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Thread: So Radiman is Back. Now What?

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    So Radiman is Back. Now What?

    So Radiman is Back. Now What?

    by Editor
    18:00 July 31, 29476 RST

    Peace. It slipped through our fingers.

    We were so close. The grains of hope handed to us a few months ago have now been washed away by the rising tide. The termination of the peace talks, the return of the Dust Brigade, and the extended inactivity of the Council have effectively put us back to square one.

    It got so bad that last week, clan-leaders demanded that Radiman should step down and disband the Council. Then, out of nowhere, Radiman pops out of his burrow like a leet into a nest of anuns. Presumably to calm things down. Can he?

    I've always been a great admirer and supporter of Radiman, and I've had respect for, and confidence in, what he has tried to achieve. But times, and circumstances, have changed.

    The Council started out almost a century ago with the aspiration to unite the clans, but what now appears to have happened is quite the opposite: We're drifting apart, dividing. Maybe change is needed?

    The independent clans have become too powerful for the Council to remain effective and speak with a unanimous voice. The Council no longer has the backing it needs to bargain with Omni-Tek, and that's why the negotiations broke down. The very nature of the Council depends on that bargaining power, because without it, it's powerless and redundant.

    Unless Radiman can pull another ace out of his sleeve and reunite the clans, I don't see how the Council can ever again make a difference, or serve a purpose - political or otherwise. It would be reduced to a private club where a bunch of tired geezers might share a bottle of expensive sherry, complain about the mutant problem, and muse over "the good old times". If the Council can no longer make a difference, then what do we need it for?

    Let's have a look at the alternatives:

    Number one: We come together, all the clanners, and create our own "corporation": A business run like any other business, where the bosses are fired if they don't perform, and where every employee – clan-member – is under contract to perform specific tasks defined by management. This option might seem like a paradox. Isn't this what we were running from in the first place?

    Number two: Complete anarchy amongst the clans, with everyone pursuing their own, individual agendas. We've tried that. Didn't work, did it?

    Number three: We agree to disagree, and create a compromise. We let coalitions of clans join together in creating their own ‘council’, one with a stronger backing in the clan community, and with more realistic objectives. Maybe that could work?

    Either way, there are a few things one would have to consider: What would happen to the existing achievements of the CoT? What would happen to the Tir Accord? Would OT still acknowledge it? Where would we find a leader as persistent and patient as Radiman - one who enjoys the same amount of respect within the halls of Omni-Admin and with Ross himself? Only one way to find out, isn't there?

    The only thing that's absolutely certain is that there is nothing to gain from the situation we've been living under these last few months. Every day we fail to deal with the Dust Brigade, and every day we're unable to uphold our end of the Tir Accord, we're one day closer to another age of a total Corporate dictatorship.
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    The time has come for a democracy among the clan. Elected leaders that will represent the whole not the few. A Leader that does not leave on a Pilgramige while his people rot, but a leader selected by the people For the people.

    What we have become is Nation states. Small country's unable to even hold Citys Like meetemedere, or able to control our Landmark camalot castle.

    We have a strength a common unity my freinds, Freedom. The Freedom to chose.
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    Lightbulb Everything In ONe

    Why Can We Let Each Guild Clan Have Theyre Own Council And
    The Council Leader IS In a even bigger council and so on and on the top stands the Truth of council...

    But As Said before the council needs to be seen in public and heard from, we need proof, or else way we can just replace them thats what anarchy is about replaceing the old, for the better newer and younger...

    Gajar A Loner

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    Talking Re: Everything In ONe

    Originally posted by Gajar
    Why Can We Let Each Guild Clan Have Theyre Own Council And
    The Council Leader IS In a even bigger council and so on and on the top stands the Truth of council...

    But As Said before the council needs to be seen in public and heard from, we need proof, or else way we can just replace them thats what anarchy is about replaceing the old, for the better newer and younger...

    Gajar A Loner
    But doing it that way will allow those tiny itchy clans with only a few members to have the same voice of say as one of the larger terrorist organizations. Not to say I oppose the idea. As a matter of fact I support all the suggestions that will led to greater indecision for the criminal clans. So everyone cheer with me.

    Hooray for Gajar!
    Hooray for Gajar's council of anarchy!

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    Post Returned to lead us?

