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    The Neutral Guard

    This withered, wasted, & worn world is all I have left. So many years of war & what have we gained? I’ve lost my land, home, & family. The Clans try & tell people they are righteous fighting for freedom & Omni-Tek tries to flaunt the idea that “they are your friends.” When I visit the grave of my wife in the barren desert of Hope I remember just how righteous the Clans are & when I visit an empty Lush Hills where my house once stood I remember just how much of a friend Omni-Tek is.

    My past is laced with tragedy & despair. They can burn the land, boil the waters, & torch the skies. But, with all their might & power they can’t take my dreams or my freedom. At first I thought I was alone... But then I realized I wasn't & that many Clans, Omnis, & so called Neutrals also had dreams of peace & true freedom. Many of these innocent souls also have stories just as tragic if not worse. All of this made me realize I must protect the true peaceful citizens of Rubi-Ka against the murders, thieves, terrorists, aliens, etc. Alignment means nothing to me, because we have a much larger invading problem to deal with... My name doesn't matter, you can call me the neutral guard & I am here to clean up the streets & to help secure there will be a world for our future generations.

    The Neutral Guard
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