'really' settle things is, amongst others, a drop in supression gas to 25% or 0% in most areas. While that is fantastic for role-play, it is also fantastic for grief play. When you've been ganked at the reclaim terminal for the twentieth time and you're level 2 on your first account, you won't be coming back.

    There is no repurcussion for activities except disciplining, so if it were possible to build and plant a bomb in a building, then within a month all of Tir, Athen, Omni-1 and Rome would just be piles of rubble. Simply because you 'can' and therefore people 'would'. Chances are most of the bombs in Omni-1 would be planted by OT employess who just want to see what they do.

    In short, AO is limited by being a multiplayer game. I honestly don't think SWGs system is going to be any better. From what I can see its just guild war with 'enforced' guilds.

    If FC did the same thing here. Lets say, for example, that players can join Omni-AF or the Sentinels and so doing marks you as a 'PvP anywhere' player. Even these people would only be able to fight other PvP-anywhere players, thus you'd still not be able to forcibly evict people from Rompa or what-have-you. All it would do is facilitiate in playing the game in your style with people of similar style.

    As an aside, is it beyond the wit of the Clans to make themselves a decent lounge bar?
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    If FC did the same thing here. Lets say, for example, that players can join Omni-AF or the Sentinels and so doing marks you as a 'PvP anywhere' player. Even these people would only be able to fight other PvP-anywhere players, thus you'd still not be able to forcibly evict people from Rompa or what-have-you. All it would do is facilitiate in playing the game in your style with people of similar style.

    Surely that is the way it ought to be. Why would you want to forcefully interact with people who have a different style of play?
    The mature, sensible thing to do is play along with those who your style of play agrees with, and politely ignore those who choose to play in a different way.

    All player interaction needs to consensual. Why should someone be able to force me into engage in PvP with them; do I force them to roleplay with me? I think the EQ model, with guild wars and PvP flags is so much more flexible. Let the PvP fans PvP where ever they like. Let the non-PvPers enjoy their trouble free existance. The only people lose out are the PvPers who like to prey on the non-PvPers. To be honest I don't have much sympathy for that lot.

    On a more general note we need to get into the mentality that though we share the same virtual space on Rubi-Ka we are not all sharing the same "reality" or playing the "same" game. Where ever you look people will be doing things that do fit in your conception of life on Rubi-Ka. It just part of the multi-player experience.
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    Like I've said before, Rubi-Ka is my sci-fi version of an AD&D module. I'll refer to their bosses and gods and use their backdrop, but every group of people that rp together in their own consensual style runs their own campaign.

    TSR never gave me permission to interfere with the main course fo the modules so that it would affect one module to the next..., I just play in their world.

    Now if groups of rp guilds want to get together to run a cohesive campaign together...I'm in.
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    I agree with Jaxxa. For roleplaying purposes it is much more effective and rewarding to run your own adventures using present day Rubi-Ka as a back drop. That is what we've been doing all along.

    There remains a significant portion of the player base who still hang on the dream; a player lead interactive story. This was promised at the outset but did not happen, probably never will be happen and all things considered probably should never be allowed to happen.

    The difference between the, for lack of better terms, the Roleplayer and the Storyplayers is rooted in what they consider necessary for an event to "matter" or "be real". For the roleplayers it is simply necessary to have the agreement within one's gaming group. The roleplayer does not seek to affect in anyway the game experience of other players outside his group.

    The storyplayers need there actions validated by Funcom and acknowledged by the the whole player base. That may be very exciting at times, but the trouble is it is not consensus based.

    A player lead attack on Tir that really succeeded and had some real impact in game might disrupt any number of planned roleplaying (and non-roleplying) events set in Tir that very day. The Storyplayer may say "That's war, that is what you signed up to when joining AO." The Roleplayer would reply "I don't encroach on your enjoyment of AO, why should you be able to encroach into mine?"

    Both sides have a point. But AO is a ultimately shared resource, I feel the protection of the individual rights of players must take priority. But of course I am biased.
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    You must have a pretty poor opinion of Omni-Tek sirs.