    Fellow Clansmen,

    for as long as everyone of us can remember, the Council of Truth was there, leading the clans. And the CoT, in turn, was led by Henry Radiman. For roughly a century, we had relative peace, we had safety inside our cities. But in the last year, the situation grew tense again. Hostilites started again, the number of casualties on both sides rising every day. Only the Insurance Technology so unique to Rubi-Ka accounted for the fact that few lives were permanently lost. Then, we had another short period of 'amnesty', as Omni-Tek named it. A time, when their minions were ordered not to shoot any Clanner on sight. A time when Radiman and the CoT once again resumed talks with the Corporation and Philip Ross. A talk about a lasting peace. But the only outcome was a game of chess, most probably - as a mockery of the planet's politics - stalemate-style. And then? The Council of Truth went into hibernation. The radical clans officially renounced any affiliation with the CoT and turned to terrorism. Red Freedom, Dust Brigade, Sons of Ashes - who doesn't know the names or hasn't heared of their 'accomplishments'?

    Months passed without anyone of us hearing a word of the Council or its leader Radiman. Meanwhile, things heated up and we're heading right for another Civil War. And even while this happened, other - perhaps even more dangerous - enemies appeared: Cyborgs.

    So, as of lately, we were faced with several problems: Omni-Tek seems more determined than ever to crush us. Red Freedom, the Durst Brigade and other militant clans don't make the situation any better and they have become enemies of the CoT and the other clans themselves. Cyborgs roam Rubi-Ka and established strong bases that we weren't able to eliminate. And, worst of all, we were faced with a lack of leaderships as Henry Radiman chose this to be the right time to go on a 'pilgrimage'. And it seems the whole Council decided that it's been just the right time to take a break, too.

    I would wish to respond to the questions asked be the Editor of the VoF. Dictatorship? No, we had this already. Corporation? Same. Democracy? Ultimately, yes. I am not really sure I will live to see the clans united in freedom under their own elected government, but it is us who have to start building this dream, so that maybe our children ord grandchildren will grow up to live a life without fear, without war, and without mutants and other vile creatures roaming the surface of Rubi-Ka. And, of course, a life without Omni-Tek.

    Well, not every clan has the same view of the future of us all, some turned back to feudalism, others even mimicking our enemy and organizing thenselves as corporations. There's military clans and even anarchies. But all share one belief: There must be a leader. Someone who guides us, walks in front of us and united us when we're in danger. And not someone that we must force back to his duties by threatening his removal and that of the CoT.

    Now I ask you: Who created the CoT up first? Who decided over membership to this exclusive circle? Who elected them? And what was their purpose? All this seems shaded in mystery. At lest I could not answer the questions. But I though I can't tell you the past, I can tell you my vision of the future:

    A new Council of Truth, elected by the clans, led by clanners we can trust and with a strong leader that will not falter in the face of crisis. I am sorry, but I cannot trust Henry Radiman any more. He might gain my support again, but I doubt that we have the time. Cause time is running our for us. Either we choose our future now or other will choose it for us.

    And, up first: I demand that the Council of Truth appear before the clan citizens, each and every one of them. I demand that they be given the right to speak for themselves. I demand that Henry Radiman appears in public. Not only shall he speak through the VoF or other grid feeds, but personally. He must show us that he's back for real and that he's still the man he was before.

    After that, the clans shall cast a vote as to wether they wish to remain with the Council or not. Those that adhere to the ancestral order of the clans shall elect a new council. Those that wish to become independent shall be removed from any official position they might hold within the Council. They will still be clanners and thus treated with trust and honor as long as they hold on to the laws of the clans and the laws of the Council. Those that choose to ally with Red Freedom, the Dust Brigade or other renegades shall be treated that way.

    United we stand, but alone we will fall. The choice, my friends, is in our hands.

    President Kasimodo
    Bronto Liberation Army (Rk-2)

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    Since this was posted on the Story Discussion forum and not the RP forum, I'll speak OOC about it.

    The current council can work IF:

    1) The larger player clans are represented on it.

    2) The council commits to meeting WEEKLY and coming out of each meeting with a plan as to what the clans will do THAT WEEK! Not at some time in the nebulous future.

    This means that Funcom would have to assign one person to play each of the NPC clan head roles and that person would have to be in attendance at each of these meetings (not 100% attendance, but no frequent absences). So there would be a single person always playing Radiman, one playing Galahad, one as the head of the Sentinels, one as the head of New Dawn, and one as the head of each of the other NPC clans that have been created.

