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Thread: The Story and Events

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    The movie...zzzzzzzzzz
    the book.... Yeah, right

    The game..GLAD YOU ASKED!!!!!!
    The movie and the book aren't important, IMHO. I can read/watch them even if Im not playing the game...GIVE ME IN GAME CONTENT!!!!
    I bragged about this game when it first came out to my friends that THIS game has a that an average player can far, NOT TRUE.
    I understand that it may not be possible for every player to change the storyline, but if myself and a handful of Clanners attacked Omni-1 one night, that should alter Mr. Ross' view of the current situation....

    The storyline is interesting, but it really isnt an in game storyline...I want to be able to know what is going on without having to visit the AO website. I want the story to alter the environment I play in......and vice versa

    perhaps a channel on the chat log that streams info on the current game situation..(kinda like the news ticker for CNN and ESPN) Player wouldnt be able to talk on it..just streaming info on in game situations
    (hmmmmmm TAG news ticker, Omni Entertainment Newsticker Nothing for neutrals, they could listen to the other two and find out whats up)
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    Ok, here comes feedback No 101.
    Nothing new will come from my words, but I´d like to stress some ideas that has been mentioned by others.

    The story:
    Well, I´d say it´s Ok. I´m not gripped by it the way I want to. Not that it is a bad story, but I can´t really see the story "happening" in the game. This has been mentioned in many posts here but as I said, I´ll repeat what others had said.
    I started playing this game a few weeks ago. The 7-day trial was a too good offer to refuse.
    Now I have been running around in RK1, mostly in Omni-tek. I´ve been doing solomissions mostly ( a doc can handle those things alone) but I´ve also played with a few RL-friends. Both ways are great fun.
    BUT.... I can see that I WILL get bored in a few months if I can not see:

    A. That what I do in missions and suchlike actually affects the world in some sense.

    B. That events and news comes to me when I´m playing. Not by logging in to a website.

    C. I cannot find another way to join a guild in any other way than by hearing it mentioned by a friend or by co-incendetally running into someone.

    So the ideas mentioned here, online newspapers, bulletin boards, newstickers, radio channels a s o are GREAT ideas. Because as long as no/few events take place when we europeans are online, and when I start to get the feeling that AO actually is nothing more than a beautiful scenery around small huts with huge interiors where mad mutants lives, I will eventually get bored.

    So for example, the "mad bomber missions" seems to be quite a frequent one. So why not have some newsticker saying something like "thanks to the efforts by our trusty employees the wave of mad bombers (as there wever was a sane bomber) has been stopped" when enough missions of that type has been succesfully made. And then those missions are less frequent in the mission booths for a while

    Just something that shows us lowlevel players that there IS something larger, bigger and better waiting for us if we only stay in RK and do our job for whatever side we have chosen.
    Right now I only think that there is. And if I eventually find out that nothing more will happen than just mission and the odd late night event, well.....I guess I´ll be back to CS or WW2.

    The idea of participating in something "larger than life" was what made me dl the game in the first place.

    My two pence

    /Ms Bliss

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    Arrow Storyline, keep it going and expand or we will fade..

    I really think this is one of the reasons that I enjoy this game.
    And the reason It might die.

    But the storyline is sadly a bit parted from the players.
    I will go on in a sec.

    YES please struggle do what ever you can sacrifice something get a new man working on videos or employ your old guy.
    Hey the videos was poor I really think they wasn´t all that all the time. BUT there was always that flash of brilliance in them a sec when you could see something was beeing told.
    This was a greate way to get a hang of the storyline.
    Please, please give us more of them.

    Yes It is a great Idea, I read alot but well, I want the videos a whole lot more.

    The Ingame storyline
    This is greate one could feel it is there, somewhere areound, elusive.
    I uderstand why there arn´t possible to keep it going in a big spectacular way but just the little things help alot let me give you a example.

    I have grown VERY fond of this game and spend just about every free hour ingame or att webbpages of this game. So far this results in about 9h minimum ingame everyday and a few on the webb, [yes I don´t have to many classes at college right now]
    I have been playing this game for little over 2months now.
    And there is about 2 GM events I have been affected by so far.

    The first one was the Dust attack on HQ/Trade this one I got to about 5minutes late and was told of it trough a guildmate.
    This effected me becous I could walk around talking to characters InCharacter about the happening and discuss strategies and well when everyone realised the attack was over one could still bring it up later on. So this effected my char.
    So I woudn´t be able to be a part of this hadn´t it been for the cooperation of friends, guilds.

