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Thread: just a vent

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    just a vent

    It really chaps my ass when someone calls you a title farmer and lets you know how much you suck at PVP and then refuses to duel you, even though he's 20 levels higher *cough nothinman cough* I even gave him a crit buff while i was entirely self buffed. "oh but my class is gimped" don't gimme that BS, soldiers lower level than you have beat me plenty of times, as long as they know what they're doing. You obviously do not. Sorry about this post, i had to vent somewhere..
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    grr.. at the time I called u that everyone was farming you went app-neo in shorter time then anyone ever in AO. and there were other people accusing you.

    secondly yeah I'm level 200 soldier that means crap, i was in arena testind today b4 u were there and rznr owned me 3 times. shes 21 lvls below me.

    fatcrusher owned me self buffed. i get owned by everyone period.

    now i know how much you hate me, so do you tink im gonna duel you and give u the satasfaction of killing me? thats exactly what you want, and you didnt get it.

    and you deny how gimped the soldeir class is? you claimed asmo beat you but that was 15 levels ago or so.

    it's easy to act tough and call people out when your class is godlike. lets see according to asmo you god mad bracers so basically im fighting someone who takes 40% less dmg, heals 1k, crits like mad. can change his dmg type at will. has way better attack rating and has special attacks. yeah id be challenging every soldier i could see too. cause were as easy a kill as youll find in AO today.

    if you werent such a prick to me maybe i would have, but considering there is pretty much 0% chance of me winning im not gonna let you kill me, then have u flame me some more.

    like i said, soldiers get pvp points by alphaing people in wars, you dont see man that can get any points dueling because every class out there save one or two utterly owns us. Ma's 30 + levels below me not nearly as twinked as you have beat me.. is it cause i dont know what im doin? 200 lvls i think i know what im doin. its my class it sucks yours rules.

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    like i said, there ARE soldier that duel me and there ARE soldiers that beat me. You don't even try. I gave you plenty of advantages like a crit buff. It just pisses me off that i had never even seen you in game and you call me a farmer. If you're so confident that i farmed my title then i obviously suck so why don't you duel me and take it away from me? Its not like soldiers can't get kills in duels, you're just too ignorant to use your specials at the right time. Personally i think if theres anyone who does NOT deserve to be a neophyte its you, because you're just a chicken **** title hugger. Maybe i'll join you and only duel engies lvl 140 and less
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    Take it to the arena already.

    My money is on the afro though. He may be Omni, but rumor has it that Canadian soldiers are perma-gimps.

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    hha dude i pay my $13 a month and i do what i want. why dont you flame garv? he was the first neo and never pvp'ed again. Call it title hugging if you want.

    and if i were to fight you i could see how tings would go.

    start shooting you with nova, notice the massive amounts of damage im taking, cast TMS to stay alive. soon as burst fling recharge on nova, TMS is close to done, alpha with BFG.. then noticing you have 40% reflection look at the 5 seconds on TMS then promptly drop dead when its over.

    yeah i know about fighting MA's.

    try playing a class that isnt godlike for a few days and see how things are. traders own me, enforcers own me, docs own me, MA's especially own me, i can occasionaly beat NT's and Agents.

    i doubt you have much trouble with any of these, SOLDIERS CANNOT HEAL!, you can heal all the dmg i do in my alpha and most of the fight because my dmg is cut in half, but your heals arent.

    bottomline, i am not really into pvp lately. if i dont want to fight you thats my choice, if i never pvp again thats my choice. i get 5- tells every few days from people wanting to duel me why???? becuase im the easiest neo target in AO today. if i fought every chump who called me a chicken id be freshman again. Like i said im just not gonna give u the satisfaction.

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    If you are going through hell, keep going.
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    Originally posted by Giventofly/Nothinman

    like i said, soldiers get pvp points by alphaing people in wars, . .

    nuff said...

    nothiman u are a title hugger you dont duel anyone and you were only at camelot when omni had the advantage, dont see you anymore? what happened

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    Well i don't know about title farming, but I know you ganked my trader pretty bad while he was dueling Skymarshal in the ent arena a couple moths back Gravy.
    Sorry , I've kept that inside for long, just had to vent it somewhere.....

