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Thread: The story of paddington (a fixer story)

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    The story of paddington (a fixer story)

    (This are my first post on Rimor buzz, so i hope you ppl will enjoy the story as i have written them. This are a revised story to make it easier to read. Enjoy)

    This is my life story and what I was before I was locked into the grid.

    (part 1)
    Many number of years ago I was one of the greatest fixers that Rubi-ka has ever seen, I have mastered the flow of the grid at my command, knew every bug and exploit you could think of.

    A few things about the grid, the grid consists of 3 systems one new, one old and one secret system or as I like to call it The old grid

    The pubic grid:
    People always use this one for traveling around the world of Rubi-Ka there are absolutely no bugs or glitches in the system (this is a very boring grid system it has so many firewalls and safeguards that it is not worth breaking into I have done it before many times trust me its all boring stuff plus Omni-Trackers have complete control of who is in grid they have power here that is considered Omnipotent to a fellow hacker like myself they keep track logs of who has entered this public grid the most and who often goes where and when)

    The hidden grid:
    The system that fixers use Daily to get to places the public often cant reach. This system has a few glitches and bugs and a bit more freedom to do whatever you want. It is a lot more fun then the public grid but still a bit restricting to a hacker like myself. Omni Trackers don’t have as much power here as they should they cannot monitor most people here and cannot keep track of the logs most of the time so if you like causing trouble like I do its rather fun.

    The old grid:
    Ah the best system to be in and the most entertaining. This system is filled with bugs, glitches, and other interesting stuff. This grid is the original prototype of what the other two are if you change something here chances are something else in the other two grid systems will be changed as well. There is almost no known Omni-Trackers in this system the biggest reason for this is because of the large amount of bugs and glitches that can almost nearly prevent the security from logging into this system it renders there login client’s inoperable therefore making their login grid tech support highly useless here

    One of my favorite bugs are ones that can intercept the info that flows into the grid. When someone sends an encrypted message it will be seen in the grid but as an encrypted file, but when you are in the old system the info that they send can’t be encrypted because the system can’t handle the encryption routines. So I am using this bug as a credit maker and selling it to highest bidders, I was making millions of credits every day from both omni and clan, Life was good.

    There is more to come, I need to do some debugging on my self.......

    (Part 2)
    hello you are back again it is time to continue my story…

    I bet you are wondering why I need to debug myself right ? Well all will be revealed in due time.

    After many years of playing cat and mouse with clan and omni factions I was getting more bolder in my attempt to get more valuable information from both sides. Both factions were sending security grid bots after me. The bots abilities were to seek out and destroy threats to the grid system they unleashed those after me. I knew they did because only I could cause that much havoc and live to tell the tale. I had fun destroying those bots with little trouble, those bots couldn’t handle the bug filled system hehe poor bastards I almost feel sorry for them… NOT!!!!!! hehehehehehehehe

    One day I saw a strange security algorithm that had appeared in the hidden grid system. The Algorithm was heavily guarded with the state of the art technology ever designed this was something I never had seen before in my entire life as a hacker. So I decided to hack into it. (Little did I know it was a trap). I was sending a weak DOS (Digital Overload System) that tried to overload the security algorithm; it managed to repel the attack on it. Man that was just a weak attack so I kept trying.I was impressed very few algorithms have been able to block my DOS attack.

    This time I was sending a stronger DOS attack I was fairly sure this time that it would level the algorithms security system allowing me access, but amazingly it remained stable.

    Little did I know the algorithm was hooked into the neo-cortex of a Nano-technician who was trying to aid the defenses of the algorithm using Anti-Grid nanite technology (the bane of grid hackers).

