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Thread: OOC: Reporter Support System

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lornavash View Post
    additionally, don't forget that you can also contact relevant authors via this page:

    If you wish to get them to write about something going down in your neighbourhood or simply to provide feedback on one of their articles.
    I'm wondering if ALL those listed are active, there seems to be a real lack of freelance news lately.
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    No guarantees of accuracy. I assume that a character who was played would earn xp. These characters could be alts, I don't know. A character had to have had zero xp gains for at least the past several months to be considered flatline, usually.
    Neutral	Ryzak -- unknown
    Clan	Noticiero -- slowly working on shadowlevels
    Omni	Rdia -- flatline
    Clan	Relion -- left for a year, recently came back and has been gaming hard
    Omni	Rustyedge -- flatline
    Clan	Whtrose -- flatline
    Neutral	Mrcreds -- flatline
    Omni	Tustavel -- flatline with a tiny recent perk
    Clan	Letrie -- came back to this character around the beginning of the year
    Neutral	Nukinuke -- has apparently deleveled; WTF, Mate?
       *anarchyonline reports that Nukinuke actually has no affiliation
       with Clan, Neutral or Omni
    Neutral	Freedomov -- flatline
    Omni	Sherminator -- climbed slowly but surely until the end of last year
    Omni	Jubilexprime -- climbed slowly but surely until last Halloween
    Omni	Chaupin -- wiped character beginning of February, flatline after four weeks
    Clan	Demyse -- relatively flatline until this month
    Neutral	Berael -- max level or very close to it, quite active
    Omni	Nadab -- very active
    Neutral	Alossa -- flatline
    Neutral	Thibaud -- wiped character end of September, active ever since
    Omni	Murdaxz -- flatline
    Omni	Arma -- unknown
    Clan	Hyperion5182 -- working on last shadowlevels
    Neutral	Ferg -- max level or very close to it, quite active
    Clan	Feigh -- unkown
    Omni	Agentcora -- active, especially during school-break times
    Neutral	Ammarone -- flatline
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ciggie View Post
    man thanks for the info ure my new idol.

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    Nukinuke's profile anomalies are probably the result of deleting the original character, remaking with the same name, and logging off in the space station before choosing a side. Probably just to reserve the name.
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    On a related note, can we get one or two more journal names for technical articles?
    I'm thinking one related to engineering and another for nanotechnology/metaphysics would be nice.
    Or maybe:
    • Metaphysics Today
    • Jobe Research: Journal of Engineering and Nanotechnology
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    Tustavel is my froob and so technically does not flatline
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    Chaupin is my alt, not leveling it much but he is still breathing
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