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Thread: 26th Thread :-P

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    26th Thread :-P

    Someone said in these forums: "If they worked strictly on bugs, there'd be no new content.....ever."


    I guess I can live with content + bug fixes....

    ...and I don't mind paying for new content.

    The booster will be new content. Let us put to rest the disbelief that the booster pack will bring us a feature that was 'promised' to us before release: they are different.

    They 'promised' us the ability to control existing strongholds & outposts...

    ...the booster pack is going to give us the ability to create them. I like the idea myself. Finally...something to take up the vast amounts of unused real estate on Rubi-Ka. I've also heard that creating a "tower" will alter the gas in that PF in some way. YES!!! Can I put one in Newland City? What? You can't put them in cities? grr..


    But then one has to could this work with PvP as flawed as it is? Hmmmm...could this booster mean a re-working of the PvP level restrictions? That's really the only way I see it being enjoyable...
    .: Naraya :.

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    Oh yes, very different bulding tower to control territory instead of just controlling territory........ NOT.

    this was one of the thing promised period. If they impliment it in a different way then they first intended is of no concern to us.

    Personaly I think guilds will pop up towers in areas with good missions and then goes solo missions out the windows unless you do them in cities. So I´m not pleased with this idea.
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    Controlling existing strongholds would only give you control over that...the existing stronghold. You can't move the damned thing.

    Building them gives you the ability to put them all over the place...well...depending on the limits FunCom puts on it...
    .: Naraya :.

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