    After the first two attempts at trying to overload the algorithm I was angry. So I decided to send the damn thing my strongest DOS attack ever. The immense power of the DOS attack shook the whole grid network causing a ripple-like effect. It nearly crashed the entire system with a tremendous amount of lag. I had sent another strong DOS attack this time using the digital flow of other grid travelers around me by re-routing the Algorithm I had attempted to overload it again with several more DOS attacks. The attacks were consistent. All the attacks had pulverized the area around the algorithm causing massive surges everywhere finally the damn thing was overloaded (little did I realize the trap was sprung)

    Omni-log date <date missing> Classified

    This is grid maintenance leader of Omni-maintenance.
    Today we encountered a major DOS attack each wave stronger then the next, seems like someone in the grid is causing this by his or her own will.

    We are running diagnostics on every system we know of and it seems the number of the attacks are coming from the old grid system, people have been reported to being thrown out from the grid all over Rubi-ka, some have even landed in the cyborg camps and other very hostile areas, some of these people have not stood a chance against the hostile environments its brutal out there.

    We are running a one hundred-fifty percent diagnostic check. We need to call in more people to handle this, if this continues we must shutdown the grid to make adjustments and fix the system. On a personal note damnit I took this job to get away from the conflict and the fighting by those clan scum now it looks like another full scale digital war inside the grid I wasn’t paid to deal with this kind of crap hell we cannot even pinpoint the source of this trouble except that its in the old grid system

    Omni-log <ended> Classified for more information please refer to the OT unicorn intelligence committee.

    (it are more parts coming later need to revise the story before i can post more parts, comments and critic negative and possitve are welcome, enjoy the story)

    Enur aka enurraengi
    A hobs member

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    ((Do go on ))
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    ((Very nice ))
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    ((great more to come later, need some time to revise it first, next part will get out after some coverage first))
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    ((very entertaining ))
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    ((Great story Enur. Grats ))
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    (((here are the next part thx for waiting))

    Warning sounds could be heard in the background

    GODDAMNIT!!!!!!! I can’t believe this. How is it possible? So many large-scale attack’s in such a short time period?

    Open Log Access-----------ERROR----------massive overload beginning--------------

    MEMORYLOW (initiating energy system output 1)
    MEMORYLOW (initiating energy system output 2)
    MEMORYLOW (initiating energy system output 3)

    Do you wish to active purge grid system? (yes/no)

    Are you sure you want to do this? Yes/No

    Systems shutdown in 5-4-3-2-1-0
    shutting down the grid network and Resetting systems in 5-4-3-2-1-0

    All systems online: Do you wish to see a report? Yes/No

    getting systems log-files before and after systems shutdown and reset
    getting log and making an analytical analysis of the log

    Can’t open log data missing or corrupted try again? Yes/No

    ERROR can’t open the file: Do you still want to open the log-file? Yes/No

    Opening the damaged log-file

    the Area behind the algorithm was corrupted!!!!!!!!!!

    --------Omni-Pol log-------- CLASSIFIED-------AUTHORIZATION ACCEPTED------------

    We are tracking the rat and setting up a trap

    We have made some bait and activated the trap now we wait…

    Today we will see if we can get that blasted hacker who made a fool out of us. By using this unspecified location for our Nanotechnician to monitor the activity in the grid. By doing this our bait will look juicy to our rat and we can flush him out of hiding. The hacker will have a difficult time getting passed us; even if he does try to attack us we can use that time to pinpoint him in the old system. We are allowed to use brute force and shutting down his reclaim insurance after we kill him.

    -----------Log ended---------awaiting further orders------------------
    A soldier walks in to the command room

    ”Commander the Nanotechnician is plugged in and is ready to monitor signals in the grid, everybody is waiting for your confirmation. Lets start the show, put us in the grid.

    The Algorithm has been set up in the old grid system we are just waiting for that damned hacker to set off the trap. It should only be a few minutes before- oh here it comes now.

    Alarms blaring all over the HQ one of the technicians started to speak. “we are under attack”

    That is when all hell broke loose.

