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Thread: The Story and Events

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    Loved the book, which really surprised me. Fiction based on game universes 100% consistently sucks. This was actually fairly good science fiction.

    Mostly can't stand the movies. The actress who's providing the voice of Elena Oak should be shredded, dehydrated, reconstituted, and fed to wolverines -- unless she's trying to make Elena sound like a mental defective. I also find it incomprehensible that someone could get in trouble for selling weapons in Tir, when in game half the economy consists of selling weapons. And to pick a nit, did anybody besides me notice, in the chess game, that the pieces moved before the move description was complete? Bad animators. No biscuit.

    In software, I wish to high heck that you'd update the misssion texts to reflect the last months' worth of politics in the storyline. What's his name of the Sentinels non-stop rants about driving the Omnis off the planet should now make him as thoroughly persona-non-grata with the Council as Portman, but it's still there on the header of about 5% of the job offerings. Also, in the storyline "Boss" Ross is talking all conciliatory, but in the mission briefing header he wrote, it's all catalog of grievances and why Omni should never negotiate. VERY inconsistent.

    I also find it amazing that in 75% combat zones, despite the cease-fire, NPCs from other factions are open season. During missions, that makes sense; when you're sent into a mission, you're not blazing away at the other side, you're blazing away at saboteurs or thieves or whatever. But just walking along the road from Inquisitive Wasp to Tir? Or selling Bronto-Burgers outside Galway Castle?

    The programmer in me understands it: to the software, mobs is mobs, and animals are just neutral mobs, and cyborgs and mutants are just neutral mobs with higher than average aggro. But as a role-player, it's bothered me since the first day I was on.

    I've only made it to one in-game event, one of the faction-leader press conferences. Unfortunately, none of the people speaking seemed to know the slightest thing about the storyline (or politics, or public speaking in general), so the quality of their role-playing was so awful that I left after 20 minutes. But other than the fact that so much of the story background is only available in a separate $30 hardback, very little of that is Funcom's fault.

    So all in all, a mixed review, propped up by the book. But I'm willing to be a little more patient; sci-fi series usually suck in their first season.

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    Good ideas

    Movies- My honest Opinion. They could look a little better, and the voice acting was 50/50. I have never seen any affect they had on the real-world as of yet. If you make any more movies, I'd like to see some headline events and less mysterious behind the scenes.
    Book- Haven't read it much, but good enough so far.

    The only other MMORPG I've ever played was Ultima Online. One server I was on caputrued me and mdae it so addictive I never left for more than a minute until I feel asleep at the keyboard. The key was involvment. I had a knight, not too famous didn't do much, as many players are. Then I had a blacksmith and people searched for him, he built stuff and sold it out from his house which he placed out by a mine. Currently here in AO, I don't see or hear many people saying, " Have you seen 'NAME HERE' I heard he makes really good ql items and lives out here." Someone mentioned a publishing industry, thatd be neat. PLayers making an economy. Players needing players not just to twink, but to form an industry. Players could spread rumors and make people fear the reporters once again.
    My ideas are:
    -More invovlment needed on BOTH servers.
    -Get rid of the fricken' Amnesty and lets have all out war!!! I wanna join the army and command fellow Omni/Clan mebers and march triumphantly into Omni-1/Tir on V-Day
    -More Crafts. I'd like to see more people making items rather than mission camping. Some may not agree, I can see why.
    -More pasttimes. When we don't feel like killing, our other option is to dance n' drink. Choices...choices. Maybe Omni Tek could host a company picnic with a Capture the Flag game. Bring the kids.
    I've got a few more ideas, but I wouln't trouble you all.

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    For now the only thing that somewhat effected me is the movies...ohh, and the trial, since i vitnessed it. Apart from that (and a couple of guards spamming whenever a clanner is around) I haven't really noticed the story that much.

    I would say that you fellows have to make more people feel effected by the story. You have to notice IN the game that the world we live in is dynamic.
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    I too have read the story but...

