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Thread: Role-Playing Organisations

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    Thumbs up Role-Playing Organisations

    Finding this list of RPing orgs in the middle of the messy thread it became was starting to be painful. In an attempt to mimic the mighty Tappert and his excellent Personal Diary Sites thread, I am restarting this thread off with the list of orgs at its head.

    Please reply to this thread to submit your organisation if you Role-Play, and I will pull you from the thread every few days and add you to the list. I will also check the list periodically and remove orgs who cease to exist.


    Garret "Bonefish" Silvestrini
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    Chairman of the Omni-Tek Security Council

    Founding Member of the Omni-Tek Security Council (OTSEC)

    The Omni-Tek Security Council is dedicated to ensuring the company’s security and interests against all threats, coordinating any action deemed necessary to protect corporate assets and personnel. |
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    Your forgetting SIT bone, we are having problems at the minute but our aim has allways been to be an rp guild.
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    Thumbs up Hi Everyone!

    Can you please Ad Relax! Inc. to your list?

    Thank you
    Board member
    RELAX! Inc.
    Management for Relax! Bar
    A RELAX! Inc. Production
    Omni Screening Area 290,1860

    Neon Zebra: A gathering place for the roleplaying community.

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    list addition

    please could you add "3305 Local" to the clan RP list, we very much are RP-ers, hope to see you at an event sometime soon.

    (OOC)"Meeting" H.Radiman in the CoT building, was one of the best times I've had in AO in a long time.
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    Please add The Medical Board to your list. We are an RPing doctor guild and that won't change.

    The Medical Board

    The new Doctor Org of the Clans

    Email or

    /tell Docnecro for info.

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    Smile Thank you!

    Thank you Bonefish, this is a great service!

    It makes me very sad to tell you that the Sisters of Freedom are more or less defunct. I don't believe that any of their remaining members are active. I know this because many of the active members that remained eventually left to join Unity of the Rose.
    - Szentasha
    Leader of Unity of the Rose

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    Circle G

    Circle G Inc. - Your safety is our business.

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    I'm sorry, but Omni-AF should be on that list. That's all I have. Thank you.

    Alamalmithal General of Omni-AF
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    Hmm, guys, guess it's time someone post this, so, eh, it'll be me...

    The boss's gonna be offworld for at least two weeks. Should be back at the beginning of September if things go well.

    Feel free to add your orgs to this thread, but know that he won't be able to edit it to add them to the list in the first post before he comes back.
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    Smile Replying only to Alams post. Everyone else disregard.

    Actually Alam, I requested that we not be on the list :P

    It's a long story but I feal we've come far enough as not to need recognition from nor jump through hoops for players, especially failed attempts to creat inner/secret/elite/powerless circles like OT SEC.

    Besides, Bone just has a personal vendetta with me because I didn't like the "no girls allowed" mindset with their clubhouse.
    And also because I'm American.
    pres. Ted Shakkles Ganes

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    I have taken the liberty to put the current list up at my new web site.

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    Freedom's Hope.
    "Do not fear your fate, embrace it."
    Commander "Caid" Nottoris, Level 210 Martial Artist, Advisor of First Light.

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    So you're saying that all the roleplay guilds are on dimension 1 ?!?!?!

    Damn...gotta start over
    damn damn damn

    Someone told me most of the RPers are on RK2

    Danica "Jaxxa" Craddock,
    fna Sun "Snyyper" Botos
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    Analog Myth

    Clan fixer, Fourth Title

    Director of Information
    Analog Myth

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    Omni-Tek Blackwolf Operations

    Currently under a restructuring, please contact Seignior or Seeckt from our diplomacy dept. (Howling Wolves) they are incharge of RP.
    Ismael "Dfalcour" Depaolo
    Omni-Tek Blackwolf Operations

    Federico "Falcour" Peasly
    Applicant (Wolf Pack Support Team)

    Mel "GremlinFeet" Drapkin
    Unit Member (Independant Contractee)

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    Rising Phoenix

    Rising Phoenix is also a role playing guild, although we welcome other playstyles as well. Check us out at
    Advisor of Rising Phoenix

    current setup

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    Thumbs up RP RP RP

    Well I'm finally back, and the list is now updated with the 13 orgs requesting a presence on the list during my absence.

    Everyone - Thanks! If anyone can shed any further light on any more inactive orgs on this list, it's always gratefully received.

    Szentasha - I live to serve!

    Moradus, Tappert, Windguaerd - Nice RP & Event websites / forums / projects - keep the flame alive guys!

    Jaxxa - Come on in, the water's lovely!

    Shakkles - "personal vendetta"?!! I think you grossly overestimate the position you hold in my attention span. As you have requested I have left Omni-AF off the list. However, if I have misunderstood your warped sense of humour, or you change your mind, drop me a message here or elsewhere and I will add you & your people to the list.

    And finally... Demenzia - Thanks!

    Garret "Bonefish" Silvestrini
    Director - SPARTA
    Director of Operations, OTSEC

    Founding Member of the Omni-Tek Security Council
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    Yer welcome boss *winks*
    Jen Markarian - Put the weirdness back in Omni-Mining
    Updating my stories -- 19/03/08. Going slowly, but certainly
    Anarchy Reloaded - AO webcomics for the sake of being silly

    I never want to lose what I have finally found
    There's a requiem
    A new congregation
    And it's telling me: go forward and walk
    Under a brighter sky
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