    Then invite the leaders of the following to join (based solely on membership stats at Airhawk Alliance, Opposing Force, Storm (*groan*), Rebel Armed Faction, Diversity, Red Tigers, Exodus, Lost Chapter, Shadows of Snarf, Guild of Metaphysicists, 3305 Local. Tell them they are only welcome if they are ready to role-play.

    Then, of course, do the same thing with Omni. Then allow territory to change hands and you might just have yourself something resembling a storyline.


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    OOC - the problem with membership numbers is that they aren't a true measure of an org's power or size. You could have an org with 32 members, but only four actual players - 8 alts per player. Many orgs are less than 2/3 their membership size in terms of actual players - and some are more than half composed of alts. Furthermore, people who cancel their accounts stay on the org rosters, and people who haven't played for two months will still count.

    In any given org you can guesstimate off-hand that 1/3 to at most 1/2 of their roster is made of unique players who are active. The other 2/3 are alts or don't play much, if at all.

    Plus, if all it takes to get on the Council is a lot of people on the roster, you'll see orgs recruiting madly in the newbie fields, paying people to join, filling their roster with their own alts and other alts, etc. It's just too easy a 'system' to cheat.
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    Scorus's plan in essence sounds workable apart from the bit where clans are only selected on membership numbers instead of on evidence of their willingness to RP.

    A number of smaller clans have been talking and making news posts during the lull in FC activity, and all of those clans deserve in my opinion to be included in an RP opportunity to organise the Clans.

    To make it work it needs quality not quantity. People who have shown that they are dedicated to organising events for their people, and have kept in touch with other clan leaders in an RP fashion deserve to be considered.

    Hopefully the GMs and ARKs know who these clans are. If they don't then read the news posts that players have been making and see who has been showing an interest.

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    Thumbs down Polite Disagreement

    Alarmist editorials like that are irresponsible, foolish, and damaging to the entire Clan movement. Though I have no affiliations with the Clans or Omni-Tek, I have a very deep respect for Radiman and the Council of Truth. It shouldn't matter if Radiman decides to take a sabbatical; he certainly deserves to do so after all of the hard work he has put in to maintain the fragile peace that so many want to see destroyed. It is unfair and completely one-sided to place all of the blame on one person and a group of elected officials for the continued friction within the Clans, with Omni-Tek, and the resurgance of the Dust Brigade.

    Radiman and the Council of Truth can only represent the voice of the Clans. If the Clans feel that they no longer represent what they stand for then someone needs to act quickly to remedy the situation instead of letting it all spin out of control. That is if everyone can stop bickering long enough to agree what the Clans DO stand for anymore. Complaining about perceived problems only serves to exacerbate the situation.

    If the Clans are drifting apart, they have no one to blame but themselves. It is the sole responsibility of each and every single Clan member who has a genuine interest in peace and solidarity to work hard toward that goal. Not Radiman and not the Council of Truth. Unless the Clans can put their petty differences aside to resolve more important issues, Omni-Tek will never take them seriously because they'll know that the Clans are their own worst enemies.

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    Scorus idea is a great idea unfortunately it won't work. A few clans have already tried to establish a councill named the Freedom Assembly. With the help of a GM we tried to establish an organization in which the role of the guilds would be bigger then it is now. It was a complete disaster, we couldn't agree to anything. The result was discussions about procedures that lasted for hours without any result we never even made a decision about content rather then procedure. It is sad but true, it won't work.
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    And now .... The Council of Indecision

    Well, face it, clanners: I am not whining about the absence of Radiman and the inability of the Council to do anything while he was away. In fact, I have never ever felt any action of the Council and I do know a lot of clanners that don't even know of a person named Radiman. I have decided to make politics on behalf of the wellbeing of my clan mates. The Council never did anything for me, or at least nothing that I ever noticed.

    As to the fact of 'elected' members to the CoT: Who elected them? I ask this question again till I get an answer. At least no
    free citizen I know has been asked to cast his vote.

    And to the frustration of creating an entirely new Council with its own laws and such. In the history of mankind, such things took ages to accomplish, why should we do so much better?

    As long as we talk about a democratic leadership, we will have to talk a lot. If we choose to become a Dictatorship, all we need to see is who gets to be the leader, who will be his minions and who are the poor souls that will be his slaves. I guess we don't want that, cause then we could just as well have stayed with Omni-Tek.

    President Kasimodo
    Bronto Liberation Army

    [OOC: Well, there has been a vote lately on AO Stratics on the whereabouts of Radiman and Ross, around 40% answered with 'Who?', and another 25 thought they were trapped in a never-ending game of chess. The CoT never appeared to me in the 10 months I am around, and I can say I played and role-played a lot. Perhaps it was because I chose to play lag-less (RK-2: 'The Forgotten Dimension') , but then again, can we have two Councils?