    The story line is cool but I have not seen any of these "special events" I heard once that some huge mobs attacked Tir. I heard once there was an arena battel But thats it!

    I personally think there are too many guilds out there and some should merge to form a unified cause that way we can be more involved abd the events should be coordonated to most high play times.
    Ok so why?????How so??? Or maybe what? Stay tuned!

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    You know, from these posts.. I think the story is a rumor you hear from your friends.. *hehe*

    "I heard that xxxx happened.."

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    I haven't finished reading the book, but so far it's a nice little read. I just haven't had time to read it lately.

    As far as the in-game events are concerned, I personally haven't witnessed them. I've helped our faction deal with these events in the form of PR, but I haven't been there first hand.

    What looks like is happening is that people don't understand your concept of a "storyline". I prefer to think of it as a 4 year story arc, much like the TV show Babylon 5. People believe they can change the story ARC, when they can't. They can change the immediate part of the story, but you all will eventually get back to the predetermined arc - the assassination attempt being one of those. You spent a week or so on the assassination, the trial, etc...But now we're back on the same path. In Babylon 5, the series was supposed to end when Captain Sinclair became Valen, but the actor playing Sinclair wanted to leave the show. This affected the immediate storyline (switching to the new Captain), however the story ARC was then returned to, and hell, Sinclair even still became Valen, but earlier in the series.

    People don't seem to like that. They want to actually change the arc, and somebody needs to make it clear that ain't gonna happen. Most of the upset people I've seen are because they believe they've been "lied" to because the idea hasn't been explained fully to them.

    It does look like all of the in-game events are tailored for an exclusive group of people - the faction leaders. Now, I can agree with this, if it works as a trickle down effect. The GM's interact directly with the faction leaders, who then spread the love to their faction. There are good faction leaders who can do this, but I'm sure there are some who can't...We need to find some kind of happy medium.
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    It has been said already, but I want some events taking place at hours that make possible for an european to get involved in. I mean, without compromising a normal social life!!! Not in the middle of the night.

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    The books and the movies I don't care about...
    Because I can get them without subscribing to the game. I pay ten dollars a month for the IN-GAME story. I have no problem with them making books and movies, but the main focus should be providing an in-game storyline, since that's where their paying customers are.

    So far, it seems that you're only allowed to participate in the storyline if you're a guild leader. That's horribly lame. Everyone else has to go to stupid (insert random mob here) attacks, and that's if they're lucky enough to zone into it without crashing, which means they have to now put up with the horrible lag.

    The fact is... MONSTER ATTACKS SUCK. Stop making them. For the love of god, think of something original. Funcom should know very well by now that current technology cannot handle that many cycles of information. Graphically, or on any type of a network. So until we all have 5000 Ghz processors, 84mb graphics cards, 16000 MB of memory, and a 7000 kb/s modem, for the love of god, do something else.
    We've supposedly had an amnesty for months, and there has not been ONE goddamned public speech. What the hell kind of government makes such drastic changes to society and doesn't make any PR? It can't be that damn hard to just put Radiman in front of the clanners!

    And please, will you put the damn story missions in? I'm tired of doing these stupid "kill all mobs" missions. They're STUPID. They're BORING. If i want to fight random beings for no real reason, i'll play Quake 3.
    "By the way, if anyone here is in marketing or advertising: kill yourself." --Bill Hicks
    "Have we turned into gerbils? People are paying money to walk up invisible steps over and over again." --Dennis Leary

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    Talking My Thoughts

    I love the movies. I even look forward to downloading the new ones when they are released. The ingame story I find little disappointing. Usually seems like must every event has been for high lv. I have sorta high lv character at lv 111 but in the past I seen many events were the mobs were just insanely powerful that the low lvs just died in one hit. There has been few events low lvs could sorta take part in those were the ones were just talking was involved. I can kinda see how events need be open to all lvs but be nice to see event sometime like hunt some sort were was just lv 30-50 or something. Also I see the same guild at every event as if it is a must for them to be there but thats great a lot other people here like takepart too. There needs to be more events ingame. Even if the events are like wild zoo animal ran loose in mmd, somebody important coming speak or cyborg attack. Even little or big events need be done more often. I love the movies keep it. I hope see the ingame events improving in the future.

