Hello Rubi-Ka

Christmas is rushing up and another year is coming to an end. I hope everybody is enjoying the Christmas festivities taking place on Rubi-Ka. Lots of things have happened during the last 12 months and this is a good time for me to yet again shed some information on things to come and the status of the game.

Downtime during the last period

We have had two extensive scheduled downtimes recently to do some heavy maintenance on our network structure. This came as a result as the DDOS attacks that was targeted towards our servers to reduce the player’s enjoyment. Whilst the changes we have made have greatly increased our security this does not mean we will let our guard down, but will stay vigilant on watch to target any potential threats and deal with them.

16.2 Free Shadowlands Upgrade

This patch is currently on our test servers for some extensive testing over the holidays. We are introducing more than 60 new missions in the Nascence and Elysium play areas effectively more than doubling the available missions. This is the first step in a larger content upgrade of the Shadowlands expansion.

We have also given the Shuttleport playfield a small work over to improve on the initial experience of the game for the thousands of new players that take advantage of our free offer every day. Players should now meet a even smoother start to the game. This is done as we do realize that Anarchy Online can be very challenging for our new arrivals with its immense dept and variations and we want to help ease them into the game.

The future is bright

It can sound like we put a lot of effort into enhancing the content for lower level players, and while this is true I want to ensure all our veteran players that we are also working hard on new content for the higher levels as well. We are currently working on a series of new experiences and quests to be released early in the New Year.

We will open up the next Outzone area allowing players to continue their experience in the wastelands fighting the alien hordes. Here they will find a new set of challenges that I can promise will be a handful for even the most experienced player. Bring your friends, bring them all….

Further we will continue our Shadowlands mission upgrade with a focus on the higher-level playfields filling them with hundreds of more missions for everyone to explore.

Lastly we are working on a series of new play areas for Shadowlands for the high level players. These will be filled with story content targeted at single and small groups. Even though Anarchy Online is a MMO with thousands of players we realize that many still enjoy fighting their way to the top either alone or with their closest friends only.

With this I wish you all a joyful holiday,

Morten Byom