    And who will be elected into this Council, who will be eligible to cast a vote? Well, FC can assure that only each player has a vote, not each alt. Anyways, we're talking about a perfect world here, not one that will happen in the near future. FC has broken far too many promises for me to believe them any more. So why should they fix this?

    Anyways, if we imagine a perfect game world where things come true the way we want it, we would like to have a Council that really exists. Real people you can talk to, and the Council really doing some work. Council meetings that happen monthly or bi-weekly (weekly seems to much for me). Each Clanner should have the right to appear before the Council if he really hase something to say.

    And we would have NPC and Player members of the CoT. I'm not saying that FC should give all the power to us, but if they choose to participate through NPCs, they should also commit themselves to actually forward the story (yes, you guessed it, this council actually is part of a mysterious thing called main story - something that should have been in the game, and the one who finds this story in the game will get ... well, dunno ... you're not supposed to know it anyways, it's secret). Or perhaps they should think of what story they really want to make up first. After all, the novel and those video clippings are quite erratic.

    To the players: Don't expect too much of a Council that is run partially by players. There's as many different oppinions as we have players here, and getting only a part of them to agree to a set of rules will be very tough. And well, role-playing is not a top priority to most players here. So to say, most ppl talk 'out-time', or, for that reason 'out-of-character'. If you start talking ONLY in-character, you will face strange reactions.

    To Funcom: Before you pin up another start of a story that never ends, think of what you want to do. Where do you want to be in one year? What do you expect from us, your players and 'valued customers'? ]
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    Ensign: Your point is well taken, but that is why I said there need to be people playing the lead NPCs. If Radiman came up with a plan, a good plan, then I think a lot of player clans would at least give it a chance.

    Also the Omni side would be played the same way. One side would be more organized and would eventually lead an effective strike. That would help unite the other side.

    Funcom would have to monitor it and make sure that one side didn't just instantly dominate through more and better players. They don't want the story to end quickly. But I still think the overall strategy could work. Or at least it deserves a try. Something sure needs to be done...


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    great raadimans back - now what ??

    First order of business for mr. Radiman:


    That pretty much cover it.

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    Thumbs down WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I Think the pepole has waited to much, now Truth of council shall get us gathered and fight we all have seen the intro when shall it be so I WANT OPEN WAR whoes with me, only way to get the problem away is to terminate it and that for good

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    Exclamation Re: WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Originally posted by Gajar
    I Think the pepole has waited to much, now Truth of council shall get us gathered and fight we all have seen the intro when shall it be so I WANT OPEN WAR whoes with me, only way to get the problem away is to terminate it and that for good
    Do not fool yourself into thinking that waging an open war with Omni-Tek is the answer to all of your problems. On the contrary, it will spark a Second Corporate War and this cannot be allowed to happen. Don't you remember how the Sol Banking Corporation landed mechanized troops on our world 60 years ago? Do you think they held their fire on Clans and attacked only Omni-Tek forces? Or how about the TruSpace Networks' battleships parked in orbit and started bombarding Clan and Omni-Tek settlements?

    If the Clans are truely serious about gaining their complete and total independence, they have to look beyond the petty struggles that plague them now and build the foundation for a more stable future. Yes, the Clans are respectable fighters but there are forces that lurk beyond Rubi-Ka who are much better at making war and want to snatch Rubi-Ka from both Omni-Tek and the Clans. If Omni-Tek decided to leave tomorrow and left everything to the Clans, how long do you think Rubi-Ka will be kept corporate-free while the other hypercorporations race each other to fill in the void? How long will it take the Clans to construct a defense infrastructure? To set up factories to create orbital defense platforms? Do you think the floating city of Jobe will be able to defend the entire planet all by itself from constant attack?

    Let me tell you something right now, regardless of how valiently the Clans may fight, they cannot stand against the near limitless resources of the Sol Banking Corporation, BigBurger, or any other hypercorporation. Even if the ICC declared Rubi-Ka completely off-limits to all corporate expansion, the Clans will see very hard times because the hypercorporations will most likely cease all trade with the new Clan regime. Rubi-Ka is still heavily dependent on off-world imports to maintain the quality of life we all enjoy, Clan and Omni-Tek employee alike. Notum is indeed valuable. But the galaxy survived without it for tens of thousands of years and will probably live without the convenience it offers long after. Nanotechnology is impressive but is not yet advanced enough to fullfil every single need.

