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Thread: Shes gone (a story)

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    Shes gone (a story)

    I was kinda bored at school so i wrote a little story :P
    Sorry the bad language (my english isnt the best yet)

    no.. .nooo... not again... Shes not yours...
    Jack woke up from his dream, he could feel that he was hot after the nightmare he just had, looking around in the room “where is she?” he thought, walked out of the bed and out to the living room, “Lilly?” he said and saw the girl sleeping at the couch with the tv on again, she woke up and looked into his eyes, “what is it hunny?” she asked, “ i cant get the dream away, every night i dream about you are taken away from me and killed by something i cant see” he said and looked her in the eyes, “Jack, no one is going to kill me while you are watching over me” she said and smiled, Jack smiled back to her and kissed her..
    Jack walked to the wardrobe and took on his chosen metapysicist armor and walked out to the dark town Rome.
    A few people was walking behind him, talking about something he couldn't hear,something about the clan side, well well...
    He could see the suns rising up over the buildings, it was beautiful, as always, full of colors.
    He tossed a quantum wings on him self and flew up to one of the buildings to see and maybe get some sleep there?

    “shes ours, we will take her... Lilljena is goooone”
    Jack woke up and noticed that he felt asleep on the top of the building, “ oh no... Lilljena” he whispered and jumped down, ran to his apartment.
    “Lilljena!, Lilljena!” he shouted out.. no answer...... No answer”
    shes gone....
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    Jack sat down at the couch to try and calm down a little, “no.. she cant be gone? It was just a silly dream” , he made some food and waited for Lilljena to come home.... The day after she wasn't home, Jack called to her office at the headquarter for omni-tek , someone answered “omni-tek headquarter, how may i help you?”, “Hi this is Jack, i am wondering if Lilljena is at work today?” he asked with a shivering voice, “no she hasn't been at work today” she answered with a horrible sarcastic voice, “ok, thank you” Jack said and hang up the phone.
    “I guess i can wait a few more hours to see if she comes home from a party or something”

    A few hours later she wasn't home at all, not much happened, Jacks healer pet Mortifiant the eternal, also called Blippy and his demon Zhok played with a ball at the kitchen, well unknowing what their master was thinking about..
    “Ill go and look after her” he said loudly, hes pets looked at him, “the doorbell rang.. Zhok? Can you open the door please?” Zhok nodded to his master and ran to the door, “peekaboo” a male voice said and entered the living room, it was Jacks friend Tarykk, a lvl 180 doctor from Newland, “yoo Jack wassup?” he said and hugged Jack, “i would be happy if you don't hug me like that all the time” Jack said and smiled to his friend, “where is Lilly?”,“i don't know Tarykk, it might sound weird but i have had a scary dream about something kidnapping her and now shes gone” Jack said and sat down in the couch again, Tarykk looked at Jack and though about something to say, “lets go and look for her mate” Tarykk suggested and looked at the playing pets, Jack smiled..”Grab your armor and weapon and lets go” Tarykk said and ran to the door, Blippy and Zhok followed Jack when they ran out of the apartment and out to Rome red. “ooookie, where to look first?” he asked and looked at the map, “well, the beasts in my dream sounded like something from Shadowland, so i might suggest that we look there first?” they nodded to each other and ran to Rome green.....

    In front of the wompah to Jobe they stopped and looked at the map again, “well i think this is the wompah to jobe” Tarykk said and looked scared at the big door looking thing, “dude? Read the sign over the entrance, J-o-b-e” Jack said and walked into the blue light in the wompah..
    The blue light ended and they were in Jobe,a city in the skies, far over Rubi-ka, Zhok looked over the fence and grumbled, “yes zhok its kinda far down there isn't it?” Jack said while looking at Blippy showing of while flying in the air on the other side of the fence, and kinda dancing he though, “come one Blippy get back here now” Jack shouted and waved to Blippy. The team went to the marked and into Elysium, the big bridge was filled with people waiting for something or someone, a agent came in front of Jack and asked “can u toss a Composite infuses on me? Please?”“uhm... sure” Jack answered and tossed it on the agent... Something pulled his metaphysic wing and pulled him down the bridge and down to the ground, “Tarykk, let go of my armor wing” he shouted trough the noise of some screaming girls running from a heckler...”Its late by the way, we should find a place to sleep safe” tarykk said and walked to a cave, “here it looks safe, send Zhok to check mate” Tarykk said and sat down at the stones, “i would rather sleep at the grass where its soft” Jack complained,
    they walked out again and found some nice grass to sleep on, and they slept.

    “No please don't hurt her.... give her back....” Jake woke up from yet a another nightmare, Zhok looked at his master, “its was the nightmare again Zhok, i am getting tired of it, but this time i saw
    the monsters quite well, i don't know what it was, but i am sure they are somewhere close, they know we are here now” Jack said and looked up at the moon, “i wonder how she is doing” he said, and took on his mp armor wings...
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    “Jack, no one is going to kill me while you are watching over me” she said and smiled, Jack smiled back to her and kissed her..Jack walked to the wardrobe and took on his chosen metapysicist armor
    are you implying MPs can *gasp* pvp?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guernica
    are you implying MPs can *gasp* pvp?
    ooooh, yeah
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