We're currently working on gathering the department affiliation from all the organisation leaders - step by step (don't contact us, we will contact you ), and hence though it was about time we gave you a short run-down of the departments.

Note that the list differs a bit from the one previously found on the old AO site. More detailed descriptions will come in the Story section (The Present) of the main site.

Omni-Pol handles civic law enforcement on Rubi-Ka.

Omni-AF (Armed Forces)
Omni-AF handles military operations on Rubi-Ka, including land, air, and naval warfare against enemies of the Corporation, and the protection of Omni-Tek owned interests.

Omni-Trans handles all on- and off-world transportation of personnel and cargo, including notum, but excluding the operation of the Grid.

Omni-Reform handles the marketing and information distribution, as well as social engineering, re-education, and clan disinformation programs.

Omni-Admin (Administration)
Omni-Admin handles all administrative functions of the Corporation.

Omni-InternOps handles cross-departmental security, counter-espionage, and internal investigations, excluding Omni-Pol and Omni-AF.

Omni-Med (Medical)
Omni-Med operates all medical facilities owned by the Corporation, and conducts research and development into nanotechnology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, and implants.

Omni-Engineering handles the design and construction of the Rubi-Kan infrastructure, and the research and development of mechanical and electronic tools, vehicles, and weapons.

Omni-R&D handles the research and development of non-medical nanotechnology, the development of nanoprograms, and other technologies.

Omni-Mining handles the operation of notum mines, and the processing of raw notum.

Omni-Com handles all communication channels on- and off-world, including the Grid, as well as the operation of insurance terminals and the storage of insurance patterns.