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Thread: Rome/Omni-Tek Rising?

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    Rome/Omni-Tek Rising?

    I encountered a strange Pit Demon in PW that could talk... It spoke in strange form & I must say it sounded pretty lame. But this is what it said

    Pit Demon:
    A frozen force of a fallen city
    whispers in the wintry wind.

    Kuahji: umm what?

    Pit Demon:
    The wounded and withered world,
    sings a sullen stasis of spring.

    Kuahji: sure it does...

    Pit Demon:
    With ample armies lead by savages,
    The Clans conquered & killed.

    Ventured virtues and valors,
    turned to vanity and inhumanity.

    Slaying and smiting shamed cities,
    Athens advanced as the Clans applauded...

    Kuahji: Liek dude I know I seen from the fences.

    Pit Demon:
    From the night a star shined bright,
    and Rome arose from the ashes.

    From this flaming phoenix,
    fight and favor flamed.

    Rome's power petrified the Athens,
    And their tridents tormented tired tyrants.

    Agonized Athens fled to the Aegean sea,
    only to find their final fate.

    Kuahji: wtf?

    Pit Demon:
    The wondrous world without writhe,
    Now sings a sonorous sonnet of spring.

    Rome has now risen,
    and no longer whispers in the wintry wind.

    Kuahji: Damn, I got to stop eating these Shock Trooper Muffin /me casts Izgimmer's Interstellar Chill...

    /remains of Kuahji

    Kuahji: ffs nuked myself again!

    Anyway, I can't help to wonder this wasn't some sort of vision of the future or if this muffin was some sort of Omni brain washing. I guess only the future will tell.
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