    The Second one happened a fe days back when I just logged on in a dark corner in omni ent. and what do I see, a collum of 4 obviosly GM´s in character = green full names.
    Commander scarney O´Brian
    Corpral Liran Eberling
    Corpral Maxias Schieffer
    Captain Ryhr Cavasos
    accompanied by a trail of players many off them NOT roleplayers.
    like "Mobiltelefon" who kept screeming very "off" things [his name btw meens cellphone in swedish ].
    While noticing that none of them ansered anyones sreams "what are you doing" and things like that I did what many others did just walked along.
    When they got to OmniHQ the silence was broken and while Commander scareny gave his troops orders people started following the different GM´s (or where they ARK´s event section) as they patrolled HQ. now they answered shortly and to the point if one adressed them properly. This way one could get some info that this was absolutely not anything to worry about and that one should report anything unusuall to the commander.
    So one kept an eye open at the surroundings.
    [During this I had sent the word to my guild]
    And finally they all left via the grid or just walked into sertain houses. (not possible to accompany them)
    This was for me not a very big event.. but it clearly demonstrates the second and first way one can get into events.
    Pure Dumb Luck or as I sent out the happening to my guild friends cooperation.

    SO to me there is 2 ways to get into a official event.


    Pure dumb luck

    After the troopers left in the second event I got in on (and during btw) a little InCharacter talk with the present RSGE 9 troops and the attendant guild member hwo finally showed up.
    That cind of makes my second point I may have been to only 2 official events But I have been to countless Player events postend and unposted also I have hosted a few events my self.
    That is If there is a will there is a way and currently the way of roleplaying events is trough other players since FunCom and the ARK´s shine with it´s lack of theese.
    There should be otherways then Luck to get to be a part of Official Events!

    You have to be the change you wish to see

    player off:

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    I am a relative newbie to AO. I played Asheron's Call for over 2 years before I got tired of the neverending cycles of levelling and flavor-of-the-month rerolls. I am not a powergamer/powerleveller, I play for fun. What kept me interested in AC for so long was the dynamic story and the everchanging world...all available IN game. I could read about what happened to the world on a website, but I could find out just as much ingame by talking to a town cryer or the local tavern keeper. And if something chatastrophic happened in the storyline, the world changed to match it...on ALL servers!

    Anarchy is a different type of story. It is rich in substance, but only available outside the game. It would be nice if there were news kiosks so I could buy access to the local happenings in Tir or see what the foul Omni scum were up to now. Another cool feature would be to have NPC's set up to give out information...if you prove yourself to them (another quest idea). These don't have to be static quests that get camped but seemingly useless items (that mission terminals often spit out) that need to be returned for more in-depth information.

    Another idea would be to have general NPC "citizens" that would help flesh out the world. Some local color in the back alleys and out of the way locales would be fantastic. I would love to be able to get an idea of what the "common" citizen of Rubi-Ka feels about what is going on between the Clans and Omni Tek. Add text to the greetings that the human NPC salespeople use when you shop from them

    Rubi-Ka needs that supension of belief factor so I can really feel part of the world! It would add dramatically to an already feature filled game. The added depth to the background tapestry would help out immensely!
    Milford "Cordale" Neblett
    Meta-Physicist Extraordinaire

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    As a relative newbie, I can say that I have enjoyed what I have seen of the story in the *videos*, and that I SORELY MISS this aspect in-game. I have not seen ONE thing having to do with the story yet. I would greatly appreciate this aspect being heightened.

    well I DO hope you actually get a chance to wade thru all of this.


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    Story Events

    Well, this was fun, "Giant monster attacking city XYZ" Cool everyone races over just in time for the entire server to crash.

    I have an idea, instaed of events, just crash the server, lock out our characters with the "already logged on" message and then when we can log on, our character can be in "area unknown" and the game will lock our computer so we can't finish the log on process of our character.

    Wait... that is already what happens. How about no more story events until you can keep your servers from crashing us to hell and back, all the time??!!

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    It happens

    Wow, there really are smaller events taking place in the game.

    I've just had the best night in this game since I started! Dodgy drug deals, omni gaurds attacking me for taking part, them running when I returned fire....

    Great stuff Funcom, as long as I hear of this kind of thing happening I'll be happy. Still want my illigal stims though, if only those gaurds hadn't intervened so soon.....


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    Unhappy Missing the Videos

    Originally posted by onomastikon

    As a relative newbie, I can say that I have enjoyed what I have seen of the story in the *videos*, and that I SORELY MISS this aspect in-game. I have not seen ONE thing having to do with the story yet. I would greatly appreciate this aspect being heightened.

    well I DO hope you actually get a chance to wade thru all of this.

