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Thread: OOC new to rp looking for advice.

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    OOC new to rp looking for advice.

    ((Please forgive me if this is the wrong place for this and I will close it if this is so.

    I’m your average rimor loyal omni-tek member, I'm not new to AO but I'm new to RP but I would like to get into it, and I don’t know how, is there any one on rimor that I can talk with and make some connections?

    Thank you in advance. ))
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    (( Feel free to send any questions you have my way, I'd be more then happy to help.))
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    ((Yay! New RPer! Hehe just /tell nrpb !join to get into the Rimor RP channel...get involved whenever you can, dont be shy...))

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    [QUOTE=Tyma] /tell nrpb !join to get into the Rimor RP channel...[QUOTE]

    Do it and instantly be amongst roleplayers
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    ((Welcome! You can contact me on Alossa or Anamelle if you have any questions or just want to RP a bit . Also, Newland News' forum calendar has announcements of our upcoming events (when they're actually upcoming, hehe.) For In Character neutral news you can check ))
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    ((all of the above!))


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