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Thread: What about those without the expansion?

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    What about those without the expansion?

    So, we hear that people do/don't want the booster, others don't want to pay. All valid discussions. I haven't seen anyone discuss the effect on non-purchasers of the booster.

    In RK you will have 2 distinct classes of player: those with and those without. Any one guild will have a mix of both classes. So, my question is, how would the booster affect those who decide to not purchase this addon? You have a group of people in the guild who have built a base of sorts. You have guild members who help defend that base who do not have the booster...

    Anyone see where I'm coming from on this? It may be simple, I may have missed it. Someone please explain this to me!
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    Minivasn said in another thread: From the chat, what happens is if you don't have the booster pack you see the tower, you can help fight the towers, and all its defenders, but thats the only interaction with the towers you get.
    Now, if this is true, and take into consideration I never PvP and run like hell from a 25% zone, I guess I won't be paying for this waste of space. If it were free I could consider using that part of the game
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    People who don't have it cannot get benefits from the towers.

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    So, if some in your guild have holdings and those are being attacked, you just will elect not to respond and help your friends/org mates?

    I see this as an area that needs a lot more information from FC as to how it will work. I'm certain the intention is not to cause problems within orgs, but there is that potential, at least with the scanty description we have so far.

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    It is prob just an item. You can buy a tower, place a tower, and man/use a tower if you have the expansion. If you do not, you just stand on the ground and fight the baddies.

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