    The Clans must prepare themselves to inherit Rubi-Ka. And like it or not, they must learn to co-exist peacefully with Omni-Tek during this process. Spilling blood and destruction will only get the Clans so far but they have to realize at some point that peace is the only option. Radiman and the Council of Truth are the first step in this process but each and every single Clan member must be completely dedicated to making a better life for themselves and their descendants. Do what you can to raise the reputation of the Clans and make Rubi-Ka a better place to live and be ready to receive Rubi-Ka and keep it once it becomes yours. Because once Omni-Tek is out of the picture, the Clans will be on their own.

    Combat Medic, 5th Medical Corps
    ICC Expeditionary Forces

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    Thumbs up thank you zaeda


    finally someone who realizes the true severity of our situation.
    the hard-up truth of the matter is that we cannot survive without omni-tek...

    if we were to win a war against them, rubi-ka would not be "free" for long, this much is true. but i differ with you as to what hypercorporation we will fall siege to: if you recall, omni tek's ties with the hypercorporation omni were severed by omni prime. this is actually the reason why clans even exist in my opinion.

    had omni-tek not been spending the majority of it's resources fighting against omni prime for supremicy on rubi-ka, they would have never lost sovereignty on rubi-ka to us.
    so, if we were ever to expel omni-tek from our planet, you can be assured that omni prime will step right back in to take us back. i'm not sure about this, but omni prime might even still hold the lease on rubi-ka.

    i am of the opinion that we should learn to live and work peacefully with omni tek. don't get me wrong, their crimes can never go unpunished or be forgotton. but we cannot defend our planet without them; further, we cannot subjugate omni tek...their full military power we have not seen. we wouldn't stand a chance in full scale war against them. the best we can hope for right now is some sort of cooperative settlement.

    so, i say to you extremist clans: wake up. without omni tek we would be slaves to some other corporation. at least now we can think for ourselves. never forget the injustices of the past, but don't let revenge cloud your vision.
    "Mynroe" Fujikuro steps out of the fog.
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    Exclamation Very True...

    Yes, you are correct, mynroe. Perhaps Omni Prime will step in to correct all of the "wrongs" that OT Rubi-Ka hasn't been able to right. But even still, which hypercorporation that steps in is not the primary issue. The true matter lies within how prepared the Clans are to protect themselves and Rubi-Ka from any single one of the other hypercorporations that still present a threat to those of us who live on Rubi-Ka.

    Though my ties are with the ICC, I was born on Rubi-Ka and still regard it as my home. This is why I transferred from the ICC Medical Corps to the ICC Expeditionary Forces, so I could be re-assigned to Rubi-Ka after my requisite assignments and training abroad was complete. Rubi-Ka is a glittering jewel in space that must not be marred by human greed. I believe the Clans have the ultimate destiny to become the stewards and custodians of this beautiful planet and to protect it from all those who seek to gain profit at the expense of all else. I know I can't possibly be alone in my opinion about this. The Clans cannot afford to lose everything because they wish to place ALL of the burden on Radiman and the Council of Truth without bothering to take on any responsibility on their own.

    All who live on Rubi-Ka must take the responsibility of ensuring a secure future onto themselves. Like it or not, we all need each other to survive, regardless of political affiliation. If Omni-Tek didn't have the support of the Clans in the Corporate Wars, Rubi-Ka would've been lost to someone else. If the Clans didn't have Omni-Tek with their superior military weapons systems, Rubi-Ka would've been lost to someone else. Peace is the only solution to all of our problems. Don't let artificial barriers such as politics get in the way of reaching out and helping a fellow citizen of Rubi-Ka. Those who cry out for blood and thirst for murder must not be allowed to dictate our collective fate simply because they make the loudest noise and have the sharpest teeth.

    The Clans and Omni-Tek are not each other's true enemy. If we allow this fragile peace to crumble and erode, we will all be our own worst enemies and we will all fail in our mission to protect a planet we have come to love so much.

    Combat Medic, 5th Medical Corps
    ICC Expeditionary Forces

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    Quite frankly...

    I don't much care about the conflict here. I am not a Rubi-Ka native. Hell, I'm not much of a native of anywhere... Still I enjoy pondering things.

    The Clans are ultimately going to self-destruct. They're conflicted, they have no respect for anything, even their own leadership. Most of them lack the common sense to see that pulling off terrorist actions against civilian employees of a corperation who's last crime date a few centuries ago will NOT in ANY WAY further their cause.

