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Thread: Channel 42 is your friend!

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    Channel 42 is your friend!

    Whether you are dynamite fishing in Andromeda, skiing in Penumbra or just paying a visit to the Trash King, Channel42 is your constant comapnion. Chat with people all over Rubi-Ka, stay in touch with the lastest news or just listen in on the gossip.

    As a radio network Channel42 does not belong to any one faction, though there are private broadcsting tower all over the planet run by enthusiasts to help the signal reach even remote corners of the Shadowlands.

    There is no fee, no strings attached, just tune in and join in the fun!


    Channel 42 is chatbot designed for in-character (and occasional ooc) chat among the roleplayers of Atlantean of any faction. It's been running for just under a year, slowly but steadily bringing the roleplayers of the server closer together.

    Channel42 has also been graced by the presence of various Event Arks who use the bot to announce or just support their own events.

    For story purposes, Channel 42 is a fictional frequency on an equally fictional Rubi-Kan “ham” radio network. Everyone is welcome as long as you keep it clean and keep it in-character.

    To join /tell Channel42 !join
    To leave /tell Channel42 !leave

    I've you wish to get automatically invited to Channel42 every time you log in, send Dabblez, Swiftmind or Tussa a message in game and I'll set you up.
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    Cute. i'll probably get it hooked on tonight.
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    Tune in to get a deeper understanding of what we fight against in our hopeless war for ending Notum exports!
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    Bump for Channel42 - the best way to keep in touch and know what is happening Rubi-Ka!

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    I'm secretly a fan of this channel. I monitor it all the time. You never know when someone is going to slip up and mention something they shouldn't. I say channel 42 is responsible for a lot of intelligence we gather, outside of informants...the ones we don't kill.

    Even the Dust Brigade hacked the channel and made an announcement one day! How often do you actually get to talk to those Dusters?

    ((Bump for Channel42!))

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    Since landing on Ka I have heard mention of this channel several times. I have been known to use it on occasion, and its been a source of info and networking. I think I will start using it more often now. Bump 42

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astera
    I'm secretly a fan of this channel. I monitor it all the time. You never know when someone is going to slip up and mention something they shouldn't.
    ((Bump for Channel42!))
    Indeed. Why just the other night I was monitoring the Channel doing some recon, when it seems a former Council of Truth member, Xunashi, has returned to the planet after several months leave. Apparently, she's now hired by Omni-Tek and not happy with her situation that caused her to leave the planet and how she was abandoned by her clanmates... Pretty sad I remember her from the past, before she left, so innocent and pure and never gave up for the Clans, now just so much hatred and confusion.

    *laughs*Ah well, so much drama. I love listening in hearing the sides squabble, almost as much as rollerrat ball.
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    Can a public com channel even be hacked? I mean why would you need to?
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