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Thread: the Cleansing of Aegean.

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    the Cleansing of Aegean.

    Latest intelligence reports that Omni-tek is standing in our doorstep. They have numerous notum mines in Aegean and are soon dominating the notum wars.

    This cannot be ignored... so I call upon the leaders in Clan, that we shall start with Aegean. To have Omni mines 500 yards from our city is unacceptable. We in the Family are gathering our forces and will charge them soon. Join us in the fight to free Aegean, to get one step closer for a free Rubi-ka.

    Victory to the Clans
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    Is not, by the same token, then unacceptable to have Clan mines in Galway, or is their a double standard here?

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    Rubi-Ka may yet never be free in war.
    War forces you to fight.
    When you are forced you are not free.
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    Aegean needs to be cleansed alright....of all those pesky towers!

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