    You think that if the suppression gas WAS dropped that we wouldn't be able to protect Omni employees?
    And for your information, worrying about being ganked at level 1 is just rediculous, given everybody knows that you can't kill anyone below 75 unless you're within a reasonable number of levels from them.

    I'm complaining because I don't like to have my fate written for me.
    I don't like the grim reality that we havn't overrun and demolished the clans simply because FC is "saving" them from us, like saving the lambs from teh wolves. Make no mistake, Omni-Tek could and would have eliminated the clas dozens of times before now, and the so called "clan raids" that you are afraid of...
    We know before they do that they're coming, they never make it 5 feet from a gridpoint in HQ (25% zone) and can barely take a few of our npc guards in ent before getting raped.

    You'd think that 30,000 years in the future survival of the fittest would be a reality, but aparently God is still saving the weak from the demise that they deserve to further the species.

    pres. Ted Shakkles Ganes

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    Small but important point

    Omni-Tek wouldn't be able to protect its own just as much as the Clans wouldn't. Omni-AF or Omni-Pol are not every 24/7, and particularly for those outside of the regular timezones they'd become 'fair game'

    And believe me, if the supression gas dropped then level 2 (and 1) characters would become prime targets for a really pitiful type of player. The type that would create a level 10 (or 8) person whose sole purpose is to kill level 1s and 2s. And because of the 75th level thing you mentioned, those people who want to do something about it couldn't!

    The solution of removing the PvP level ban isn't sensible either, since it means people no longer have to go to the trouble of getting hold of a special grief character.

    If that happened, the backyards in which most new people arrive would be more camped than the grid at MMD or 2HO. Because there are enough people who really are that pathetic.
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    Formerly posted as Mechanita

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    Atrox crat,

    Please refrain from making statements such as, "Omni-AF and Omni-Pol are or are not..." You aren't versed on our policy and don't know enough about us to make a statement like that.

    Indeed we are a 24/7 department, as many others are. That's why you hire shifts of people like we do. I myself am a night shift person. during the time when i'm not around to handle problems or whatever we have proxy-leaders and other generals to handle things.

    So yes, we ARE prepared. Prepared and growing fat in the wake of this forced pacifism. And for that matter, last I heard the game was called "Anarchy-online", denoting some form of anarchy, but what we have instead is the strong being, for lack of a better term, "shackled", to the weak in a sick display of affirmative action, giving the non-rpers equal rights that should only be reserved for roleplayers.

    There is no need for protection in this setting.
    There is no need for players to band together for any reason other than to get uber money and equipment, as they are never under any risk of danger from even temporary death from killers like myself.

    What would happen if they DID drop the gas?

    You would see departments flourish and swell in their ranks. Departments such as mine could do more to further their reputation and renown then just write letters and commentarys.

    The rare occasions we have now to kill clanners and further the company are like cherries burried beneath a heaping mound of tasteless rhino crap. It's a bland and disgusting endeavour, delving into the heap for a little sustinence that will eventually be the death of you.

    I will afford you no gained ground on this subject. I'm right and that's that. Any further nay-sayers can take a number and send it to my secretary.

    Good day.

    -Pres. Ted Shakkles Ganes
    pres. Ted Shakkles Ganes

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    Damn typos

    You're not everywhere 24/7. If you were, then incidents that have been listed on these forums in which people gave up in disgust would not have happened. Incidents in which the supression gas was dropped in the cities (Omni-1 Ent. to be precise) and exactly what I just described happened.

    If you were there at that time, you'd have witnessed it and no doubt stopped it. After all, the gas was 0%.

    I'm siding with Metallynx on one point only - this response is only going to generate more flame, so no more from me on this subject unless the conversation goes in a different, more constructive direction.

    But please: do your homework first and see what the results of your proposal have done on other worlds. Have a look at what kind of people that would attract to Rubi-Ka, and what kind of people it would drive away.

    However, I personally would love to see a lot more 25% gas about. Not in Omni-1, not in Tir, not in Borealis. But in pleanty of other places.
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    expedited terrorists

    *Let's the paper straw-wrappers deflect off him and laughs at the pygmies*

    Hmm well if you ever want to feal flattered, just run a search with your name as the only keyword :P

    Anyhoo, on a previous post some lady made that I aparently didn't devote energy to reading originally she mentioned something about us dumping our garbage (criminals) on clan lands.