    I miss them too.
    They made me feel much more apart of the game.

    Playin' since Day 1

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    If a lot of people think that their individual actions are ever going to have any affect on the over all story arc then I think they're going to be very disappointed. The over all story is that of a war, ask yourself, in any war when has a single soldier ever truely made a difference? The answer is never. In no war, let alone one that is consuming an entire planet, has one soldier more or less made the difference.

    However where it would be really nice to see some impact is on the more small scale things. Yeah maybe overall my little clan enforcer doesn't mean jack nor squat but I'd like to see some small battles or maybe some horrible experiements, or some such where my character COULD make a difference.

    If what you're aiming for is to drastically alter the entire flow of the over all story in a mmorpg then I'm afraid you're going to have to look at some other medium. A mmorpg just isn't set up to deal with that. No character can be the center point. However I think Funcom could do a very good job of making a player feel as if they're altering some small minor events that, yeah probably mean nothing on the large scale but will mean something to that player because they know that the reason that small little building in the middle of no where is now a crater is because of them.
    Oren "Ironheel" Fadri
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    Smile Yet more feedback...

    I too, would like to add my name to the list of people of RK2 that would like to see more events - it's happening - but slowly...

    More quests, as opposed to missions, would also help. Go here, get this, kill that, come back... get's old quick.

    The variety of non mission activities is pretty bad too. Bar or store. How bout an amusement park? Tours of the outlying areas led by Guides might be fun too, show off the things that most people never go see (area Y, the face, the War Academy, bronto factories, etc...) maybe you could have grid tours? hop people right to the areas? Oh, and the elevators to the high dive in Lush Resort should work, dammit.

    On an unrelated note, how bout if the resort actually worked? Allow people to be assigned a room for a period of time for a fee. It could allow for mission objectives to be meet someone in room XXX of Lush resort at 16:00 hours... have an NPC meet you there for more info. or maybe assasinate someone in room XXX...

    The movies are cool, the mouth animations are a bit off... ( I know some out of work animators if you need some...) they would relate better if there was more in game connection... mobilize those guilds! they're out there waiting...

    All in all, great effort! Keep it up...
    Lvl 70 NT

    Information Retrieval
    "We know what you're doing"

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    the movies are good, the first two chapters of the book were OK but I hear the others get better, but I have stopped reading the news articles you put into the game. Why? Because they are all the same thing, "Phillip ross speaks out against the dustbrigade" "clan attack on 2ho" "another attack on some city that does nothing for the game itself". C'mon, put something in that is partially RP and also RL, like that unused whompa in omni-ent, anounce that the terraforming of that zone is nearing completion, anounce that omni-tek is considering redesigning some of their buildings (this game is really getting to look like a cut-and-paste job with so many buildings looking the same, please add at least a kite stuck in a tree somewhere in omni forest to give it some variety). Put something in that will affect the player, I dont care what a non-existant computer simulation says about something, I care about what is going to happen in my own backyard, I want to hear about something that is a change, not a simple idea which will go nowhere. You can even use those things to anounce when Heads & Tails finally opens.

    I used to read all the little reports when logging in but no longer care, I can guess what the entire article is before the webpage loads. Please put something of interest into these, everything that is mentioned is also so small, the last big thing I heard of was the cyborg attack on HQ which went into the story because it led to arguments between omni and clan, well more arguments that is. I really dont care about mutant rollerrats in a city I never visit, I dont care about some creature wandering into a city which guards take care of in five min, I care about the after-effect of the entire thing. If a giant gas cloud forms over Tir and kills half the people there that would be an OK article, if it is from omni powerplants and leads to the Sol banking corp or whatever investigating the entire matter then it is a good article. If it leads to the banking corp puting peacekeepers into every city to make sure no one fights at all then it is a GREAT article, as long as the peacekeepers actually are there and do something (they will keep guards from attacking players from the other side or faction). So, please do more then type a few words on a document and hit save, put it into the game and let it develop into a huge conflict.

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    Recent events

    Recent events are just crap. I don't bother reading about them anymore either. Seems most of these so called 'story' elements are thrown out there by players and not the people behind the story at all.

    Some crap about some group of Clanners or Employees taking matters into their own hands. Some employees making up a holiday. I guess it's better than the nothing that FunCom is giving us. But, it's like reading a Star Wars novel that is not written by George Lucas but instead by my neighbor down the street. Sure, it might be interesting and a good read, but it just doesn't matter.

    I want stuff that involves my characters. The changes in suppression gas affect my characters. The ...


