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Thread: Anarchy Online Booster Pack with Land Control

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    Thats the one good thing about engi's and our nanos....

    FC hasn't given us jack since 13.8!!!! and we LOVE IT!!!!!

    We have enough how about a fountain of smart?
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    Thanks satan. I take it it's in about one hour.

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    Good news!

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    Originally posted by Bionitrous
    Another thing.

    The idiotic idea of putting level requirements on things was because of the Shadowlands.

    Now that the Shadowlands is pushed off past the New Year, how will this affect patches 14.5, 14.6 ...

    You've got time now before release of the Shadowlands. Perhaps you should re-consider those 'uber-buffs' that were supposed to be dumped into the game with the Shadowlands and come up with a better system that doesn't require level-locks.

    Let the people who actually enjoyed the game and stuck with it for a year have the ability to play the game they bought and payed for for over a year. Take your time and balance the Shadowlands out properly so you don't make a mockery of the skill system and lose the remaining players you have.

    I would hate for any new nanos coming in 14.5,14.6.... to have the unanimously-despised level requirements on them in anticipation of an expansion pack that has just been announced as being pushed off into an indefinate future.
    I agree wholeheartedly. AO has made a lot of forward progress lately, but level reqs are still a terrible decision.

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    Originally posted by Specialone
    I paid $50 to get my AO copy a year ago and now anyone can dl the entire client for free? It pisses me off...and I just barely missed getting a backpack too
    Someone likely responded already, but it's the thought that counts.

    Everyone who downloaded the game and did not cancel within seven days was charged $30.

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    Since my message was Not posted in the chat i will post it here

    Im interested to know What besides buildings such as the towers that will be covered in this boosterpack... i need something more in it to buy that booster...

    I Will Not buy this booster if it only contains this towerbuildings for guilds... that would be a totally waste of money for me...

    I need something more in this booster, otherwise i wont buy it at least...


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    I'm sure there will be more than one basic model "Tower" Clan an Omni will probably have different ones for sure, and then some variations within those... and we aren't paying for the tower, we're paying for the bonuses they give
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    chat logs

    If anyone would like to read them goto:

    and plz be kind to the server
    We have enough how about a fountain of smart?
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    Angry Who cares when pvp is broke...

    Yeah...really great...

    more like what...big deal...

    if the basic game features are broke, then is this really do-able.

    Yeah I suppose you can use one of the characters that are not broken (or are broke in a beneficial manner) to participate in pvp.
    If your not a MA your basically gimped.

    Until funcom fixes the glaring problems in the game I have absolutely no interest in spending more money on broken software.

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    They mean well

    and I respect funcom for it, they are really trying. Like everyone has pretty much stated already, control will shift between the uber mega guilds, and we already know that storm will bite a big chunk of it when the idea goes live. Smaller guilds won't have a chance, especially if they aren't twinked or pvp central. I still don't understand why people have to be pvp centered to enjoy the game. The game is conflict centered yes, no one is denying that, but in any war you have just as many people working behind the scenes to end or fight a war, the politicians and the crats who pull the strings, not just the people on the field with the guns. Likewise funcom should give those of us not combat oriented a chance to do something that has nothing to do with pvp.

    The following is a conversation that happened not so long ago with a guild I will allow to remain nameless because we've all pretty much been through this and so naming names isn't necessary.

    Shizara: You should let some of us kill the trash king, we need the items too, and you have them already.

    Guild Jobber: Why should we? we can stay here as long as we want.

    Shizara: Well I don't see your name on this spawn spot.

    Now this is how a conversation would go if mega guilds started taking up chunks of land

    Shizara: You guys are still camping this area? come On! some of us really need to get some items!

    Guild Jobber: heh why should we have to move little missy?

    Shizara: This area doesn't have your name on it!

    Guild jobber: Oh yes it does!

    (guild jobber flashes a land deed at shizara)

    Shizara: Damn it!!
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    This is total Bull *****!!!

    This is total Bull *****!!! OMFG! Here on know as the "pay patch" will totally scew up the game. With this "booster" FunCom can't release Shadowlands on time. This means that SWG will totally own the market come Christmas for all of us kids that play and for adults they will snatch it off the shelf! First layoffs then a new CEO now this. FunCom is going under! BIG-TIME hahaha serves them right!
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    Good News/Bad News

    The good news is that FC is planning to give us what I believe is the most important improvement in AO yet.

    The bad news is much more important. 1) FC has decided to tease us with this news rather than providing any immediate meaningful content like a STORYLINE! 2) Gaute had far to many 'we think' and 'we are working on' and 'we hope it will work like this' type of remarks in his question/non-answer session. So, the darn BOOSTER ISN'T AVAILABLE! IT ISN'T FINISHED! IT ISN'T TESTED! 3) Gosh, if the 'Holiday buying season' doesn't start in September, it is quite possible I will find another hobby.

    "The pen is mightier than the sword."
    [And that is a sad state of affairs for a game called 'Anarchy Online!']

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    I know a lot of people are upset that the booster will cost money, but keep in mind that it costs a lot of money to develop and test major changes. I have some of the same concerns as the others about some of the features of this booster pack, but I think it's worth it. $12.95 really is not very much money when you consider the costs of running the game for everyone (bandwidth, servers, maintenance, etc) and paying the staff to do what they already do - and then you want free major game-changing developments as well? Give Funcom a few credits here. I wouldn't want to pay for every patch, but if it's something really major I don't mind. I certainly would like to see what else is in the booster pack besides towers, though.

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    Thumbs down Re-phrasing costs us money

    [gaute] The defence towers will have Turrets, which behave like GUARDS.
    [gaute] We havent decided if you can have HUMAN FORM on them. I dont want them to move that much, though. That would mean that you could "train" away the defense. I dont want that.