    They just want blood, and come hell or high water they'll get it.

    Even if they did manage to unite and worse yet, overthrow Omni-Tek, it's assured the terrorist organizations would just turn on whatever council was in effect at the time, find reasons to fight them, and start a new cycle of bloodshed.

    This would be bloodier still, as all the Clans would be fighting amongst themselves, and you'd have to be crazy to think Sol Banking wouldn't take advantage of that.

    On top of that, Omni-Tek of Rubi-Ka isn't all of Omni-Tek. There's a much-feared Omni Prime out there, with a military and corperate zealots that make Ross and Omni-Pol look like a most friendly neighborhood merchant and Crossing Guard organization. You think they'd just say 'Oops, we lost out hold on Rubi-Ka, oh well we'll be good sports and let the rogue labor unions that broke the hold have it.'? Please say no.

    Peace is great, but failing peace, there should always be a stalemate between the Clans and Omni-Tek.

    This is why...

    The Clans are anarchist terrorist naturist hippies. Thugs. Idealist morons. Huge believers in free love and whatnot else. In fact, as I've heard said before, and as I've learned about since... If any group of people is going to eventually create a new sexually transmitted disease that starts really decimating the population, it's going to be select Clans such as the Unity of The Rose, Dominatrix Society of Tir, whatnot. As casually as they'll screw around with anything that walks on two legs.

    But that's beside the point.

    I'm not going to be one-sided though. Omni-Tek isn't much better.

    Omni-Tek is a mix of jack-booted thugs, mindless loyalists, and profit-driven corperate execs. Also, some subfactions in Omni-Tek can be almost as bad as some Clans in their debaucheries. Omni-Tek's chief problem, though, is that when left to their own devices they like to set aside certain common sense ethics. Hence the mutants, other mutants, and mutants worse than the previous mutants. Of course, there's also the vast number of remorseless mad scientists they like to employ, to create mutants.

    The vast majority of Omni-Tek of Rubi-Ka though, ranges from OT loyalists who are driven to protect Omni-Tek at all costs, and people who just want to get drunk in peace. Strangely, more often than not the 'feared' Omni-Pol seems to fall into the latter catagory.

    As it stands, Omni-Tek keeps it's scientists in check and it's miners happy to prevent the Clans from recruiting from their number.

    As such, the Clans SHOULD be uninclined to charge into battle, but as has been shown, many of them don't subscribe to that new-fangled common-sense thing.

    The Clans need to bring their terrorist factions under control, be this by a democratic gov't, a council, or a united military force of sane Clanners. If this isn't done, there will be nothing but pain, sorrow, and endless bloodshed for both sides.

    Omni-Tek would be hard pressed to do this, I'm certain, but perhaps as divided as the Clans are, it's time to stop treating them like a unified force. Perhaps individual peace talks could be carried out with certain Clans who genuinely want peace, and war declared against the terrorist organizations and the Clans that support them. Natural selection might naturally weed out the bloodthirsty fool anarchists, and a lasting peace could be arranged.

    At any rate, that's my 25 credits on the matter. I'll be happy to argue with anyone who wishes to, but not here. They don't have the space for it I'm certain.

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    The Devil you know

    Last time I looked, the Clans were fighting against the might of a hypercorporation. The biggest one, in fact. However, it is true that were Omni-Tek to suddenly leave, then any number of other hypercorporations would be more than eager to replace them.

    It is true that Omni-Tek and the clans do not see eye to eye on all things. However, one thing Omni-Tek does have going for it is that it is very familiar with the political and social landscape. Omni-Tek's people know the land, know the people and know what is at stake.

    It is true that we are not at the moment in any way close to true peace on Rubi-Ka. But we are making forward steps. Slow steps, but steps nonetheless.

    Were Omni-Tek to be 'driven away' then the result would be the same conflict with Sol Banking or TrueSpace Networks, only right back to square one because the new hypercorp. wouldn't distinguish between clans, between the clans and the neutrals or anything.

    For all you may hate Omni-Tek, Rubi-Ka could be a LOT worse. After all, it's easier to deal with the devil you know than the devil you don't.
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    ChambersGrey, I find it very unfortunate that you see fit to slander my organization while leaving no information about your in-game identity that could be used to contact you.

    If you have a problem with the Unity of the Rose or one or more of our current members, please contact me so that your claims may be investigated.
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