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Thread: Freelance: September 8th Affiliate Meetings

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    Freelance: September 8th Affiliate Meetings

    September 8th Affiliate Meetings
    November 03, 29481 - Roger "Scoop" Johnson [Atlantean]

    IRRK Freelance - IRRK Freelance - Have you ever wondered just what goes on in the board meetings of the Omni-Tek Affiliates? Have you even been curious about just those famous Directors and Affiliates are talking about?

    Wonder no longer. As part of a new Omni-Reform campaign, we at Omni-Tek are introducing you to some of the high-level politics of Omni-Tek. To aid in understanding just what goes on when the elite of Rubi-Ka meet, we will publish the minutes of the June 29481 meeting of the Omni-Tek Affiliates.

    This meeting took place on September 8th, 29481. The late publication of the minutes and the partially censored protocol are such for reasons of security. If you want to know every detail of it, take part in your sub-department's command structure and join the Affiliate Meetings. See for more instructions.

    Omni-Tek of Rubi-Ka Board Meeting Minutes, September 8th, 29481

    Directors in Attendance:
    Darius Zeiler -- Omni-Admin
    Eva Pourais -- Omni-Reform
    "Max" --- Omni-InternOps
    Conner Rhees -- Omni-Mining
    Lani Wannja -- Omni-Com
    Arianna "AJ" Baljian -- Omni-Trans

    Affiliates in Attendance:
    General Jimi "Virta" Hendrix -- Omni-Pol
    Unit Commander Kiyoko "Khuri" Cervenak -- Omni-Pol
    Captain "Tethien" Cebrae -- Omni-Pol
    Unit Leader Idoit "Mexon" Withmyhands -- Terminal Velocity
    Director Aleksandr "Nadab" Harkonnen -- Harkonnen Exports
    Board Member "Kashta" Nagala -- Omni-Mining (IC)
    Director "Keanne" -- Omni-Mining (IC)
    President Meta "Msice" Gaviglia -- Society of Salvation

    Jacob Stroud -- Moderator


    Zeiler: Welcome to the monthly Omni-Tek Affiliate Meetings, we are happy to have you here. While we wait for the last one, the floor is already yours Mister Stroud.

    Jacob Stroud: Good evening, and thank you for attending the twenty-fourth Omni-Tek Affiliate Meeting. I would have all affiliates note that proper meeting protocol must be adhered to at all times. Questions and comments may only be made during appropriate parts of the meeting. If you wish to ask a question during those periods, you must contact me ((by /tell)) to request an opportunity to do so. I will prompt you to ask your questions in the order that they were requested. If you ask your question out of turn, you will likely be ignored. If you are asked a question by one of the department heads, be certain to note when you are finished with your response. ((by typing "Done" or "/me is done")) We will now proceed with the reports. If you have a report you wish to make, please send me a tell now.


    Jacob Stroud: It seems like it has been a quiet month, since nobody has anything to report. Mr. Nagala has something to say. You have the floor, sir.

    Kashta: Thank you, Mr. Stroud.
    Kashta: As many of you surely already know, we've had certain... changes in management in Omni-Mining. I'd like to.....