    ... well, that's about all that's happened, ever.

    We got no story to lead into Smuggler's Den introduction, unless it has something to do with the Dust Brigade. We got nothing regarding why Camelot was suddenly available. At least the Pumpkin Heads will be remembered as hallowing the arrival of the first dungeon.

    I'm sick of the bickering between peon guilds on either side of the name-calling fence being the impetus behind the story. That junk may be satisfying to the people who do it. But, it's downright 100% boring to 98% of the playerbase. I could give a flying fart about some guild somewhere who infiltrated some place somewhere to 'rescue' some hostage. Who gives a damn besides them? Not me and not the other 58,000 people who pay for and play the game.

    How about the people who know how to tell a story actually get to work and do it? How about the game 'feels' different to me in May vs. April because something is actually happening on the planet? How about credits get tight? How about monsters start inhabiting missions instead of one after the next after the next humanoids?

    Where is Elena, Joshua, Ross, Radiman, Silverstone, Portman? Where is anybody who actually matters in the story? These people have histories and agendas. These people interest me. Not "Gerald 'Kingstoba' Pauly" the lvl 186 Martial Artist. Where are the movers and shakers?

    Bring them Back!!!

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    I just took another look at the "dust to dust" video...
    And in the first part, in the credits a background image of JOBE is passing by... is this in the game ?!? if not WHY is it in the Video ?!?

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    Originally posted by pheonixmoonfire
    The game..GLAD YOU ASKED!!!!!!
    The movie and the book aren't important, IMHO. I can read/watch them even if Im not playing the game...GIVE ME IN GAME CONTENT!!!!
    I thought I was the only one....I started a thread about this and people started flaming in defense. I was like 'what'??? There does need to be smaller things we can do.


    -Create sub-plots that directly involve guilds together or against each other maybe.

    -Missions to go kill someone from the opposite side, in a city or something (NPC)....that is the only goal of the mission...and make it HARD.

    -Other ways to get news...IMMERSION is important!

    -How about making some ingame things happen without everyone finding out, and not always at peak hours maybe????
    Also ingame video of these events so everyone can see what actually happened that missed it (I actually don't need to be there, but I'd like to get the whole story)

    -FIX THE CAMPING ISSUE ALREADY (unique items). There are so many posts about this it is rediculous. What's even more rediculous is how every one of them is getting ignored.

    -multi-sequence missions...make us go here, get that, do this, do that. "Go here and kill" is getting old boyz.

    I came into the game with such a different impression of what the plot was gonna be about. I thought that our actions would possibly affect some type of balance in an ongoing war. Even if all the guilds on one side got together and invaded the other side and totally smashed all the guards, what would it do...not a thing.

    How about each profession having to go through it's own trials of adulthood? I'm not talking about "titles". But something where each profession has a pilgrimage to go somewhere or something. Maybe an item that they put together through their leveling that grows and gives them power or unlocks some form of knowledge. Or a mission that is in their extra mission slots that can only be done alone, and that you grow to be able to do, until your next personal mission.

    My point being, a Role Playing Game, by most standards has alot of content. There's tons for you to do. I know it is hard to implement things and keep the balance that is there, but at the same time, I don't think alot of possibilities have been explored.

    Give me content, you know some other game designers are reading this....
    "Your village called...their idiot is missing"

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    Unhappy Stiry Line ?

    Huum Ilive on RK2 and play Neutral .. haven´t even noticed ther is a story line... no one ever mentiones it . not even my Clan and/or OT friends...

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    Heres an idea:
    Make an in-game media source. You could watch clips of what happened whenever you want, and get a dialog of whats going on. If you guys don't think you can put in a 5-10 min movie thats fine, you can just put in screenshots of the main events and have part of the battle on the website in a movie form. I wish I could see the cyborgs attacking omni-HQ, but I crashed when I zoned over. I would love to see a few shots taken by GMs while playing the game, and a short movie that gets a great picture of the battlefield would top everything else I have EVER seen.
    -and the point of view will need to move in the movie to get a really good recording of it, health bars should also appear over every chars head, it would be much eisier to see who is winning and by how much.

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    Good idea Maxtor

    I think this is what we need, is an in game web browser.

    The browser can be accessed from a portable computer terminal you have to buy, or at other public locations.

    The browser has access to a special intranet created by funcom only for AO, that is only accessible from in the game. No more checking the AO site before you log into the game, instead you log into the game, & check the news. Of course, this could lead to all sorts of cool things. In game stats of other players, a guild page for your guild to post events & news, You could get notifications of things happening roght now in game, hey have a way to summon guild members for a battle, etc etc. Heck, you could search for people offering buffs, shop for items (if you get something good you can tag it for sale) OK, enough examples, it would just be cool.