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    Im just waiting for the movie... will it be animated? and when is it coming, after the AO story is over?

    Not been playing long, little over a week now.. so being a european lowlevel n00bie, havent seen anything of the in-game story-line.

    Like the animated series.. its a good way of keeping up with the story, since I see nothing of it in-game. But they are abit short if u ask me, but then again, not much story is there =) joking..

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    Book ?
    - It doesnt interest me, I've bought a game to play it, not to read a story on a book. If I want to read a book, I buy a book.

    Videos ?
    - Vidéos are pretty but I prefer watching something IN GAME even if it is less pretty. Also videos are in english. I can read english, but it's hard for me understanding english spoken. I am french.

    Story line ?
    - I see nothing, I feel nothing. No changes in the way I live on Ruby Ka.
    The amnisty ? I am OT and I can go to Tir now. But I was able to do that before with the grid without danger. It is the same thing for rebels. If you go in 25% political zone, you will be shot the same way you were before the amnisty. So, the amnisty didn't exist for me because so few has changed.

    I play AO only because I wait REAL events and a REAL storyline that affect EVERYONE and not the few that Funcom has chosen.
    DAoC will be out in the end of January. If nothing has changed before this date I will leave AO.
    You have promised us a 4 years storyline. I've played 6 month of AO, it is 1/8 of it's life and I havent seen what you promise us.
    I own a site specialized in the french speaking community :
    I follow each board of each french guild. I can tell you that a LOT of YOUR customer will leave AO for DAoC if nothing has changed in february. DAoC is the first game to give ONE server by language. European peoples LOVES this idea because they know that each event, texts in the game, the hours chosen, the ARK will take care of the language/GMT hour of us.

    You have lost some of your customers at your beginning because of problems everyone know here. It is done, it is the past and no-one can change it. If you dont react to the fact I tell you here, you will loose a big bunch of european customers in february. It is the future and you can change it.

    The fact that you are an european company and you dont take care of european people made us more and more angry day after day.

    A tous les joueurs francophones. Faites-les bouger un peu, exprimez-vous en francais à la suite de ce message. Ils faut qu'ils comprennent qu'on existe et qu'il faut qu'ils se réveillent.

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    European community

    Arf ! bien dit Toro !
    Funcom doit penser qu'une partie de l'eupoe va être annexée par les états unis et se crot déjà dedans LOL

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    Unhappy Wait but not too long!

    Moi aussi je suis un peu décu de la storyline. Les vidéos c'est bien mais c'est largement insuffisant pour que je reste. A la fin de ma peériode de 6 mois c'est "au revoir Funcom" si rien n'a VRAIMENT démarré!

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    En effet, que dire de plus que ce qui n'a déjà été exprimé un peu plus haut !

    Une story line ce n'est pas que de jolis cinématiques , c'est aussi un véritable film "In Game" (comme le disent les américains).
    A part la soirée de l'escort de Mr Radiman ,où si j'ai bien compris seuls quelques privilégiés ont pu en profiter en raison d'un Lag que même le détenteur d'une petite configuration informatique ne croyait pas possible, L'intervention des personnages principaux de la story sont encore trés limité !!

    Donnez non quelques choses à quoi s'accrocher, quelques choses qui nous fassent revenir encore et encore sur ce monde ou les couchers de soleils sont si beaux !
    Malgré cette beauté, les habitants de RubiKa risque de vouloir en contempler d'autres sous d'autres cieux

    La balle est dans votre camps messieurs de Funcom!

    Ardeon, French NT !

