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    ((OOC: I've revived my Agent Zerofactor, starting all over, and this time I think I'll involve him with the storyline a bit))

    Two years have passed since he had seen any action. In fact, Jack hadn't even left his apartment, other than to get the occassional cup of coffee or food supplement. Backyard Four had become the only place Jack ever really layed his eyes on. Oblivious to the ongoing war against the Aliens, he was content with his life as a secluded, retired Agent. Long ago had he lost his edge, his weapons far beyond use and armor so ragged one would consider recycling it for something more usefull.

    Jack stared out of his tiny apartment window, watching Soldiers, Adventurers and even a few other Agents go about their everyday life, pondering to himself, wondering if he could possibly face Rubika again. He even wondered if anyone would remember his betrayal. Joining the ranks of the Omnitek Employees wasn't something his fellow Clan members took lightly. It's not like he enjoyed it, for the short amount of time that he worked with them, but it was something he couldn't bare to deal with, while performing his everyday tasks.

    Jack set his mind straight. Two years had been long enough, he washed his face, shaved his beard, stripped himself down to his basic clothing and put on the only coat in his closet that didn't look like death. As he stumbled through his apartment door, and down the stairs, he noticed a discarded Solar Rifle, thrown away by a random passer-by who had most likely found something better. Jack cocked the rifle as he stepped outside of the Backyard door, staring Rubika in the face once again.
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    ((Welcome back to Rubi Ka!))

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    ((Thanks! I'll be adding to this, so if anyone else wants to join in they can. I really want to get back into this RP scene, but it's even more fun when other people are involved :P))
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