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Thread: Freelance: Clan Remembrance Day

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    Freelance: Clan Remembrance Day

    Clan Remembrance Day
    April 18, 29480 - Miranda 'Whtrose' Ariel [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance – Today the people from all corners of Rubi-Ka celebrated Clan Remembrance Day at an event hosted by Whisper’s Edge. Lady Xaun Miyamoto, the leader of the Aethyr Knights, gave a speech reminding clan members of the importance of remembering their history, as well as calling for support in the battle over notum mines, in not just the acquisition and defense of the larger outputting notum fields, but for fields of all output levels.

    Whisper’s Edge, in addition to Lady Xaun’s speech, hosted a march of remembrance that began in the city of Tir, and went to Athen, the grid, Borealis, Newland, and back to Tir. While no official count had been done on those that participated in the march, it is thought that well over half a hundred people had been in attendance. Also three DJs from Society of Sound -- Taiseiten, Rowenael, and Foxferal -- provided live entertainment throughout the day.

    Furthermore, the Aethyr Knights planned a bit of a surprise, by arranging with ally clans for Omni Towers to be taken down through out the day, with fields in Southern Artery Valley, Lush Fields, Clon****, and Galway County being targeted during her speech. Even though the field that Aethyr Knights claimed for there own has sense fallen back into Omni control, there has been maintained over a quarter of a percent increase in Clan notum outputs for a full five days after Clan Remembrance Day. Lady Xaun indicates that the reason they could not keep the field that they acquired is that the Omni-Tek organizations have actually placed a cease and desist order against the Aethyr Knights from owning any fields. Simply put, should any Omni-Tek organization that is participating in this cease and desist order notice that the Aethyr Knights have acquired any field that they will promptly arrange to have it taken back as quickly as possible.

    There are many people on Rubi-Ka that do not understand the importance of the notum fields, and choose to stay out of the notum field conflict. While Omni-Tek owns all subsurface mines on Rubi-Ka that produce the truly amazing quantities of Notum, anyone is able to own the surface fields. No mater what side you are on, or what organization you consider your own, the overall output levels of the notum fields is directly filtered back to the side that controls those fields. This results in extra profits that Omni-Tek is able to provide bonuses for their employees, and that the Clans are able to put toward keeping their freedom. Without high levels of outputs for a specific side, massive projects such as the remodeling of Old Athen would have never had proper funding.

    While the higher quality notum fields will provide a direct benefit towards the origination that controls it, it is the many lower quality fields found in abundance that create the bulk of the profit for what ever side owns them. For this reason many Clan members are shouting out that the Clans must be unified, remember the past, and stop looking out for just personal gain if the freedom of the clans as a whole is to be maintained.

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    But its copy cats we can live with dont you think?
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    I'll certainly be celebrating!

    By Planting a few weird looking bombs in your cities...

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    Let's hope its far more successful than your last public attempt. What a shambles that was.

    *smiles evilly*
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