    Keanne: I'll take it from here, Mr. Nagala. Yes, it turned out I had to take control of our department, as Mr. Krumova.... decided to step down and relocate to a quieter place. We in Omni-Mining are perfectly capable of taking care of this thing ourselves, but would naturally appreciate any hints of our former director's whereabouts, should anyone have some.
    The last thing any of us wants would be a large-scale manhunt. To my opinion, it's better to handle things quietly and discreetly. Should you have any questions, please direct them directly to myself, or our chief of security, Mr. Vincent "Vincentprice" Malloy. Thank you for your time.
    Rhees: Miss was this ever reported to Omni-Pol?
    Keanne: No official report has yet been made, but we are still... uncertain whether anything has really happened. *smirks* My plan is to let the any negative publicity this might cause to die down even before things get any heat.
    Rhees: And why was I not briefed that a high ranking employee of my department has suddenly retired?
    Keanne: To public eye, he's still member of Omni-Tek, and on... extended vacation.
    Rhees: I believe this may be something for you.....
    Keanne: I'm not certain I understand, Sir?
    Max: I would appreciate any information you have on this situation.. so that it can be followed up on. Quietly. Before we do see anything negative from it.
    Rhees: In the future I would appreciate being informed about these things when it happens
    Keanne: Of course, both of you. But I'm sure we all know how even important records and reports sometimes get lost in the wheels of administration. Naturally the reports of his revoked user rights etc., etc., has been sent to you, Mr. Rhees. I'm very... sorry if they didn't reach your desk properly.
    Rhees: I have no further comments to this then.
    Keanne: As a new Director, I'll make it extremely clear to all my underlings that no such... lapses happen again. That is all from me too.
    Jacob Stroud: Does anyone else wish to comment on this matter?\
    Zeiler: Thanks you and congratulations ..sort of... to your promotion

    Jacob Stroud: The next report will come from Omni-Pol. You have the floor.
    Virta: Thank you.
    Zeiler: Please have your second representative fill out the papers to get your clearance for the affiliate meetings
    Virta: We have had reports of new type of vehicle are being imported to the planet. Our data suggest they may be faster than the current police-yalmahas. I think the company importing is called Phasefront. It will bring a lot of unnecessary high-speed traffic and general disorder and intentional speeding in our cities. We recommend them to be confiscated as they arrive on Rubi-Ka. At minimum, they should have speed-limiters installed before allowed to be purchased by the public. We think 40kph is fast enough. They look quite dangerous. That is all, thank you.
    Jacob Stroud: Are there any comments on this report?
    Virta: And we will fill out the paperwork for our new affiliate.

    Jacob Stroud: As there are no further comments... before we move on to assignments, I do have something I wish to bring to Omni-Pol's attention. That Clan fixer who calls himself "Playboyfixer" has indicated that he wishes to assassinate me. An amusing notion, but highly improper. I trust you will deal with him accordingly. That is all.
    Virta: Yes, he is a maniac. But I think the situation is contained.
    Jacob Stroud: This concludes the report section of the meeting. Director Zeiler, you have the floor.

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    New Business

    Zeiler: Thank you Mister Stroud. Due to the small but continued security issues it was decided to try out another way of identification for our employees. As Affiliates you are in the fortunate position of receiving one of the first batches of the new ID chips

    *hands out brand new Omni-Tek Issued Identification Chip to everyone*

    Zeiler: As they are still new, please report any possible issues to Omni-Engineering. Also Miss Lonare pointed out that we should distribute them to neutral citizens to help keep order in Borealis
    Virta: Excellent idea if I may say so.
    Zeiler: Are there any questions about the new ID chips?
    Mexon: Are we required to keep them on our person at all times?
    Zeiler: yes
    Mexon: Understood
    Msice: Consequences if you do not have it on your person?
    Tethien: looks at her gun.
    Zeiler: No access to restricted areas, questions and a lot of wasted time explaining the guards your identity
    Msice: Understood.
    Zeiler: Director Pouais, the floor is yours.

