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    Cathern kicked a small stone into the stagnant pond. Shielding her eyes she peered through the canopy of the primal forest. The sun was bright, but the leaves made for diffuse light under the trees. Taking in a deep breath, Cathern scrunched up her nose. The air smelled of rotting vegetation and dank mildewing leaves. There could be worse places to be marooned she thought. At least the air was…breathable…if not exactly sweet. How long had she been here? A month? Two? Three? Longer? The day and night cycle here was erratic and the chronometer on the small ship was destroyed in the attack. The Attack….

    Twisting, turning, diving and climbing. Three alien scout fighters were bracketing her ship with fire. Her craft didn’t have the firepower to take them all on. She had gotten lucky and exploded one but now she was totally on the defensive. At least the aliens didn’t seem to be any faster than the long range currier ship she was piloting.. If she could just avoid their fire long enough, maybe they would give up. KAPOOOW. Her ship shuddered under the alien fire. Alarms began sounding and systems started red-lighting. DAMMIT! Her ship lost propulsion power, regained it, the lost it again. The ship careened out of control, end of end over end. The end was near she thought….

    Cathern walked back to the wreckage of her ship. She had come down on this forsaken planet after a couple days adrift. The Alien ships had left her for dead. They might have been right. Engines severely damaged. Communications out. Fuel cells damaged. Many of the on-board system nonfunctional. Life support, navigation computers, stability control, orbital reentry programs/heat shielding and food systems were still functional. Functional enough to use her limited remaining engine power and fuel to crash land on this planet and survive. Cathern swatted a large bug that landed on her. She thought it looked like those damn aliens. There was no shortage of aliens…and no shortage of biting bugs. Infernal place. She never should have left Rubi-ka.

    Crawling into the cabin of the ship, Cathern laid down and thought her lover Xaun. She must be going out of her mind with worry. Xaun didn’t even know where she was heading. Cathern sighed and tried to sleep, a feeling of foreboding creeping across her. A feeling that something happened to Xaun worse than her own plight entered her brain. Turning a bit to get comfortable, Cathern drifted into an uneasy slumber.

    [Well, I am done with AO for now. With way over a full year of play time on one character and over 5 years time with active account, it was time to move on. So many great people come and gone. Pretty much every goal I set out to achieve I achieved. Will I be back? Probably if that expansion ever turns up…so NO, you cant have my stuff! To all the role-players…..remember…it was the role-players in this game that drove PvP in the early days. Anyone who tells you that RP and PvP don’t mix is a big liar. Some of my best RP stories were based on the PvP battles that RPers set up and drove. A lot of the old skool PvPers got some of their first blood in battles organized by RPers. If you claim to be a warlike person in your RP…prove it! Go fight instead of sitting in The Cup or Reets all the time. ]
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    ((On the opposing side to me and my organisation in character maybe, but you have acheived an awful lot for the RP that everyone irrelevant of side could participate in. Take care on your travels Vixen, and it will be good to see you back with Lost Eden!))

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    (( Take care Vix. It's as good a time to take a break as any. You probably want to check back in towards the run up to LE, the are usually a lot of events before an expansion comes out. Oh, and Halloween. You can't miss an AO Halloween now can you? ))
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    (You sure I can't have your stuff? -laughs- Im kidding ofcourse. Hopefully when or if you come back you will see a shift towards that old school play a few people you know and some you don't are working on a lot of plans. I finaly feel like me again after what feels like centuries and I have lots of energy, a strong stubbern streek and ideas that just wont quite once again.)
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    (oh god my love how you leave me with this challenge should I ever return as Xaun.. I shall be forced to seek you out... you are my heart and soul and I love you dearly. You have been my inspiration and guiding light since I founded the Aethyr clans. I will always love you with all my heart and I hope that one day Xaun and Vixentrox will be reunited again.... -sniffles-)

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    ((Good luck in your time away from AO. Looking forward even more to LE if it means you'll be coming back. But, whatever it is that you choose to occupy your time with in the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy yourself. ))
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    ((Take care! ))
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    ((Take care, Vixentrox; I hope you do return with Lost Eden (whenever that is). You have always been my favorite "enemy;" very few other people (the other being Templus) have ever been as good at putting my character in her place and getting her to shut up... and I enjoyed every moment of it. Have fun!))
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    [ Take care Cathern, hope to see you back with LE ]

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    ((Take care ))
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    ((Goodbye Vix. See you soon, we hope. ))

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    ((Take Care Vix! I'm sure you'll be back soon. I hope. If anyone was going to stay in AO till the end, I figured it would be you. So its kind of a shock that you are actually leaving. Good Luck in RK4 or Second Life or whereever you go. I hope all is well with you healthwise... ))

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    (( take care Vix. Hope to see you again. ))
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    (( Take care Vix, wherever you may go. And hopefully, we'll be seeing you again soon. ))
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    I wondered when this day would come...

