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Thread: The new PvP 'Balance'

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    The new PvP 'Balance'

    Well, it finally dawned on all casters...especially the NT, something that was quite obvious beforehand...

    If you half the damage output per nano unit, no NT will be able to kill any Player even near his level, even if that other player just stands there and sucks it up.

    Was this unexpected? not really, If you participated in PVP before 13 as an NT, and did not experience the Over QL Burst, FA Fling death (I invested extensively in he 'broken' evade range skill)
    You would drain practicaly your whole mana pool before being able to finish of an oponent.
    Furthermore, if taking the weakneses of the NT in account, you Will have to spend nano on other things than damage as well, roots, blinds, the ellusive shiel, etc....

    Half damage destroyed any chance of ever participating....

    as a class, the NT had it's distinct advantages, couple with distinct disadvantages

    * We are not able to withstand much damage :
    - Health does not come in abundance to te NT
    - We are not able to equip Tank armor or Battlesuit
    - Since our armor is Int restricted, for which no Profesional Buffs exist, you will not be able to equip high grade armor, this compared to Str/Stam armor, the difference is extreme!.
    - Evade skills are expensive for NT
    * Our damage output is limited by our mana pool, we have a limited resource to work with here, If you run out of coins, the game is over for you!
    * We fumble during casting
    * If the opponent is willing to invest in Nano resist, spells will be resisted, and roots will not last...
    * the NT has to have the proper skill to cast his spell at time of casting, No gimping into QL 60 above level spells for us, and we are voulnerable to depravation of our skills!!
    *higher level spells do not do more damage per Nano Unit, they just allow you to do it faster (and drain your pool faster right along with it...)
    * high damage weapons are not an option, Ip doesnt allow it, and they break roots
    * Spells Dont have Criticals, what you see is what you get!

    This was countered by the fact that
    * we had Roots to keep Melee opponents away from us
    * we had a Consistent flexible damage output, if you used your resources right
    * with the proper buffs we had good range

    What was so horribly wrong with this balance? that our range had to be caped, and our total damage output reduced to a point that other characters became mathematicaly unkillable, and I'm not talking just enforcers here!!!

    One more thing, if I havent depleted your attention span just yet

    I posted about this on 3 different occasions, providing calculations etc before the patch went live, but nobody seemed to care, so don't hold your breaths for them to care now

    the only reason I still post here is because I still care about this game, I have friends here, I have invested precious time in builing up my character, But although I'm not a PvP God, PvP was a main point of attraction in AO..the ability to square of against a human opponent, a battle that can go either way...

    Now I am excluded from that, and that frustrates me to the point of anger, what frustrates me even more is that I saw numerous other people trying to address these issues on the boards before this went live, and they were just plainly ignored...

    Professionaly I participated in rolouts of hardware and software to larger groups of people than the AO playerbase, and what I see here is a no brain fire-fighting approach, while totaly ignoring you customer base and any attempt at constructive critisism.



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    Unhappy Totaly agree!

    I totaly agree with ur post.
    And the same way the have screwed NT's, they have screwed doc's that wanted to use theyr profession abilities to PvP with.
    I'm talking about dot's and nuke, that i'm after 13.0 are not able to kill anyone with, i can't even refrech them bec i'm out of nano.
    And my intention by making a doc was to go into PvP when my dot's got strong enough, not many doc's PvP and now i can't see any point for me to do it anymore.

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    Temporis I agree with you also. I have been the victim of the ranged NT attacks. Didn't like it but learned from it. I generally don't like trips to reclaim.

    But I don't believe now, then or ever that nerfing is the answer. For me the solution was learn. Recon before entering MMD etc. Sneak up on yo butt. etcetera.... Adapt to the abilities of my opponent and seek other answers on ways to beat them. I do this instead of whining nerf, nerf, nef, ne...........

    Frodus you can PvP well. Use a weapon. Team with your friends and heal them then you'll all own.. Ask FC to institute a reward system for PvP while teamed. Can you and should you be a good front line "soldier"? I for one don't think so. You aren't a soldierl; you're a doc.

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    Then again...i'm a doc with dot's and nukes as my fighting abilities. Tell that NT that now he has to start using a nova or sunburst or whatever to PvP with....

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    And btw i'm not asking for the ability to goe toe on toe with an soldier, anforcer or MA or other figting professions. I'm asking for the ability to use tactic as an NT has to, be able to sneek up on ppl and cast my dot's from range and try get away before they can get me. I wan't my dot's to be able to kill someone again, now my dot's at my lvl do only 3025 dmg and with the ability of a non healingclas to hit firstaid 3 (3 x627) times during the time they tick they only do like 1143 dmg :-(. And if the guy i casted my dot's on don't attack me he will for sure take no dmg bec then he can sitt down and use medkits too, since dot's and nukes don't initiate combat.

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    In the battle at MMD on Saturday night I saw a tactic that I thought worked well. The NT was low 40's and was an Atrox. He was using a hammer. He used nanos that were way below what I was using, I suppose he sacrificed the buffing and IP in nano for the ability to basically be an enforcer with nukes.

    It is sad that the primary way of training a character is so lame. It is sad that were have to find alternatives to training in what should be the best way for each profession.

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