    For the record.

    Why would you care?
    Don't clanners practically live, work, and breed in garbage?

    And about Diamondcut.

    Once apon a time, I did have a friend. His name was Raymond Terent, a known Omni-Tek soldier working closely with us (Omni-AF). those are what I like to refer to as "the good times".

    Diamondcut is responsible for his insurance hacking and permanent death.

    Diamondcut is now, out of my reach, and if I were the type to abuse power and breath legally-binding documents like the Tir Accord, I would have his head, balls, and other vital organs proudly displayed at the center tower in Omni-Ent for all to see.

    The reason he's with you and still alive is by the good graces of Omni-Tek and you should prostrate yourself before their boundless forgiveness for not allowing myself and my fellow soldiers who were close friends of his, to exact our vengeance.
    His buddy "Shades" was unlucky enough to come by Omni-HQ not long ago and thus his crippled lifeless body now remains as a constant vigil to my own friends memory.

    I submit to you peoples exhibit #1.
    There you will find the proof.

    *puts back up his paper-straw wrapper shield and grins*
    pres. Ted Shakkles Ganes

  18. #38
    I know this is totally off the wall and I AM on allergy meds and all, but the president of the Omni AF is Ted? Teddy? Um. K.
    Danica "Jaxxa" Craddock,
    fna Sun "Snyyper" Botos
    Agent and Java-Junkie of Rubi-Ka

  19. #39

    Shak attack

    Hee Hee! When is the last time you SAW Teddy, Jaxxa?

    Thank goodness someone more interested and involved is in the game..his name is Shakkles...gotta love him, gotta hate him. Thank goodness he is the REAL leader of Omni AF.

    Now, for you Shak, my man...
    You have become so horribly arrogant within the current state of things. Sure, you think it is easy to stroll into Tir and blow away the guards. IT IS EASY! Well, at least as easy as strolling into Omni Ent and blowing away 30 or 40 guards there.

    And, to correct you. It has been done! By Clan. In Omni Ent. I was there. It will be done again, too. Nice try at puffing yourself up, but what you said just ain't true.

    If the fight was more REAL and the playing field somewhat level, then we could really see a nice fight. Too bad it won't ever happen. So, have fun pretending you are incredibly powerful and the leader of a crack group of guard killers. I am almost ashamed in missions when we are constantly going 6 against one. It doesn't make me feel powerful, it gets pretty boring. The only thing that keeps me going is the thought that I might get powerful enough to take you out sometime in the near future. So, that must mean that I am insane. Whoopee!


  20. #40
    Why hasn't anyone pointed out that Ted Ganes sounds like a serial killer name yet?
    It's short for Theodore.

    Back to the subject.

    Yeah it's easy to kill a guard in Athen. But someone was once quoted in saying, "Kill one man, you're a murderer, kill many, and you're a conqueror, kill them all...
    ... you're a god."

    Alright I know that's irrelevant but damn it's a good line to validate ones past deeds if you ask me.

    And more to the point...
    Killing one guard is easy.
    Killing many is a task.
    Killing them all and not letting them respawn back to life...
    Now that's beautiful, and such a task is not to be taken lightly.

    I havn't gotten aarogant either sir/ma'am/whatever, as I have no ego that I'm aware of. You're obviously misinterpreting as civilians tend to do.

    The truth is, and you're free to use this in your spitwad arsenal against me again later if you so choose, is that we are all so very bored.
    We all have enourmous amounts of time on our hands, and busy hands lead to excessive typing and chatting with the types of people I shouldn't be conerning myself with.
    This I know.

    In a perfect society we'd be back in the days of rallys and public military demonstrations. Back to the operations behind enemy lines and swelling ranks of young soldiers ready to eat their own guts.

    Delusions of grandeur, yeah I know. *looks about the room*
    Er, maybe I should limit my denotations to grade levels K-6th. :/

    Now i understand what drives people to take that extra leap from 150 to 200. Sheer boredom.
    Well here's to the next 6,000 missions :/
    pres. Ted Shakkles Ganes

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