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    I havent seen gravy gank in a LONNNNNG time, now, ive seen him protect me while im /disco ing in 25% at mmd . last time i saw him hardcore gank was probably at lvl 120ish 5-6 months ago..., and soldiers are gimps, especially with the ungodly amount of energy reflect bracers running around *sigh*

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    bleh is it titles again ?

    but to be honest, I like to see flamewars.. it makes ao more interesting imo.

    and its not like anyone are going to commit suicide or something? oh wait that happened in Eq *me laughs*

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    Few comments here... First of all, NT sucks more than soldiers in duels

    We can take less damage than soldiers, and we have no way to handle to nova hit for the 1,20mn of the TMS (and intelligent soldiers won't let you debuff before they TMS). Now, if there is a class that sucks more in duels than Soldier, it's NT

    Then, I'll give my external point... What are you searching here Gravy ? All I see here, it's a Neophyte with 2x TL4 Energy Bracers that wants to do a cheap kill on another Neophyte to go experienced nothing more.

    We all know that MA's rocks, and can kill soldiers easily in a duel (this is even more true if the MA have the power of reflexion with him ).

    We talked with Dankman about that on IRC (would you dare to say it's a soldier that don't know how to play too Gravy) and he admitted that he can't do anything against MA's (the alpha hurts you, then you heal up during the TMS and the nova does you nothing because of reflect bracers).

    If I was paranoid, I would say that you killed enough Novice to be awared the Eperienced if you kill one more Neophyte. And I would even add that you are searching a cheap kill to do to go Neo without risks. But lets not fall into the conspiracies

    Comming here, and flaming Nothin, hopping he will have to duel you while he knows he don't have a chance to save the face is just lame Gravy.

    Though you were more worthy then that...

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    Tell Auno for a duel Gravy , i m sure he will accept

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    Originally posted by Mandor

    Comming here, and flaming Nothin, hopping he will have to duel you while he knows he don't have a chance to save the face is just lame Gravy.

    Though you were more worthy then that...
    its not the fact that he's a neophyte and he won't duel me, its the fact that he runs around posting that i farmed my title and doesn't think i deserve it, yet he doesn't back it up when the time arises. I wouldn't care less if some other neophyte didn't want to duel me, but he was talking smack about me before i even knew who he was.

    It just bothers me when someone talks **** and then can't back it up
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    for him to fight you when he has no chance?

    it seems at least one person here has brains lol, a fool that duels when he has no chance is an even bigger fool

    pvp is bs this game doesnt need skill, if you think youre so good play a game that requires skill. thank god for warcraft 3 and i almost forgot what fair fights were

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    Gravy! Where's MY duel! 3 times now you have said no!

    I dont flame people when I ask for a duel and they say no. It's a fair enough reason to me if someone says no!
    Don't be lonely anymore.

    Look at your post, now back at mine. Now back to your post, now back at mine. Sadly, yours isn't mine, but if you stopped trolling and started posting legitimate comments it could look like mine. Look down, back up, where are you? You're scrolling through posts, reading the posts your posts could look like. Back at mine, it's a reply saying something you want to hear. Look again, my reply is now diamonds. Anything is possible when you think before you post.

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    i saw a fight between asmodeuz and gravy...asmodeuz ALMOST won...but when gravy used FOL and healed, he was above half health when asmo finally went down:/

    sry gravy, you're cool...but soldiers do suck man.

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    Christ, if he don't want to duel - then there are no duel. How hard is that to understand? I never dueled myself, never had plans of dueling and never will duel. I kill clan-skum because we have a war and the rats must die , not Omnis or clans as if it was olympic sports.

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    Hey Gravy i duel you if you really want, only stuff to make it even a lil bit , u come self buff without bracers, i come with adv 91% dmg shield, NCUS, hack&quack, MoP, TTS, layered, behemoth, highest hp i can find and life channeler :)~

    edit : maybe it aint so funny but i cant remember any MA or whatever asking any soldier to duel when TMS reflected 75% damage was 100% so am i missing here ? o yeah no one like to have a fight u 100% sure u gonna loose maybe thats what i miss ...
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    I would pvp you but....
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