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Thread: Are We (NT) gonna pay for our patch?

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    Couldnt fixers have fixed themselves? N/m, no one has that high skill level except FC.

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    10000 in

    30000 nerfing
    30000 prof fixing
    30000 bug termination
    50000 2H nerf
    -100000000000 relase patch notes.
    5000 nerf.dmg
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    Im glad there are trolls and whiners, gives people something to compare with. Makes the rest of us look better.

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    Originally posted by Infamine
    ./me looks at Gunn
    ./me wonders how many gimps are out here
    ./me talk with an 18X Atrox NT that tells me NT arent gimped
    ./me knows how many NT are gimped because of the guys who try to play them
    HomoNano NTs are the most gimped... Most NTs are homonano because FC sort of tricked uss to think that it was the bets choise. You cant ask an Atrox NT if the whole profession is gimped. If you think about it, when the breed that is supposed to suck most at a profession is a better choise then the one that is supposed to be best... sort of says gimpygimpy all on its own.

    /me talked with a Soldier lvl 175 that said he wasnt gimped, that doesnt meen its true you know.

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    Originally posted by Infamine
    ./me looks at Gunn
    ./me wonders how many gimps are out here
    ./me talk with an 18X Atrox NT that tells me NT arent gimped
    ./me knows how many NT are gimped because of the guys who try to play them

    Oh, is that so? I reached Novice with my NT, then I commited kamikaze assaults to get rid of it, cause all the title does is to make you a wanted target. So tell me, just becuase we can get titles, does that tell the NT is not gimped in PvP? Solds got lots of titles. And I know an eng with novice, does that make the eng a good prof?

    NT is extremely gimped in PvP duels 1 vs 1, thats beyond doubt.

    Just becuase gunn got experienced title, it doesnt make the NT a good prof, I bet alot that gunn is a very good player, and would have done alot better with another prof, same with me, im now playing other profs, and it IS other profs that are far better in pvp than the NT.

    The Trader, doc, enf, fixer, soldier, crat, MA, adv and the agent is better in PvP, I have tried many of them, some of them, not, but the fight against some of them have been very unbalanced. Not so sure about MP, but they kill an NT hands down. Eng is prolly the worst pvp prof out there.

    Much of this is because of 100% heals, im aware that hurts the soldier too.

    Anyway, FC has promised the NTs a patch in 14.6-8. Yes, they have stated that many times. So its a lost cause to try to fight that... it will happen, so I guess solds will be after that, then engs.
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    Originally posted by Saruzi
    The wonder of NT PvM:
    Calm (Countered), Nuke (Fumbled),Calm (Countered), Calm (Countered), Calm (Countered), Calm (Sucessful), Nuke, Nuke (Countered),Calm, Clam calm calm calm calm calm calm. You died of weapon damage.

    PvP: Do I even have to bring this up?
    Aside from the fact that NTs have a very high NR on their calms, calming mobs like "Veteran Functionaries" or similar will be tough cause they have higher NR than say "Veteran Bodyguard". I never have probs calming a "Veteran Bodyguard" type mob, but I don't bother trying it on the "Veteran Functionary" type mobs...they resist too much....easier to smack them.

    PvP? I'm here to tell you that we aren't total gimps in PvP. It is discouraging in the early parts of a fight to be nuking and nuking and not see the opponents HP bar drop, but don't let that stop you. The last three arena fights I was in:

    126 NT (me) vs 130 Soldier. Winner: me
    129 NT (me) vs 113 Fixxer. Winner: draw...we killed each other.
    129 NT (me) vs 154 Enforcer. Winner: the enf, but it took him awhile.

    Go look in the NT prof forum..
    .: Naraya :.

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    Garzu and Yme i agree NT are gimped but they are as gimped as soldiers atm !
    We ruled pvp at the launch till people start whining and FC nerf the hell outta BOTH professions !
    > one NT could kill 12 people no problem (recall some Aces camp fight at the very begining ?)
    > one Soldier could kill 12+ people which some tactics ( recall Destrux in 2hO ?)

    Next love patch should be for BOTH NT and Soldiers, since they the only class that been nerfed from the start without having FC showing any love to either IMO.
    I will bump any threads asking for a love patch for both, not just only for one. Gunn example was just meant to show that all NT dont suck ass, you know it, i know it. I just want some love to my 2 fav professions.

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    I've really gotta be more clear on what I say. But often enough there are odd strings of chain counters on anything. You can't really afford that. Sure, then there sthe supposed 3% fumble rate which is definately a lot higher. Some people have noticed that switching the type of nuke used in mid-battle also results in a fumble. Of course, did I mention when the mob decides to hide behind something and hit you anyways? THeres that common ocassion when you see the mob, hit the nuke, and nothing happens. All our fast nukes are gimped due to server lag issues even in a low lag environment. And we all love the fact we get countered a lot more by green and grey mobs than red ones. This isn't all my experience though I have had a good taste in it. All the areguements against my little joke there was obviously pointing at a worse case secnario, of course I get some numbers thrown in my face and an empty flame with no point to it.

    Don't really care much right now, the NTs get the next love patch.
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    Re: How about?

    Originally posted by Frakk2000
    *coughs* soldier?

    (And since when did NT's become broken anyways? Calm, nuke, calm, nuke, calm, nuke.. More than my "broken" soldier can do

    You must not have ever played an NT! They have been broke from day one, Unlike your class here whice has been broke by FC's chice in patches and nerfs. Nt's need some major love by the devs, and always have.

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    The main problem is our nukes dont do enough damage, to me having to rely on my alpha strike is not cool

    if i only use nukes in pvp any healing class can kinda sit there and heal themselves up without getting any real damage on them

    in pvp you can do like, 500-1100 damage on nukes in about 10 seconds, even the worst healing class wouldnt have much of a problem taking that kinda damage

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