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Thread: Old... but just wondering how many read this

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    Old... but just wondering how many read this

    Lowtax's review of AO. Yes, he was harsh, but I think even AO's developers would say that he was pretty justified at the time. Regardless, it's some pretty funny sheet. Here is a quick snippet:

    Anarchy Online is the story of a Omni-Tek, a giant, megalomaniacal, universe-spanning company that tries to enslave millions of citizens by trapping them in building geometry and erecting invisible forcefields which keep them from ever passing through doors or leaving through the gates of their cities. Since this is "the future," Omni-Tek is able to warp space and time, making their entire city slow down to one frame a second, shrewdly trapping their citizens in and their enemies out. This humongous company is opposed by a large number of non-sentient, semi-permeable rebels who attack their citizens by embedding themselves in walls and punching their enemies from miles away. When Omni-Tek is feeling particularly evil (and their quest generating machines are functioning), they issue "missions" to their citizens, offering cash rewards and fabulous prizes in exchange for fixing one of their 19 million sabotaged radar dishes or highly futuristic computer devices, all of which are transparent globes sitting on a restroom or stocking room floor.
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    that brings back memories i've tried to forget...*shudder*
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    That review sounds scary, im glad I didnt play AO back then.
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    Im glad there are trolls and whiners, gives people something to compare with. Makes the rest of us look better.

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    Well at least their score has gone up to -3.

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    LOL LOL the scary thing is after all that crap im still playing.


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