    Pourais: MsIce Gaviglia It has come to our attention that you organization hosted a party in Clan territories. I though we made our position clear on our last meeting here about relations with the clans. What do you have to say about this?
    Msice: I believe our party was thrown in good spirit, and does not break any laws of Omni Tek. The Olive Branch party, was a ~SoS~ hosted party, to show there is more to do than battle on Rubi-ka.
    Pourais: We are at war with the clans that does not mean that we serve them tea and cake
    Msice: Personally I feel the war with the Kyr'Ozch is much more eminent, don't you?
    Pourais: You are walking on very shaky grounds. This behaviour is not condoned or accepted by this affiliation. And your personal feelings in this does not have any bearing in this matter.
    Max: Another factor of concern, is your association through such parties with known clan Terrorists as well, such as Mr. Will who as already noted has threatened the lives of members of this very Board.
    Msice: In the end the part showed that Clan Administrators are out of control... I was shot down by Silverstone for merely dancing and participating in a peaceful gathering. Mr. Will... Playboyfixer?
    Pourais: Your actions have been noted by CEO Zora and I must say he is not at all pleased
    Msice: As for this particular terrorist...
    Max: Correct, and you were surprised Mr. Silverstone had you shot.. in Tir? You obviously do not understand your enemy.
    Khuri: raises an eyebrow
    Max: I find this disturbing behaviour for an InternOps affiliate in particular.
    Msice: Let me assure you he is no ally or associate of the Society. His threats on the life of any of you, sickens us all. And we are ready to help in any way to assist in his capture.
    Max: It is your association with him that is only one of our concerns
    Pourais: By dancing with him?
    Msice: I never danced with him, nor do I recall him in attendance of the party.
    Max: I am much more disturbed by such lack of understanding of your duties by a member of InternOps , Ms . Gaviglia
    Msice: We are aware of his status, and only interested in him as a suspect, and criminal.
    Max: Your behaviour and repeated behaviors after already being brought before this Board are disturbing to say the least.
    Msice: Max... with all due respect. My application to the Board was filled with Ross doctrine about spreading peace, and uniting against the Kyr'Ozch... I do not believe that makes me a bad Ops member. Furthermore, myself and the Society have taken each assignment given, very seriously. And we are awaiting the opportunity to serve.
    Max: Your lies about your activities is not currently helping your case at all Ms. Gaviglia. We are very aware of your actions and comments.
    Pourais: I thought we have already covered the current position of Omni_Tek. Apparently this party was a blatant protest to the Corporations current standing.
    Msice: Have you never heard the old adage... To keep your enemies closer?
    Pourais: You are admitting that you have contact with clan members regularly. This is your tactic.. to wine and dine them?
    Msice: We do not harbour criminals from any faction. Perhaps not being an enemy of the Clans gives us a special perspective when the time comes for information gathering. If sharing the dance floor at a GSP party is considered contact with the Clans, well then yes.
    Keanne: Surely you aren't forgetting that clan-membership is illegal in itself? There are no such thing as non-criminal clanners.
    Max: Such assignments will be properly handled through proper channels, there has been very little in the conduct of yourself or you department that has followed those channels.
    Msice: Then that is to say we failed in handling our previous assignments... and this is not true. Max, our reports were detailed and timely. I was under similar su****ion when I joined Ops... but our hard work earned your trust... or so i thought.
    Max: I have received no reports from you concerning any of these matters.. complete or otherwise
    Msice: No, Sir... I am speaking of our reports on the assignments we have been given.
    Max: Your behaviour has caused me to place you and your entire department under monitoring. Your actions have earned the personal displeasure of our CEO.
    Msice: If you feel I am a disappointment, then give us an assignment... put us back to work. And let us show our capabilities!
    Pourais: Take this Notice Of Failure and read it over again perhaps you will think about your actions.
    Max: At present we need to be more certain you will follow your orders and not further disappoint the CEO or myself.
    Pourais: Don't worry nothing a trip to my offices will not fix
    Max: In time as we become more confident you will perform your duties as expected of a loyal employee you will be given assignments to help prove yourself as such again.
    Max: I am not used to members of my department requiring such actions, however I hope that now that you know the seriousness of your behaviour, you can correct this and we may all put this behind us.

    Zeiler: Max, the floor is yours
    Max: One matter I need to ask about..(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx text removed per Intern Ops Security Protocols AZSW-32219 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx)
    Max: Thank you General. Inform me as soon as you hear anything xxxxxxxxxxx
    Virta: Yes Sir.
    Max: That is all I have Director Zeiler.

    Zeiler: Thank you. Mister Stroud, the floor is yours.

