[Vicinity] Falikos: How's it goin Zani?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: uh
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: scratches his face.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: not with the happy much, really.
[Vicinity] Falikos: That good eh?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks at Saroth
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: not sure if you heard but...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: the Legion made an appearance at newland... twice
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...they killed me.
[Vicinity] Falikos: I heard mutterings about that, but nothing legitimate.
[Vicinity] Falikos: They killed you? ... why?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks down and shrugs
[Vicinity] Falikos: peers at Zan over her shades
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I didn't want to fight them...
[Vicinity] Falikos: but?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...they... all of them attacked me at once.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I just don't know why they'd.... nanomages...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks over at Saroth again.
[Vicinity] Falikos: Aye, I've met them a couple of times now.. but they didn't offer me violence, did they say any sort of reasoning why?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: they said we were defying their god
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ... "our god"
[Vicinity] Falikos: Ah. That.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks at Falikos.
[Vicinity] Falikos: I've met this 'god' and I was not impressed.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I.. didn't know what they meant but...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I think we made some unneeded enemies.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: straightens up
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: it was just uncalled for
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I went there to meet them
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: they... surrounded Kailx
[Vicinity] Falikos: Like I said, he hasn't offered me any violence, rather the opposite. To meet them?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: and I said... I said he didn't speak for SD, I did, as a former president
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: frowns angrily
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: yea, their leader mentioned you.
[Vicinity] Falikos: Hmm?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: they said... "we"
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: meaning me and you.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I think they realized that the leaders of SD are all nanomage.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: Nuillon suggested...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks away
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ... we're heretics.
[Vicinity] Falikos: To this guy we appear to be.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: Falikos, I don't know what that means.
[Vicinity] Falikos: This 'god' of theirs... believes we're the superior being on Rubi-Ka, and in his image... he seems to think we should help him enslave everyone else to bring 'peace' to the planet.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: pauses
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...what do you think?
[Vicinity] Falikos: I think he can stick it where the sun donít shine.. he's as much a god as I am. I've met "The Imperator" and he's like every other man on this planet... looking to consolidate his powerbase.
[Vicinity] Falikos: I am surprised he attacked you though... he behaved like my turning his offers down were just my 'ignorance' and has since continued to try and convince me.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks blankly back at you.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: it wasn't him, it was his Legion
[Vicinity] Falikos: They work intimately for him, they were who grabbed me in Borealis.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: Galmom I believe
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...and after seeing them march through borealis... I can see why they're so angry
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: they're rebelling against the racism we've had to deal with our whole lives.
[Vicinity] Falikos: In a totally destructive and inappropriate manner.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...maybe that's what some people need.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: adjusts his glasses.
[Vicinity] Falikos: There are people that get pissed on all over the place for one reason or another, it doesn't excuse breaking into slaughter... you can see how far that's gotten Omni-Tek and Clan, they're still fighting...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: interjects
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: and Omni is losing
[Vicinity] Falikos: Killing people is not a form of education, it will only help add to prejudice
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: the rebellion is growing and winning!
[Vicinity] Falikos: For now.
[Vicinity] Falikos: You've been around long enough to know that won't last.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: shakes his head slowly
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I ...
[Vicinity] Falikos: gives Zan a sharp look
[Vicinity] Falikos: You've been hanging around your brother again.. haven't you.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: tenses up
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: what does that have to do with anything?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I think there needs to be a revolution
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: Iím sick of being spat on because of my breed
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: we need to be... no, we should be respected!
[Vicinity] Falikos: reaches over and touches Zan's leg, looking him in the face
[Vicinity] Falikos: When have you respected someone that kills the people you care about?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks down at Falikos' hand
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I... can't ...say
[Vicinity] Falikos: The revolutions that stick.. are social, not violent.
[Vicinity] Falikos: A revolution by force, must be maintained with force.. it isn't the way it should be, and it isn't how it has to be.
[Vicinity] Falikos: People like the Legion and the Liberation front, only increase the hostility on us all, those that know YOU Zan.. don't disrespect you.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: smirks
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...that know me.
[Vicinity] Falikos: pulls her hand back slowly
[Vicinity] Falikos: There isn't much time for conversation when you're shoving an axe at someone.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: all I know is Iíve seen this... what the clan is achieving...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: Rubi-Ka is falling apart at the seams
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: a major war is coming and...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...I said it... I told the org...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I tried it your way
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: avoids Falikosí eyes
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I did.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I told them I did and I did...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: but... this war, something... something is coming.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I... something needs to change
[Vicinity] Falikos: It's the second great war that's coming, and things will change.. it's what created people that are like us.. and are sick of it and wanted to let it go, or teach people to let it go.. when they become sick of the bloodshed like they did before, there will be more people like us.. not less.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: scoffs slightly, catching himself.