    DOS attack grade 1 (weak) blocked
    DOS attack grade 5 (medium) Blocked system still holding at 100%
    DOS attack grade 10 (HIGH) System breaking at 75%
    SYSTEM: 70%
    SYSTEM: 65%
    SYSTEM: 60%

    The grid crashed as a result of the purge system command

    The Nanotechnician was overwhelmed by the attack and fainted in front of the console


    The algorithm defenses were being destroyed. I saw the massive chaos I was invoking with my DOS attacks. After forcefully destroying the algorithm’s security I had noticed that I materialized inside an Omni-Tek research center. After hacking my way in I realized what I had done. To make sure nobody could detect me I had destroyed any traces of my identity in the grid around the algorithm to prevent the Nano-technician and his flunkies from finding me. After covering my tracks the grid system reassert itself and the algorithm’s security came back online.

    It was at this point I realized where I was and I was terrified. I had heard rumors about a group of Omni-Tek Special Forces training Nano-Technicians in the art of gridspace warfare. I saw living proof of this with an unconscious Nano-Technician attached to a console. No wonder it was so difficult breaking into that algorithm. I realized at this point that it was a trap set to lure me here. After looking and examining my surroundings and the unconscious Nano-Technician I realized that it wasn’t safe here. But my curiosity got the best of me so after uploading my customized Grid Armor mark X (which no longer exists now only THE BEST hackers have access to such stuff.) I snuck around the area and decided to leave the room evading the security and looking for any place in the base that yielded an information database.

    Before leaving the immediate area after I had uploaded my grid armor into my NCU I had armed myself with the Chemical Mausser SMG a modified version (this was before Shadowlands technology and alien technology’s were discovered.) this version of the SMG carried shock bullets. I am not the type of hacker that resorts to outright violence preferring to only use lethal tactics in self-defense. Therefore I use non-lethal means when the situation demands it. After I loaded up my SMG I left the immediate area.

    end of part 3

    ((may take a whiile for next part ^.^))

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    ((Great story. Can't wait for more ))
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    (here comes the secend last part)

    I was scanning the area and began leaving the room and walked into a corridor that had crates everywhere. I noticed several guards patrolling around the crates luckily I managed to dodge them by hiding in the crates. After several hours of hiding and dodging guards then going through different rooms I came across a room filled with servers and data computers, WOW never before in my entire life as a hacker have I EVER seen such a room. It was a real hackers dream to find such places. After several minutes of being in awe I found a data terminal and brought an information tool for downloading and uploading information. I uploaded a software override code and began downloading as much information as I possibly could.

    Unfortunately there was simply too much information that my tool couldn’t handle it so I had to come up with a better idea to siphon all the information out and keep it with me.

    I decided to put a software program into the system that would leech all the information and transfer for it to my hideout. The program was extremely powerful and is capable of hiding from security programs it is almost as potent as a powerful computer virus it was the perfect program needed to hack such a large data-base. With that done I decided to leave that’s when the alarms to the base went off.

    After several minutes of hearing the alarms go off I realized I was discovered. (I hoped the program wasn’t detected but realizing how powerful the security of this place was the chances of me ever getting information out of here were slim.) The door to the room I was in was slammed open and many guards came in all were HEAVILY armed and well equipped with just about everything a super soldier could ever have. (this is it I thought its now or never.) using my nano-programs to enhance my speed I evaded their sight and fled but not before launching an explosive EMP grenade into the room disabling their eye sight.

    “Damn” I thought I just disabled the servers too my program is probably wiped. But I had more worries now there were several other guards waiting outside luckily they were affected by the blast radius of the EMP field (I had additional protection against such things heh being a fixer has its advantages.) after fleeing the area I decided to find the exit to this base and escape as soon as possible unfortunately that wasn’t about to happen…

    I ran right into a rudely awakened and very pissed off nano-technician the same one I managed to knock unconscious from that unfortunate hack. He wasn’t about to let me get away either. I could not run from him because he was guarding the exit out of here and that wasn’t even the bad part the worst part was the guards I had evaded so far were nearly onto me. My only option at this point was to fight. So switching the settings on my SMG from non-lethal to lethal I decided to unleash hell onto the Nano-Technician. Sadly that was probably the most idiotic decision I have ever done in my entire life as a hacker.

    End of part 4

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