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Thread: OOC: Time for another Roleplayer/Events Team meeting!

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    Vasmani from Podroznicy Rub-Ka would like to attend meeting.
    Contact /tell Vasmani
    Dziureq, Soldier lvl 220/23
    Podroznicy Rubi-Ka - Polish organisation for Polish players
    Org Home Site:

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    Digitalkyn, from the Digital Anarchy Network.

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    Valkerja From haven will be there
    Between the Candle and the Darkness

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    Kaliko, from Order of Nyte

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    Maziri, leader of Red Thunder.
    Natasha "Tashania" Niacescu, 66 Nanomage Engineer
    Leader of ~Society of Salvation~

    "Nothing that a good 5/8" wrench won't fix. Unless it needs duct tape. Then always use duct tape."

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    Location of the Meeting

    Since we've been asked about this a few times...

    The meeting will be held in an area inaccessible to players by normal means (this way attendance can be controlled). Try to be in-game about 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the meeting. We will be going down the list of attendees, sending /tell messages to verify if you're ready to attend. If so, you'll be ported to the location of the meeting.

    At the end of the meeting, you will be sent back to the location we pulled you from -- so you might want to make sure you don't tell us you're ready to go while standing amidst a horde of hecklers, as I'm sure they will eagerly await your return. Damn those hecklers.
    Director Nevarstiyeh
    Events Team
    Advisors of Rubi-Ka

    Contact the Events Department:

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    Trixie "Tryqz" Rhaiyne asked me to relay that she will be representing Immanentize The Eschaton
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    Anamelle Marecki, adventurer, leader of Lumen Orien
    Llesa Varela, MP
    Alossa Laurence, beaurocrat, director of Newland News
    Erissen Altaire, doctor
    Vektria Ervasse, fixer
    Daeranne Smith, engineer, Last Ditch Academy scientist
    Lumen Orien

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    reply for the event

    player name : Jinxace
    org: Dark Order Of Chaos


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    Xaveira from Immanentize The Eschaton

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    Dagget from Ayredian Nightfall

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    Paxcorpus, pretty much orgless rp-wise as Project Starlight don't roleplay at all.
    Servatis a periculum - servatis a maleficum

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