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Thread: This guy had a great Idea!

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    This guy had a great Idea!

    I would really like a story line to be incorporated into the day to day activities on rubi-ka. The story line could be implemented in segments...each segment running for a period of 2-3 months. During each segment, you would have to accomplish certain goals depending on what side you were on, and what profession you had. If you accomplished those goals, then you would get a bonus item.

    For example...when you log can get a little prompt like the "tips o the day"....

    "It is the ---- day of ---- on Rubi-Ka. Currently, there are great tensions mounting between Omni-Tek and the Rebel Clans. As a (blank profession) on the side of (blank), you are charged with several objectives: A, B, C, D, E....(kill X amount of omni mobs, get X amount of tokens, engage the enemy in PvP X amount of times, participate in X amount of FC run events, whatever). You have X days to meet these objectives. Good luck, God Speed...."

    Then, depending on how many players on either side actually accomplish their goals during the segment, it will determine how the conflict goes. Perhaps, a one time nuetral/omni/clan outpost will switch sides. Perhaps, a zone will go from 75% to politcal. Whatever.
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    Could be interesting if neutral missions are something else than
    " Join a side today and you get a token board"

    Bump for an idea that has potential.
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    Vegas, what are the odds of that sucker happening?

    Why, I'd say, oh, five thousand to one. Against.

    Great idea though.

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    humping the bump.

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    Yup, a great idea that probably never will see the daylight of RK.
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    ow. i think i hurt my head.
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    That's a cool idea.
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    It's a really good idea that's really pretty much unworkable. There are several reasons for this.

    One, I get the feeling that events on Rubi-Ka can freeze up for months at a time. . . or the proverbial can hit the fan all at once, as it's doing right now. It all depends on the pacing. The story hasn't been planned around a steady rhythm.

    Two, when events move fast, players might not have the time to log in and try to help. This move favors those who live on Rubi-Ka.

    Three, this requires a LOT of work. You've got to anticipate little things like the balance of changing the face of the game-world. I don't think Fun-Com has that kind of manpower to dedicate to this effort.

    No, cool as it would be, never gonna happen.

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