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Thread: Role-Playing Organisations

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    Please add The Order of Shadow to the list, we are a omni-tek roleplaying guild on rubika 1
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    Chartan... I know bud, but I made it policy to myself to not volunteer anyone's orgs for this list, but rather let them nominate themselves.

    Still you are on the list now!

    Garret "Bonefish" Silvestrini
    Director - SPARTA
    Chairman of the Omni-Tek Security Council (OTSEC)

    Founding Member of the Omni-Tek Security Council

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    w00t... we finally got rooted and I never noticed...

    Garret "Bonefish" Silvestrini
    Director - SPARTA
    Chairman of the Omni-Tek Security Council (OTSEC)

    Founding Member of the Omni-Tek Security Council

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    A Research & Development Division of Omni-Tek. Specializing in the construction & delivery of Nano Crystals. Affiliate of Omni-R&D.
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    Red face

    Guild of Meta-Physics.

    We're a Clan affiliated, MP only, guild based in Rubi-Ka 1.
    ArchPriest Katelin 'Lunayu' Saar - Former President of the Guild of Meta-Physics
    Former Council Member of the Council of Truth

    House Demonslap
    A little Anger never hurt Nobody...

    "It's called an Anger Manifestation not a Love Manifestation!"
    "And how does that make you feel?"


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    Question Still alive old friends?

    Not a pleasurable post to write...

    In an attempt to keep this thread true to it's purpose, that being a list of active role-playing organisations, it obviously needs to be moderated in order to keep it clean of folded and inactive members, or at least those who are role-play inactive. This list would be a pretty poor reference if it was wholly incorrect or wrong...

    I've been tracking the following organisations in various ways, and have (I hope in some cases incorrectly) assumed the below have, how can I put this politically correctly, um... 'stagnated'.

    I'll give it a couple of weeks to hear back from the below organisation leaders and/or role-playing coordinators, give them a chance to correct my errors. If I hear nothing, I will assume the unfortunate worse and remove your org from the list. Are you guys still alive and role-playing?

    If anyone else has any information about the below possibly inactive organisations, or can highlight any inactive organisations I have missed off this list, please speak up!

    Bateman & Fletcher, LLC
    Deep Winter Faction
    Eden Corp.
    Omni-Tek Guardians Of Law
    South RubiKa Society
    Truth Keepers
    UFoRIA [KFM]

    Blade Corp
    "Operation: DemonSeed"

    Fellowship of the Lost Souls
    Freedom Force
    Protectors of Dawn
    Rubi-Ka Reform Party
    The Medical Board -=CoA=-
    The Psychedelic Freedom Fighters

    Come on guys, prove me in error and tell me how alive in actuality you are, and about the cornucopia of role-playing you do!

    Note: this post is not meant as an insult or slight in anyway. If my assumption that any of the above organisations are inactive/role-play inactive causes any insult or offence, I apologise in advance.

    Anarchy Online - a role-players paradise.

    Garret "Bonefish" Silvestrini
    Director - SPARTA
    Chairman of the Omni-Tek Security Council (OTSEC)

    Founding Member of the Omni-Tek Security Council

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    Please add

    Please add Circle of Notem to your list please under OT Roleplaying guilds. We are working on starting up more of a roleplaying presense and would enjoy roleplaying with other people. Thanks.

    Melynda "Sheva" Harnett
    115 Fixer

    General of Fixer Operatives
    Circle of Notem

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    E-Corp is presently still around, although restructuring and recruiting is going to take a bit of time. Please do not remove us from the list at this time. I'l have more info for you at the end of this week (and you know I'll contact you Bonefish, one way or the other )
    AO is not just about pvp, or Rp or power lvling. It is about whatever the players choose to bring to it. Don't make it personal against one of these groups because you feel nerfed by the game company.

    Atlantian: "Jesska Rhees" - lvl 153 Crat - retired
    Rimor: Krazee "Lilyflie" Madness - lvl 103 ENF - semi around again

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    Even though it's not an official organization per se, the Rubi-Ka Body of Laws Project ( is a role-playing association of citizens, devised and designed to create a common set of laws and judicial structure for role-playing organizations to use.

    Since it isn't an org, there are no level requirements, alignment requirements, etc., for participation in the Project. Anyone is free to submit materials and to take part in this association.

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    Please add Foresight to the neutral list. Although only just formed with volunteer members to get the org registered, will continue to rp even if it comes down to just being me, but I dont think it will come to that as now seem to have 3 serious members I NEED MORE THOUGH! So please, any neuts who want to feel like they're part of something, get in touch!

    Anyways. Check out the site in my signature to find out what we're about

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    pleas can you add us to that list pleas thanks

    Wight Knights




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    Please add "The People's Republic of Rubi Ka" to the list of active clan role playing orgs.

    The PRRK was formed by a group of roleplayers with the express intent of staying in character at all times. Though still rather smallish at 30 players, we are hoping to grow and make an impact upon the political scene on Rubi Ka. Lofty Goals! *smiles*
    Fransisca "Mythia" McKesson
    Meta Punter Of Rubi Ka

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    Please add Elite Operations to the list, we are a neutral Merc Guild that sell our services to the highest bidder.

    Elite Operations... You get the glory, we just want to get paid.

    Sincerely, Sumokan Prez of Elite Operations

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    Exclamation Black & Whyte™

    Pan-Galatic Coffee Franchise coming to Rubi-Ka!

    Organisation: Black & Whyte™
    Faction Side: Neutral
    Main Aim: Role-Playing before all else

    Further details will emerge as time and resources dictate.
    Sentinent Artificial Biological Interface

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    Scratch the Body of Laws Project. We are now known as the Law Society of Rubi-Ka, and formed the org officially today

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    Normally I'd like to join a larger guild, dont always like the 20 member ones that barely have anyone online, does anyone know which Roleplaying Guilds have the most, for Omni or Clan?

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    The Onyx

    The Onyx is a new Guild RPG type. we are looking for new members. And creative people to join us. We are really small and we are looking for allies. Add us to the list.



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    Masked Crusaders

    My clan guild Masked Crusaders is a RPG.

    Please see our temporary web site for any more information.

    --Your Life, Your story. Live it!
    "The beliefs that mold great organizations frequently grow out of the character, the experience, and the convictions of a single person."
    --Thomas Watson Jr.

    Join our unique political organization today! (RK1)

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    Forgot Opposing Force

    We played one of the biggest roles in the Tir Accord, also we are mentioned on the statue at south gate Tir for helping to clean up the water in Tir City. =)

    Also always recrutiing dedicated Members

    Opposing Force Recruitment Information

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    RUR (Rubi-Ka Universal Robots)
    Omni-Tek, Rubi-Ka 1

    RUR is a new, small and somewhat dysfunctional robotics company fully owned by its members. RUR's hopes of success in the marketplace rest on its innovative designs, first among which is the "Quantum Positronic Thingy"(QPT) brain its robots come endowed with. This gives the robot a greater and more intuitive type of intelligence, which in turn makes for improved human-robot communications. It also has drawn upon RUR the unwelcome attention of competitors, cyborgs and worse of all, creditors.

    The purpose of this guild is to run roleplaying adventures with a robotic theme. The guild was conceived by a group of veteran AO roleplayers looking for fresh roleplaying opportunities for new or unused characters. One of the aims of RUR is to involve other roleplayers in our stories as much as possible. Whether we succeed in this aim of course is all to be seen.

    Visit our Website , if nothing else its worth a giggle I think.
    Dabblez - Rubi-Ka Universal Robots (RUR)
    We put the Art into Artificial Intelligence!

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