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Thread: "The Race to Freedom" Team Relay - Clan Remembrance Day, Tuesday, April 18th

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    "The Race to Freedom" Team Relay - Clan Remembrance Day, Tuesday, April 18th

    On tuesday, April 18th, 29480, Clan Remembrance Day, in honor, and to help highlight some of the many significant landmarks in the ongoing history of the clans' struggle for independance, a team relay race will be held. The race will start and finish in our lovely capital, Tir, with the actually relay points known just prior to the race. All contestants should come pre buffed and ready to start at the appropriate time (to be announced), with each member of the teams being transported to their respective start locations. Once the race has concluded, and a winning team has emerged, each member of that team will recieve a prize, as well as bragging rights.

    Please list your teams here, noting the designated leader, for our officials to contact, as well as any questions.

    1. Each team will be responsible for their "baton", with only one being given to each team.

    2. Everyone who wants to participate in the race must forms into teams. Each team should then consist of 6 people of different professions, with at least one ranking at TL3 or lower, another ranking at TL4 or lower, and one ranking at TL5 or lower.

    3. There will be 6 legs of the race, with a different form of travel for each leg: yalm, grid, swimming, ground car, fixer grid, and a foot-race.

    4. No morphs will be allowed during the swim portion, any mode of flight for the flying leg of the race, no morphs but any non-flying buffs for the ground car section, and any non-flying buffs/morphs being allowed during the foot segment.

    5. The winning team is the first team to return the "baton" ((by opening a trade window)) to the designated official at the start/finishing location, which, again, will be in the beautiful city of Tir.
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    Clan Day is here again.. yay.. I been feeling up for a good party.
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    Well how I come to clan day (as either a clan member or a neutral freelance reporter) largely depends on what kinds of drinks are being served.

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    Just a note:

    The races is only one of the events scheduled for Clan Rememberance Day. It is going to be a big party in Tir at 1900 GDT in the North East corner of Tir City. I hope to see you all there. There will be speeches highlighting our legacy and history by clan leaders as well as other fun things to enjoy. Have fun and remember.. Our ancestors fought to free us from oppression this is just our way of remembering their sacrifices.
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