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    I deffinitely want to see the OT faction offices open. It would be really nice if there were profession based mission terminals within these. So for instance a doctor could join Omni-Med, The NPC-storyline driven faction and inside the offices use the Omni-Med, Doctor only mission terminals to get storyline relevant, proffession relevant missions.

    Of course the player could choose hard missions that require team members(like a beurocrat who needs to get get a document from Tir and return it so he hires some guns as security). And of course the Clans would have their own versions of these factions.

    Either make missions with actual depth and story or give the players the resourses to make their own missions.

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    Lightbulb More Event Coordinators

    Seems like they only hired one event coordinator. Really love to see more events since the last patch pretty much screwed up life after lv 90+(making medusa's insanely impossible). I'm lv 111 I tried get exp through missions which I figured at the rate I was going I would lv up in 6-8 hours of solid gaming time this with a teammate btw. So now my game is basically over and I like something to do in this game. Only thing really left is pvp or events. Pvp pretty existant still pretty fun but the Events no offense the current event coordinator are just no fun at all. There are very little if any when I do manage catch one the whole zone crashes or end up being ganged up on by like 12 mobs.

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    Originally posted by Brad, STL/MO

    Mostly can't stand the movies. The actress who's providing the voice of Elena Oak should be shredded, dehydrated, reconstituted, and fed to wolverines --
    My sentiment exactly, and as everyone else is saying, WE NEED MORE IN GAME EVENTS ESPECIALLY FOR EUROPEAN AND RK-2 Players .

    I have to add, the blown up building in Omni ent since the last patch is really cool. I liked that.
    I quested all the way to Penumbra, and I didn't even get a lousy t-shirt.

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    The book was great!

    The animated series has been good also.

    But aside from that and the annoying spam from the guards when a clanner ventures into omni-trade, I couldnt honestly say there was any sort of story line going on, since I play on the red headed step child server - Rubi-Ka 2.

    Storyline? what storyline?

    Give me a story or let me switch servers, please!

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    I'd like to see players drive the storyline more with missions. Right now, when we complete a mission, all we do is get a little money from our bosses, but the mission makes no real impact at all in the big picture. Makes me wonder why they pay me in the first place...

    Just some ideas to work with...

    Have certain missions effect opposing players within your same titlelevel. For example:

    Have an insurance hack mission, where when you complete it, you tamper with a random opposing players Insurance records. It could wipe a player's XP so if he dies before refreshing his insurance, he goes back to 1xp for the next level (or a %, or a fixed number, something to that effect).

    Have a bank account hack, where a random player loses a few % points of his money.

    Make a limit on how many times a player can be "randomly" chosen per day.

    Another idea...

    Keep track of how many successful missions the Clans and Omni win per day, and whoever completes the most, have the losing side pay a small fee to replace all the stolen items and such from the next day.

    Make missions actually mean something, and hurt the other side.

    This would also make being neutral a good thing, because they wouldn't be effected by all the damaging effects of a mission.

    ***The above are just general ideas...don't focus on the specifics***
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    The book was great, the animated series is very cool as well and I would love to see more or both.

    For the ingame story, I have problems to connect both a bit, I usually miss every event and I don't know what is talked about in these small RPG sessions of the RPG oriented guild leaders and the event team, as neither the players, nor the event team ever says what happens there. By chance I was at one of those meetings, when Portman made me capture a disc with data of the AI as an infiltrator in a supposedly omni event in Perpetual Wasteland, which was very cool and explains a lot. But ! No one ever heard about that, and the same goes for all event backstories, only people like lorekeep or other few selected can enjoy the ingame story, or know why some ingame events happen, the normal player has no chance whatsoever to take part and is kept in the dark about the real story. I would say it is done very well for those few 10-50 who can take part, but for the majority thousands of players it is worthless unless you make it possible for everyone to follow, for example a read only chat channel where you can at least follow most CoT and Omni-Tek meetings.
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