    Jacob Stroud: Thank you. On the subject of the Society of Salvation, I agree with the actions of the Directors. Above all else, order and control are paramount to the continued success of Omni-Tek. SoS has failed to demonstrate that they are putting the interests of the corporation before their own personal agendas. This is inexcusable and they do deserve to be punished for it. However... I can't help but notice the fact that a high-level Omni-InternOps affiliated organization was allowed to openly host a party in Tir. That is absolutely unprecedented in this day and age. No other InternOps agency has been able to come close to something like that.
    Max: And no other InternOps organization has received a Notice of Failure.. it is well noted.
    Msice: It is a benefit of remaining on good terms with many Clan employees, Sir.
    Jacob Stroud: This could be an extremely valuable asset to the corporation. SoS would have to be able to demonstrate their loyalty before being trusted with such assignments, but there could be a place for this in our plans.
    Max: You prefer good terms with the enemy at the risk of the terms with your own department?
    Msice: No, I prefer that my own department understands the benefits of such a relationship.
    Jacob Stroud: My view of the situation is that Omni-Tek MUST come first, but that this kind of relationship with the clans could be exploited to our benefit.
    Max: I understand your concerns Mr Stroud.. however she needs to demonstrate more loyalty to the corporation before any further sensitive InterOps matters will cross her desk.
    Jacob Stroud: Agreed.
    Msice: Sir... if I may?

    Zeiler: Alright, before we end today's meeting, are there any other topics that need to be brought to the boards attention?
    Jacob Stroud: Yes
    Zeiler: Go ahead Mister Stroud
    Jacob Stroud: First, Ms. Gaviglia can ask her follow up question. You have the floor.
    Msice: I would just like to say I feel as though we have regressed. The Society joined the Board under heavy su****ion... and had to prove our loyalty in the beginning. Since then we have conducted our business as usual... so it seems unfitting to be reexamined.
    Max: Any member of InternOps is always being examined.
    Max: And your current business as usual is far from acceptable.
    Msice: Understood Max, but please reconsider making a criminal out of what is really an asset. To call me a failure... it is simply unjust.
    Max: You are not yet a criminal. That remains to be seen, and is dependent on your behaviour.
    Msice: Awaiting your assignment, Sir!
    Max: Such matters depend on your future behaviour Ms. Gaviglia.
    Max: It is my hope that you finally understand the seriousness of your behaviours and will correct them on your own without further intervention by this Board.
    Zeiler: Any other points for today?
    Jacob Stroud: One more
    Jacob Stroud: Mr. Harkonnen has a question for Director Wannja I believe. You have the floor.
    Nadab: Thank you Mr. Stroud. At the last meeting, much discussion was made as to the amount of information to be released from these minutes.
    Wannja: yes?
    Nadab: I submitted a reformed copy of the minutes to Omni-Com the day after last meeting..... It was validated by both InternOps and Reform by the 15th... but it still languishes in Omni-Com's offices... is there still a problem?
    Wannja: What do you mean?
    Nadab: I have seen no release of the last minutes in the news? I thought perhaps there was still a security issue?
    Wannja: the minutes have always been hold back until the next meeting before being released, as such the minutes were published not before yesterday
    Nadab: ah... I did not know that information... thank you.
    Zeiler: Very well with that lets adjourn the meeting for today. I 'll see you all next month, until then.

    "And now you know"

    Roger "Scoop" Johnson

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    Clearly Max and Director Pourais, in their high and mighty offices, are seeing things as black and white as they were decades ago. This is no longer so. If the Director's of Omni-Tek cannot realise that the best way to understand, infiltrate and ultimately exploit your enemies is to keep them close and find their weakness, then these Directors should be replaced at once.

    It should also be noted they cannot realise that the Kyr'Ozch threat is causing far more destruction and death than the Notum War. This corporation requires leaders who are in touch with reality, in order to continue to be the finest in the galaxy.

    My regards to Msice for showing such courage and dedication, in the face of such ignorance and sheer stupidity.
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    I think it's pretty clever what they're doing, genuine or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stillian View Post
    Clearly Max and Director Pourais, in their high and mighty offices, are seeing things as black and white as they were decades ago.
    The director is looking very young after all these decades...

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    they're most likely robots gone haywire
    Never knock on death's door, always ring the bell and run. Death really hates that.

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    I was speaking of the situation as it was decades ago, not the people in question.
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