[Vicinity] Falikos: Most of Omni Tek is already tired.. and ready to try, and the clans will be too by the time Unicorn is finished with them.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ..."people like us"
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: Iím... I just don't see it happening
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: they're just going to re-arm and start this drin all over again.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: turns his head and sighs hard.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks up
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: did anyone tell you that I quit shattered dreams?
[Vicinity] Falikos: There are less of them every time that pick up their weapons. The world needs more people that actually use their heads for something other than helmets.
[Vicinity] Falikos: Yes.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks slightly bewildered.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: and, what was your reaction?
[Vicinity] Falikos: I'm sitting here talking with you aren't I? Zan.. no one is strong all the time, and no one is sure all the time. I wasn't told your reasons, but I knew that you would of had them.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: listens
[Vicinity] Falikos: I had my reasons for going too...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks away
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...they tell me I was possessed.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: they tell me I was corrupted by the shadowlands.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...but... the dreams Iíve had... I don't think so.
[Vicinity] Falikos: startles and stares at Zanicyper
[Vicinity] Falikos: Did it feel like..
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...and... and... I got my memories back.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I know...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: frowns as if to hold back tears
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I remember what I did... after... that
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: stammers
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I mean... I don't- don't remember what happened when I left but...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I know I- I am stronger and I wonder why...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: they tell me I wasn't myself- that I was on about war, and hate, and pain...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I can't get the frelling image of my parents dying in front of me, you know!
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: now...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: shakes his head
[Vicinity] Falikos: grabs Zan's arm tightly, a wild look on her face
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: they made me come back 'cause they needed me...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: shakes his head, rubbing it slightly
[Vicinity] Falikos: It was like living in hot syrup, everything was slow and focused. Concentrated.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: nods.
[Vicinity] Falikos: shakes Zan with some force
[Vicinity] Falikos: When?! When was this happening to you?
[Vicinity] Falikos: What else did you see?!
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: shrugs
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: shakes his head
[Vicinity] Falikos: 's pulse is visibly quicker, and is breathing rapidly.. like panic
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: all I remember was having some argument with Anamelle... right after she found out she had kids.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: s..she was cloned
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: so... was I
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: and...then... I ...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: in my apartment... and the whole frelling org was there
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: staring at me as if I...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: throws his hands up
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I don't know...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: but that's when they said they needed me back... gods... my head hurt so bad...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: not just that... but... they needed me to rule.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: considers what he just said
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I mean... lead.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: it... maybe four months ago.
[Vicinity] Falikos: releases her grip on Zan suddenly
[Vicinity] Falikos: Anyone else?...Did anyone else have it happen?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: casually rubs the place where Falikos was holding him
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: wha... well...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I think Meldrek had some thing happen to him
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I over heard kali complain after seeing The Source
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: blinks a few times twitching
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: Talan!
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: he said something about Vanya planning something
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: a few members were acting strangely after...after I "returned"
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: some disappeared...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: shrugs lightly as if trying to remember something long forgotten
[Vicinity] Falikos: All into the snow?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I have that feeling...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: it's as if some people never existed.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks up
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: as if I imagined the whole thing
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: leans in suddenly
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: they don't talk about it, you know?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: no one does.
[Vicinity] Falikos: nods slowly
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: even Anamelle. she lost her memories and then... no one reacts.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I just don't know what's going on...
[Vicinity] Falikos: No one's asked what happened up there...
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: try not to think about it, really.
[Vicinity] Falikos: If that thing.. that Imperator did wake up from out there like he claims, he could be the cause of it! Bastard!
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: says nothing, twitching slightly
[Vicinity] Falikos: stares at and through Zan
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...I just know it wasn't "Vanya" that was... "in me"
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: I know that I couldn't be tainted by frelling Omniís... like that
[Vicinity] Falikos: It was nothing but you, amplified... I know.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: stabs the shaft of his axe into the ground, making a noticeable dent
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: ...yea
[Vicinity] Lilyflie: mad at the ground again?
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: looks over at Lilyflie.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: chuckles slightly
[Vicinity] Lilyflie: sorry I zoned out
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: yea... it was being uneven again
[Vicinity] Lilyflie: gotta hate that
[Vicinity] Falikos: turns her head slowly and looks at Lily
[Vicinity] Falikos: Oh, hey Lily girl.
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: rubs his forehead as if to remove a thought
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: yea
[Vicinity] Lilyflie: don't mind lily. She's just sittin
[Vicinity] Falikos: You can teach the cement who's boss
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: can to
[Vicinity] Zanicyper: smiles