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Thread: Vengance Be A Good Shade {prologue}

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    PART 1

    It was an engineer’s shop, a dank smelling, oily, greasy, dirty room with crap spread all over, so you could not walk anywhere without tripping. To anyone else it looked like a waste of time to even loot this stink hole. I knew better. To someone like myself, who knew what he was looking for, this place was a gold mine!

    Machine parts that looked like thrown away fodder, were actually greatly improved pieces of art, which only a true master would know how to make. Tools, the likes I have never seen, hand crafted and polished with such great care. One could see the true love for his craft.
    Too bad ill have to kill him, he could come in handy.

    It was the home of ENGILORD, self-proclaimed master Engineer of Rubika. A tubby little prick that only became LVL 220 by the good graces of his team, THE DESTROYERS OF WORLDS, who melded him to their own image. While he truly is one of the most skilled engineer I have ever came across, he has no backbone and even less honor.

    I sensed him coming for about 5 minutes, I did not care, I wanted to see his eyes when he recognized me, and if he did not recognize me I would make him.

    It was 24 years since he and his team killed me and gang raped, beat, urinated on and completely destroyed my love Andréa, and I would make them pay with their lives. Before they put a gun to my head, I heard her say, “ I will come for you my love, never for get what I started”, and then BANG, a bullet to the head.

    I did not know what she meant until I saw her dead. She chose not to be resurrected; she chose the path I am on now. The path of the SECT. The path of everlasting life, no death, no resurrection, no ****ing nano technology to make you a sudo god. The path of the Sect is the path of true godhood.

    When I resurrected in the garden all I could remember was puking and puking, it was my first time, I frantically looked around and did not see my love. I ran and ran, back to the stream where we made love, only to find she did not resurrect, like everyone else in this god forsaken land, She died for the last time at the hands of these bastards!

    I am DIEHARD, a shade, a child of the shadowlands, ruler of all and of nothing. In My life I have achieved a level of mastery no other has, I have fulfilled prophecies and slaughtered armies. And I have dedicated my life to one thing, VENGENCE!
    Tonight is for vengeance, my vengeance, 24 years of anger; 24 years of hate all 24 years of….

    “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!” A wheezing voice screeched. “WHAT THE **** ARE YOU DOING IN MY SHOP!”

    I turned around and saw nothing but disgust and contempt in his eyes. This coming from a four foot tall, four-foot wide piece of garbage. He ran at me, I easily dodged then realized he was going for a switch, sneaky little ****er.
    His scream sounded like a cross of a little girl and a roller leet, apparently having your hand pierced with a poker and stuck to a table is painful.

    “What do u want u piece of **** shade.” His voice so low and trembling so I could barely hear.
    “What do I want? What do I want? Well I want to know the where abouts of all the members of the so-called Destroyers of course, what the hell did u think I wanted? Something u could do for me, other than information there is nothing I want from your kind, ****ing Rubika people think you are so important, you are nothing!”
    “I am nothing? **** you, you piece of………..AAAAARRRRRGGGGGG!”
    “Now play nice or ill have to twist the blade again.” I said smiling ear to ear.
    “**** YOU!” Is all he could say before passing out.
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