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Thread: Role-Playing Organisations

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    I'm in and hunting for an Omni Ops to align with.
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    I guess that from all of this, you have plenty o' choice...
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    It's my understanding that both "24/7" and the "Friendleet Foundation" are no longer in business. "Eden Corp" is now
    "Eden Guardians". I don't know if the new guild is rp orientated or not.
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    role playing org

    Please add Draco Legionis to your list of role playing guilds. Contacts are: Ludolf, Secondage and Kharema

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    Add clan Phoenix Rising to the list

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    Deep Winter

    The Deep Winter Faction is among the longest standing Orgs on RK1, and devoted to Roleplay as well.

    Power-Gamers, PVPers are welcome as long as you stay in character as you go about your daily buisness.

    Loyal Omni-Tek InternOps Department.

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    P.R. Director
    Deep Winter Faction
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    Cosa Nostra

    The neutral guild, Cosa Nostra is now known as Drake Inc.

    Just FYI

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    Thank you

    Katelin asked me to thank you for amending the GPC name - Thank you Garret.

    p.s you really should get a secretary hehe

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    Talking Apostles of WAR

    We would like to be added - under clan



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    Can u plz add Phoenix Rising [EG] to the list? We're clan, and not to be confused with Rising Phoenix

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    We would like to be added to the Omni side please.

    "The Masonic Templars"

    Part of Omni-Reform.
    "Having doubts? Feeling depressed? Come to Omni-Refrom, we'll make you into a brand new personality."

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    This seems to be a dup of a thread on the "Role Playing" forum. So sorry for my cross post reply to both:

    The eco-centric guild Desert Winds is an active Role Playing organization.

    We are Neutral, in that we do not support Omni-Tek, nor the Clans in the struggle for dominance on Rubi-ka. Our vision is to support a future sustaining colony, sensitive to a balanced and functional ecosystem of the planet .

    Please list Desert Winds on the RP org list. And if you are interested in our vision, please check out the DW web site.


    [EDIT: Oh wait, I just noticed that Desert Winds was already added to the main message of this thread. ]
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    Thumbs up You're not wrong...

    This was actually the original post - well, a recompiled post of all the original posts. The entry on the Role-Playing forum was a duplicate of this on purpose, to reach out to RPers who don't come in here. As it turns out, there were quite a few.

    And yes, I already added you to the list.

    Garret "Bonefish" Silvestrini
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    please add:

    Whisper's Edge

    Unity... Justice... Freedom

    Clan RK1
    ~*~ Nanoprincess ~*~
    Katelin Cyani Kerans

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    Question Question

    I am new to this a bit.
    I am a level 3 neutral MP Can I join a group and how?
    Thank you

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    There's no set procedure, and to be honest all orgs, RPing or otherwise, handle recruitment differently. Roughly speaking I'd say...

    1) Pick your affiliation, Omni - Neutral - Clan.
    2) Examine the RPing orgs for your affiliation from the list above, follow the links, read their descriptions, see if they have a website address in there somewhere, and do some homework on them. See if they sound right for you, and you right for them.
    3) Pick one.
    4) Contact their leader, or recruitment officer if they mention one, via an in-game /tell or an email.

    Some will invite you right in, some will want an interview, some probation periods, everyone's different.

    Good luck!

    Garret "Bonefish" Silvestrini
    Director - SPARTA
    Director of Operations, OTSEC

    Founding Member of the Omni-Tek Security Council
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    Cool Thank You!

    Thanks for the info!

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    Please Add Omni Tek Anti-Terrorist Coalition to that list we are a 100% roleplaying guild.
    Peter Giscombe - Director of the Omni-Tek Corporate Security Coalition.

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    Serious Role Playing Guild


    The Clan guild of Dragon Coalition has been reborn! From the ashes of the past, Dragon Coalition is again looking for serious Role Players to join. The guild is rather small now but growing at a rather fast pace. What you can expect if you join is comradeship from other members, lot’s of equipment and nanos, and above all else Fun!

    We hold events with other Clan guilds as well as Omni guilds. We are seeking Role Players of all types, veterans and others that just wish to sample what Role Playing is about.

    So if interested, please see our website at (site is slightly being modified as I type)

    Or contact the following people in-game:

    Kizaki – President
    Apocryphal – Executive
    Selwood – Executive
    Symbotic – Executive

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    It's a long story but I feal we've come far enough as not to need recognition from nor jump through hoops for players, especially failed attempts to creat inner/secret/elite/powerless circles like OT SEC.

    FYI : OTSEC is very much alive and kicking

    And to Bonefish, AoA has always been RP, that was the reason we created OTSEC....
    First player with all characters 100+ and still a newbie....

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