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    ((Bye Vixen it was always a joy to see you in my friends list or run into you in the cup hope to see you there again Hugs. Ill put on a light show in honor of you))
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    (( Vixen,
    you will be missed...
    take care and enjoy your time away from AO.
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    Caught amongst the flurry of events surrounding her revival. Her soul being ripped from the source left her with more questions than answers. Who did it. Why. Where had she been. What happened while she was gone. The flash of the cameras. The constant questions and rumors surrounding her death overwhelmed her for weeks on end. Each day trying to put the pieces of the puzzle back together. To remember what she had lost.. to even figure out what might still be missing.. She had not come back the same.. at least she felt different some how.. She just could not begin to put her finger on it and it troubled her to no end.

    Each day she checks her Comms inbox hoping for a message.. and before she sleeps she plays her messages a second time just to be sure. Her mind injecting the little reminders she gets "Have you seen Cathern?" asks a fellow clanner, then another.. and another..

    This night she returns home from the hunt of pumpkin heads.. the letting of blood no longer covering her pain.

    Sliding her coded card into the door of her Lux she is greeted by the automaton voice.

    "Greetings Lady Xaun would you like Sake or Tea this evening?"

    "I need something stiffer.. gimme a Scotch" she replies with a broken crack to her voice..

    She walks over to her concealed control panel and sets her security system to Occupied Status.

    "Lights dim" she says as she slowly begins removing layer after layer of her armor. Almost compulsively she sets each in their appropriate place. She hangs her hulking sword on its display then walks into her kitchen. The pale moon-light, creeping in her closed windows from Jobe, silhouetting her naked form as she enters her kitchen to retrieve her drink. She tilts her head to each side releasing a loud popping noise as her muscles try to relax.

    "Where are you my love.." she mutters to herself aloud as she turns and heads to her bed room and fetches some fresh towels and sets out a pink silken kimono to wear after her bath.

    "I've been back on Ka for almost two months now love.. why haven't you contacted me" she almost whimpers inwardly.

    Her mind recalling vaguely the day of her revival.. all those people standing around her hooting and hollaring. The entire time her eyes passed over the crowd searching for her love.. and almost immediately she was wisked away with out even a glimpse. She expected that important business had kept Cathern and that she would find messages from her talking about how great it would be to go spend a romantic night somewhere doing something.. but alas.. nothing awaited her.

    Turning on the faucet in her Atrox sized tub she sits on the edge, having not even sipped her drink yet, she sets the burgandy colored pungent liquid on the side swirling her finger inside it. The water creeping upward to her knee she drops a soap bubbling disc into it. Letting out a heavy sigh she turns the water off and slowly lowers her aching form down into the warm liquid. Taking her glass in her hand she moves to the incline and rests back against it taking a large swig of the alcohol.

    A myriad of thoughts racing through her mind.. Duty, responsibility, her family, her clan, the clans, omni, the neutrals and the struggle within herself to do what is right.. to find that balance of good and honor and yet maintain her strength despite her desire to just fall into a clump on the floor and pretend it was all a bad dream. Swirling the glass around in small semi circles she partakes of the bitter sweetness inside.

    "Where could you be..." the words finding root in her soul louder than the rest of the clammour in her head.

    "What on Ka could be keeping you from me.." she sets the cup down on the edge and grabs her fresh face cloth and soaks it in the water before folding it in thirds and draping it across her face and closing her eyes.

    "Thank god for my Knights.. I would be so lost without them.." her inner thoughts try to rebalance themself before she spirals into a pit of desparing hopelessness over her lost love.

    "I must be strong" her positive selftalk begins as she tries to adjust her mind to meditate for the duration of her bath trying to push all other thoughts aside and focus on a singularity of absolute nothingness... she drifts off...

    Time passes..

    More time passes..

    She slowly opens her eyes having soaked to near pruness she stands and exits her bath. Drying herself and then finding her silken kimono and wraps it around her damp body heading for her desk and computer.

    "Another Scotch" she says as she passes the kitchen taking it with her. She slumps down into her seat and turns on her grid terminal, the pale blue light flickering on her face as she begins her ritualistic query of the frequencies for any chatter relating to her missing love. Not a peep. Not so much as a whisper. Leaning forward on to her arms folded on the desk this night.. her heart heavy with worry and sorrow.. she breaks down into tears and sobs..

    "I will find you my love.. or I will die trying.." her mind trails off as she cries herself to sleep...

    [I know this is over due but I could not face dealing with Cathy leaving IC'ly till tonight.. this is far from the end of this story.]
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