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Thread: Dante Karall, where are you?

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    Dante Karall, where are you?

    So Dante, whatever happened to you?

    You may may have lost the mayoral elections, but I can't believe we've seen the last of Newland's favourite hellraiser! Waht about the pew-pew lasers? Waht about Mitsy?

    Maybe one of these Friday nights you'll join us for a beer outside Neuters'r Us, where RUR Radio's DJ Rettaman does it show (he usually starts around 9 PM EST *hint* *hint*). Or maybe you'll surprise us somewhere else. But you can't just fade away, can you?

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    While toog is great, i do miss the drunkard myself....
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    Oh yes, Newland is boring without Dante.
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    Heh, we thought he was the best candidate, actually...
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    Yeah, we definitely wanted Karall in the pilot's seat. It would've been very...entertaining to see from our viewpoint. Sadly, a serious guy with an agenda won instead of the womanizing drunk with a money problem. Pity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jujuwalker
    While toog is great, i do miss the drunkard myself....
    And this is any different from the majority of the neutral population? its more a case of finding a neut whos not been on the rollerrat homebrew :P
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    I think tha approperiate response here would be "Dante is excellanté". Ain't seen tha boy down at Neuter's since tha election, though, so where ever tha hell he's gone it ain't here.
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    I'm willing ot bet sleeping off the hangover from the post-eletion party... or the post-post-election party...

    maybe even the post, and post-post parties kinda blended together, and he's sleeping both of them off.

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    While folks like Dante are awesome to drink and party with, they arn't a good choice for leaders.

    Then again, who do we have in office right now? If it wasn't for the council members themselves I would hardly notice he was there...
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