    It just makes sense that 3000 years from now everyone should have a PDA with instant access to all sorts of info. Otherwise, what sort of back water planet is Rubi-Ka?

    Edit LOL, right after posting this I found this in the notes for the expansion

    Solberg also told us that changes are afoot in Rubi-Ka whether you buy the expansion pack or not. During the next few months, you can expect patches to enhance Anarchy Online’s functionality and ease of use by implementing a new in-game tutorial and help system, a personal digital assistant , and changes to the character-creation process. Future patches will also see the introduction of multi-level dungeons, an innovation that AO supporters have been demanding for months.
    Yay Funcom!!!
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    Well, also could I get someone to wax my Yalm?

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    I don't know if some as been said about this subject because i don't want to read all thos posts, but i can reply to something many people seem to question FC about.

    You don't need to be in a guild to take part in the story, nor do you need to subscribe, and FC employees will less than likely contact you individually for an event, even if your guild counts 500 members.

    Being in a guild makes it easier, it's true, but then again, your leader must be online and watching the leader's channel to know what is going on within your faction. Everytime there is the slightiest chance of something going on, someone will report it on the leader's channel, and then it's up to each leader to relay the information to his/her member.

    If you are not in a guild, or if you are but your leader is not online or busy not watching the leader's channel, keep an eye on the OOC and Shopping channel of your zone. Those are the only way to be aware of anything, unless you have an extended contact network spanning all over Rubi-Ka.

    Just don't wait for GMs to contact you because I doubt they will.
    Also setting up your own events with your guild and allied guild may get you noticed.

    Hope this helps.

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    Ive read a lot of the posts there and they all say roughly the same thing...more ingame story.

    As it is now (and speaking as a RK2 player) there is NO story, so far ive been playing from july - december and feb-now and i have seen....3 "events". One in borealis a LONG time ago when a few soldiers were looking for illegal stims, one in MMD which just ended with the clans in the 25% area and the omni stayin out of range. The last one i took part in was a shambles to say the least. We were told co ordinates to goto in EFP so off we went. We cleared the first spawn of guards no problem, then waited....for nothing but the next spawn to show up and slaughter half of us. Not fun, everyone just gave up as it looked as if the event was a dud.

    There are a couple of real problems with the events thus far.

    They are few and far between, they occur once in a blue moon and have little or no meaning (3 events in 9 months is a little poor, if the events took days to complete it would be forgivable though)

    They are poorly run, giving 50 clanners co-ordinates in efp and no more information is FAR too vague. There needs to be multiple NPC's and GM's involved.

    They are unpredictable, you gave us a player event calender, how about a proper event calender. It's no use going, oh how about an event now then 3 people show up. Prior notice or even just hints will ensure more participation, more people will know when there is an event and will be ready for it.

    Events are too short, an event centered in one area will take an hour at most to complete. How about mobs that move about the entirity of rubi-ka that must be hunted or items gathered to stop it. How about chaining multiple dungeons into an event, an item must be gained from a boss or npc in special dungeons. How about storms that destroy cities and must be researched or something.

    Diversity, the game is not built purely for pvp, it is not the central aspect, let us search for things, discover things, build things not just goto xyz kill "name".

    There is a lot left to be desired about the events right now, a rethinking needs to be done, in game story needs to come first and foremost, we do not pay to read books or watch movies that others that do not play the game can do. Yes, the movies and books are nice, but they are a waste of resources that cannot afford to be wasted.

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    Exclamation Possible in-game event idea

    Maybe this is just a pie in the sky idea that probably is too difficult to set up, but I think some very large events that can span several days that involves several professions could help the in-game storyline.

    The idea would be something like taking over an outpost or something that would require some things like crats getting able to get a hold of plans, bombs that can be built only by Engineers, snuck into an outpost by Agents and exploded only by fixers. The Enforcers and Soldiers leading the get the picture.

    These things would help characters use their professions more in the event. In my experiences with other ORPGs, events always degenerate into simple hack and slash. This is a problem for the professions that aren't designed for this. But giving different roles to play in the event would encourage more interaction and help level the playing field. Since it would span several days, everyone would have a chance to participate no matter what time zone you live in. Plus the taking of an outpost or something (not a city because that would be too great of a change in the ongoing game playing) would be significant enough for people to want to get involved.

    Anyhow, this is just an idea I thought of that could be fun. What do you think?

    Clan Lvl 42 Engineer on RK2

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