    [Bates] question: how does Funcom justify charging people for a content patch they promised earlyer in the game and will we be charged for other content such as guild housing in the future?

    [gaute] My point is. This is NOT what we promised.

    [gaute] This is something much bigger.

    [gaute] The issues 1.5 years ago (omg, thats a long time) when we talked baout that, were being able to hold strongholds, (attacking GUARDS already placed, and have them change sides.)

    [gaute] I felt that was too limited, and instead of patching out something half-way, we went back to the drawing board."

    Does any1 see he is just saying the same thing? Except the "you have to pay for this type of phrasing" ?

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    Have Fun! And I'll be seeing you online
    jonhelgi, designer - AO"

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    I agree, a little more content would be nice, wouldn't even have to be anything that major, a couch to put in my apartment would be nice, is that asking too much?
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    Here here

    I fully agree that it DOES cost money to maintain and run the servers and etc. And maybe this IS the move that WILL get more ppl involved, and more players comming.

    I do disagree that they are going for "new content" before they fixed the old "content", but hey maybe some of those fixes are IN the bonus pack. Maybe we are all over reacting just a tad bit?

    Think about it, Anarchy:
    Absence of any form of political authority.
    Political disorder and confusion.
    Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.

    And if i remember correctly this game was about getting to lvl 200 first and what SIDE will win.... be it Clan or Omni-Tek, to take control over the planet..... Ok that may be a bit off....but thats how I see it. So I say bring on the bonus packs 1 by bloody 1, But be warned FC if its jacked,hosed,total BS,crap,garbage,unstable then lookout you'll be filing chapter 11.

    PS also in the chat today April the PR rep said there are 150,000 regestered ppl ingame...but thats all she would comment on. But I still think that number is a lil bit off......dont joo?
    We have enough how about a fountain of smart?
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    I think that number is a tad bit colored, but hey she could be right, just because the users are registered doesn't mean they're actually playing, my account was pretty much sitting on the shelf for 4 months while I was playing daoc, ughhh I came back here, so that says a lot about that game.
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    I do not understand what everyone is so scared of? The Rpers should be drooling for this. Until this point we have had nothing to call "our own"

    They give it to us..

    Now you complain because your afraid someone might take it away? pshia! How lazy could you be? I see every day at the end of alot of orginizations name some type of -=name here=- to represent some type of alliance. Are these alliances good for anything else besides false bottoms? Now you may see how strong these alliances are.

    And the balance thing is rather easy, they already have the code for it. You don't believe me?

    Me lvl 10 NT walks in to arena,

    lvl 60 ma "want to duel'?

    me lvl 10 NT, your kidding right..ok noob sure..

    lvl 60 ma "what the (insert obsene word here), I can't attack you"

    me lvl 10 NT, Joo a NOOB, of course you can't attack me you dolt! duh!

    So don't worry your selves over if the code is gonna be ok. its there, it works, it will be ok!

    Now all you rpers (or those who say, think want to be) go make true alliances, go make true treaties, go make true trade routes (some one is gonna have to supply the front lines and yes, oh yes there will be front lines now)

    Those who want peace, well, with out war thats what you got, You have not had to work hard at it, ah too bad, Now you get to work at the peace you have been so wanting (and havn't realized you had it)

    Just think of all the possibilites, and don't worry about what was in the past, Think of it as this way, If the devs actually decided to push Shadowlands so as to compete with SWG and put out another incomplete, broken piece of software don't you just know they would file for help from thier government? (is Norway a socialistic country?) They have the smarts to learn from thier mistakes and realized that Shadowlands is going to be incomplete by the time SWG is released (thier major upcomming competitor) So they do the next best thing, and what do you know? They set another industry standard (or future one).

    Bravo to FC for making the capitalistic desicion to put out something that will be on the shelves less the cost of SWG inticing thier players the ability not to spend $50.00 USD but to only spend what? maybe $20.00USD if that much on a game they already play? Bravo, bout time.

    And to all you "I want the other things you promised fixed first" or the "I wan't my apartment bigger, fatter, and more cluttered!"
    or I wan't my character (insert profession here) to be an uber character just like (insert profession here). Please understand, I am by no means a FC fanboy, (even though it may sound like it) I just can see what this is, why it is happening, and what it will bring. And I have yet to see a negitive side of this, only speculations from armchair designers, coders and buisness managers who couldn't do half the job this dev team has done with what they have, nor could run this game as well. If I am wrong, or you think I am wrong, Prove it! send me your game, let me play it, otherwise get over your selves.

    (ok rant done)
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    Isn't it just a relief when you wake up in the morning and find you didnt wet the bed?!

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    Originally posted by Amado Sinsix Arnall
    And the balance thing is rather easy, they already have the code for it. You don't believe me?

    Me lvl 10 NT walks in to arena,

    lvl 60 ma "want to duel'?

    me lvl 10 NT, your kidding right..ok noob sure..

    lvl 60 ma "what the (insert obsene word here), I can't attack you"

    me lvl 10 NT, Joo a NOOB, of course you can't attack me you dolt! duh!

    Of course, let's try another scenario.

    Me lvl 75 NT walks in to arena,

    lvl 160 ma "want to duel'?

    me lvl 75 NT, your kidding right.. I'm a noob sure..

    lvl 160 ma, bang, 3 crits, you're toasted.

    me lvl 75 nt: Reclaim, my old friend...

    Yep. Real balancing.

    Don't get me wrong: I think that, IF THEY DO IT RIGHT, this will rock. But we'll see, eh?
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    Tower that give skill bonuses, does that mean that clan guilds also finally will get their organizational skill bonuses?

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