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Thread: whats in the next patch

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    Question whats in the next patch

    Well i am wondering what will be in the next patch and when its expected, , i kinda skimmed through the forum, but its just too much of a hassle to find what u are looking for with all these faithfull players posting their thnx to funcom's ever-lasting
    fight to make ao perfect, or atleast thats what they should be posting! And if ur not well then !! any way back to my main question, anyone able to fill me in?
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    Well, regarding 14.6 only Funcom knows what's coming, and they're not even giving hints right now, much less proposed patch change notes. All we do know is that we are getting some kind of outdoor content patch for 14.5. As to when 14.5 is coming out and what kind of content changes it will have is anyone's guess.

    Then again, even when we are given advanced lists of upcoming changes for the next patch, odds are that not all changes listed will actually make it in, and that a large number of unlisted changes will.

    Think of it as christmas at the inlaws. You don't know what you're gonna get but you're pretty sure it's not going to be what you wanted.

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